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As I stepped down down into the spa, I saw the light of the moon reflecting off of your eyes. You just as beautiful as always, with your hair pulled back in a ponytail and your bikini leaving little to the imagination. I love the way your tits fill your bikini top.

I finally get myself situated sitting down next to you, feeling the steamy waves all over my body. I’m not sitting long before our lips are locked in a kiss. I love the way your tongue feels in my mouth. Submersed, my hand slowly drifts towards your inner thigh on a quest. I start to rub your crotch through your bikini panties, and you feel electricity through your body.

You go a step further, and reach your hand into my shorts, gently grabbing my stiffening cock. I moan softly while you jerk me up and down. Only you can make me this hard.

I get both of my hands around your waist, and I pull you onto me–so that you’re straddling me, with your knees on the spa seat. I start kissing your neck passionately, sucking lightly, but hard enough that you’re just a little worried that I might leave a mark. I trace my hands up along your sides, and around your back, and I tug at your top. You stop playing with my dick long enough to help me. Your wet tits look so good, and I can feel myself becoming more aroused.

I work my hands down, slightly massaging your body, until they rest on your butt. I love the way it feels to have my hands gripping your ass.

You’ve pulled my shorts down far enough now, so that my cock is completely free. My hard-on is raging. You slowly work your left hand up and down my shaft, while your right hand is cupping my balls gently.

I start sucking on your nipples, alternating between them slowly, while I rock you into me slowly, in a humping motion. You feel weightless in the water.

Your nipples harden, marmaris escort and I can tell you’re getting a little restless. I work myself free by easing your hands away from their grip, and lifting one side of you long enough for me to get by. I get behind you, and stand your legs up, leaning you over the side of the spa. You can feel my fingers prying at the sides of your bikini bottoms, followed by me pulling them down your legs. You lift your feet in turn, long enough to be completely free. Your ass and pussy look so willing in the dim light.

You reach your hands back behind you, tugging at my shorts. I can tell that you want me to be naked with you, so I slip them off, all of our clothing meeting at the basin of the spa.

You can feel my fingers rubbing at your clit, as you half sense/half feel me get into a kneeling position behind you. You can feel your pussy start to flow.

You let out a deep breath of hot air as you feel my tongue on your lips. I’m spreading your legs further open now, with my hands as I work my tongue all over your pussy. I slowly work my middle finger into your hole as I tease your clit with the tip of my tongue. I can feel the inner vaginal walls tightening around my finger. I start to work a second, and then a third finger into your snatch, while I suck on your clit gently. I start to rub my cock in anticipation with my free hand, while I fuck your cunt with my fingers. It turns me on so much to feel the moist warmth deep inside your pussy.

Normally, I’d stop now, long enough for you to take my dick in your mouth. I love the way it feels to have your tongue swirling around my hardening cock. I love the way your lips look, when you suck it in and out of your mouth. I love the way your cheeks cave in a little as you try and fit as much of my cock as you can into your throat.

But marmaris escort bayan I’m way too horny to stop myself. I stand up slowly. You look back over your shoulder and you can see my cock glistening as the light catches the water dripping off of it. I pull my fingers out of your hot pussy, and I rest my hands on either side of your waist. Then you feel it–my cock rubbing against your pussy. I slide it back and forth a few times on the underside of your slit. This must feel really good, because I can hear your moaning deeply.

You’re impatient, I can tell, when I feel your hand reaching between your legs to grab my cock. you push it back gently, so you can line it up with your pussy, and then you pull it into you while you push your ass back. A joint effort of penetration.

My cock slides effortlessly into your wet pussy. I feel my heart skip a beat. That first thrust is always magical. I pull back, and you feel me sliding out of you, stopping only when just the tip of the head is left inside. Then I pull your hips back, while I slide it back in. You can feel me picking up the pace slowly, as we contine this humping motion. Your pussy feels so good, gripping my cock. It’s so tight and soft.

Now that we have a consistent motion, I let go of your waist, and reach my hands around to your tits. I can see you move your hand down between your legs, and start rubbing two or three fingers on your clit in a circular motion. I can feel your pussy tighten when you start to do this. I’m slowly rolling your nipples between my thumbs and middle fingers.

The noises you make throughout all of this are almost enough to put me over the edge. Sometimes it’s just deep breathing, and other times it sounds almost like a whimper. Still others, it’s nothing short of a yell of pleasure.

You can feel escort marmaris my balls slapping against your hand as you work your clit, while we slam ourselves into each other. We’re fucking faster and faster now, and I must have gotten a little carried away, because I can feel myself bottoming out on a couple of strokes. You have such a nice tight little pussy.

I let go of your tits, and one hand traces along down your back, resting in the small of your back. The other hand disappears momentarily–then you feel my thumb pressing against your asshole. The only feedback I get is a soft “Unh.” You’re moist from the water, and the steamy sex, so that I don’t meet much resistance as I slowly push my thumb deeper inside of you. I remember when you weren’t sure whether you enjoyed this or not, and it always made me wonder why then did it always bring you so close to orgasm.

“No Rob, I’ll cummm!”, you plead.

My cock twitches at hearing you say that, and from feeling my thumb working in and out of your ass, on the other side of your pussy wall.

“Let’s cum! I can’t hold out much longer.”, I whisper.

You increase the speed of your diddling fingers, and gyrate your ass faster and faster against me.

“I’m cummmming!!”, you scream. As I feel your pussy spasming, gripping my cock, refusing to let it go. I also feel your ass tighten around my thumb. This causes a chain reaction which sends my cock plunging deeper and faster in and out of your pussy until I shoot my load deep inside of you in multiple jets of hot cum. You can feel my hot cream filling you up inside, and this pushes you to a more intense orgasm. I can feel your pussy continue spasming as your legs and butt shake visibly.

When you finally slow to a gently rocking motion, and your hand leaves your pussy, I slowly pull out of you. I gently guide you into a sitting position, this time I’m straddling you. I wrap my arms around you, and kiss you deeply. Then we stop. We both say “I love you” simultaneously, giggle, then find ourselves lost in another kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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