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I’m a priest and sworn to a vow of secrecy, but what happened to me is too good a story not to tell. I’ve changed the names of course.

It was a weekday and I was in my study in the presbytery working on my sermon for the next Sunday. The doorbell went and there was Moira. She and her husband Tom had visited me regularly for help and advice. Tom was always either unemployed, drunk or both, and I’d helped their marriage through some difficulties. It was obvious there was something troubling her.

I sat her in one of the big soft black leather armchairs in my study. I sat in the other armchair opposite her with a coffee table in between. I’d hoped sitting relaxed in the peace and privacy of my study would help put her at ease. She was in a short grey skirt and the way she was sitting had pulled it quite high up her tan nylon clad thighs. Moira’s late twenties, an age at which she could almost be my daughter. She’s quite a beauty, with dark brown hair loose to her shoulders, an innocent face with a few freckles and big brown eyes. She’s got a good figure too, with big breasts and good legs. Her thin white blouse was tight over her curves and showed the outline of a dark bra underneath. Though I’m a priest I’m still a man, and I must confess I’d had sinful thoughts about Moira. I tried to keep my eyes of her legs as her skirt steadily crept higher up her thighs.

“It’s about Tom, Father,” she began.

I readied myself for yet another sad story. But instead she rummaged in her bag, pulled out a magazine and tossed it onto the coffee table. It was a “Men’s” magazine. On the front cover was a picture of a blonde girl in a tiny red bikini with her thumb hooked over the top of her bikini briefs as if she was about to pull them down. To say the least I was taken aback. I didn’t let on that I had that same magazine in my desk drawer, together with my collection of women’s panties. Celibacy can be hard.

“I found this hidden away in the garage,” Moira continued. She flipped open the magazine to a set of pictures of a girl looking scarcely out of her teens slowly peeling off a schoolgirl outfit. “My husband’s been looking at girls like this and jacking off over them, the dirty bastard.”

She flicked more pages of pictures of women doing shameful things. I tried to keep my eyes off the magazine, but in doing so I realised that Moira’s skirt had worked so high up her thigh I could see stocking tops and bare thigh above. I felt my lustful urges rise and my penis begin to stiffen. Moira continued.

“You know what jacking off is, don’t you Father? It’s when a man pleasures his erect penis with his hand till his semen squirts.”

Moira didn’t need to tell me what jacking off is. I’d been jacking off over the lingerie pictures in my mother’s clothes catalogues since before I was an altar boy. In fact just the night before I’d been jacking off over that schoolgirl. I tried not to let my face show it.

“Don’t tell me you don’t jack off Father. All men do it, and all men like looking at naked women. “

I tried to steer the conversation away from my masturbation habits.

“Moira, many men have a problem with pornography. A good Catholic woman must stay firm to her marital vows and forgive …”

Moira didn’t let me finish.

“Forgive!” she snorted scornfully. “Father you’ve got me wrong. I want to get even with the dirty bastard. I want a man to watch me undress, see me nude and jack off over me like he does over his pictures.”

“Moira …” I began again, but she interrupted, which was fortunate as I had no idea how I was going to finish the sentence.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to Father. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you look at me in church.”

My face went red. In church she wore skirts thin and tight enough to show the outline of her panties, with heels that made her bottom wiggle with her steps. My eyes had often strayed. On Sundays my priests robe hid my bulging erection but I obviously hadn’t been able to hide my lustful thoughts. Moira had often been the subject of my masturbation fantasies as I’d soaked the panties in my drawer with my semen while fantasising about seeing bahis siteleri her in them and pulling them off her.

“You jack off thinking of me, don’t you Father?” It was as if she’d read my thoughts.

Then, sitting in that armchair, Moira swung her legs as wide as she could get them, pulling her skirt high up her thighs. I saw stocking tops, bare thigh above and black lace panties sheer enough to show the dark shadow of her pubic hair through. My eyes locked involuntarily on her panties.

“Ever seen a woman’s knickers, Father?”

I wasn’t going to tell her about the panties in my desk..

Moira suddenly stood, fumbled with the zip and clasp of her skirt, let her skirt drop, kicked it aside and stood with her legs wide. She lifted her blouse to show me her panties and her stocking tops, then rocked sensuously on her heels as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse from the top and slipped it off her shoulders, leaving her in a skimpy black bra that only just held her big breasts, stockings and high heels, and those see through black panties. She stood there wide legged.

“Touch me, Father. You want to, don’t you?”

I know I should have stopped her then, but Moira knew men. She knew that once I’d seen her in her underwear and stockings and that peep of her cunt in the privacy of my study, I couldn’t resist. I’d been sitting watching her, but at her invitation I rose and went to her, my priestly vows forgotten at the opportunity to have a woman.

I ran my hands over the smooth black satin tight over her breasts, feeling her peaking nipples through the thin cloth. I reached behind her and ran my hands over the delicious round curves of the bottom I’d so often ogled through her panties, and ran my exploring fingertips along the hem of her panties across her buttocks. I ran my fingers right under her from behind along the gusset of her panties to tickle her vagina from behind, just like the porn stories I’d read said men did and women loved. She liked it too – she gasped as I stroked the line of her slit through the lace. Saving the greatest pleasure till last I ran my hand down her soft smooth front, fondled the bulge of her sex mound and felt her vagina slit through her panties, then slid my hand down inside her panties and cupped my hand over her moist furry mound. She moaned with pleasure as I ran my fingers along the smooth wet lips of her vagina.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred. “You know how a woman likes to be touched, Father! Have you been a naughty boy?”

Moira reached pulled the her panties down round her thighs so they rakishly underlined her thick full triangle of dark pubic hair.

“There Father. Your first sight of a woman’s naked cunt! Now you can be a naughty boy!”

I didn’t tell her it wasn’t quite my first. I’d seen plenty of cunts in my porn; smooth shaven pussies, neatly trimmed bushes, and the fully furred cunts like Moira’s that really turned me on. Apart from that I’d achieved every good Catholic boy’s ambition of spying on my big sister undressing and nude. Even after all these years I still see my sweet sister’s ripe young breasts, her legs spread wide and that neat strip of dark hair between her thighs as she rides my rod in my dreams. Celibacy can be hard.

Moira reached behind her back, unclipped her bra and let it drop. She arched her back so her big round breasts swung up and forward, quivering with her excited breathing.

“You like them, don’t you Father? Go on! Play with them! Kiss my tits and lick my nipples!”

My priestly vows were far behind me now. I ran my hands over her breasts and kissed them. Her nipples were up like little pink corks and she gasped every time I flicked them with my tongue. As she stood there I fingered her naked cunt, ruffling her full bush of pubic hair, and I pulled her panties right down so they fell round her feet. She stepped her high heeled foot up onto the coffee table.

“Take my stockings off,” she said, and there was an edge of excitement in her voice.

I obeyed, enjoying the full penis straining length of her long smooth legs as I peeled her stockings off. Stark naked, she stood with her legs wide and her canlı bahis siteleri arms behind her so her breasts thrust forward.

“You like what you see, don’t you Father? Go on! Show me what you’ve got!”

The front of my trousers was bulging with my erection. I unzipped and eased my hard up penis out of my briefs so most of my seven inches was sticking out with its big red purple head pointing straight at her. I thrust my cock toward her with my heart pounding. I’d fantasised about exposing my erect penis to a woman, and now I was showing my cock to a naked woman! She reached down and felt my penis, stroking my shaft, my knob and that so sensitive ridge between them gently with her fingertips and the palm of her hand. Her touch was exquisite. A drop of pre cum appeared on the tip of my penis.

“You’ve got a fine manhood, Father,” she said with a mischievous smile on her face. “Is the rest of you as manly? Go on, I’m nude, why not you too?”

I was in a shirt and trousers. Moments later I was stark naked too with my penis hard up and Moira’s hand tickling my shaft and balls and her fingers running through my coarse pubic hair. Though I’m a priest my sex kit is as big, stiff and as near vertical erect as any man’s I’d seen in my porn. I strained not to squirt my semen into her hand. She knelt naked on my coffee table with her legs spread wide, leaned back to swing her breasts up and tickled my balls.

“Jack off over me! Cover me with your cum!” Moira said excitedly, as if I needed any encouragement!

Pictures of naked women adds spice to masturbation, but having a real live naked woman in front of me was far better than any porn pictures or my dreams of my young sister! While I gently fingered my straining muscle to the maximum of iron hard arousal l played with her, fondling her legs, breasts, bottom and hairy cunt. I tickled her belly button and bum cheeks with the soft, lust swollen head of my penis. She leaned forward to kiss and lick my penis head and squeeze it between her big soft breasts. Moving round her I caressed her bare back and ran my fingers through her soft hair, stroked my knob over her thighs and poked my penis head into the valley between her bum cheeks, smearing her with pre cum.

I moved in front of her to masturbate. I stood with my legs wide and my hips thrust forward so my penis head brushed against her just below her belly button, dimpling her soft flesh. Like always when I masturbate I wrapped my thumb and forefinger round my shaft just below my penis head, and began to stroke and tug methodically, with my pumping hand rhythmically patting her belly as my hand slid up over my knob. With my spare hand I caressed her breasts and reached down to fondle her hairy cunt and her spread thighs. I put on a good show for her, grunting and poking my penis head against her.

I didn’t masturbate frantically like when I was an excited boy wanking over lingerie pictures. I took my time and edged myself to the brink a couple of times. Then when I couldn’t hold back any more, with my cock almost painfully hard, I stroked myself to an exquisite cum. I grabbed her shoulder to pull her toward me and involuntarily shoved my cock against her belly. I grunted loudly as I pumped spurt after spurt of creamy semen over her from her breasts to her belly button.

I staggered back with my still half erect penis sticking straight out in front of me, dripping semen as it swung stiffly. Moira remained kneeling wide legged on the coffee table watching my semen trickle down and catch in her pubic hair. She looked up at me and grinned.

“That was a fine wank, Father! Any boy would be proud to jack a load like that!”

She picked up her panties and wiped my semen off her breasts, belly and cunt with them. Then she tossed her semen soaked panties to me.

“Here, Father. Keep these as a souvenir of the first time you jacked off over a woman!”

Her magazine was on the floor where she’d knocked it when she knelt on the table. It was open at a full page picture of the schoolgirl. She was naked except for white knee length socks and black high heels, squatting on an old style school desk with canlı bahis her legs as wide as she could get them, with a neat dark bush between her legs. Moira looked at me with a lewd look on her face.

“Now Father. Do you want to take some pictures of me posing like that whore? Go on! There’s your phone on your desk. It’s got a camera hasn’t it? Tell me what you like to see.”

Again I couldn’t resist her. I snapped her as she knelt on the coffee table and bent over it with her bottom stuck up and her breasts swinging. I took pictures of her perching on my desk, squatting with her legs wide just like the schoolgirl. I photographed her sprawled over my armchair, with her light flesh contrasting erotically with the black leather. I took pictures of her in all the penis straining poses I’d wanted to see a naked woman in, with close ups of her cunt, breasts and bottom.

Moira was kneeling on my armchair, her legs wide with a knee on each arm, her bottom toward me with her hairy cunt peeping between her bum cheeks, and her big breasts hanging heavily down. My penis was up iron hard and almost vertical at the exquisite sights that I was so sinfully savouring with my eyes. I couldn’t resist. I put my camera down and began to fondle her bottom, tickling her down between her cheeks, my hand slowly working its way under her between her legs, catching the inside tops of her spread thighs. My fingers reached Moira’s vagina lips. She moaned, quivered at my touch, and her legs strained even wide.

“Oh yes!” She gasped. I began to stroke her vagina lips, the way I’d read men did with girls in porn magazines, and that I’d watched girls do to themselves so many times in videos. Moira went frantic, gasping, trembling and moaning. I found her clitoris, a hard little peak near the top of her vagina, and I smoothly circled it with my fingertip, at the same time caressing her thigh and bottom. Her excitement steadily mounted. Suddenly she cried out, her body tensed, she thrust her hips, and her breasts bounced and swung as a spectacular orgasm exploded and seemed to last for ages before she flopped forward with me holding my hand cupped over her juice sodden cunt as she enjoyed her afterglow.

I stayed behind her, fondling her bottom, with the head of my penis brushing against her thigh. She looked at me over her shoulder.

“Want your hard cock!” was all she said, and she fingered her cunt to show me exactly what she wanted.

I wasn’t a priest any more. I was just a man with his steel hard penis hungrily sticking hard up erect, and there in front of me was a naked woman, her legs wide and her willing vagina gaping open in front of me, pleading with me to have her. I held Moira’s thighs and thrust between them. I savoured the pressure of her vagina lips against my penis head for a moment, then I slid full length into her till my pubic hair was against her bum cheeks. In spite of my inexperience the movement came instinctively. I held her thighs and thrust rhythmically with my hips patting her bum cheeks. She was tight, warm and smooth, infinitely more satisfying than my fingers round my shaft had ever been.

I’d heard that first time boys come almost the moment they slid into a girl’s vagina. Perhaps it was my age, perhaps it was masturbating so soon before, but I managed to hold back till Moira climaxed again. She cried out and her thighs quivered in my hands as she pulsed in her orgasm, while I held her bottom tight against me and carried on thrusting. I came deliciously, the pleasure slowly building up in my shaft like the best of wanks. In my orgasm thrust I pushed her up the armchair as I filled her.

I stepped back from her. Moira stayed there, flopped against the armchair back, whimpering in her pleasure and holding her hand clutched to her pussy. I picked up my phone and took last pictures of her bottom from behind, with her hanging breasts visible between her wide spread thighs and droplets of my own semen caught in her cunt hair and trickling down the insides of her thighs.

Moira let me keep her semen soaked panties to remember her by, as if those penis straining pictures weren’t enough! I added her panties to my collection. They were brief enough on her, but on me they look even briefer, and my erection pushes them out in a big black lace cone. There’ll be even more semen splashed over them by the time Moira next visits!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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