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My wife, Sara, stood over me, preparing to leave for work at 6:15am while I awoke naked in bed. Professionally attired in an aquamarine pant suit with a cream top, red flats and a matching belt, she looked every part the physician who had to be at the hospital in thirty minutes. I could tell she was about to head into the bathroom to put on her makeup. But rather than head in there, she closed the door to our room and walked back over to me. “I’m glad you’re awake, Paul,” she said, gently wrapping her hand around my penis.

At that moment, the sensation of her soft skin informed me that I had a very very stiff morning erection. My sleepiness fades away, and she continued to stroke me, her green eyes looking into mine. Now listen, we’ve been married a good fifteen years and I can tell at this point she’s about to say and do something crazy I’m going to love. But first my mind has to do some quick math – the part she’s not thinking about. She’s already dressed for work, the kids need to be up in twenty minutes, and that means I need to react quickly and smoothly. I reach my left hand toward her crotch and can feel the heat radiating from her vagina. “I couldn’t just walk out. I saw your dick and it looked too tasty,” she teased, “I’m going to put it in my mouth now that you’re up.”

“Well this is exciting,” I replied. I’m secretly hoping she’s going to suck me off and let me ejaculate in her mouth. It’s been years since I’ve had that exquisite privilege. But as she wraps her lips, slowly at first taking in an inch at a time, I have the feeling this will just become part of the sex act. So I play along accordingly. She pulls back the covers on the bed and takes off marmaris escort her jacket, neatly folding it and setting it aside, and gets down to the some more aggressive business. I’m impressed that even though she only gives blowjobs 1-2 times a year, she skillfully attacks both the head bobbing deep throat action, and sucking on the tip with fervor, mixing a circular tongue maneuver every so often that makes me quietly (kids only two rooms down on either side) moan.

Bent over my body on the bed, she sucks faster, head bobbing in rhythm while caressing my hairy chest with her off-hand. I carefully unbutton and unzip her pants, unbuckling the belt just enough that with a skillful shimmy of her hips they fall to the floor, revealing her muscular legs and juicy round ass. Her underwear are starting to absorb some moisture and I send my index finger underneath to probe her slit. Slowly unfolding the layers of her cunt, I work my way with that singly finger to her clitoris and start rubbing. She pauses the oral and lets out a light grunt. This is the moment to get the panties off and really start working her over. I pull them down to her knees and go to the shark pack – two fingers in with my thumb rolling her pea-sized clit.

I can tell she’s worried about making too noise because she tries to swallow my whole dick at once in order to not scream out. I chuckle and increase the speed of my thumb. She’s not even trying to please me any more as her sucking has gotten wild and sloppy. She’s all over place – one second licking my shaft, the next downing my 7-inch prick. Finally she whispers “I wanna cum I wanna cum I wanna cum. Get behind me.”

Of course in the middle of this, marmaris escort bayan as I roll off the bed, she neatly removes her pants and folds them, putting them with her jacket. She pulls her panties the rest of the way down and throws them any where – they are too soaked by now to wear to work. Then, in only her cream colored shirt and red shoes, she bends completely onto the bad and splays out her arms, spreading her legs wide enough for me to enter while still keeping her feet on the floor.

I approach Sara From behind and slide my member in. Despite delivering three kids, she is still relatively tight, and keeps a short, well groomed patch of dark pubic hair. My cock is so hard and from the angle I’ve entered I’m so deep that the tip rubs up against her IUD. I grab handfuls of each side of her ass, feeling the strength that courses through her lower body. I love that she’s athletic but not lean – she has a muscular, compact physique at 5’3″ 125. I grind inside her and try to bend down to kiss her neck and caress her breasts, but this time she’s the one using her brain. “Hurry up and go hard.”

I stand back up and start thrusting, a measured pace at first to get my balance, and then steadily increasing speed and force to where we’re getting that really nice “thwack” sound. Music to my ears. By now I’m completely lost in the fucking. All I am focused on is the sensation in my dick and trying to get her off before I completely explode inside her. Sara can’t help herself, the little grunting sound is back and I can feel her pussy basically melting around my penis. As the waves of pleasure start causing her to convulse, she pushes her butt back toward my hips, escort marmaris a nonverbal way to let me know “it’s your turn be quick with it, and ejaculate inside me!” I let her ride out the wave and keep pounding her hard until I can feel the orgasm is complete and her body has gone calm.

Now I rest my hands on her back and focus on getting the right angle to bring myself to climax. As I reposition my hips she spreads her legs a little wider. That does the trick. I’m home free. At this point I just keep pumping waiting for the explosion. I can feel the throbbing sensation in my dick that says it’s time, so I pound her harder and faster. As I come, I keep fucking her, holding on tight humping her from behind while filling her with a heavy, thick load (I hadn’t jerked off in days, this one was waiting a loooooong time. It was monstrous). Sara squeezes me with her thighs, moving in time with me and enjoying another minute or two of our copulation until I finally go limp and pull out.

The whole thing has taken 15 minutes and without a word, Sara grabs her clothes and a fresh pair of underwear and runs to the bathroom before any of our children wake up and beat her to get in there. I pull on a pair of jeans and sweatshirt and get ready to wake up our kids.

In all the years we’ve been together, Sara and I have probably had sex a few thousand times, but one of the great things about marriage are all these rare hot dirty experiences you get to share every so often. We appreciate the things you know about each other and can communicate without words in the enjoyment of the physical fulfillment of our relationship. That’s monogamous filth.

Shit, she didn’t even kiss me once that morning.

You can bet that I did what I needed to do in order to show her my appreciation and in hopes of motivating her to additional sexual endeavors: I made dinner that night and did the laundry. Boom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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