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I entered the department store. Making my way through the isles.

I was looking for cleaning products. My house was an absolute train wreck. Windows were smudged and had damaged blinds, dirty dishes were starting to pile up. I felt like today was the day to get started on cleaning things up. Especially with no one in my life to help me keep clean.

In the aisle, while picking out a good dish soap, something caught my eye. A package for a red gem. It shined onto the plastic casing. I grabbed it off the shelf, looking at the back. Everything seemed in order, but all it really said is that it “Makes cleaning a breeze!”. I was willing to try this new thing, even if I wasn’t exactly sure what it was or what it did.

I walked up to the counter, as the cashier perked up at my footsteps.

“Hello sir, may I help you?” She asks, adjusting her nametag. While not anything special, she was pretty cute, with a nice rounded face. About my height as well, 5’2.

“I was just checking out.” I say as I lay the cleaning products out on the counter.

“May I see an ID?” She requests, looking like she had seen a ghost.

“Sure.” I lay my ID down. God my picture is embarrassing. It really makes me look like a 20 year old white boy with no life. I only have a year left before I can change it though. “What do you need my ID for?”

“That.” She points at the gem. “My boss said to ask for it when checking people out with that product.” She finishes the transaction off after that short conversation, and I head to home with my products and weird gems.

After that exchange I spent the rest of that Saturday working bursa eskort on cleaning. 7 Things were starting to look up as I finished the windows and dishes. I laid on my bed, just taking a break, as the gem began to form on my libedstand. It seemed to transform into some sort of summoning circle, as a voluptuous female came into form. Slightly over 7 feet tall, she was made of soft curves, and with breasts bigger than his head. I step back to try and get a view of her face, which reveals the caramel skin she has, as well as the short grey hair that reached just above the shoulders. All of it was accompanied by what looked like a very expensive maid outfit.

“What the fuck?” My mouth hung open. I could not believe the woman that formed just in front of me.

“Hello master.” She looked down at me, her face quickly bringing me peace. She didn’t have any clearly evil intentions. “Are there any tasks you’d like for me to do? I am completely at your control.”

“Master? I could get used to that.” I scratch my chin, all the ideas flowing to my head. “But right now, can you just clean the house?”

“Yes master.” She walks into the living room, leaving the door open behind her. It gave me a view of her plentiful assets as she cleaned everything up. Her tits jiggling when she bends down to sweep.

I stared at her for a while, lewd thoughts filling my mind as she cleaned up the room, and moved onto the kitchen. When she moved into the kitchen, I decided to ask.

“Hey, am I able to, request sex out of you?” the words meekly come out of my voice. I wasn’t even sure if this thing had free will, let alone bursa escort the ability to have sex. However, her response surprised me,

“Yes, I have everything available for pleasure, if you would like to request it.” She turned to me, smiling a cute smile.

I sighed with relief, before pulling down my pants. “I would like you to have sex with me. Once you’re done, get back to cleaning.”

She picked me up, holding me like a baby as she walked around to find the bedroom. Her gigantic tits dangling over me made my tree grow.

She sat down on the bed, continuing to hold me. “Would you like to have foreplay before we start coitis?”

“Yes! That would be great!” I exclaimed, and she knew exactly how to turn me on.

She pulled down her shirt, exposing her tits. I immediately latched on as she finished undressing, down to just panties, lifting me up with one hand as she stood up to take off her leggings. While no milk was coming out, it was still extremely warm, and made me rise to full mast. She then pulled down my pants, exposing my 8 inch pole. Hugging me closer to her breasts, she began jacking me off with the other hand. While I was sucking, I began to realize the lack of air I had, and began struggling. She noticed, pulling me up into a sitting position and releasing her nipple out of my mouth. She then pulled in for a kiss which I gladly accepted. Her mouth was extremely cold, and tasted like metal. She kept the kiss going for a minute, before I came into her hand.

“Would you like to begin now.” She smiled, breaking the kiss. I just nodded. She let me onto the bed, before bursa escort bayan getting on top of me. She began riding me, sitting up before leaning down, forcing my face into her tits. Not only could I not breathe, but I was on the verge of coming to her. Her warm body made me even closer, before I came inside of her.

This is where I lost. I lost everything.

I laid limp on the bed, as she began putting on her undergarments, she put me next to her, locking me into her snatch with her bra, securing my face comfortably into her massive mammaries, and making sure I couldn’t use my legs by trapping them in her leggings. She put on her maid dress next, the pressure increasing. The way I was situated, I could barely breathe, but I was trapped inside of her. With how tired I was, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep in her trap.

But the next morning, as I felt her milk my cum once more, she was just waking up. She began moving my head over her nipple. “Please suck master, Your semen allows me to produce milk.”

“Why haven’t you-Mmph!” She suddenly shoved the nipple into my mouth, and I instinctively began to suck. The milk was delicious, and it made me hard once more. She kept nursing me until she ran dry. This would be the schedule every morning when we woke up. She would milk me of my semen, then have me milk her. She would then walk around, usually clean. Eventually she told me that I had gotten fired when she rooted through my mailbox one day. I would’ve gotten evicted too if she didn’t offer the landlord sexual favors to keep the apartment up. That was the only time I was able to move, and I could do nothing. My bones had become slack due to atrophy, so I could basically only eat with my face and watch tv until she was done “negotiating” with the landlord. It was a trap I couldn’t get out of.

Getting her was my biggest mistake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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