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It was mid summer when the whole thing happened, and it changed me from that moment on. My name is Aaron, I’m 23, 6’2″ inches tall, and I weight about 210lbs. I’m in pretty good shape and after graduating high school I chose to enter directly into the workforce instead of going to college. I’ve always been the outdoors type anyway, and besides, growing up as the child of divorced parents, there wasn’t any money, and my grades were not really good enough to get help. I work construction, building houses, and I enjoy what I do.

I started dating a girl I knew from high school. Her name is Brandi, she was a couple of years behind me in high school, and unlike me, when she graduated, she chose to continue her education at the local community college. She has a little brother named Jeffery, and her mom’s name is Ms. Vivian. Her mom and dad got divorced a few years ago, and it took its toll on the whole family, especially Ms. Vivian. Brandi and I were not really serious, we were more like friends with benefits, she didn’t want to get serious and neither did I. That being said, we did spend a good bit of time together and I would often go over to her house and just hang out with the family. I enjoy the whole family and it was during one such visit that this whole incident got started.

We were sitting around the living room when Brandi’s mom made a comment about the condition of the carpet in the living room. She asked me how much it would cost to have it replaced. I told her how much the carpet would cost, and told her I would replace it myself if she decided to have it done. She said she couldn’t ask me to do that, but she appreciated the offer. I insisted that I would be more than happy to help. Reluctantly, she agreed and asked if we could go the next day to pick out a carpet. The next day Ms. Vivian, Brandi, and myself went to a local flooring distributor and purchased a piece the right size and brought it to the house. We removed the old carpet that afternoon, and brought the new piece into the living room. It was getting late so we called it an afternoon, and I told Ms. Vivian I would be back in the morning to get started.

I got to the house about 8:00am the next morning. Jeffery had just left for school, and Brandi was getting ready to go off to classes herself. Ms. Vivian was really excited about getting the new flooring, and had taken the day off from work to help. I told her I could do it without her, but she insisted that she would not let me do it without her helping, so I obliged. We sat down for a few minutes at the kitchen table and had a cup of coffee while Brandi finished getting her things together and she left for class. The house got quiet for a few moments, then Ms. Vivian asked if I was ready to get started.

Now before I go any further, I should describe Brandi’s mom. She is about 5’4″ tall, with a full round ass, a tiny little waist, flat stomach, and a nice heavy set of C cup breasts. She had long deep auburn hair and dark blue eyes. She worked as a clerk at a mid sized firm. The divorce from her husband really took the light out of her eyes. I truly don’t think she was even aware of how beautiful she really was. After her divorce, she focused on caring for her two children, and she never spoke of things that she wanted, or needed. This was one of the main reasons why I was so glad to be able to help. The thought of a new carpet on the floor in the living room was one of the first times I saw a twinkle in her eyes.

So we get prepared to start work, she went and changes into comfortable clothes to work in. She came back to the living room ataşehir escort bayan wearing an old pair of cotton shorts, and a big T shirt. Having done all the dirty work yesterday, I was also wearing a pair of old jogging shorts . Ms. Vivian seemed all to excited to get started. She had offered to help, but as of yet, I really didn’t know what her help would consist of. It didn’t take long to realize that she meant to get right in there and help.

I unrolled the carpet, and squared it with the room correctly and was ready to begin stretching and tucking the edges in around the walls. The process of laying the carpet involves stretching the carpet, trimming the edges carefully, then pulling it in over the hold down strip, then tucking it underneath the baseboard. It is a meticulous process of going around the edges slowly trimming and tucking as you go. It can be done by one person, but two people make the job much easier, especially when that second person is a beautiful woman dressed in an old t shirt and a pair of shorts.

I was almost immediately taken back when she got down on the new carpet and began to ask for instructions on what I wanted her to do. Looking at her laying there stretched out with her ivory skin and excited smile, I almost had to pinch myself to stay focused. My mind became a flurry of excitement. I instructed her to move along the floor just along the edge of the wall in front of me, straitening up and pulling the carpet tight, and that I would move along behind her, trimming, and tucking the carpet in along the baseboard. She rolled over on her stomach, lifted up on her knees and grabbed the carpet and pushed in up to the wall hard, turned and looking up at me and smiled, and asked if this was correct.

The sight of this beautiful, voluptuous, ivory skinned woman laying on the Floor in front of me with her big smooth round ass pushed up in the air made my heart begin to race and a lump formed in my throat as I swallowed hard. Until that moment, I had never really thought of Ms. Vivian in that way, but looking at her now, I almost didn’t even recognize her. This woman was sooooo hot, and we were just getting started. We had all day, and I decided right then and there that I was going to take my time and make this last. I told her it was a little hot, and asked her if she minded if I took off my shirt before we got started, she said “of course not, get comfortable.” and so I did.

I moved down onto the floor just tucked in behind her, as I reached in along side her and took the carpet and began to carefully trim and tuck it in along the edge of the wall. I could smell her perfume, and feel her body heat as I moved along with her, reaching in along her arms to trim the carpet, and tuck it in. At first, I felt a little awkward and clumsy, but as we moved along the wall a would give her instruction as we moved, and we slowly found our rhythm. At first I was trying to keep a respectable distance between us, not being sure of how she felt about being so close, but is soon became apparent that she was quite comfortable rubbing up against me as we worked. In fact I even began to suspect that she was enjoying this as much as I was. When we got up to the first corner things, really took a turn, instead of relinquishing the corner to me so I could work, she seemed to take advantage of it, and stayed in the corner crouching down like a little rabbit in the grass. I moved up against her body reaching around her to finish up. I could have asked her to move, but I really wanted to see just how far she would let me take it before she got escort kadıöy out of the way. I pressed myself up against her hot body as I pushed the last little bit in the corner. I pressed my throbbing cock into the folds of you swollen vulva and moved gently against her sweet behind and held there as I put the final touches on the corner. She just smiled and stayed in that position until I moved.

It was clear to me then, that this woman was enjoying this as much as I was. I found it harder and harder to keep my eyes off her sweet round ass, and I began to take long looks down her shirt into that deep cavern between those heavy breasts. I was still trying to show some restraint, not knowing just how far she was willing to go. I did not want her to feel like I was trying to take advantage of our situation, but I began to feel like she was the one pushing the envelope. I became more brazen about looking at her, and touching her. She just smiled and kept pressing herself up against me as we worked. I buried my nose in her sweet auburn hair and smelled her perfume. She just smiled and held still until I was finished.

I began looking into her eyes, looking for a sign that everything was alright. She smiled deeply and looked as though she were enjoying herself as much as I was. I reached under her and ran my arm along her heavy breasts as I trimmed the line against the wall, instead of backing away ,she just leaned in and pressed her bosom firmly against my shoulder as I pressed forward. We were now practically doing more rubbing than working. Neither of us said a word about what we were doing, we just kept moving along, finishing the carpet, but we were in the deep stages of foreplay, and it was erotic. I would stop, and take in long looks down her shirt at her bosom as she just looked at me. Every time she would reach out to get another hand full of carpet, I would move in up over her and push my hard cock up firmly against her ass as I reached over her to trim the flooring. It was clear to me that we were going to fuck.

We finally finished the last corner and were done. Despite how erotic the whole experience had been, we were working, and I was tired. I laid back on the new flooring to just relax for a moment. She moved up beside me but perpendicular to me and curled up laying her head on my chest facing my throbbing meat. Precum had been oozing out of the head of my cock for so long I was practically wet. I was just laying there staring at her meaty thighs when I felt a light touch on my cock. It felt electric as I looked up to see her gently running the fingernail of her left index finger gently along the outline of my cock through my shorts. My cock began to roll over and swell, like a bear coming up out of hibernation. I put my left hand of her thigh and began rubbing her smooth skin underneath her shirt. After just a few light stocks up and down my cock, it had grown long and thick and was trying to come up out of the waistband of my shorts. She slid her delicate little hand in underneath the waistband and reached around and grabbed hold of the base of my cock and slowly began to roll her wrist as she stroked it up and down. I was delirious. I moved my hand up her side and reached around and firmly gripped one of her heavy breasts and began to knead it. Given all the precum that had been oozing from the head of my meat, she was sliding her hand up and down my greasy cock within minutes.

She then pulled back the hem of my shorts, and moved down and began to kiss and such the head of my cock. Each time she would pull my cock in a little deeper. First maltepe escort I felt her tongue rolling around the head of my dick, then I felt the back of her mouth. Within just a few more strokes I felt her pushing her face down into my groin, and I felt the head of my cock slowly moving down past her tonsils, and into her throat. I have had blow jobs before, but never one as amazing as this. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, she rearranged her hands, and grabbed the base of my cock with her right hand, and she ran her left hand underneath my leg, inside the leg opening of my shorts, and began messaging my balls as she deep throated my cock while rolling her wrist around the base. I couldn’t take any more and I began trying to warn her as I was going to explode. Instead of backing away she grabbed hold of me and shoved her face down hard into my groin as I unloaded steam after stream of hot jism down her throat. She swallowed it all and didn’t come up until it was all over.

I was stunned, but soon I regained my awareness a grabbed her up spun her over onto her back and ripped her shorts and panties off. It was apparent that none of this had been planned, as Ms. Vivian’s pussy looked like it hadn’t been tended since her husband had left. She had a bushy thick patch of deep red hair covering her swollen pussy. It was wet and matted where she too had been oozing. I was amazed, I had never seen a pussy in its most natural state, and it turned me on. I buried my face down in that furry little patch of heaven, as I inhaled the heavy musky smell of sweat and pussy. I opened her heavy swollen labia and found the little hood that covered her precious little nubbin, and gently went to work on it. She quickly began to squirm and gyrate her hips as I slowly coaxed her throbbing little nubbin up out of its little hiding place. With a slow steady rhythm of my tongue, she became creamy wet, and began to buck wildly, grabbing at my hair and pulling my face into her slippery crotch as her pussy began to spasm.

By this time, I was hard again and I spun her over again onto her knees and mounted her from behind. I pushed my long thick cock deep into her smoldering womb. Her began to moan, and pawed at the freshly laid carpet. I was so turned on by the sight of my cock going onto her sweet round bottom it felt like someone had wrapped the skin of my dick around a railroad spike. I was rock hard and had a full tank of gas. Ms. Vivian began to shake and gyrate around on my cock as I slowly built up speed. I held on to her hips and began pounding away at her sweet pussy. I had never fucked a woman so hot in all my life. She was not like the girls I have had sex with in the past. Her pussy was not tight, but it was even better, it was slick and hot, and a slick cream was oozing I pumped. The harder I pounded her pussy the hotter she got. It was apparent that this woman was used to being rode hard, and it had been a while. She began making these low guttural sounds as she shook her head back and forth and pawed at the floor. She was cumming, and a steady stream of creamy ooze was running down the inside of her thighs. I finally went over the top as I watched the ripples cascade over her big bottom each time I bottomed out on her swollen vulva. I buried another heavy load as deep as I could drop it into her sweet musky cunt.

It was a powerful moment, and it changed the way I felt about a woman. She made her way over to the wall by the window and just stared outside. The look on her face was the look of someone who had just been given parole from a life sentence for a crime that she hadn’t committed. There was no small talk, no goo goo eyes, just the look of someone who had been unburdened. I think I felt love for this woman. I knew that no one could ever find out what had happened here, but it was an event that is burned into my memory til this very day

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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