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Part 2

Monica and Simon feel out Katie

After our little talk I had a better feel for the situation. I felt more sure of the ground under Katie and me. Less adrift on a confused sea. But what now?

“What now?” I said to Simon that night as we lay in bed before turning out the lights. “After our little tittie play yesterday, where do we go from here? She is here to take care of little Teddy after all. Servicing the child’s mother is not normally in a nanny’s job description.”

We chuckled.

He said, “Nor is getting one’s nipples kissed by one’s employer a normal fringe benefit for a nanny.”

With tongue in cheek, I pointed out, “Of course any employment relationship is expected to be mutually beneficial to both parties.”

“Of course,” he laughed. “So we’ve come back around to ‘nanny with benefits’.”

“I guess so,” I replied.

We were quiet for a while as we each acknowledged that there was a certain gravity to the situation.

“I did have one thought,” I said. “Yesterday, I gave her a signal by not wearing a bra. She could have ignored the signal and nothing would have happened. There might have been some unresolved tension in the air but we wouldn’t have transgressed. Well, not only did we transgress but we’ve cleared the tension as well. Pretty good progress if I do say so myself!”

I grinned at Simon and he nodded as if he had to admit that was true.

“Anyway, my point is, I could propose that Katie and I would each be permitted to give a signal like that and we would each be permitted to respond or ignore the signal for whatever reason of our own. Like I’m too busy with work or she’s preoccupied with family stuff, or whatever.”

“Sounds like it could work,” he said. “All you can do is ask her what she thinks.”

“All right, I’ll try it,” I said feeling some relief at having a plan.

He said, “Just give me a little advance notice if you are going to clean out the bank accounts and take Katie off to Tahiti leaving Teddy and me to cry ourselves to sleep every night.”

“Never happen!” I said. I climbed on top of Simon and let my nipples dangle in his chest hair as I looked him in the eyes. “Never!”

I was putting away some breakfast dishes when Katie arrived. Just hearing the door open, I got a little thrill. I thought, Wow, what’s become of me?

“Good morning,” she announced as she put her stuff down on the counter. She poked Teddy in the belly. He giggled and wriggled around in his highchair.

I turned to her and we smiled at each other. She was still adorable. She was wearing a yellow cardigan sweater over a blue print sun dress. Not too short or tight or transparent. Black high-top sneakers said, “I’m young and hip”. The blue streak in her dark hair complemented the dress. Adorable.

I was quite a contrast in khaki slacks and a button-down shirt. Very business-like.

She was holding a small sprig of purple flowers and went to the cupboard for a little glass.

“They’re stolen, I’m afraid, but I just couldn’t resist,” she said as she put them on the kitchen table.

“Well that was very sweet of you,” I responded.

As I carried a mug of tea out of the kitchen toward my office, I said, “Come and see me when there’s a break in the action.”

While composing an email a few hours later, I heard, “Monica?” from behind me. “You wanted to see me?” she said tentatively.

“Katie, have a seat,” I said rotating in my chair to face her. “How’s the boy today?”

“Lively as ever. Though, he’s napping at the moment.”

“Good,” I said, “I wanted to suggest an idea I had…”

We agreed that Tuesday was the likely opportunity for any fooling around. I decided to send a little signal on Monday. Most days, we both used the ‘front’ bathroom off the hall between the kitchen and my office. I found the skimpiest thong I had in the drawer, white as it happened, and folded it neatly and laid it on the counter right next to the sink. I would consider that a signal.

Katie finished her shift normally and I didn’t sense any response to my gesture till after she left. I went into the bathroom and the thong was gone. It it’s place, neatly folded was a pair of sky-blue boy short panties cut quite low. I got a little thrill and smiled. I looked at myself in the mirror as if to ask, “Are you really going to go down this road?” In answer, I picked up the little blue garment and brought it to my nose. I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly. A mixture of very faint perfume and girl-scent.

Thinking it through a little, I imagined her wearing the thong. I immediately shed my shorts and panties and slipped on the boy shorts. They hugged my hips, my buns, my pussy like a glove. Ooh! I put my shorts back on and spent the rest of the day wearing a little secret. I also spent some time clearing my schedule for the next morning and thinking about what I might wear.

That night, I didn’t mention any of this to Simon. But, as we were getting ready for bed, he said,

“I don’t remember ever seeing you in panties escort kocaeli like that before.”

“They’re not mine.” I couldn’t conceal an excited grin.

Comprehension dawned and he said, “A signal?”

“I’d say so.”

He took me in his arms, reached down and squeezed my blue-clad butt cheeks, one in each hand.

He said, “Well, you have a good day tomorrow.”

I kissed him and said, “You’re a prince and I will.”

In the morning, I showered and shaved taking extra care to do a proper job. I put some expensive body lotion all over for softness. Just a bare minimum of makeup to highlight my eyes. My dirty blond hair is so short I had little option for anything but dry it, comb it and let the curls fall where they may.

I decided on the same outfit I wore for Simon a week or two ago: the clingy, satiny white tee shirt with no bra. (I was counting on Katie to hand Teddy off to Amy’s mom, Callie. My top would have definitely raised some eyebrows if not outright comments.) I went with the same little red tennis skirt and sandals. And of course, those slightly used little blue panties hugging me underneath.

Simon was already out the door by the time I turned my attention to Teddy and his breakfast. Not long after that, Katie clattered through the door.

“Good morning everybody!” she said to Teddy and me.

She closed the door, put her stuff on the counter and turned to me. We stood smiling for a long moment as we took each other in. She was wearing a yellow cotton cardigan sweater over a denim dress. The dress might be called a swing dress. It had no defined waistline. There was some embroidery at the bodice. The thing was, it was very short! It showed plenty of her tan, firm thighs. She was wearing cork wedge sandals with canvas straps. They had quite a heel to them and made me admire her legs in a new light. She was quite a bit shorter than me but the shoes made us a little more even. Another surprise was her bright red lipstick. She was like a magazine ad for youthful appeal!

“Well, you’re looking quite tasty today, Katie,” I said pointedly.

“Well, I could say the same for you, Monica,” she replied with similar emphasis as she reached out and fingered the hem of my skirt.

“Hot babes in the house!” I said as I made my exit to my office. It was a struggle to do anything meaningful for the next hour as I sizzled with anticipation without knowing for what, exactly.

At last, I heard a knock on the door frame. I turned in my chair.

“Hand-off successful,” Katie announced with a twinkle in her eye.

“You’re quite the choreographer, aren’t you,” I said, hoping for a twinkle in my own eye.

“Whatever I can do to contribute to a smooth-running household…”

She was still for a moment then reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it up to show me that she was wearing my thong. I nodded. Then she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and tugged them down. She had to work a little bit to get them off over her shoes. She then stood and folded the little garment carefully and held it out to me with both hands.

“Thanks for the loan of the undies,” she said. “And thanks for the gesture.”

Still sitting in the chair, I lifted the front of my little skirt to show that I had on her blue ones.

“Thank you for the trade,” I said. “…and the gesture.”

I stood and slid the little shorts down my legs and off. I folded them as she had and presented them to her.

“Sorry, I didn’t get to wash them. And, they may be a little damp for some reason,” I said, smiling.

“All the better,” she said and surprised me by holding them up and draping them across her face inhaling. She surprised me again. She was holding them by the sides with the crotch hanging down. She stuck out her tongue and captured the crotch and brought it to her lips. She sucked the bottom of the panties into her mouth and got a dreamy look.

“Mmm.” She removed the shorts from her face and said, “Monica, I have to tell you that ever since our little boob-worship session last week, you have been on my mind. And when you suggested our signal system, I was thrilled that you might feel the same.”

I opened my arms and she almost jumped into them. She turned her eager young face up to me and I leaned down and we kissed. This time we really kissed. Passionately. With heart-felt heat. Like reality was slipping away.

Her lips were soft and I savored the feel of her lipstick. We communicated somehow with little twitches of our lips. It wasn’t long however before our tongues started getting in on the action. Tentatively probing each other’s lips, curling just inside. Then running around our teeth, nibbling a little. Then opening our teeth to let our tongues wrestle deep in the other’s mouth. And sucking.

As things went along, our tongues gradually eased their intensity and withdrew. We tugged each other’s lips with our teeth a little bit and then receded to just smooching sweetly, lips to lips.

I opened my eyes and she did too. Still holding each gölcük escort other with our arms, we leaned away a little and smiled at each other.

“Uh, Monica,” Katie said, “that lipstick color could work for you with a little more accurate application.”

“What?” I asked. She took my hand and led me the few steps to the bathroom. Side by side, we looked in the mirror and laughed. Our mouths looked like they had bright red clown makeup around them.

“If we’re going to take ourselves at all seriously maybe we should clean this off,” I said.

With our lips now a more natural tone, I again took her hand and led her to the living room. We sat side by side on the couch, still holding hands.

To fill a slightly awkward silence, I took our clasped hands and moved them to the top of her thigh and said, “You have such lovely skin tone, Katie. Do you spend a lot of time tanning?”

Here, she straightened her legs out in front of her. It was a luscious sight with her short skirt, cute shoes and toned shapely legs.

“Not too much,” she said, “Just to even it out sometimes. Mostly it’s hereditary. Don’t you find me a little swarthy, though? I could go for a little peaches and cream like you.”

She withdrew her hand from mine and placed it on my thigh as if feeling my skin color.

I straightened my legs too and said, “Ya know, I can barely get a tan at all. I have to be careful not to burn and then whatever tan I wind up with fades fast. And skin damage is always…”

At this, she rolled toward me and started moving her hand up and down my thigh, nudging the hem of my skirt a little higher with each stroke.

“Well, I agree with the French: ‘Vive la difference’,” she said.

“I guess you’re a French scholar if your kissing is any indication.”

We giggled.

“Practice makes perfect,” she said and we kissed some more. And a little more.

But this time, her hand was wandering around my body. It left my thigh and moved to my belly. Then it was sliding around my ribs on the satiny material of my tee shirt. Then as I expected — and hoped — it found my breast. She kneaded and massaged and squeezed as our tongues caressed each other. The sensations of both were heavenly.

She stopped for a moment and said, “In the interest of protecting your couch, I’m going to lose the shoes.”

As she was unstrapping her ankles, I said, “Maybe, in the interest of protecting one of my favorite tops, I’m going to lose this tee shirt.”

“Oh, goody!” she replied.

With me in just the little red skirt and Katie still in her short but voluminous dress, she kneeled on the couch next to me which put her head a little above mine for a change. I leaned my head back against the cushion and she started kissing me again. Slower exploring kisses this time.

I took her free hand and guided it to my breast. I held it there while she caressed my boob. I was starting on another out-of-body experience, a trip to Extasy.

Her mouth started moving from my mouth to my chin, my cheek, my ear. She spent some time at my neck which she somehow knew I loved. She moved to my collar bone a little way toward my shoulder and paused for a long moment sucking. I realized I was getting a hickey but I didn’t care. I liked it, in fact. I hadn’t had one in years.

She sat up and said, “We’ll see what Simon says about that.”

“Yes, we will,” I said with intent.

Then, she nudged my knees apart and straddled my leg still kneeling on the couch. She pushed her knee up into my crotch, bunching up the skirt. Then she lowered herself so that, under her dress, her pussy was sitting right on my thigh. She slid herself back and forth just a little but I could tell she was wet and slippery.

Now, both her hands were fondling my boobs.

“Oh, baby!” I said to no one in particular.

My hands were resting at her hips. Then I drew them down to the tops of her thighs and soon to the hem of her little dress. I slid them back up toward her hips but this time under the dress. My fingers got to the crease at the top of her thighs and I ran them side to side, out toward her hips and back toward her sweet sex. Then, I lifted my hands up her sides along with her dress. She got the message and quickly gripped the fabric and stripped it up over her head.

Still straddling my thigh, she settled her bottom back down sitting up straight for a moment as we gazed at each other. I had already seen her top half, her sweet little tits and dark nipples with their prominent buds. They still looked fantastic but the effect with her narrow waist, trim belly and voluptuous hips was even more stunning.

“Oh, baby!” I said again, this time to Katie. The fact that her eyes were a little too close together and her nose had a funny sort of shape to the end just contributed to an exotic appeal as I took in her image. “You are beautiful.”

“Oh, Monica, you’re just saying that to slip through my resistance.”

We laughed.

“What resistance?” I said, putting my arms around izmit sınırsız escort her and pulling her in for a kiss.

Pretty soon, I was slobbering all over her chest, massaging with my hands and kissing, sucking and nibbling her boobs. She leaned forward supporting herself with her hands on the couch back. In this position, her boobs actually hung a bit.

I let my hands run down her sides and around the back to rest on her hips. I had to lean forward a little to reach down and grab her butt cheeks which were quite ample for a small girl. But my reach wasn’t really enough.

She and I realized at the same moment that we needed a change of position and she backed off my knee and stood before me.

At this point, I wasn’t too embarrassed to gawk and she wasn’t too embarrassed to let me. I saw she kept her pussy hairless like mine. Her skin was remarkably smooth down there. She stood before me with her legs slightly apart and with some backlight, I could see her labia hung down a little. I was eager to explore.

But she took my hands and helped me to my feet.

“I could go for some water,” she said.

“I’ll get it,” I answered.

I could feel her watching me move across the living room in just my skirt. I returned with the bottle of water and handed it to Katie. She drank and handed it to me. As I was drinking, she went to work unfastening my skirt. It dropped to the floor. Setting the water bottle down, I kicked the skirt away.

This time she sat on the couch and examined my pussy. Out of fairness, I didn’t flinch and stood before her with my legs slightly apart.

“May I?” she asked, placing her hand on the inside of my thigh just above the knee.

“Please!” I answered, feeling ready for whatever I was agreeing to.

She nudged my legs a little further apart then her hand crept upward, gently stroking my inner thigh. This had the effect on me of a fresh breeze on burning embers. She reached with her other hand to grab the outside of the same thigh. Running both hands up and down languidly she gradually got closer to my center which by now was certainly quite wet. With her inside hand tucked up at the top of my thigh, her outside hand continued up and around back to sample my butt cheek.

I was still standing before her, between her knees with my shins up against the couch front. She kneaded and massaged my ass and kind of took a handful and pulled it to the side. This let some fresh air into my crack that was a little thrilling too. Then she reversed her hands and moved to the other leg. After a brief trip up and down that thigh, she reached around the back again and tugged my other cheek open.

At this, she took my hips and guided me to turn to face away from her. Again, she massaged and fondled my butt and tugged my cheeks apart. Then she put her hands around to my front again and pulled my ass toward her and rested her face against it.

“Oh, Monica,” she said, “of all your stunning parts, this may be my favorite.”

With that, she took a mouthful of my butt and kissed and licked to show her appreciation. I was flattered.

While she nuzzled around on my butt, a hand went back to the top of the inside of my thigh. She started probing around my pussy with various fingers. To help matters along, I bent at the waist and supported myself with my arms on the edge of the coffee table. I may have moved my feet a little further apart too.

“Monica, you are wet!” she said. She was sliding her hand all around down there, side to side, up and down, pushing my lips and folds this way and that. Occasionally I got a little jolt in the clit. I finally felt a tentative finger slip inside me. Then maybe two.

“Don’t move,” she said.

At this point she got up from where she was sitting and stood beside me. With one hand still at my pussy she reached under me and grabbed a tit with the other. Leaning over like I was, they were at their fullest.

“I can’t resist these,” she said kneading and fondling again. I was loving the connection between my nipple and my pussy.

Now she had a thumb in my pussy and was rocking it in and out while targeting my clit with the edge of her index finger. My legs were starting to tremble. I guess I was closer to a climax than I would have thought possible.

“Don’t stop,” I breathed.

I started rocking my hips forward and back in rhythm with her hand. Both her hand and my hips accelerated gradually. Even as my toes were gripping the carpet, my knees were getting weak. Now, I was panting and grunting little squeaks with each stroke.

At last, I came with a cry. With perfect timing, Katie really latched onto my boob with a crushing grip. My lower half was spasming as the orgasm ripped up and down and through me. Somehow, my arms managed to keep me from collapsing.

Katie let go of my boob and stood beside me as the trembling in my legs subsided. She gently and lightly traced fingers around my pussy.

“You are really wet,” she said. With that, she sort of dragged her fingers up and across my asshole, spreading my juice along the way. She kept just spreading juice all around my bottom till I dried out some.

I finally, straightened up, slowly and shakily. I turned toward her, took her in my arms, and said, “My God, Katie…”

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