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Big Tits


Jack opened his eyes and looked around. They adjusted to the low light and he made out the familiar shapes in his spare room.

He spread out and stretched into a star shape. He had slept well in the double bed in his room.

He reached across to check his phone for the time: 6:45 am. His body clock never changed from the week.

He could feel his hard cock straining underneath the sheets. His mind raced back to the fun that he had had with Anna and Ellie last night.

Anna was so sexy. She knew how to arouse him. She knew what he wanted even when he didn’t.

Ellie had stayed over last night and the two of them had slept in Anna’s bed together. Jack’s cock pulsed as he thought of the two of them together in bed and the things they had got up to without him there.

Jack grasped his cock and started to stroke the shaft underneath the sheet. He moved his head up and over the ridge around his cock head and then gripped tightly back down the shaft. He breathed out and moaned quietly. He needed to cum. He continued to stroke. Where though? He didn’t want to mess up his spare sheets with his cum.

He stopped and moved onto his elbows to have a closer look around the room. He then thought he could tiptoe into the bathroom and finish himself off in there.

He threw the sheet of him and swung his legs onto the floor. He was sat in the edge of the bed and he listened.

He heard a quiet giggle from the bedroom next door. He held his breath to try and hear more. Jack heard a stifled laugh from both of the girls. He would never be able to make it to the bathroom now.

Then he heard her.

Anna lightly padded across the landing towards his door. He shot back back into bed, his cock bobbing against his toned stomach. He threw the sheet half over him and watched the door to his room. He saw a naked Anna tiptoe passed his room holding a towel. She was heading for a shower. He heard the bathroom door lock shut and the shower started up.

Jack turned into his back, frustrated. He slipped the sheet off him as he isveçbahis lay there naked and stared to slowly stroke his cock again. The feeling and the need to cum was starting to overwhelm him now. His cock was like steel.

He slowly stroked his cock up and down, thinking how close he could get to cumming. In his head the two girls were kissing passionately and grinding their pussies into each other.

Suddenly he was interrupted with someone in the doorway. Ellie was stood there watching him stroking his cock.

She had on one of Anna’s silk nightgowns. It was fully open as she stood in the doorway. He couldn’t see her breasts in full but he could make out her breasts as her nipples were erect. The nightgown covered her breasts but was open down the centre of her body. He could see her pussy mound because the gown was open. She was making no attempt at covering up.

“Morning Jack,” Ellie whispered, “what are you doing?” She looked down at his hand on his erect cock and raised an eyebrow.

He released his cock and opened his mouth to speak.

“No,” Ellie instructed, “carry on.”

Jack gripped his cock again and, looking straight at Ellie, he slowly started stroking his cock.

Ellie watched intently and started to stroke her finger nails lightly over her neck as he stroked his shaft.

Her hand moved down over the silk nightgown over her breasts as she watched Jack. He slowed his stroking down, he was already really close to cumming.

Ellie circled her fingers around her erect nipples and the gasped silently when she grabbed her breast in her hand.

Jack felt the tingling in his ball for third time this morning, the third time in the space of ten minutes. He lifted his hips up to meet his hand like he was fucking his hand. His breathing shortened.

“Jack!” Anna suddenly said, “you can’t cum. Think of the mess Jack.” She hadn’t stopped looking at him as she spoke.

Jack had to release his cock because he feared he would cum from just holding the shaft. His cock bobbed and pulsed, he wondered whether it was too isveçbahis giriş late. Pre cum drooled out and down the shaft of his hard cock.

Ellie stepped into the room and moved over to the bed where Jack lay. She stood next to where his head was and she looked down at him. She stood with her legs open. Jack’s eyes were level with her pussy.

“However,” Ellie continued, “I can cum because I make very little mess. So stand up please.”

Jack got up, his heart was pounding in his chest. He could still hear the shower running next door.

He stood next to Ellie. His cock was touching her thighs and leaving a trail of pre-cum on there. Ellie looked up at him and smiled when she felt it. She closed her eyes and briefly brushed her lips against his. Jack started to pucker up to kiss her properly but she pulled away and lay down exactly where he was a few seconds ago.

Her silk nightie had come open and he could see her body in its full glory as he looked down at her on the bed. He breasts were bigger than Anna’s, more full. Even though she was flat on her back, they were still pert and supported on her chest. Her nipples were erect and she had her hand between her legs on her pussy.

“Ohhh Jack,” Ellie moaned, “watching you stroke your cock had made me so wet…hhhmmmm.”

Jack looked down at her fingers rubbing her clit. She was using two fingers to rub and she was speeding up. The palms of her fingers were flat against her clit.

Jack looked up her body. He followed the line up and over her toned stomach and up to her full breasts. His cock was just above her head, level with her lips.

“Ffffuck Jack, I’m close. Ssssshhhiiiit,” she moaned whilst moving her hips in time with her strokes.

Jack could hear the shower still running next door.

Ellie placed her other hand down next to her pussy and started to slide fingers inside. She used two to slide them deep into her pussy. She slid them back out and then speedily thrust them back inside. Her other hand was rapidly rubbing against her clit.

Jack grabbed his cock, isveçbahis yeni giriş he was aching to cum. He held the shaft tightly in his hand and slowly eased it towards Ellie’s mouth. Her lips parted a fraction.

She watched him and looked directly at the head of his cock. Pre-cum had continued to gather and it was dribbling off his cock onto Ellie’s lips. Her tongue darted out as it landed and she licked her lips.

The scene was so sexy to Jack. He started fucking his hand.

“Jack…oh god…I’m going to cummm. Jack…mmm…cover my mouth Jack…ffffuuuck…I can’t keep quiet.” Ellie begged.

Jack looked at her face and her eyes were pleading him. He started fucking his hand in deep slow strokes now, he was close.

“P-p-p-please Jack…I’m so close…pleeease.”

Jack lifted his other hand and placed it lightly over her mouth. Ellie’s breathing was shorter now and through her nose. Her eyes were wide looking up at Jack.

She groaned as her body started to stiffen. He thrust forward and gripped tightly. He felt the cum building and his cock was starting to pulse, there was no stopping now.


She was cumming. Her hips shook as she rubbed the orgasm out of her. She bit down lightly on his finger. Breathing rapidly through her nose, she watched as Jack started to cum.

This morning’s teasing and edging had built up and Jack started to cum over Ellie. It splashed down onto her lips, over onto the bed and onto her throat. He aimed his cock further down her body towards her breasts. He thrust forward again and cum landed across her breast and covered both of her nipples. He milked his cock one more time and cum dribbled onto her chest and down onto the bed.

“Hmmmm…oooooh,” she moved her mouth away from his fingers, “oh god. That was so good Jack, so intense. Look at all your cum. God, you needed that, didn’t you? I know I did.”

The shower stopped.

Ellie silently giggled and jumped up. She stood in front of Jack and reached her wet fingers up to his lips. He could smell her juices on her fingers. She pushed them into his mouth. He tasted her and breathed in deep. Ellie then tip-toed quickly and quietly out of his room across the landing into his main room where she had slept last night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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