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I left my car near my Stepmom’s driveway. I needed to walk, to clear my head, and to think about what I had just seen. Ever since a child, walking has always made me feel better when struggling with a problem and this was a doozy. I started walking towards town. What to do? What to do? What to do?

“Hey, John, how the Hell are you? Wait up, where you running?”

“Oh, hi, Mike. I didn’t recognize you. I can’t believe it. Long time no see, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you, too. I haven’t seen you since high school,” said Mike. The two men shook hands. “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Worst than that, I’m afraid,” said John sticking my hands in my pockets.

“C’mon, let’s grab a beer.”

“A beer? I could use a drink. Where though? It’s Christmas. Everything is closed.”

“I know a place,” said Mike

The two men walked, as they talked, to a small bar down the block and around the corner. It was just a hole-in-the-wall bar that you’d walk by without even noticing it, had you not known it was there. A few regulars with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to be with, even on Christmas, attached themselves to the bar, while making love to their beer. Mike and John grabbed a table in the corner.

“Two drafts,” said Mike lifting his arm, along with his voice, when the bartender looked over at him. “I can’t stay long. I have to get back home. My wife, Sheila, her family is coming in from Chicago to spend Christmas with us. Something tells me that I’ll need this drink more than you,” he said with a sad little grin. “So, what’s up with you? I haven’t seen you in ages, since you went off to college. How’s your Dad?”

“He’s the same. He works. That’s all he knows. He’s gone from early morning until a few hours before he goes to bed and then he does it all over again.”

“You’d think after your Mom died, he’d slow down and take more time off.”

“Nah, not my Dad. He says that he needs every hour of overtime they’ll give him to keep him out of the poorhouse. He has 9 more years until retirement and he’s determined to build himself a fat nest egg. Only, the way he’s going with the drinking at night and on weekends, he’ll be dead of a heart attack. Besides, someone like him can’t retire. He’s one of those guys who wouldn’t know what to do with himself, when retired. He’ll work until he drops.”

“So, why the long face?”

“Yeah, well, you remember my stepmom?”

“Sure, Carol, wasn’t it?”


“She was pretty hot back then. Is she still with your Dad?”

“No, she left my Dad eleven years ago, Christmas day, as matter of fact. I caught up with her last night.”

“Yeah, so? How is she? Is she still hot?”

The bartender brought over the beers and left.

“She’s still hot enough that I had sex with her last night and again this morning.”

“Whoa! Seriously? You banged your Stepmom? She must be fifty. What do you suddenly like older women,” said Mike with a chuckle, “who are related to you, if only by marriage?”

“Now, that I’m older, 29-years-old, the differences in our ages shrinks in importance. She’s forty-seven, but she looks thirty-seven. She still looks good. She still has that smokin’ hot ass. Her ass is like a ripe piece of fruit that you just wanna squeeze before taking a bite out of it. I’ve always loved her ass.”

“Yeah, I remember now. I remember her in her two piece bathing suit. Wow. She did have a nice ass,” he said giving his hand a shake. “The neighbors hated her, not the guys, just the women. She had a nice little figure on her.”

“Yeah, especially in that neighborhood, where most of the women were fat and didn’t wear any makeup, she was a shining star.”

“I remember now, you used to tell me about her flashing you her panties and bra and you started flashing her your cock. Is that how this all this started, having sex with your Stepmom, from the flashing you and she did, back then?”

“I guess. I dunno. Only, I ran into her on Christmas Eve, yesterday, after not having seen her in eleven years and we had a pleasant evening, that is, until she spanked me,” said John with an uncomfortable laugh.

“She spanked you? Your Stepmom spanked you? A grown man? Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah, I mean, no, I’m not kidding you. She spanked me.”

“Just kidding around kind of spanking or across her knee walloping?”

“Across her knee walloping and on my naked ass. She made me take off my pants and pull down my underwear.”

“Fuck me,” said Mike taking a big sip of beer. “This is what stories are written about my friend. You have a story there and I’m so glad you’re telling it to me. Damn. I need a smoke.”

“It is a long story, but suffice to say, we had sex after she spanked me and later I spanked her.”

“You spanked her? On her naked ass, too?”

“Yeah, she didn’t think I’d do it. She thought I was joking, but I was serious about punishing her, when she told me what she did. I pulled her down over my knees, pulled her skirt up to her back, pulled down her panties, and slapped her bare, tight, little casino şirketleri ass as hard as I could. It made my cock hard doing it and I didn’t stop, until she started crying,” said John taking a big swallow of beer.

“What did she do that you felt the need to punish her by spanking her? It had to be something really bad.”

“After all those years of me feeling guilty and feeling like a pervert, she confessed to me that she had flashed me on purpose. She said she knew I was showing her my cock and she enjoyed the show. She said it was no accident that I saw her naked. She said she allowed me to see her naked. She knew I’d open the door to her bedroom and she was there waiting for me behind the door naked, when I did.”

“Holy shit! You never told me you saw your Stepmom naked. Oh, my God. You’re such a lucky bastard. Back then, when I was that age, I would have given my right nut to have seen my Mom naked. She was pretty hot herself. You remember my Mom. She had big tits,” said Mike holding out his hands in front of his chest.

“Yeah, I remember, we were always staring at your Mom’s cleavage and tits, whenever she wore something low cut. As far as Carol, at the time, I was too upset to mention it, I guess. I saw her naked the day she left my Dad and me, Christmas Day, exactly eleven years ago. All this time I felt responsible. I felt that it was my fault she left. I figured I had offended her by always peeping on her, exposing my cock to her, and finally catching her naked. Then, to find out that she had been playing me and using me, while flashing me and allowing me to see her naked, was a huge revelation and a load off my mind and the reason why I spanked her,” he said with a little laugh.

“I don’t get it. So, what’s the problem? You’re banging and spanking your flashing Stepmom. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? I wish I could bang and spank my sister-in-law, she’s hot. For that matter, I wish I could bang and spank my mother-in-law. She’s hot, too, for a mature woman her age. I’d do her, too, if I could.”

“I’m not into incest,” said John. “Besides, we’re not blood related, anyway. If anything it’s just frowned upon, a taboo, to do my Stepmom, even if she’s no longer with my Dad and hasn’t been with my Dad in eleven years and technically is no longer my Stepmom.”

“Yeah, well, I’m into incest big time, only, it’s just as a fantasy for me. I never did anything like that for real. I’d never actually do it, I don’t think, unless it was with my sister-in-law and/or mother-in-law, but that’s not really incest, is it, having sex with your in-laws? You’re not related to them by blood, just through marriage. That’s just, like what you said, frowned upon and taboo. Right?”

Suddenly, finding himself to be an expert on the subject, John nodded his head yes.

“I can’t imagine having sex with anyone in my family,” said John. “I’m not attracted to my cousins in that way.”

“If I had the opportunity, I’d definitely do my sister-in-law and/or mother-in-law. Only, they’d have to make a pass at me. I’d never make a pass at them. I’d be in divorce court, if I propositioned my sister-in-law and/or mother-in-law. With my luck, they’d tell my wife or she’d find out somehow and I’d be the perverted bastard. They’d never be the perverted bitches.”

“There’s a big appetite in this country for incest and I really never thought that I was being incestuous with my Stepmom, you know,” said John hugging his beer in his hands. “It wasn’t like she gave birth to me and was my real Mother. She was just someone my Dad married, my Stepmom.”

“I remember reading a story on Literotica, A Christmas To Be Remembered, that some guy wrote, PositiveThinker, was his name. Anyway, he wrote about his four friends gangbanging his wife, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law, while he sat in the corner and watched. Wow, let me tell you, that was a hot story. I had to stop in the middle of it for some sexual release, if you know what I mean. Can you imagine the lucky bastard daring to do that? Wow. I jerked off over that story more than a few times. I wonder if that was a true story.”

“Yeah, well, it was nothing like that, I can assure you. We just had really hot sex and, as you know, I’ve always been into my Stepmom, lusted over her for years.”

“So, I don’t get it. You should be happy, after finally, not only banging your Stepmom but also spanking your Stepmom. I know that I would. I can only imagine how excited I’d be pulling my sister-in-law and/or mother-in-law over my knee, pulling up their skirt, pulling down their panty, and slapping their round, naked asses. Oh, my God, what a rush.”

“Well, I was happy, walking on air, actually, after leaving her house this morning. I needed to get some air to clear my head. I needed to think. Suddenly, I had a lot to process. Finally bumping into my Stepmom after eleven years, and then to have hot sex with her, the hottest sex I had with anyone, was a bit overwhelming, you know,” he said drinking the last bit of his beer.

“Yeah, I can understand how excited you must have been. If seeing Carol again wasn’t enough, casino firmaları to have sex with her must have been off the charts exciting. Wow.”

“I was wrestling with my indecision, when you saw me. I thought about having a sexual relationship with her and I liked the idea, finally. I mean, I don’t have anyone else in my life and I’ve always been hot for her.”

“Yeah, so, go for it,” said Mike.

“That’s not the problem,” said John looking at the bottom of his empty glass. “When I returned a few hours later with a bouquet of flowers that I bought from a street vendor. She didn’t know I was coming back. I wanted to surprise her. Only, she surprised me. As I drove down her driveway, there was another car parked by her house. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was curious, jealous, actually. I suspected she was with a man.”

“Gees, I wish I could smoke in here,” said Mike. “This sounds like a story that I’ll need a cigarette to more enjoy.”

“So, I parked my car at a distance away from her house and walked up to the side and peered in the window to see if I could see who was there. I figured she had a boyfriend and was suddenly saddened that I’d have to vie for her attention with another man in play.”

“It’d be funny if it was your Dad.”

“It wasn’t and that wouldn’t be funny.”


“Anyway, I wouldn’t begrudge her for having someone in her life. I haven’t seen the woman in eleven years. Only, when I looked in the window, she was on her bed naked. I couldn’t take my eyes off her body. I hadn’t seen her naked in eleven years, since I opened her bedroom door. She still looked as good as I remembered, but for a few extra pounds around her middle and hips, but it looked good on her. She was always too thin before.”

“I thought you had sex with her. She wasn’t naked when you had sex?”

“Yeah, she was, but that was up close. It was different seeing her from a distance on the bed, while looking through her window without her knowing I was there. It was more erotic watching her through her outside bedroom window, as if we were playing the game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, all over again.”

“Shit. I knew I was going to need a cigarette,” said Mike patting his shirt pocket.

“Only, instead of a guy, there was a broad with her and she was naked, too.”

“Holy shit. Another broad? Oh, my God, John, you hit the friggin’ jackpot. A house with two naked broads, something like that happens only once in a lifetime. The reality of what you saw is what every horny guy fantasizes about. I know I do.”

“The weird thing was the other woman was my father’s old girlfriend, Debbie. I haven’t seen her in nearly eleven years, either, but I recognized her. My Dad kicked Carol out for Debbie. At the time, Carol was 36-years-old and Debbie was only 24-years-old. My Dad was 42-years-old.”

“I never knew your Dad had it in him. For a guy who was always working, he got around to the ladies, somehow.”

“With his blonde hair and blue eyes, my Dad’s always been a good looking guy, I guess. They came on to him, no doubt. He didn’t start aging, until he started drinking. When I was 18-years-old, Debbie had made a pass at me. She actually came in my room buck naked and climbed in bed with me. After seeing Carol naked, Debbie was the second woman I ever saw naked.”

“Stuff like that never happens to me,” said Mike. “I can’t even get my wife to pose for some candid photos. She thinks that I’ll post them on the Internet. I guess she knows me,” said Mike laughing.

“Only, I didn’t do nothin’ with her. I never liked her and liked her even less when she made a pass at me. I told her to get out of my bed and out of my room. I told my Dad and my Dad kicked her ass to the curb. She was a real slut. I used to hear her sucking my Dad’s cock every night.”

“Bartender, two more,” said Mike. John reached in his pocket to pay. “No, this is on me. You just keep talkin’. Damn, I wish I could smoke a cigarette. I’d go through the whole damn pack,” he said with a laugh, “with this story.”

“So, Debbie sits on the bed and starts making out with Carol. They were feeling one another’s breast.”

“No fucking way. Dude, this just gets better and better. I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, you and me both. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, when Debbie positioned herself between Carols legs and started licking her pussy, while reaching up with her long arms to play with her tits. I noticed that women eat pussy differently than men. After watching Debbie eat Carol’s pussy, men just dabble. Women, on the other hand, look like they are really enjoying it. Definitely, they know what to do. She had Carol squirming around the bed in no time. Then, as soon as Carol had an orgasm, she changed positioned with Debbie and Carol was licking her pussy.”

“Holy shit, your Stepmom is a lesbo. Wow.”

“I left at that point. After having sex with Carol, sex that meant more to me than her, I guess, I couldn’t watch her going down on a woman.”

“How come nothing like that ever happens to me,” said John taking another sip of his beer. “I güvenilir casino never would have left that house, if I knew the woman I was with was a dyke. I would have stayed to watch what they did next. Maybe, they used a strap on with one another. At that point, I would have knocked on the door and asked them if they needed the real thing.”

“She’s not a dyke or a lesbo, at least, I don’t think she is. She’s just bi-sexual. There’s a big difference between a bisexual woman, a lesbian, and a dyke.”

“For someone who couldn’t even bear to watch, you sure know a lot about women having sex with one another.”

“My Stepmom is bi-sexual, seeing that she had sex with my Dad and eleven years later, with me. I guess that would make her bi. She’s no dyke, not even lesbian. In my mind a lesbian is a woman who just can’t be with a man, would rather die than suck a cock. I mean, I don’t care that she’s bi or lesbian, but to just have had sex with her and to think that I was going to develop a relationship with her, I dunno. I’m just really fucking confused.”

“Dude, you need get your ass back over there. I can’t believe you left. You could have what every man dreams of having, a threesome. What does Debbie look like?”

“Actually, she looks better now than she did eleven years ago. Lesbianism must agree with her because at 24-years-old, when she was with my Dad, she was already looking fucked over and skanky. Who knows? Maybe she used drugs back then.”

“Yeah, so, I know what Carol looks like or used to look like. What does Debbie look like?”

“She’s blonde, pretty, and has big tits. She’s 35-years-old and still looks pretty hot. With all her hair, she used to look like an emaciated Farrah Fawcett, but now she looks more like Tuesday Weld from Dobie Gillis, only with bigger boobs.”

“Yeah, I remember her. Thalia Menninger was the character she played on the show. I had such a crush on her. She was hot. Man, I would have given anything to bang her, but I’ve always had the Zelda Gilroy’s in my life. If you ever meet Sheila, my wife, don’t say nothin’, but she’s more Zelda than she is Thalia. Hey, now that I think about that show, do you remember that rich guy they had on the show, Chadsworth Osborne, Jr.? He was a hoot.”

“I can’t believe my Stepmom is a lesbian,” said John more preoccupied with his thoughts rather than wanting to talk more about the Dobie Gillis Show. He looked at his friend. “Do you think they turned lesbian after being with my Dad?”

“Nah, a guy can’t turn a woman lesbian. Either she is or she isn’t. They’re born that way. They’ve done studies.”

“So, what do I do now?”

“Dude, I told you what to do,” said Mike. “You need to go back there and take me with you. They just might need a second man. I’ll be your wingman.”

“I can’t do that. Besides, I thought you had to get home for Christmas.”

“You’re right. I do have to get home, but I’m telling you. Go back over there, pretend you don’t know about them being lesbians or bi-sexual, whatever, and about what’s going on in their little love house. Knock on the door, give her the flowers and maybe they’ll ask you to join them for Christmas dinner and a little dessert, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. That’s not a bad idea. Not so much for the sex, but to find out if they are living together and if Carol is interested in pursuing a relationship with me. I’m curious now that I saw them together having sex.”

After catching up, John left Mike when they finished their second beers. Mike had to hurry home and John had no place to go really. Rather than spend another Christmas alone or watching his Dad fall asleep drunk in his chair, he decided to go back over to Carol’s house.

Carol and Debbie were out front hanging a Christmas wreath on the door that had fallen. They stopped to watch him drive down their driveway.

“Johnny,” said Debbie, as soon as he got out of the car. She came running over to him, her big boobs bouncing with every step. She looked good from a distance and much better up close. With her long, wild, blonde hair, she looked a little like Daryl Hannah. Whatever she was doing or not doing, drugs, he figured, she looked amazing.

She gave him a hug and he hugged her back. With her big breasts pressed against his chest and their pelvises touching, he had an immediate desire for her. It took all the control he had not to reach down and cup her sweet ass in his hand. She was quite stunning. Seeing her now, he couldn’t believe he kicked her out of his bed, out of his room, and was responsible for kicking her out of their apartment. In hindsight, he should have banged her then.

“Hi Debbie, I didn’t expect such a greeting after the last time we were together,” he said taking a step back. “You look great. What’s your secret?”

“I’ve been clean and sober since your Dad gave me the boot. With Carol’s help, I earned my GED and even took some evening classes at the community college. Nothing personal, but my low point was when I climbed in bed with you and was ready to suck your cock. My life had been spinning out of control before that. I was never attracted to your Dad. I was with him for a place to stay. Now, you, on the other hand, were really cute back then and still are. I’d be interested in you,” she said giving him a light peck on the lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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