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James awoke with a start, recoiling as the pain of one shot too many struck him in the temple. He groaned as he lightly rested his head back on his pillow. He was drenched in sweat. ‘What the hell happened last night?’

Slowly, he began piecing the events of the evening together. Meeting the guys at the bar, shot overload, getting to the club. All seemed well thus far. Visions of raised eyebrows and grinding hips flashed in front of his eyes. A cherry red lip being bitten…

He gingerly raised his head and opened his eyes to survey the damage. He was in his room. ‘Result!’ He was alone. ‘Shit!’ His sheets were positively soaking. Had he been so drunk that he wet himself? He gave a tentative sniff. That wasn’t sweat.

His curiosity rose, he smelt the unmistakable scent of a woman in his bed. His thoughts drifted back to Julie, bent over this very bed less than 24 hours earlier, her tits hypnotising as they swung back and forth. He shook his head. This couldn’t have been her. It was too long after the fact and she definitely wouldn’t have come back for seconds the way he treated her afterwards.

He sat up. His clothes were strewn over the room – standard after a night out, but something else caught his eye. A navy blue pair of laced panties hung over the handle of one of his drawers. He closed his eyes, flashes of a moonlit striptease from a mystery woman flooded his subconscious.

James’ phone beeped, waking him from his reverie. He searched for his trousers. Somehow kicked as far away from the bed as humanly possible, he crawled out of his watery pit and stumbled across his room. His phone beeped again as he fished the phone from his pockets

3 messages; Fab, Unknown Number, Izzy

1 Picture Message;

Going through his messages, Fab’s opened up first.

“Please tell me I didn’t just see you leave with Izzy and another bird? You, bello, have some explaining to do!” – Fab

‘You’re telling me?!’ thought James. Izzy? The moonlit strip, the lips? Was that her? More images started coming back to him. Incredible tits in his face, a quivering pussy, someone else hand on his cock as she stripped in front of him… ‘HOLY SHIT! Who else was here last night? Did he just have a drunken threesome?!’ He slapped his head, trying to loosen some memories. Who else was here last night? He moved on to the next message.

“We had a sick night bitches! x” – Unknown

The irony of The Hangover reference registered with James as he moved on to the next message.

“Wow! See you at work x” – Izzy

A face wide grin hit his lips, he wasn’t one to ignore good reviews, even if he couldn’t remember the performance.

He went to open the picture message. A warning popped open.

‘You are opening a large file, this may take time to download.” Stupid Phone!

The picture started opening on his screen. Row by row, the pixels started to take shape. It was the back of a car of some sort. The picture downloaded further. The brunette crown of Izzy’s head began to appear. Agonisingly slowly, the image descended further, revealing a teasing expression on the half Italian beauty’s face.

Another head began to appear, this time blonde. Holly? He remembered dancing with the two waitresses in the club. Had he taken them both to bed? The blonde head was frizzy, untamed. Holly never went without a brush and and a bobble to keep her hair neat. He must have really done a number on…

That’s not Holly! The download started to pick up speed as the youthful visage of Lauren, the receptionist from DDDesigns appeared. ‘Oh fuck!’

He sat back down on the bed. Gold sequins shimmering through his mind. This was a mistake, a fucking huge one! How would he explain this if it ever got out? Dany would be well within her rights to rescind the escort kartal job offer! ‘Shit!’

He looked back at the phone, the photo had continued to download while he questioned his sanity. The girls had obviously left, shared a cab, and decided to take a selfie together. Izzy’s outstretched arms, pushed her breasts together magnificently, onto which Lauren’s head perched gently, devilishly grinning up at the lens. He remembered the taxi driver from the previous night and laughed to himself.

The picture had finished downloading. James surveyed it one last time, at the very bottom of the image, he spotted something that made his cock swell almost instantly. He followed Lauren’s arm down from her slender neck to the elbow that rested on Izzy’s thigh. Coming back on itself, James followed her forearm, he noticed that Lauren’s hand was out of shot, hidden by a swath of deep blue cloth from Izzy’s dress. Looking across at the panties hanging on his dresser, he knew exactly where her hand was!

As the pieces of the night started falling into place, James couldn’t help becoming more aroused again at the thought of what had transpired in his room last night. In HIS room. A threesome? James Sharp just had a threesome with two beautiful girls, either of which he would have counted himself lucky to get a sniff of one their own. What the actual fuck? He stripped his bed and tidied his room, savouring a quick sniff of Izzy’s panties as he placed them in his bag with his work things. He was looking forward to reuniting them with their owner.


Cycling into Giorgio’s that afternoon had helped clear James’ head. To much had happened over the past few days for his hungover head to deal with that morning. He tied up his bike and headed inside to get ready.

Exiting the bathroom, James headed to the bar, trying to ignore that Fab’s eyes had been boring a hole into his head from the moment he’d arrived. He’d not go so far as asking him directly in front of the other staff, but he knew he was going to be grilled by the end of the night.

“Hi James” a (now slightly overly) familiar voice sounded over his shoulder. Izzy had just arrived for her shift. He couldn’t help but look at her and grin, mentally picturing her undressing in the moonlight. She blushed as though reading his thoughts. She wore her usual work uniform, her dark hair tied up in a bun. Her black shirt unbuttoned enough to show the slightest hint of bra, her legs were covered by her tights and a tight skirt. Who could resist?

“So it looks like you made a friend last night?” he asked teasingly.

Her blush grew a shade darker. “You can say that again! Interesting girl, that one!” She unconsciously bit her lip as she processed a memory. “Where did you know her from?”

James detected she was a little more than curious about her bed partner from the night before. “She’s the receptionist at the company I’m going to work for. I only met her yesterday” he told her. “I’m really looking forward to working with her.” They shared a nervous laugh. “Interesting selfie you sent through this morning, mind?” He teased, recalling Lauren’s hand snaking between Izzy’s thighs.

Her blush failed to conceal her embarrassment, confirming James’ suspicions. As the memories of the previous evening flooded back this afternoon, he had recalled Lauren’s small hands groping Izzy’s breasts from behind as she nuzzled her neck and the cries of pleasure it had brought at the time. “By the way..” James added, snapping them both out of there reverie. “I have a present to return to you later” pulling the a dark blue material slightly from his pocket.

Regaining her composure, she shot him a conspiratorial smile and winking. “I look forward to receiving it.” She said. “It’s been a bit maltepe escort draughty in here today!” She turned on her heel and wonder whether she was just teasing him, or whether she genuinely wasn’t wearing any panties tonight.


The shift went over pretty quickly, mercifully. Working hungover was very rarely a pleasant experience, but seeing the others trudge through it with him had made it easier. As the last customers paid their bills and got up to leave, the rest of the staff packed up they things and started to leave. Fab had abused manager’s rights and had left early, leaving James to lock up once the team had cleaned up and had some food.

Izzy headed to the toilets, presumedly to freshen up before heading home, as Mike and Holly said their goodbyes and headed for the exit. James locked the door behind them as they went. Gathering his things, he too headed to the toilets to get changed into his cycling gear. The door to the lady’s room swung open as he passed. A slender hand reached out and dragged him in.

Kissing him roughly, Izzy moaned as James pressed her against one of the cubicle walls with his body. His hands groped at her, pulling her into him. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, she lifted her legs from the floor and wrapped them tightly around his waist.

Feeling his rapidly increasing bulge against her, Izzy broke off the kiss and moaned heavily. “God, I’ve been wanting this all day! I’m so wet right now!”

Nuzzling her neck as she breathed heavily in his ear, James moved his hands down from her hips to support her thighs. His right hand caressing and groping it’s way up her thigh until it reached an uncovered butt cheek. She’d been wearing suspenders, not tights!

“I need you inside me, James!” she pleaded. “Take me!”

He pressed his body harder against her, using his right hand to unzip his fly and hook his now straining erection from his pants. Feeling it press against her opening, James realised that she hadn’t been wearing any panties after all. He thrust upwards, sliding straight into her warm, wet snatch and eliciting a grunt from them both. She felt so good! He thrust again, harder, pushing himself higher, deeper. She raised her hands from his shoulders and grabbed the top of the cubicle wall.

James leaned back to take her all in. Her thighs were still wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling him into her. He stopped thrusting momentarily. Izzy grabbing the top of the wall had allowed her to support herself against him, freeing his hands. He reached for her shirt and pulled it open, revealing her heaving chest. He smiled as he noticed the front clasp. She had really thought of everything!

Releasing the clasp, Izzy’s magnificent tits sprung forward. Leaning in to intercept, James took her left nipple in his mouth and resumed thrusting into her. Her groans were getting louder, closer together. He could feel her legs begin to twitch around his waist. He released her breast and hooked his hands under her knees, pressing her back against the wall, spreading her.

He continued thrusting, his pace unrelenting! “Yes!!” she moaned. “Harder!! Fuck me James!” God he loved it when she egged him on! The slap of skin on skin singing in time with the sound of the cubicle wall resisting the forces being placed upon it. He put everything he had into her. Rising up to his toes to put that little bit extra into his movement. Faster. Faster. She started to scream between breaths.

“Yes! Yes! Yesssssssssssssss!!” She came hard as her insides clamped down around his cock, pushing him over the edge. He erupted inside of her as her hands let go of the cubicle wall and fell back around his neck.

She kissed him passionately as they tried to regain their breath. James gently pendik escort bayan pulled out and lowered her legs to the floor. Cuddling him, she rocked backwards and forwards as she tried to regain control of her legs. He felt her right hand drift down to his waist, fishing out a deep blue swath of material from his pocket. “I’m going to need these back now!” she teased.


Izzy waited around as James finished locking up and got changed into his cycling gear. She had retreated into the bathroom to freshen herself up, and to destroy the evidence of their union that was slowly congealing on the Lady’s bathroom floor. They walked along the road, chatting for a little while, filling in each other’s blanks from the night before.

“Soooo… Lauren, what’s her deal?” Izzy asked as they approached her bus stop. “I mean, I couldn’t believe some of the things she was doing to me last night. I’ve never felt anything like it!”

“I wish I knew!” he sighed. “Like I said, I literally only met her yesterday. She was pretty intense, right?”

“Yeah, intense is right! And you didn’t see her in the taxi this morning!” She blushed.

“Yeah, you two were definitely ‘close’ this morning” James laughed. “I nearly didn’t notice what she was up to”

“She’s definitely subtle! She talked with the taxi driver the entire way home while she had her hand up my skirt!” James could tell she didn’t mind the inconvenience at all.

“So did you at least get her number?” James looked her in the eye and raised an eyebrow.

She reddened. “Wait, you don’t think I…” she paused. “I’m not really into girls, as if the last hour wasn’t enough of a demonstration.”

“I didn’t exactly call you a lesbian, but I can tell you are at least a little curious. There’s no shame in admitting that you enjoyed what she did last night… and this morning, a lot more than you thought you would.”

“It was pretty hot, right?”

“Oh yeah! I’ve never seen anything like it” he exclaimed. He was telling the truth. The only girl on girl action he’d ever seen before last night was streamed to his laptop. “You know, now I think about it, I’ve just realised I didn’t actually have sex with her last night?” The look of surprise that he’d expected to see on her face was replaced with a knowing smile. He looked at her questioningly. “What don’t I know?”

“She told me in the taxi last night” she said. “She a virgin.”

He scoffed. “No way! That can’t be right! You saw her last night! There’s no way she’s a virgin!”

“Just because she’s confident and knows what she wants doesn’t mean she’s experienced, James. You’d be amazed how many of us learn about sex through porn these days. It’s a brave new world!” She grinned at the dumbstruck face James was sporting. “Listen, she told me she didn’t want to have sex last night while we were heading to yours. She wants the first time to mean something. You can understand that, right?”

“I guess,” James replied. He still couldn’t get over the fact that the girl who sat on his face and squirted all over his chin last night was still a virgin. He pondered that thought for a little while. “You know, you didn’t answer my question before?”

“Which one?”

“Did you get her number this morning?”

She looked off into the distance, formulating a response. “I might have” she said coyly.

“And? Have you texted her?”

“We’re going for a coffee tomorrow,” she admitted, looking at the floor. “I’m intrigued, ok?!” she blurted as she glanced up at James’ silly grin.

They stood and chatted at the bus stop for what felt like hours. Apparently, last night had opened up a whole new world of possibilities that Izzy never knew even existed to her. Tonight’s actions had proved to her that she was definitely still into guys, but she couldn’t deny that she was attracted to Lauren. James offered his support and jokingly offered her his services should she ever feel confused again, taking a punch in the shoulder for his troubles. They hugged as her bus pulled into the stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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