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“Hey Jules, time to put it up.”

I hate to stop playing my flute. It’s not a very manly instrument, but I am good at it, and I like being good at something. I’ve always been shitty at sports, and was usually picked last in sports. (When I was younger, I made a point of getting the kickball prior to recess so I could captain a team). I turned to Mike.

“Mike, I just wanted to get a little more practice in.”

“Suit yourself; just make sure you don’t run across the Savage Breast. They’d probably love to humiliate you.”

The “Savage Breast” was an internet gang presumably composed of females. They loved to isolate a male, strip him naked, and then post embarrassing pictures of him on this one website that loves embarrassing people, and then claim those whose pictures are taken are just “butt hurt” and need to get over it. If the male has a small penis, then that is the picture taken. If the guy is blessed in the area, then sometimes they take pictures of the man with the anus spread, or ice on the testicles (to max out shrinkage), or some other thing. The guy’s face is almost always seen, furthering the embarrassment. They reportedly hit their victims with tree limbs when they don’t expect it, and being a gang of females, they can cope with a man’s usual strength advantage. The victims have all been Seniors at our high school, and usually just passed their 18th birthday. Mike hit it last month, and I did so a few days ago.

A few minutes after Mike left, I did as well. Like Mike, I ride my bike to and from school, and take a shortcut along an isolated dirt path, with a creek/drainage ditch on one side. Mike’s bike is currently getting fixed, so he’d have to walk home. It’s not smooth, but I enjoy the bumps. Halfway along the dirt path I heard shouting. My danger sense alerted, I quickly got into the bushes, leaving all but my valuable flute hidden under some plants, and quietly sought out the source.

“Time for your pictures, Mikey!”

Oh no, Mike’s in trouble. It was the Savage Breast gang. They had somehow trapped him in a snare, and had halfway stripped him. I wish I could save him, but there were three females, seemingly quite fit, and only one me. What could I do?

Well, I knew I couldn’t do nothing; I must do something. Maybe a distraction, but how? Wait a minute, my flute I thought. I quickly started playing.

“What’s that? Marene, go see what that was.”

Marene? Well, I guess I now know who the three were now. Marene, Stacey, and Aimee were thick as thieves. Since fourth grade they loved to boss people around. They were known as the “butch” cheerleaders, leading every cheerleader team they were on due to intimidation. Not that they were unattractive or untalented. They definitely knew their cheers, and they were pretty. It’s just that they were taller and not seemingly anorexic like most of the girls. Still, I don’t ever remember hearing any of the three having boyfriends. Could they be doing this to the male students as revenge?

I waited for Marene to get near me. She was from some big city Little Italy, and proud of it. She probably would have been inspired to be a hitman for a mob, if they had female hitmen (hitwomen?). She was now within five feet of me; totally unaware of my presence. The others were not in eyesight.


At that moment, I tackled Marene as hard as I could, forcing her down the hill. It was pretty steep, so she had no way to stop her bahis firmaları drop as she went down all that grass, mud, and dirt into the ditch. I was taught never to hit a girl, and I wished I didn’t have to, but I needed to save my friend.

“Marene, I’m coming. Stay here Aimee!”

Hmm, looks like I get to deal with Stacey now. She was a red head with whopping breasts. Even in elementary school she could punch out most of the boys, which probably helped her now in leading the Savage Breast. I may be bigger, but she could probably win a fight over me using her speed advantage. Heck, I’ve never worked out; she might have a strength advantage as well. I decided to climb into a tree to hide. It wasn’t long until Stacey was under the tree.

“Marene, where the hell are…OWW!!!”

With that, I did a ten foot drop out of the tree, knocking her wind out. I had a brainstorm and quickly ripped off her blouse. HOLY SHIT!!! She wasn’t wearing a bra. It was the first time actual female breasts were exposed to my face, and not on the internet or some porn magazine.

“Why you…”

Fearing for my safety, I reached for my flute again to trip her. As she was trying to recover, I forced her down the ledge to the ditch below. Marene was starting to get up, but was quickly knocked down.

Wait a minute, what’s this? It was a digital camera. It must have been Stacey’s or Marene’s. Having used similar ones, I knew this type has the ability to tape a small amount of film. I zoomed in on Stacey and Marene, who were a big mess. I made sure to get head shots and views of Stacey’s exposed tits.

Still, I hadn’t the time for fun or games. Soon those two would recover and get back up here, and there was still the matter of taming Aimee and rescuing Mike. I decided to keep quiet until I reached Mike; surprise was my only real advantage. Once I got to the tree, I saw Aimee had her back to me. She was by far the prettiest of the Savage Breast, with fair hair and perfect breasts; not too big, not too small, but just right. Unlike the other two, she had shown kindness to me in the past. By herself, she was a kind being, but with Stacey and Marene she was awful.

“What the…”

I covered Aimee’s head with Stacey’s blouse, blinding her. I decided to trip her up, so I quickly de-pants her, accidentally taking her panties along for the ride. Wow, what a sight. Still, as much as I savored the sight, saving Mike came next. Besides, my heart wasn’t into doing anything that might actually hurt her.

“Thank God Ju…”

“No, don’t saying thing. Let’s tie her up and gag her.”

Two on one, Aimee stood no chance. Using the Savage Breast’s own rope, we tied her down. Seeing that Aimee was taken care of, I motioned Mike to follow me back down the trail where the rest of the Savage Breast were. Mike was quickly replacing his pants as we walked.

“Jules, thanks man, I owe you. What are we going to do?”

“Don’t know; I’ve been going on instinct.” I pondered. “Hey, remember our ‘old fort’? Let’s take either Stacey or Marene there.” Our fort, as it were, was just a huge clump of trees and junk along the path. Few realized there was a hollow area inside the canopy of leave. Mike and I had often camped there. We even had a bet about who would be the first to have sex with a girl there; sadly, both of us were still virgins.

We got back to where I had left them. They were back on the trail, much the worse kaçak iddaa for wear. They could hardly fight back.

“C’mon Mike, let’s strip them.”

We quickly declothed them; they had little fight left. After using their own clothes to blindfold and gag them, we decided to instead take them into the trees so, if anyone else came by, they wouldn’t see us; no sense exposing our fort to enemies.

“Now what should we do?

“Put them in a ’69’ position, and we’ll film it for the entire world to see.”

So we did. I made sure to get close-ups of their hairy pussies. I even opened up their anuses, like they did to all our fellow male students, and took pictures.

“Hey, let’s fuck them.”

“No Mike, we are not rapists. So far, we have only retaliated for what they did. Raping would make us worse than them. Besides, no telling what they might have.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Besides, you’re not in the best condition, either. Take my bike and the camera, and go download. We’ll leave these bitches here.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Tying up a few loose ends; don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

I hustled down to where Aimee was. Oh she was so beautiful, lying there as she was. Approaching her, I started to play my flute. It was my favorite coping with stress method, and I was feeling some stress.

“Huh, what? Jules?”

I untied her. “OK, Aimee, we’re even. I know you three are the Savage Breast. I took pictures of Stacey and Marene; even now, Mike is going to upload those pics. You used to be sweet; for that I’ll let you go and not be embarrassed.” With that, I began to leave her and started playing my flute on my way home.

By the time I got home, I was tired. Man I was glad that today was a Friday. I took a quick nap. When I woke up, I saw that the pictures had been uploaded. Stacey and Marene were fully exposed; Mike and I should become photographers. I heard a knock on the door a few hours later; it was Aimee.


I looked at her. Aimee was still naked, and looked muddied. Those mesmerizing orbs she called eyes started to cry.

“Stacey and Marene blamed me. They saw the pictures; they are pissed.”

“Aimee, you three deserved it. What made you think you could embarrass men like that.”

“Stacey and Marene were taught to hate men. I had always just hung around them. But thanks to that, boys thought I was just like them. I’ve never had a date.”

“Why are you still naked?”

“Like I said, they blamed me. I found where you left them, and they attacked me. I only just felt like getting up. I had no idea where to go; I knew you lived nearby.” I don’t know why, but I hugged her. “When I heard the flute music, I knew it had to be you. I’ve always enjoyed your music.”

My flute was nearby. Inspired by her nude body, I started to play. After a few minutes, she spoke.

” See? I told you I like your music.” I noticed that her loins seemed rather moist. Unlike Stacey and Marene, she had shaved. “You’ve made my pussy wet. See?”

She guided my hand to her pussy. It felt incredible. Entranced, I had her lie on the couch. My fingers started to feel her.

“Oooh, Jules, that feels so good. Ahh Ahh Ahh.” If you ask me, that sounded better than my flute. I started to finger her quicker. “Ooh yes, just like that. Ahh Ahh…”

I remembered hearing something about a clitoris. Thinking I found it, I began to use my kaçak bahis tongue, and then started to play her clit like I would my flute.

“Ahh, Ahh, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, MAKE ME CUM!!!” With that, her pussy was flowing like a river, and my face was glazed with her juices.

“Time for you to play my other flute now.” I took off my clothes, and wiggled my penis on her lips. She opened her mouth, and I inserted myself into her. Her eyes melted all of me instead of my cock, which she was doing an excellent job. Her tongue was incredible. Still, I didn’t want to come just yet. I pulled out of her mouth.

“What? Didn’t you like it?”

“I loved it, but your pussy is calling me.”

“But…but…I’m still a virgin.”

“So am I.”

I had my dick leave a slimy trail from her lips. I placed it for a few seconds on her chin, and then lowered myself. I had my tip massage her breasts, making two circular motions; one for each breasts. I then proceeded to drag my dick down her lovely torso and finally, down to her lips.

“You are so beautiful Aimee.” With that, I placed my dick into her. I only managed to get an inch.

“Oh my God, it hurts. Stop, please stop.”

“No Aimee, you need your penance, just like Stacey and Marene. But trust me, you will enjoy yours more.” With that, I had her slide off the couch; her momentum forced her down my dick.

“OWW AHH, IT HURTS,”’ she shrieked. I felt something flow from her. It must be her cherry. She felt oh so good. She was warm, wet, and oh so tight. Still, I’m not a cruel guy. I did not further penetrate her for a few minutes, I instead decided to play with her anus with my fingers.

“OH, oh, oh AHH, Not my ass, not my ass.”

“Then, it’s your pussy then.” I started to penetrate her again, trying for as much speed as I could muster.

“Ooh, yeah, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy.”

“Are you going to be a Savage Breast again?”

“No, no, AHH AHH.”

“Are you going to fuck with men again?” I pounded into her harder.

“No, ahh ahh, I will only fuck you,” she moaned.

With that she was totally on her back, her legs up high. I grabbed ahold of them. For an eternity it seems I kept fucking her, her high pitch squeals echoing throughout the room. Still, I had my limits.

“Oh my God, Aimee, I love you.”

“I love you to.” She looked into my eyes. “Cum in me, I need to feel your love.”

“Then, you will get it.” I gave out my final thrusts.


“HERE IT COMES!!!” With that, I felt the cum rush out of my cock. We were both panting. Roller coaster rides haven’t felt this good, this satisfying, this thrilling. I went to lay beside her.

“Oh my God, Jules. I had no idea you could be such a stud. Stacey and Marene had no idea what they are missing. They shouldn’t be fucking with boys; they need to be fucked by them.

“Well, my music soothed one Savage Breast; maybe it will another.”

“Only with my permission,” she said as she quickly jerked my dick.

I took her to the shower, where we cleaned each other up. We kept feeling each other up; I can never get tired of her terrific breasts. We dried off and went to bed. We may have been young, but we still had a busy day and were quite tired. Aimee had me cover her with my arms. I saw the love in her eyes; I had rescued her from her friends and self-enforced spinsterhood. Before she began her night’s nap, she uttered one question.

“Stacie and Marene will want revenge. What will we do?”

I shook my head to indicate my wondering of the same question. Still, like I said before, my music soothed one savage breast; could it do it again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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