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The following story is completely fiction and never really happened, although there is a possibility that it COULD have happened.

It was really a hot summer day, and with no air conditioning and just fans, even the evening was warm for 22 year old Nathan and his 41 year old mother Nancy, as they sat in the living room together watching the evening news. Each of them had a fan trained on themselves which was helping, but they were still overly warm and both wishing that they could remove some of their clothing in order to stay cooler.

Nancy had moved into Nathan’s home 2 years earlier because of tight times, and they had the whole house to themselves.

Anyway, that evening, they were both uncomfortable in all their clothes, so Nancy asked her son if it would be okay to take something off.

“Honey, would you mind if I pulled this blouse off so I could get cooler?”

“Go ahead, Mom. It’s okay. I’ll pull off my shirt if you will be more comfortable taking off your blouse. Anyway, you still have your bra to cover you.”

“Right, my darling,” she said, and while Nathan pulled off his shirt, Nancy pulled off her blouse.

More time passed, but the fan didn’t seem to be keeping up, and soon they were both getting unduly warm again, so Nancy spoke to her son again.

“Honey, both of the drapes are drawn shut, and I’m still getting quite warm, so I was wondering…..would you be upset if I took these pants off so my legs can get some cool air?”

“It’s okay with me, Mother. I’ll take my pants off too so we can both cool off.”

“Thanks, sweetheart,” Nancy said, and stood up and slipped out of her pants, revealing her undies to her oldest son. Nathan stood up and also took off his pants, and all of the sudden he was standing there in front of his mom in his shorts. And the worst part was……….he had a raging erection that filled his shorts to the bursting point.

“Oh gosh, honey, you have a problem,” his mother said looking directly at the way his shorts were bulging out. She couldn’t get her eyes off that bulge. “It must be very long…..and stiff.”

“I’m sorry about that, Mom,” Nathan explained. “When I saw you in just your bra and panties, everything seemed to….well….stiffen up. I couldn’t help it. And, yes, it’s 8 inches long and 2 inches across.”

“I understand, honey. That kind of thing happens to guys. Actually, the same kind of thing happens to women too. If ucuz escort I were to remove my bra right now, you would see two……stiff nipples. Would you like to see?”

“Uhhhh…..sure,” he said.

Nathan’s mother reached behind her and unfastened the hooks of her bra, then slowly lowered it from her breasts, revealing very stiff nipples to his eyes.

“Do you see what I mean, sweetheart?” she asked.

“I wonder what it all means,” Nathan said.

“Honey, I think you know what it all means. I think that we are….. sexually drawn to each other. Do you agree?”

Nathan thought about what his mother had said. He knew in his own mind that he had hoped to have sex with his mother for a long time, but he was afraid to say anything because he wasn’t sure how she felt.

“Do you mean that you……want……to have sex……with……me?”

“Well, honey, I know that it’s morally wrong, and that it is called incest,…….but…….yes…….I think that it would be fun, and after all……….. we ARE all alone in this house, and who would be the wiser? I think that I would actually…….enjoy feeling your penis sliding up into my belly,………. and coming inside me, if…….you like the idea too.”

“Oh Mom,” Nathan replied, “I would just love to……fill your belly with……my potent sperm! Actually, I’ve had a secret desire to pump semen in your tummy for a long time……maybe 3 years now. Is that such a wrong thing to think?”

“No, my darling. I have felt that way for about 2 years. Maybe we should be doing something about these desires. Maybe we should head for the bedroom and……………….fuck our brains out. I’d just love to be carrying your sperm deep inside my tummy tomorrow.”

“Mom………….let’s do it! Why not? I want to be inside you so much!”

Nathan and Nancy stood up and walked toward each other where they hugged each other tightly. Then their lips met in a wonderful kiss while Nathan put both of his hands on his mother’s ass cheeks and pulled her tummy up tightly to his huge erection.

“Oh honey, that thing feels so big and hot, but I would much rather have it pushing up into me instead of pushing against me.”

“Oh yes!!!! And I’m definitely ready to push it up into you!” Nathan said as they turned to head up the hallway toward her bedroom.

When they reached her bedroom, Nancy turned the covers back, slid out ümraniye escort of her panties and laid down on her side. Nathan slid out of his shorts and got on the bed on his side facing her.

“I love you, my darling. I can’t wait for the moment when you will be entering my body for the first time. You have no idea how much I need you……inside me.”

Nathan held his mother closely and they kissed again. His stiff organ was pressing deeply against her tummy, and she acknowledged that fact by pressing back against it to increase the contact. Their kiss lingered on and on, until suddenly Nancy broke the kiss and made an attempt to roll her son up on top of her body.

“Oh baby, I am SOOO ready for you I’m sopping wet. Take me, my darling…..but be gentle and slow. It’s been a long time since I was with your dad.”

Nathan moved up on top of his mother’s body and dropped down between her outstretched legs.

“Ohhh yes, honey, let Mama take that huge babymaker inside her tummy! Incidently, honey, I’m not on the pill, so you……could……get your mother pregnant tonight. It’s okay with me if it’s okay with you.”

Slowly, Nathan brought the tip of his engorged penis up to his mother’s wet vaginal entrance. The tip was touching her entrance.

“Do it, my darling! Do it! Join us together!!”

Nathan slowly moved forward, and the head of his penis popped through Nancy’s vaginal muscle and slid 2 inches up into her birth canal.

“Ohhhhhhh my baby!!! I love how good you feel!! You’re stretching me soooo good.”

That gave Nathan some encouragement, and with gentle pistoning action, he slowly worked another 3 inches of his manmeat into her body.

“Easy honey! Go slow! Let me savor all of your manhood. Ease it up into my tummy. Let me feel all of you entering my belly.”

Nathan slowed down just a bit, but continued to let his big organ slowly enter his mother’s tummy. After 5 minutes had passed, Nathan’s penis finally touched his mother’s sensitive cervix, and he stopped moving forward.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooo my darling!! I just love what you are doing to me!!” She reached down to her vaginal opening and felt the fact that her son still had about a inch to go before he was fully encased inside her, so she said, “Press hard on my cervix, my darling, and you will be completely inside me…….all 8 inches.”

Nathan slow slid the final üniversiteli öğrenci escort inch up into his mother, feeling the head of his cock pushing hard on her cervix, but best of all, feeling their crotches come completely together and their pubic bushes become one bush.

He rested for a couple minutes while his mother’s canal adjusted to his size, then with renewed vigor, he started slow 4 inch back and forth movements, each time ramming their crotches together and feeling the head of his penis push and depress her cervix. Their bodies came together again and again and again, and each time, a mutual orgasm came closer and closer.

After 10 minutes of constant fucking, Nancy could feel a orgasm was eminent and she was just about to go over the top.


She raised up in total abandonment as her son kept right on thrusting into her body. And then………………………..



Suddenly Nathan started spurting huge gushes of hot sperm into his mother’s tummy. His penis was pressed firmly against her cervical entrance, so they both knew that there was a good chance that sperm was entering her uterus and probably impregnating her.

Nancy felt the big pulses and throbs of her son’s penis as his juice flooded into her. His penis bucked and jumped inside her as Nathan’s sperm rushed out the end of his cock and squirted against her opening, and perhaps even passed through it.

Minutes passed, and it felt to Nathan that he had ejaculated at least a gallon of sperm into his mother, although it was much less, and Nancy felt that he had ejaculated all the semen he had in his balls and then some.

When it was all over, Nathan moved back over beside his mother and they both fell asleep through the night.

That next morning, when Nancy gently reached down to touch her son’s penis, it was once again fully erect and his balls felt full again, so once again they fucked hard, and once again Nathan put a second load of juice inside his mother’s birth canal, and maybe in her uterus as well.

Three months later, Nancy made an announcement to her son.

“Honey, I think I’m pregnant with our first baby.”

“Oh Mama, that’s GREAT!!! Maybe we can have second and third babies too!!!”

“I wouldn’t doubt that one bit, my darling!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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