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Double Penetration

…As we rolled down the highway to get Mandy to the airport her hands continued to roam over my chest and shoulders. I was thinking to myself that she was about the hottest woman I’d ever been with. She seemed to be switching from teasing me by playing with my nipples thru my shirt as well as teasing her own. Soon I felt her slipping a hand between us and probably into her pants; she soon proved this guess to be true by bringing me a taste of her freshly used pussy.

“Damn, smells good. Do we need to find someplace to stop again?”

“Maybe so, Wayne, it’s a long flight and a girl has needs!”

“Let’s see what we can find.” I replied.

We were getting close enough to the airport fro there to be the usual collection of hotels and motels, both cheap and high end; but I didn’t want anything as normal as that option. When I saw the sign for Christie’s Toy Box I swung in the lot. Remembering that a friend had told me that some of them had

‘Try it before you buy it’ rooms I had an idea that we could satisfy our desires and get a new toy to two as well as give it a test ride first.

We wandered in after spending a few moments running our hands all over each other. Mandy’s 46 DDD’s and soft belly still amazed me. The clerk gave us a smile as we walked by and commented.

“I was wondering if you two were going to make it in or just do it out there inn the parking lot.”

She, her name tag said ‘Angel’, pointed to the surveillance monitor above the counter. Angel was a short thing but not little, she probably carried about 200 lbs on her 5’1 frame, with large tits that were almost escaping her dress, plus fishnet stockings covering her ample calves.

“That one might make the highlights for this week!”

We laughed and told her we were shopping for something new and maybe a chance to give it a test ride first. Angel walked with us over to the new releases section stopping behind us she whistled and said.

“Nice ass!”

“Thank you.” we both responded, causing all of us to laugh. Mandy gave mine a squeeze and motioned for Angel to have a handful as well. Her response was to use both hands and caress both my butt and Mandy’s at the same time. This wasn’t what I expected; but we’d obviously come in at the right time. We looked at a few new items getting reports on them from Angel if she had heard anything about them or had any first hand experience with them. When we came to a strap-on with a smallish sized dildo on one side and a vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation on the other end Mandy let a little moan escape her sweet lips.

“This looks interesting? Any idea if it works well?” she asked.

“This is one I know all about! It’s mainly for couples if the guy wants kaçak iddaa to feel something in his back door and still has something for her, too. Of course we’ve sold them to some girls to use on each other too. My old man liked it, and it was his first time for that kind of thing, too.”

“Hmmmmm, Wayne ever thought about letting a Canadian have your cherry?”

“Never considered it until now, guess you like the sound of it?”

“You weren’t complaining when I played with you ass when I was blowing you? You might like this, too.”

“Larry had never had anything in him either; but he must have cum a gallon when I used it on him.” Angel commented.

I looked it over; the ‘business end’ of it looked to be about 4 inches long and a bit smaller than my own dick. After the adventures Mandy and I had had over the weekend this didn’t seem too much to attempt.

“Looks like we may have a winner, Angel. Do you have a place we can use to try it out?” Mandy made the decision for me.

Angel showed us to the private area of the store, really just an unused office space. It was outfitted with a futon-bed, a good sized flat screen monitor and video player, and a small bath with shower.

“Normally we offer customers a choice when using this room. Rate is $49 for a half hour or, and this is my favorite option, if you let us tape whatever you do there’s no charge.” It seemed like she must have known of our exhibitionist tendencies.

“We’ll take the recording option, thanks. Do we get a copy?”

“Yes, that’s part of the deal. Wish I wasn’t working all alone today, I’d like to watch or help you two!”

We paid for our new toy and for a tube of heating lube, Angel also recommended that, and headed back to get started. Mandy’s hand kept going to my ass squeezing it with nearly every step we took and attempting to caress my crack, too. Of course her hands on me were causing my cock to begin to swell inside my jeans.

“Damn, it might be good you’re flying home today, if you stayed much longer it might kill me!”

As soon as the door to the love suite closed Mandy whipped off her top letting my eyes feast on her tits and tummy.

“Looks like you’ve got something in those pants for me, Wayne. Get it out and let’s see if it still likes me!”

My pants and shirt hit the floor and I pulled her against me for a long kiss as my hands wandered over her awesome body. I lowered my mouth to a nipple while pulling her pants down as well. Soon I had a moist hand and Mandy’s moans told me I was doing things she liked. Her hands held my head against her tits nearly smothering me with their size.

Slowly we made our way to the futon and Mandy pushed me down onto it, falling to her knees in front kaçak bahis of me she swirled my dick around her lips cleaning off the precum that replaced itself as fast as she licked. I sat back and enjoyed the blowjob; her hands held my balls as she deep throated me. Son she slipped a finger into her wet cunt and used the wetness there to begin teasing my back door. Moans escaped my lips, she had played me like this before but this time we knew more was soon to come.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop that, baby, or is that what you’re wanting first?”

“Not yet, just enjoying this tasty cock. Turn around a bit I think I know something you’d like!”

I raised myself up onto all fours as she wanted, even wiggled my ass for her as I did so. She reached into the bag containing the strap-on and the lube and taking a liberal amount of the lube on one finger began stretching my ass in preparation. Her hand took the relatively small dildo and slipped it into her extremely wet pussy. With her pussy busy squeezing the rubber dick and one hand playing with my ass she now reached under me to stroke my rock hard dripping cock.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this so far, how about licking me for a while before I take the rest of your cherry?”

“Roll on over here honey, I never refuse a chance to lick a pussy!”

We stayed locked together in a 69 for only a few minutes before Mandy announced that she wanted to cum while she was doing my ass and now was the time. She rolled off of my face and pulled my butt up into the air, she had been sliding a finger and sometimes two up my chute while blowing me but now she added a large dollop of lube and worked it partially inside. She the mounted the strap-on around her soft hips and placed the vibrator against her clit and turned it on at low speed. It must have been hitting the sweet spot as a low growl escaped her lips and he eyes closed tight.

Taking another scoop of lube in a hand Mandy looked down at the dick hanging in front of her and covered it in lube, stroking it like a kid with his first hard-on. That was hot enough to me stroke mine too. Our eyes met and she said with a smile.

“Ready for me sweetie?”

I was more than ready. She slid in place behind me and gripped a hip with one hand using the other to guide the head of her dick to my semi-virgin ass.

“Try to relax with it, baby, I’ll go slow. For a little while!”

I tried to relax my ass to allow her entrance and slowly she slid it all the way in. An unusually full feeling but one that was making my cock throb and even more precum to escape. Slowly she began thrusting with little rocking motions only pulling about 1/3 of her dick out before burying it back in me. Her moans became louder with illegal bahis each stroke and she was now holding onto both my hips riding me like she owned me.

The feeling of her soft belly pressed onto my back and her boobs hitting me on every stroke was driving me crazy; I knew I was going to cum too even with out any contact to my cock. My head was down on the pillow really getting into the sensations coursing thru my cock when I felt her slow down a bit and reached around me to grasp my cock.

“I’m really close, Mandy, how about you?”

“Soon baby, really soon. Feels like you like this?” .She asked with a laugh. “Don’t cum yet, I want to rearrange this first.”

She gave me a couple fast hard strokes, nearly making my cock explode, and then pulled out of me leaving an empty feeling. She rolled me over on my back at the edge of the futon lifted my legs onto her shoulders and reached under us to steer the strap-on back into place. She increased the speed on the vibrator against her clit and squeezed her eyes shut with a huge smile on her face. In this new position she was able to burry the dick in me as well as stroke mine that was standing up between us. Taking advantage of the 46 ddd’s hanging in front of my face a squeezed them together and sucked a nipple into my mouth. I didn’t feel like either one of us was going to last too much longer. I was right about that!

“Oh, oh, oh, Wayne, baby here I cummm!”

“Oh yeah Mandy me too!”

Her eyes were still squeezed shut but they flew open when the first jet of cum exploded out of my cock coating our bodies. She shuddered and collapsed onto my chest trapping my still squirting cock between us. We held each other in that position until I felt the dick pop out of me with a slippery squishy sound. We both laughed at that and looked at the mess on our bodies. Mandy’s pussy seemed to have squirted as she came, mixing with the load my cock had left there it made quite a deposit. I ran tow fingers thru it and offered her a taste before sampling it my self. Slowly we disentangled ourselves and headed to the shower. We lathered each other up, and for once only teased one another under the streams of water.

After getting dressed again we headed out to the front of the store hand in hand. Angel was behind the counter, leaning on a barstool, with her trimmed cunt exposed and about half of a large dildo sticking out.

“You two really know how to have a good time! I’ve watched a lot of folks use that room but that was the best! I had to have something to fill me up while I watched the monitor, and I lost count of how many times I came.”

“Glad you enjoyed the show. Did you burn a DVD of it for us, too?”

“Oh yeah, here’s your copies. You mind if I keep, one too?”

We smiled our agreement with that and headed for the door. Checking the time I saw we still had a couple hours before Mandy’s flight, just enough time to get her there in time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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