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Big Tits

Chapter 1, Arrival

Dan walked up to the cafe, found an outside table, and sat down. It was early summer, a pleasantly warm day with a beautiful, clear blue sky. He looked comfortable, cool, and relaxed in the loose, cotton shirt and pants, and the slip-on brown loafers. The big smile on his face caught the waiter’s attention immediately.

“Good afternoon,” the waiter said. “I’m Raoul, your server for this afternoon. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Somebody’s going to be joining me, shortly,” Dan replied. His left knee was bouncing. “I’ll have a glass of Chablis.”

“Very good. I’ll be back in a minute with your drink, and two menus.”

Inwardly, Dan was very excited. He was about 15 minutes early. But he didn’t dare to be late. Looking around the outdoor dining area, he absently removed the strap from his shoulder, and set the small briefcase sized handbag on the ground. Under his loose cotton pants, the tight panty hose reminded him — every moment — of why he was here. He was meeting MzDominica, for a full weekend session.

Dan thought about how he had become more and more obsessed with Mistress Dominica. How, after meeting her — in this very cafe — he had found her website, began listening to her hypnotic recordings, began corresponding with her. Little by little, “Daniella” had emerged, as Dan’s female alter-ego, becoming stronger and stronger with every passing day. Just thinking about it made Dan’s breasts ache. Did they really jiggle, as much as they felt? Dan felt himself drifting into Daniella, moment by moment, feeling just a little too warm, even under the umbrella that shaded the table.

“Your Chablis, Madame.”

Huh? Did Dan hear that correctly? He looked up just in time to see the waiter hustling away. On the table was a wine glass, a glass of water, and two copies of the menu. Dan reached forward to pick up one menu, and felt a puff of air at the back of his neck. It felt so good! Daniella’s eyes closed, and her nipples felt so hard!

“Hello, my little latex pet.” Dominica’s voice came from behind Dan’s head.

For a moment, Dan wasn’t sure whether he heard her with his ears, or inside his head, as he had begun to hear her voice every minute of the day. Suddenly realizing it was Dominica’s actual voice, Dan felt a growing compulsion to kneel at her feet. Reflexively, he started to get out of the chair.

“Stay, pet,” Dominica whispered. She strode magnificently around from behind Dan, and slide gracefully into the chair next to him. “Just on time, I see.” Her beautiful green eyes stared into his, then looked down at the watch on his left wrist. His eyes followed hers, and caught sight of the time on his watch. Had he really been here for 20 minutes? Dan looked back up into her eyes. They seemed to spin. He felt dizzy.

The waiter returned, asking if he could bring Dominica something. Dan saw her lips move, ordering something, but was scarcely aware of what she was saying. Until she began speaking to him again.

“Are you ready, my pet? Bag all packed?”

It took a moment for Dan to find his voice. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied. There wasn’t really much in the bag — some minor toiletries like a toothbrush and shampoo. MzDominica had made it clear he wouldn’t be needing much in the way of clothes.

“Good girl,” she said, smiling.

Dan felt a little embarrassed, wondering if anyone at a nearby table could hear. The waiter returned with an Irish coffee for MzDominica, and they spoke again for a moment. Dan was feeling more and more lightheaded. The waiter departed. Dominica opened her purse, and pulled out a single, black rubber glove.

“You remember this, don’t you?” She held up the glove by the cuff, letting the fingers dangle downward toward the table. As she let it gently swing back and forth, back and forth, Dan could see it catch the afternoon light, and reflect it into his eyes. Back and forth… back and forth… “Back and forth,” she said. “So shiny… It makes you sleepier and sleepier, doesn’t it, Daniella? Can you smell the rubber, Daniella?”

Dan… Daniella… rubber slave could smell the wonderful latex glove. That deep, bittersweet scent that caressed the back of her head. Swinging back and forth in her Mistress’ hand, so shiny and smooth. Dominica continued swinging her hand back and forth as she began to pull the glove onto her hand. Back and forth. “Back and forth,” she whispered. “So shiny. Now, pick up your wine glass, Daniella.”

Daniella picked up the glass. It was still full — she’d been drifting so much, she hadn’t even taken a sip, yet.

“That’s right, Daniella. Now I want you to drink you wine. Slowly. Take your time, while you watch my beautiful latex glove swing back and forth, back and forth.” Dominica continued to gently swing her hand, while her other hand lifted the coffee mug, and she took sips from it. “Good girl. Now set the glass down.”

Daniella hadn’t even realized the glass was empty. She smiled — almost uşak escort giggled — and set it carefully down on the table, then looked back at Mistress’ glove.

“Watch my glove, as I swing it back and forth… As I move it lower… lower… and set it on the table. You are dropping into a deep sleep, now. But your eyes remain open. Put your hand on the table, Daniella. Near mine.”

Feeling so fuzzy and warm, Daniella placed her hand near Dominica’s, palm downward, just like her Mistress’. She was unable to think of what else to do.

“Reach out to me, my pet. Touch the tips of your fingers to mine.”

Daniella’s hand moved forward, as if in a dream, until her fingers just touched Dominica’s rubber-covered hand.

“Good girl.” Daniella’s nipples tingled when Dominica said that. “Now, watch, Daniella. Watch the shiny black latex, as it spreads from my fingers to yours. It spreads over your fingers… up your arm… covering you with shiny rubber… rubber… rubber…”

The slave watched, as the latex seemed to flow, from Dominica’s fingers to hers. Like liquid latex. Like something alive.

“Up over your shoulder, and across your chest. Across your back, and down your other arm, and your hand. It spreads and covers your torso. Down to your hips, down your thighs. Between your legs. Covering your wet, throbbing pussy. And down your calves, covering your feet. It covers your breasts, so tight, because they’re getting so much larger now. The latex squeezes your swollen tits, right at the base, making them swell out, like huge balloons.”

Daniella’s breasts began to ache. She wanted her nipples touched — stroked, sucked, squeezed, pinched — anything! But they were hidden, under the thick, black coating of latex.

“Feel the rubber rise up your neck, up over the back of your head, around your face — leaving just your eyes and your mouth and your nose uncovered. It covers your ears — you hear nothing, except my Voice. You are covered completely, now, Daniella. Covered in my black rubber suit. Feel it!”

Daniella felt the rubber all over her body, so exciting. Suddenly, she realized she was out in public, completely encased in black rubber. She’d never been “dressed” before, out in plain view, where everybody could see. She looked around from table to table, certain that everyone was looking at her — if not plainly staring, then sneaking covert glances at her latex-coated body. A sense of panic began to set in, and her eyes went wide.

“Shhhh, little girl,” Dominica said. “It’s going to be all right. You’re perfectly safe. Relax… Relax… Feel the wine spreading inside you, calming you, helping you to let all those inhibitions go… Feel the black rubber suit tight around you. Can you feel it?”

Daniella nodded, mind too empty to respond with words.

“Good, little girl. Now, are you ready for our weekend?”

Daniella nodded again. Inside the rubber suit, her pussy suddenly began throbbing with need.

“Good girl,” Dominica replied. “Now, pick up your overnight bag. Stand up, and follow me to my car.” Dominica stood, and began walking away, fully certain that Daniella would be close behind her. She walked gracefully to a mini-van, clicked a remote control, and opened the door, just as Daniella arrived next to her. “Get in, my pet,” she commanded. “And buckle up — we have a long drive ahead of us.”

Daniella sat down, first placing her shiny latex bottom on the seat, then daintily turning and pulling her legs inside the car. Somehow, the brown loafers had disappeared, and been replaced with shiny, patent-leather ballet boots. Only Daniella’s toes touched the car floor, making her knees seem too high next to the glove compartment. The thought of gloves sent her thoughts back to what she had just seen, a few minutes ago, as her Mistress’ rubber glove had spread and covered her body. She began to shake with the lust that was building up in her pussy, her breasts. She hardly noticed when Dominica closed the door, walked around, and sat down in the driver’s seat.

“Daniellaaaaaa!” Dominica called. Gently. Breathily. The slave’s mind emptied of all other thoughts, her attention now only on MzDominica. Feeling like she was moving in slow motion, Daniella turned her head to look at her Mistress, so focused, awaiting her next command.

“I have something for you.” Dominica held out her hand. In it was a thick, black rubber dildo. “We have a long car trip ahead of us, so I want to keep you busy during the drive.” She gestured with the dildo. “Take it,” she said. Daniella reached out her right hand, and grasped the rubber shaft. It felt hard and soft at the same time. The scent of rubber made Daniella feel even more fuzzy and lightheaded. “I want you to start rubbing that dildo, with your right hand. Every stroke on the shaft, you will feel inside your pussy. Every rub on the tip, you will feel on your clit. Go ahead, stroke it!”

Daniella began to run her rubber-covered thumb van escort and fingers over the shaft. The sensation in her pussy felt so good!

“That’s right, keep rubbing it,” Dominica commanded. “You will not be able to cum. But you will bring yourself right to the edge, over and over and over — all through our car trip. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Daniella almost surprised herself, that she was able to speak — even though it was no more than a throaty whisper.

“You are to look only at me, the entire time. Look only at me. Gaze at my eyes. My face. My body. You will not be able to look away, the entire trip. Just keep stroking your dildo, and gazing at me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Daniella whispered. Her mind felt even emptier, farther away, quieter. Rubbing the dildo felt so very nice. She couldn’t imagine stopping.

“Every bump, every jiggle, every swerve of the car, makes your nipples ache. Pushes you closer and closer to cumming — which you can never do without my permission. Keep stroking that dildo, Daniella. Doesn’t it feel nice?”

“Yes… soooo nice.” Daniella’s jaw hung slackly open, and she was drooling now. The dildo felt so good. She traced a fingernail down and up the underside, down and up — and could feel the edge of her fingernail deep insider her cunt, stroking. Her thumb made little circles around and around the tip, and every circular stroke around her clit made her feel so aroused… so dizzy… She felt the car roll over a bump, and the back of her mind realized they had been driving for some time. Nothing mattered, except stroking the dildo, feeling the lovely bumps caress her nipples, and watching her Mistress’ beautiful face. Every once in a while, MzDominica would look over at her, smile — and the whole universe seemed to revolve around her Mistress’ deep, swirling, green eyes. Green eyes… Green eyes…

Daniella seemed to hear the ocean, washing around her as she gazed into Mistress’ beautiful green eyes. Her skin was all tingly, constantly caressed by the black rubber suit. The dildo in her right hand… What was she doing with her left? It lay there, unmoving. Oh, but she knew where it would feel sooo good! The rubber slave lifted her hand, and began to caress her nipples. First the left, then the right…

“Ah-ah-ahhhh! My little rubber slut!” Dominica commanded. “Put that hand down. It feels so heavy. Like a boulder is attached to it. So heavy.”

Daniella’s left hand dropped, palm upward, against her left thigh.

“That’s right, rubber slave. Your nipples are only to be caressed by the movement of the car. Crave for more, my little pet. Crave for me to pinch them. They ache so much.”

Deep in trance, Daniella moaned. Her head was full of the ocean waves. They seemed to roll from one ear to the other, and back, and somehow stroked her aching nipples — but never enough!

The car jiggled and swerved. Daniella could feel herself swaying toward the door, her breasts gently squeezed by the motion. Then swerving the other way, she felt herself drawn toward Dominica, like a magnet. Like her nipples were magnetized, yearning to contact her Mistress’ shoulder, her arm, her hands, her beautifully-manicured fingers. With those nice, deep red fingernails. Daniella was becoming lost in the shiny highlights of Mistress’ fingernails, as they moved back and forth on the steering wheel. Away, then closer again, in a big arc. Then away again. Every time they came closer, Daniella’s nipples felt that magnetic draw.

“So shiny, aren’t they, my pet?” Dominica teased. “Shiny and deep, deep red. So very deep. Rub your dildo, babi, and lose yourself in my deep, red fingernails. You’re feeling so very warm. You want them on your nipples, don’t you? You want them in your mouth. You want to kiss them… But you cannot move. You’re frozen. Frozen. Only your right hand moves, rubbing your dildo. Up and down. Up and down. Around and around the tip.”

Daniella didn’t realize how hard she was panting. She felt so fuzzy and dizzy and hot. Her cunt was dripping, like the ocean. Her head was an ocean. Her eyes closed — she couldn’t help it. They wanted to stay open. She wanted to watch Mistress’ shiny red fingernails. But her eyes closed, rolling up in her head. When they opened again, she found herself gazing straight into Dominica’s green eyes. Mistress had a wry grin on her face. She looked forward again, continuing to drive. Daniella stroked, stroked. Oh, so good!

Suddenly, Daniella’s ears popped! The sounds of the ocean vanished. She was too deep in trance to realize what that meant, or to notice that the car continued to swerve gently up and up the mountain road. Higher and higher. Green pine trees were everywhere, giving a green background to Dominica’s green eyes. Daniella slipped further into trance. So quiet. Green everywhere. Mind so empty. Green eyes. Dildo. Rubber. Rubber. Rubbing. Rubbing. Rubbing. Green. Eyes. Dominica.

The car came to a gentle stop. Dominica yalova escort set the parking brake, turned off the engine. Shifted a little to look appreciatively at her deeply entranced slave. Eyes unfocused. Hand making gentle strokes and squeezes on the black rubber dildo, little circles around the tip. She reached her right hand out to the slave’s left cheek, and gently ran a finger from her temple down to her chin. Daniella moaned, and her stomach clenched with desire. “We’re here, my pet. Time to wake up, now. Slowly… slowly… Take your time. You’ve been very deep for me. Mmmmmm, so deep. Time to come up, now, my hypnotized slave. Open your eyes. Look at me.”

Daniella’s eyes focused. Her whole world was MzDominica’s face.

“Good girl. Now, look around. Look outside the car.”

Looking out the windshield, the slave could see pine trees, all around. The mountains. They were in the mountains. Behind Dominica, not so very far away, Daniella could see a small house. Brown, with a green roof, and a porch with a wooden railing surrounding it.

“Welcome to my mountain cabin, slave. You and I are going to have such a VERY good time!”

* * * * * *

As MzDominica opened the door and got out of the van, Dan felt his male persona emerging again. Still a bit disoriented, he looked at his hands, his legs. The loose, cotton clothes he’d been wearing were back — though there was a wide wet spot in the crotch of his pants, around his cock, which was still rigid and extremely sensitive. He was surprised to find the black rubber dildo was still in his right hand. He realized he’d been uncertain whether that had actually been real, or just part of his deep trance. Experimentally, he ran his thumb around the tip, and got an even bigger surprise when he could feel the sensation on the tip of his own cock.

“Get out NOW, slave!” Dominica commanded. She was still smiling, enjoying the power she had over him — but the look in her eyes made it very clear to Dan he’d better get moving.

Not sure what else to do, Dan quickly stuffed the dildo into his right pocket — a tight fit, as it was plenty large. He fumbled a moment, looking for the door latch, opened the door, and quickly slid out of the seat. Dan almost fell to the ground, though, because his legs felt weak and numb. He looked up at Mistress, forgot what he was doing, and fell to his knees, onto the soft ground. He felt so stupid and clumsy, and confused, and wanted to beg forgiveness, and…

“Stand up, slave,” Mistress said. “Get the bags and bring them in. Mine are in the back.” Dominica walked away, toward the cabin, to open up. In the late afternoon light, she looked so delicious, walking, her hips gently swaying, her gorgeous boots so shiny…

Dan realized he actually was standing there with his mouth open and drooling. Get moving. Get moving. Mistress commands!

He grabbed his own little overnight case from the front, then walked around and opened the back door of the van. Three big suitcases! Okay, he had no idea what might be in all that luggage, though Mistress was likely to be clothed more than he was. Dan picked up one case, and hastily trotted up behind MzDominica, just as she was opening the door to the cabin. She walked in first, letting the screen door close behind her — just as if Dan wasn’t even there. Well, of course, she was the Mistress! Hands full, Dan worried that maybe, just maybe, he’d been expected to drop the suitcases and hold the door open for her. Only here two minutes, and already he’d made a complete idiot of himself!

Dan shifted the handle of the overnight bag, pulled open the door, and followed Dominica inside. She turned around to face him.

Dan held his breath.

She looked at him a moment. He felt so small. She raised her hand, up, up… then pointed at a door to his left, near the front of the cabin. “That room is mine,” she said. Then she pointed to another door, farther toward the back. “And that room is yours. One of my suitcases is heavier than the others. That goes in your room — but you are not to open it, until I say so.” She turned toward his right, and walked into the living room.

Dan’s eyes couldn’t help following her, his mind going blank. He shook his head, and opened the door to his left. Inside was a big four-poster bed, with an elaborate quilt on top. Dan didn’t dare spend any time staring around the room, but set the suitcase down on the floor by the bed, then walked out, turned, and went to the other door. There was another four-poster bed, which surprised him a little. Then he noticed the little pallet on the floor. His cock gave a tiny leap in his wet pants as he realized this was very likely where he would be sleeping — which made him wonder what the second big bed was for. He set his overnight bag down next to the pallet, then briskly trotted back to the van for the other two suitcases.

One WAS heavier than the other — a LOT heavier. Dan wondered what might be inside that weighed so much. Chains? Whatever, he pulled it out, set it down, and closed up the van. It was getting dark, now. He lugged the two mismatched weights into the cabin, setting the lighter one in Dominica’s room, the heavier one in his.

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