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Alex Grey

Please read Chapter One before reading this to help you understand what is happening. This story involves man on man sex, forced fem, bondage, discipline and humiliation. If not your thing, please go to a different story. Enjoy hearing feedback and ideas about my stories.

Waking up the next morning, the events of my meeting the previous evening come back to me. I can’t believe that I have put myself into this kind of situation and not really sure how I can get out of it. I head for the shower and glance at myself in the mirror. I stop, shocked, when I see my hairless body and more events from last night come back to me. Damn, I was so stupid to meet with a stranger like I did but really never thought anything like this would happen to me.

I get into the shower and the hot water is so refreshing but it does make my ass sting and when I rub it, can still feel the soreness from the paddling I received. I look back and can see it’s still rather red but no bad bruises. I’m surprised because I can remember how much it hurt. My body feels strange as I soap up, so smooth and slick. It feels good but I can imagine what my buddies would say if they saw me like this.

I get dressed, putting my suit on, looking in the mirror to make sure everything looks normal. I feel nervousness about going to work wondering if Mike will fuck with me at work. He said he wouldn’t if I did what he said but still. What will I do if he does do something to mess with me? My job is so important to me since my savings are minimal and jobs are so scarce right now.

I drive to work and go into the office. Everything seems ok and I relax some and get to work but the nervousness doesn’t leave me. The hours pass and nothing happens and finally the day ends. Thank god, nothing happens. Maybe he was kidding and is going to leave me alone. I go home and check my computer and nothing there either. I roll up a joint and sit back and get high and relax. Some of my favorite shows are on and I watch them and go to bed. Feel so much better now. Maybe he was fucking with me, just trying to scare me.

Next day is the same, nothing happens and the soreness in my ass passes. I’m so glad that he is leaving me alone. I can get my life back to normal and play online but it will take a lot for me to meet with someone else again. I realize what a bad position it can put you in if you meet someone like Mike.

The week passes and every day, my worries fade and a little of my cockiness comes back. It’s Friday and looking forward to weekend. Start flirting with girls at work again but know I can’t do anything till my hair grows back. Around three in the afternoon, the phone rings and I answer it.

“You have 15 minutes to get to the 4th floor of the parking garage Stef,” the voice commanding and firm. “Do not disappoint me fag.”

I look around nervously, no one paying any attention to me. Trying to figure out an excuse and best I can do is Starbucks. I get up and stick my head into boss’s office. “Tom, I need a boost, going to run down to Starbucks and get a latte,” I relay to him.

“Bring me one too, will you?” he responds.

“Sure Tom, see you in a bit,” I answer and leave and go the elevator and take it up to the 4th floor. My nerves are shot. Damn, he said he wouldn’t mess with me if I did as he said. I leave the elevator and start looking around till I see Chrissy waving at me from back in the corner of the garage.

Oh fuck, I can’t believe she is down here. No way can I be seen with her I think to myself. I start walking over to her and realize she isn’t alone. With her is another flamer about her size. Both of them are in tight jeans, Chrissy in a white blouse, the other fag in a red blouse. Chrissy smiles at me when I get near them, and waves at me like a girl would.

I look around and don’t see anyone else on this floor of the garage. “What are you doing here?” I ask her. When I look closer, I can see both of them must have bras on with fake tits that stretch the front of their blouses. “I can’t be seen with you here, he promised if I did what he wanted, he would leave me alone at work,” my voice excited and nervous.

“Well hello to you too Stef,” Chrissy replies. “I was hoping our time together might have had a better impression on you.”

I remember the severe paddling she gave me before kicking me out the door and know that she has two sides to her, the sweet fem side and the bitch side. “I’m sorry but he said he wouldn’t mess with me at work,” my voice almost pleading.

“He said he wouldn’t expose you Stef,” Chrissy tells me. “And as far as I can see no one is watching,” she tells me. She looks at the other fag with her. He has long brown hair and some makeup on. “This is my friend Angel, isn’t she pretty?”

I look at him and he is really kind of pretty. You can tell that he is a boy but with the makeup and long hair looks very feminine. “Hello Angel,” I say to him.

“I was telling her all about you and she wanted to meet you Stef,” Chrissy tells me.

Makes me even more nervous when I realize she is telling other people about me. ümitköy escort “Chrissy, I have to get back to work. I can’t afford to blow this job.” She grabs my arm and pulls me away from Angel a little way.

“I think I told you how you are to behave when we are together Stef,” she tells me holding my arm tightly. “Do you want me to tell him how you are behaving around my friends?”

“No Chrissy, but…” I start to answer when she interrupts.

“You will act properly and go tell Angel how pretty she is and give her a kiss Stef,” she tells me, “or maybe I can walk you back to your office. And don’t forget to act like a proper sissy unless you want to feel the paddle again pussyboy.”

I stand there looking at her but she doesn’t flinch. I turn around and start to Angel, trying to walk like Chrissy does, taking small steps and swishing my hips. I see Angel smiling at me when I get close to her. “Angel, I think you are very pretty and it’s so nice to meet you,” I tell her trying to make my voice sound more feminine and then I lean over and give her a quick kiss.

“You will be so pretty too Stef,” Angel tells me. Then she looks at Chrissy and Chrissy nods. Suddenly Angel drops to her knees and reaches for my slacks. I jump back a little but Chrissy has moved behind me.

“Stand still Stef,” Chissy tells me as I feel Angel unzip my slacks. “I promised her a treat if she would meet me today.”

I feel her hand move into my slacks and she pulls my cock out of my pants and then I feel her warm mouth suck me into her mouth. Her mouth feels so good as Chrissy stands behind me, holding both my upper arms in her hands.

“Doesn’t her mouth feel good on your cock Stef?” Chrissy asks of me.

“The life of a sissy isn’t so bad, is it?” she whispers in my ear, her breathe hot. “Look at her, she’s so pretty and seems to love your cock”.

I look down and watch as she sucks my cock in and out of her mouth. She looks up at me, smiles and then takes my cock all the way into her mouth. I can feel it slide down her throat and it feels so awesome. Meanwhile, Chrissy is nibbling on my neck and I can’t stop myself from moaning. Angel continues and her mouth is so warm and wet that I can’t control myself and I feel my cock swell and I fill her mouth with my hot cum.

“Good girl Stef,” Chrissy tells me and I feel Angel putting my cock away. “Now it’s time for your reward”, she says, tightening the grip on my arms.

Angel stands up in front of me and moves closer and I know she is going to kiss me and have a feeling what my reward is and I try to move away but Angel grabs the sides of my face and Chrissy holds me as Angel brings her lips to mine. I hold my lips tight not letting her tongue press into my mouth.

“Do you want me to walk you back to your office?” Chrissy asks, definitely a threat.

Knowing I can’t let that happen, I open my lips and Angel’s tongue slides into my mouth. As we kiss, she pushes more of my cum into my mouth and makes me share it with her.

“Don’t you just love the taste of your own cum Stef?” Chrissy whispers in my ear. “You must never waste cum, it will help you become more of a pussyboy.”

Finally, Angel breaks the kiss and they watch as I swallow my cum. Trying to get the taste out of my mouth but it’s so strong that it’s impossible.

“You better get back to work Stef,” she tells me, “don’t want your coworker to know what a bad girl you are.” They both laugh and give each other a quick kiss and walk away holding hands.

I stand there, not believing what just happened. What would have happened if anyone would have seen us? Realize that I’m shaking but try to compose myself and then head for the elevator. The taste of cum is still strong in my mouth. I go back into the office, hoping no one notices anything. Sit down, trying to breathe. Damn, damn.

“Steve get in here,” Tom’s voice making me jump.

Does he know? I get up, so nervous and go into his office. “What’s up Tom?”

“Forget something Steve?” he asks.

Almost panicking, “Not sure what you mean Tom.”

“My latte,” he replies.

Stand there stunned, trying to think. “I’m sorry, I forgot all about it, I will go get you one,” I quickly reply.

“No, it’s alright,” Tom answers. “But go get Bill and Dan, I have something funny I want you guys to see.”

I go out and get Bill and Dan and we go back into the office. Curious and nervous about what’s up.

“Close the door Bill,” Tom directs. “You guys can’t say anything about this to anyone but it’s so funny. A security guard who’s a friend of mine sent me some video from the garage. It’s some fags getting it on in the garage.”

It feels like my heart has stopped, can feel my face getting red. Oh shit!!!

It shows Chrissy and Angel walking back towards the corner of the garage. They are holding hands and swishing like a couple flamers. You can see the way there blouses are tented by the fake tits. It shows them stop and then they start kissing each other, their hands rubbing the others’ ass.

All the men are laughing avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort and making fag comments. I stand there stunned.

“You alright Steve,” Tom asks.

Trying to catch my breath, “Ya, I guess I just haven’t seen anything like that before.”

“Nothing like a couple sissy fags getting it on,” he says.

I see Chrissy wave then realize that is how she waved at me. Oh no, I stand there in shock.

Sweat beads on my forehead. I quickly wipe it off, and then I see Chrissy and Angel move back into the corner more and out of vision of the camera. Tom shuts off the video.

“Sorry boys, that’s all they got,” Tom says laughing. “I just thought I would share that with you boys. Now remember, no mention of this to anyone or the bitches out there will have my hide.”

We leave and I head to the men’s room and splash some cold water on my face and bring a little to my mouth and rinse it out but still the taste of cum is strong. I go to take a leak and when I take me cock out, my shorts are sticky from some of the cum that Angel failed to suck from my cock. I’m looking down at it when the door opens and Bill comes in. I look up quickly and start to piss. Bill comes over to the urinal next to mine and starts to take a piss too.

“Can you believe those sissy fags?” he asks. “I’m surprised they weren’t sucking each other cocks.”

“Ya, it was weird,” I reply trying to stay composed.

“I bet they really suck a mean dick though,” Bill continues. “Probably feels good to have a sissy sucking on your dick like his fucking life depended on it.”

“I guess,” I answer, zipping up and trying to get out of there but as I’m doing it Bill finishes and steps back a little shaking his cock free of the last drops. I glance his way and see his cock. It’s big and very thick, then I realize what I’m doing but when I look up, Bill is staring at me. I turn away quickly and go wash up. He doesn’t say anything, just washes up also and follows me from the men’s room.

I go back to the desk and try and compose myself. I feel like everything is out of control again but at least no one knows. How can he do things like this to me? Does he want to ruin my life? I try to resume working but it’s a waste of time but the day finally ends and I can get out of here.

I get on the elevator and the door starts closing. Suddenly a hand grabs the door forcing it to open again and Bill comes into the elevator.

“I’m still thinking about the fags in the garage, I wonder what they did out of the camera’s range,” Bill says laughing. “Damn, got to admit they looked very feminine but can you imagine kissing one of those fags?”

I hope my face isn’t getting red, I answer, “I really haven’t thought about it much Bill.”

“Really, see that kind of things all the time do you?” Bill asks.

“No, not into that kind of things is all,” I answer hoping he would let it go. I push the button for third floor. I see Bill staring at me.

“I thought I saw you on fourth floor earlier, figured you were parked there,” Bill states looking at me till I break eye contact. “Interesting.”

Finally the door opens and I can’t get off fast enough but Bill steps in my way.

“That makes a guy wonder what you were doing on the fourth floor, don’t you think Steve?” he says blocking my way. “Why don’t you come to my office when you get to work tomorrow, we have things to discuss.”

“Damn Bill, let’s just forget about that video and everything,” I tell him. “I told you that’s not my thing.”

Looking down at me, he tells me, “We could discuss things in Tom’s office if that is what you really want Steve.”

Afraid that he must have seen what happened in the garage and not willing to chance it, I nod my head. “OK, we can talk tomorrow Bill.”

He reaches out and grabs my upper arm in his squeezing it some. “Good Steve, I was sure you would make the wise choice.”

He moves to the side letting me pass.

“Steve, one last thing,” he says, “you make sure you are wearing panties.”

I turned to look at him and the look on his face says it all. I just turn back around and walk away. Jesus fuck, he knows. I get into my car then I realize that he will probably discover that I’m all smooth now. Damn. Damn!! It just gets worse and worse.

I get home, get undressed and go to the living room. Nervousness keeps me pacing the room till I go roll a joint and light it up. Damn! Damn!! I can’t believe what happening and I realize that he is really going to fuck with my life and now I have Bill to worry about too. What did he see? And the fucking panties? I sit down feeling like the situation is totally out of control. Now I have some man telling me to wear panties to work, not just any man, but a man I have worked with for a couple years. What if I just don’t do it? But what if he did see something? If he tells Tom, I know he will fire me. I know how much disdain he has for gay men. Can I chance it?

When I start thinking about where I can get a pair urfa escort of panties, I realize the decision has been made. I can’t go to a regular store and buy them, it would be too humiliating. Then I remember the xxx bookstore downtown and maybe they will have some there. I decide that I will try that later tonight.

I doze off till my phone wakes me suddenly. “Hello.”

“Hello Stef, this is Chrissy,” the fem voices responses. “Did you have fun today Stef? Isn’t Angel so hot?”

“Yes, I guess so but you can’t do that,” I ask of her. “It’s too dangerous. I think someone might have seen us.”

“Really?” she asks. “Who? What makes you think he saw you?”

“It’s a man I work with. We used to work together but he got a promotion and an office and I’m still in my cubicle,” I explain. “He said he saw me on the fourth floor and wants to talk about it when I come to work tomorrow.”

“Maybe you are just being paranoid?” she questions.

“I don’t think so, he told me to be wearing panties,” I admit to her. I hear laughing over the phone. It sounds like more than one person. “Are you alone Chrissy?”

“No silly, Angel is here with me, I put you on speaker phone,” she says. “She wants me to tell you that she thinks you are pretty and she loves the way you taste. We are going to get all dressed up and go to a club, you want to join us? We can have a girl’s night out.”

“No Chrissy, I don’t think you understand,” hoping it doesn’t sound like I’m pleading. “I really am not ready to be in this deep with something like this.”

“Stef, you are the one that doesn’t understand,” she says, her voice sounding different. “Maybe I should get my paddle and explain it to you again.”

“I’m sorry Chrissy, I’m not trying to be difficult.” I tell her. “It’s all so new to me and not easy.” As I wait for her reply, I hear her voice weakly, “You should have seen him, crying like a baby and begging me to stop and I really wasn’t that rough with him. He was really quite a wimp.’ I realize she is talking to Angel, telling her what she did to me and how I reacted. Don’t these people keep anything secret?

“Maybe I should call Master and tell him how you are reacting to Angel and my visit. After all, he did it for you so you could have some pleasure,” she says coldly. “You should be thanking Angel for sucking your little cock and, instead, all I hear is whining.” CLICK! The phone goes dead.

Oh shit!! Now she’s pissed and what if she tells him? What might he do? I sit there shaking my head. Seems like no matter what I do, I just keep get in deeper and deeper. Look at the clock, 10:00. Figure I better go to the bookstore, don’t want to mess this up and make things worse at work.

I drive down to the bookstore. I have never been in one before. I’m surprised how well lit it is and how many people are looking at video and toys. Most are single men but several younger to middle aged couples too. Off to one side is an opening to a dark area that I assume is the area where there are video booths. I see a couple men lounging back in the dark. To the other side is an area of clothes and leather gear.

I head over there and look around. They have a lot of women’s clothes including shoes, dresses, skirts and blouses, corsets, bra and panty sets, nylons and kinky outfits. I see the store clerk looking at me. He looks around 35, a little overweight but not bad looking. I look away quickly hoping my face isn’t giving me away. I find a bin with lots of panties in it and start looking at them. I pick up a pair and realize I don’t know what size to buy. I pick up a plum colored pair and look for the size tag.

“Would you like to try them on?” a voice behind me asks.

I turn and see the clerk standing there. “No, I was just looking and they aren’t for me,” I reply.

“Sure they are and I bet those would look very nice on you,” he says. “Why don’t you try them on and I will let you know how they look.”

“No really, they aren’t for me,” I try to explain. “They are for a gag for a bachelor’s party,” I tell him using the clever lie I thought of on the way to the bookstore.

“Whatever,” he replies. “I don’t think I have seen you here before.”

“I’ve never been here before,” I answer.

“You should try some of the booths in the back. They have some hot videos of sissies back there,” he says.

Wishing he would leave me alone but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. I would have liked to look at more of the panties but I just tell him I will take the plum colored pair I was looking at. He rings up the sale and writes something on the receipt and puts everything in the bag.

“I put my phone number on the receipt sweetie, in case you ever get lonely,” he tells me smiling at me.

I take the bag from him, not replying and turn to leave.

“Come back anytime, I will show you around the booths in the back,” he says. “I’m sure you would be very popular back there.”

I leave the store, upset that he treated me like that. Do people see me like that or was it just because I was buying the panties? I have never questioned my manhood before. Why am I worried about it now? I would never be doing this if I wasn’t being forced. It isn’t my fault. Feel like I’m about to cry. Jesus, this really sucks. I finish the drive home trying to figure out how to get out of this but I can’t think of a way to avoid anything without maybe making everything even worse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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