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Kathy and I were good friends. The sexual tension had been building. However, because of the death of my young wife I was not looking for satisfaction. Kathy had other ideas.

That night Kathy was sitting with me in the darkened cafe. We were going over the day’s events at work. She had lovely red hair and a tight body that begged for loving. Me, I was just a widower. I loved to run. So did Kathy.

We were out on our regular night time training run along a path through the countryside. We had left it quite late this time because we had been talking. It was almost 10 pm. It was mid February and the sun had set just at 5:27.

We were dressed for jogging at night by having LED lights on our headbands. Because of the heat of the run we didn’t wear much other than shorts, socks, trainers, and a pair of t-shirts, despite the cold. It was very late and the trees were pressing down on the path. Here and there came a rustle and then a rapid flapping of wings as roosting birds are disturbed by our passage, and our night lights.

The sky had a gray tinge that washed away the stars. The moon rose slowly and full in the east. Orion appeared from behind the black clouds that hung low and heavy over the trees. It was threatening to rain. Kathy and I had been chatting about our lives. About how she never really trusted anyone until she had met me. About how I felt since my wife passed away. It had an air of magic and a sexual tension filled the void in my heart.

The running path was paved with tarmac and ran along the side of the river. The water was brown with the effluence of the farmers’ mucky fields. There had been a week of heavy rain and the banks were overflowing. The damp smell was overpowering and mingled with the sweat that was running from my brow. Kathy laughed as another bird swooped away in the night. We passed zonguldak escort a bridge and something made Kathy stop and tug my arm pulling me off the path and down the embankment towards the river bank.

It wasn’t the river she was after. It was the flooded plowed fields, gorged with deep thick mud that glowed under the reflection of the distant lights of the next village. She was throwing off her top, then her shorts and panties, and hopped about throwing off her trainers and tugging at her socks. I felt myself go hard with lust seeing her naked flesh glisten in the night.

Kathy waded into the middle of the mire sinking deeper as she went. The mud rose right up to her ass. She ran her hands greedily through the mess and rubbed mud all over her breasts. Her body made strong sucking sounds as she moved. Moans came from her as she slid through the thick sludge. I could take no more. I ran. I threw everything off as fast as I could. Most landed on the grass. Kathy was laughing again as I slipped and fell in the muddy field.

She lunged with all her might towards me and landed with a wet slurping smack. I managed to get up but was covered with the slippery, cold mud. I knew it was above freezing tonight my sane mind reasoned, so we couldn’t die of exposure. But my animal self felt a terrible pull from the sight of the hot woman enjoying herself in the sucking mud. Kathy grabbed me and pulled me to her with a bubbling slurping noise of mud and lust. The sensation was unbelievably hot and made me forget the cold. We held each other close sharing the warmth that flowed between us. Kathy grabbed my cock and felt the throbbing readiness. She whimpered and pulled herself up my wet torso by my shoulders. Her lubricated body slid all the way down me until she engaged herself onto me.

She looked into tunalı escort my eyes with a depraved lust I had not seen in her. I felt myself start at the fantastic sensation of Kathy’s cunt grabbing and sucking on my member.

We thrashed like mad animals in heat as the mud sucked at our bodies. I could feel the friction of the mud along my balls and through my toes. I was getting even hotter thinking about what Kathy must be feeling as she thrust herself on me and felt the sliding gripping wetness suck on her clit. It was an unbearable sensation! Kathy was insatiably aroused. There was no stopping her.

I didn’t care if anyone was watching. Our mouths met in wet kisses that dripped with mud. I grabbed and held on for dear life. I was being used by a woman and I loved every moment of it!

My release was titanic and explosive. Kathy arched back and lay in the mud as I pounded myself into her relentlessly. I could feel the cum jetting into her and my dick splashing around in the mess. Kathy’s moans became bubbly. I opened my eyes. Her arms flailed about as she sank under the mud. I caught hold of her hands. I pulled her head out of the mud as I kept up the thrusts into her. We were so totally encased in layers of the dark sludge that no one could possibly see us, but they could certainly hear Kathy’s moans and our screaming and laughing as thrust after thrust made me feel the force of my sex beating Kathy into submission. Kathy finally exploded as she ground herself spasmodically against me. Her eyes glazed over as groans dribbled out of her mouth. She kept on moaning for what seemed like forever, making me feel harder by the minute as I continued to satisfy her soul by thrusting and rubbing her muddy clit.

My mind was in a daze as we lurched about glorying in the delicious sensation of tunceli escort the clinging mud. Suddenly we stumbled onto the grass, out of the mud. But the mud was not off of us. We were in a shower. No, wait, it was raining hard and cold. A torrential downpour in an English winter! We lay entwined gasping for air in the wet grass as what seemed like a waterfall was coursing over our bodies. It was a river from the sky. Hard and sensually it ripped the ooze from our skin. Kathy gazed into my eyes with a passion that I had not seen in a woman before. We kissed and rolled through the grass, slipping suddenly into the river. With a laugh Kathy scrambled up and pulled me out of the muddy waters. The rain was best.

I forced Kathy down into a deep pool of water on the grass. Kathy grabbed my cock and shoved her head against me engulfing my cock to the balls. She slurped my shaft and licked my balls until I thought the earth would move. She pressed my cock to her cunt buried under the water, and I was sucked into her. The water thrashed like white water rapids in the gently glowing night light. Clods of dark mud came squirting from her cunt. Kathy was being flushed with my brush with the long handle and she was enjoting it. Kathy’s moans disturbed more birds who rustled and flew off to find a quiter place to roost.

Kathy flipped me over sending huge waves of water splashing across the field. She jumped up onto me. The glorious ride flushed the water that I had pumped into her out of her cunt. Her cunt slid up to my face and I felt the luscious watery cum dribbling from her grinding cunt lips. I bit and sucked her drinking up the delicious cum. Kathy twisted her arms behind her. She grabbed my cock and stroked the throbbing monster. He was in motion and so was she. Suddenly with a jerk of her pelvis Kathy’s mouth was onto him and mauled him with a sucking ferocity that amazed me. I flipped Kathy over and grabbed her hips. Water coursed off our bodies. My thrusting pushed pools of water and cum out her cunt.

Kathy begged me to do more. But that is for another installment from the English countryside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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