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Mid March

It was just over two months since my wife was killed in a car accident.

I had spent two days with Monica, my maid. The first one she cleaned the house and that night we spoke about a new working arrangement.

The second day we got sexually acquainted.

Monica demonstrated her deep throat skills on me, tried on some sexy bathing suits, had her pussy and ass waxed, her asshole bleached, had her pussy eaten a couple of times and took me deep throat over the edge of the bed, something I had never had done before. She had also been rubbed to an orgasm by a female, a totally new experience.

The next morning I took off for Arizona to enjoy four games at Spring Training.

There are three guys I consider my closest friends, and we meet several times a year to golf, go to sporting events and we talk a bit of business too.

This was the first time I’d seen them since the funeral although I didn’t say anything about the insurance payments, the lawsuit or Monica.

I like to drive over from LA, it’s an easy ride in my Lexus and that way we don’t have to rent a car to haul our clubs to the various golf courses we play.

It also gives me time to think.

Before I left for Scottsdale I texted Monica, I’ll see you next Tuesday morning at my house, It will be a three hole day for you so be ready.

I got thumbs up in return.

I texted a second time: everyday with me will be a three hole day for you.

Monica replied with three happy faces.

Between the golf, the baseball games, good food and drink we had a lot of laughs.

I didn’t get back to LA until late Monday night. By the time I got into bed it was after midnight.

I’d moved into the guest bedroom on the first floor. Sleeping upstairs in the master bedroom was emotionally too hard.

I found that I slept better in hotels than in my own house.

Before I slipped between the sheets I popped a big blue pill to handle the next day’s events. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Monica showed up bright and early Tuesday morning. She found me in bed still asleep.

Naked, she crawled into bed with me and I dozed off.

There is not a much better way to wake up than with your hard cock snuggled in the crack of a naked female ass and both of your hands are overflowing with firm bare titty.

I was tempted to roll her over and fuck her but I didn’t want her to think we were more lovers than anything else.

I’d taught her how to make coffee the way I like to drink it. Half and half, no sugar.

Laying in bed, still half asleep, while I had my first cup of coffee Monica proceeded to suck me off.

She pulled the covers off of me and started by kissing the tip and running her tongue around it.

She also licked at my balls.

My dick responded, earning a nice smile from Monica.

On her knees, between my spread thighs, she looked up at me and said, I missed you Mr. Jack, may I please suck your cock and swallow?

Good girl I thought, she follows directions well.

It was a memorable blowjob, highlighted by her taking sips of coffee and then engulfing me in her very warm mouth.

She used her tongue and fingers extensively on my balls, gently rubbed my starfish and then slowly started pumping her mouth up and down my cock.

She used her deep throat skills which bahis siteleri I fully and gratefully appreciated.

Monica got me overheated pretty quickly and I held her head down as I pumped my cream down her throat.

I had missed the fantastic feeling that being the recipient of a deep throat blowjob brought to my new life as a widower.

She was surprised by the amount I spurted and I told her I hadn’t cum since the last time she swallowed — last Wednesday.

Monica asked, did I please you, Mr. Jack.

I smiled and said yes you did, and you will be pleasing several times today before you head home.

She got herself a fresh cup of coffee and still nude, proceeded to take a warm washcloth and remove her red lipstick from my slowly shrinking cock.

She spent some time cleaning my balls and my starfish which I appreciated.

We went outside and showered in the warm spring morning.

She was in a frisky mood and I had my hands all over her.

We kissed a lot and I asked if she had been playing with her waxed bare pussy since last week.

Monica replied she was constantly masturbating thinking about Susan’s massage and me eating her pussy.

I asked Monica if when she was playing with herself she imagined Susan licking her and she grinned and said she had. I filed that very interesting thought away.

I had her spend more time washing my cock, balls and crack.

When she was finished washing and drying me I asked if she was ready.

She grinned and said she was.

But, she said, it looks like you need some help, Mr. Jack.

With that she grabbed me by the hand and took me to the hot tub.

There, I had her revive my cock with her always ready mouth and her fantastic tits, until she got a nice rise out of me.

She took her time, getting me big and hard was her goal.

It didn’t take long and we headed indoors, my bobbing erection following her tanned ass back into the downstairs bedroom.

I had her lay down on the bed and I massaged her shoulders, neck, back, feet, and legs then got to work on her butt.

I needed for her to be relaxed.

I started by rubbing a nice oil all over her ass.

I massaged her from the outside in, working on her gluteus before I got to her crack.

I refer to the ass crack area as the canyon rim, canyon walls, canyon floor and the rosebud.

Forgive me if I repeat this in my stories, but doing this has been a game changer in my relationships with women. Massaging a woman’s ass, especially her most hidden spot, opens them up, no pun intended, to a complete and fulfilling sexual union for both parties.

I asked, in a soft voice, Monica, please pull your cheeks apart for me.

I continued the massage by getting a finger into her ass, then a second, and finally a third.

Then, I lubed myself up and proceeded, after a few tries, to get the head past her tight ring.

Monica never asked me to stop, that it hurt or she didn’t want to do it.

It was slow going and she would tense up and I would coach her to breathe and relax.

There were some tears, some grimacing and some groaning but she was a trooper.

After a few more minutes I was able to get my dick in almost all the way.

Monica said she felt full, and I said it’s not all in yet.

Breathe and relax, you’re doing canlı bahis siteleri great.

Slowly, I pulled out and firmly thrust in.

Monica whimpered and I soothed her by saying I will go slower.

Pulling in and then out, I started to build up a rhythm.

Adding more lube to ease the way.

She began to push back, getting into it and became vocal about how good it felt.

Between gasps she confessed she had been trying different things in her butt to help her get ready for the ass fucking I was now giving her.

She shared with me that bananas didn’t work in her ass but did in her pussy; the best thing was an English cucumber, long and narrow.

She also said she had her daughter give her an enema so she would be nice and clean for me.

Monica really got into it. What had I unleashed?

I pulled out and flipped her over, pulled her legs up and stuck it in her slightly gaping ass again.

I was being overly liberal on the lube. I didn’t want Monica to fear me fucking her ass – I wanted her to enjoy the sensation, the pleasure and the experience.

Well, she got into it big time, pushing back and rubbing her pussy and clit, pulling her nipples telling me deeper, deeper.

She came first squeezing down on my cock which intensified my pleasure.

Her river flowed as she shook.

The look on her face was priceless. Her hair spread out in the pillow, dampened by sweat, a face of combined pleasure and pain.

Sort of a hurts so good.

I couldn’t hold back and thrust as deep as I could, blasting my second load of cream that day deep into her back door.

When I stopped thrusting I pulled out and looked down on her smiling face.

She said you can fuck my ass anytime, Mr. Jack. Anytime.

Monica said I want to practice with you more so I can really please you when you fuck me there.

I got off the bed, and headed out to the outdoor shower.

Monica followed me, and very slowly washed my cock clean of her anal matter and juices.

When she finished I gently pushed her to her knees and said please check to make sure I am clean and use your mouth.

She looked surprised for a second, then smiled and did what I asked.

When she was finished she assured me I was very clean.

I wanted her to get in the habit of cleaning me with her mouth, with a goal of her doing ass to mouth for me.

I had her fix us a small late breakfast and then went to my office upstairs.

Monica put on one of her new suits and cleaned the hot tub and pool.

She’d been cleaning her own pool so I thought I would take advantage of her skills.

I let my pool guy go but told him our relationship was not over yet, that I’d be back in touch with a business proposal that he would like by the end of the month.

Monica watered the few plants that were left in the back and also hosed down the patio.

Before I sent her out front I had her put on a long tee shirt and her sandals.

The task was to sweep then hose down the porch and driveway.

I didn’t want the neighbors complaining about her lack of clothing.

My male neighbors wouldn’t say a word — they’d be wondering what a lucky S.O.B. I was.

But their wives would have a conniption fit if they saw her just wearing the suit she had on under the tee shirt.

When canlı bahis she finished I sent her to the car wash to get my Lexus cleaned from the trip.

I had her stop at the store and get a few items.

When she had returned after also filling up the car with gas, I got her back on the sofa watching the video clips.


I was upstairs working with the office door open and could hear her working her fingers on her hairless pussy.

She got excited and came twice before I went downstairs with a nice bobbing cock.

Monica looked up at me, spread her legs and said Mr. Jack would you please fuck me? How do you want me?

I said right here and right now, and her mouth wet my erection and then I took her missionary style on the sofa.

Monica was so wet from her masturbating orgasms I slipped in with a single thrust.

It was a perfect fit.

Her pussy lips gripped me tight and she whispered, I hope this is how you want it, hot and tight, before she kissed me deeply.

My pussy is yours. For as long as you want it. Whenever you want it.

She groaned, she started fucking me back as her eyes watched my face which displayed the ecstasy I was in.

Even though I had already come twice that day, I couldn’t take much more of this.

It just felt too good.

It was if her pussy was custom built for my sexual pleasure.

I pumped her for a few minutes and then pulled out, before I exploded.

Taking her by the hand to each room downstairs in the house, we continued our fucking.

There were a few times I was becoming overheated and so I stopped and pulled out of her.

When that happened she put her mouth on my whole cock and kept it warm while I reduced my temperature.

Meanwhile, she was masturbating furiously searching for another orgasm.

When we finally got to the bedroom I told her I was going to drop my first load in her pussy so I lifted her legs up so I could plant it deep.

I started pumping hard and fast, now impatient to squirt inside her hot wet cavern.

Monica looked up at me and said I have been waiting forever for you to fill my pussy.

I almost passed out when I came.

It wasn’t a big load but I pumped her until the last drop of swimmers were on their way.

I rolled off of her, panting and Monica crawled between my legs, taking her time to slowly lick our juices off my deflating cock.

She paid special attention to my balls, telling me she wanted me to give her a big load tomorrow.

I gently pushed her head down to my asshole and said I need for you to lick this too.

I wasn’t being a jerk about it, I was simply trying to see what her sexual boundaries were, and candidly, I was trying to maximize my own personal pleasure.

Between her tongue cleaning my cock, her mouth and fingers massaging my balls and her tongue licking my asshole, I got hard again.

I pulled her up to ride me cowgirl and it took awhile but I gave her a second load in her pussy, it was a better fuck than the first.

That’s the way I found lovemaking to be, the first time is good, not great. But each time gets better. You just have to keep at it.

We quickly showered together and I sent her home and told her to come back tomorrow to clean the house. She kissed my cock goodbye and I patted her on the ass as she left.

She texted me before she went to bed that she was still dripping from both holes.

And that she was still masturbating like crazy, the vision of Susan licking her pussy was something that got her off every time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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