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This all started when I borrowed my boyfriend’s laptop to browse reddit. I noticed in his recently viewed posts he had been browsing a subreddit dedicated to guys jerking each other off. My boyfriend is 5’10” 250lbs, dark hair, light brown eyes, and a real man’s man. He’s an extremely intimidating looking man, and the idea of my manly boyfriend jerking off another guy made me incredibly horny.

I created an anonymous account and asked for advice on the subreddit of how to explore the idea, and after getting some great advice and a million dick pics in my inbox I decided to watch some porn watching porn with him was the best way to see his reactions.

We watched a few different videos and as I was scrolling through random videos I “accidentally” came across a video of guys jerking each other off that someone had recommended.

“This looks so hot!” I told him, “let’s watch this one please.”

“Why would I want to watch two guys jerk off?” he asked.

“Because I want to see it,” I asked in my best cute voice, “Please baby, the idea of two strong men jerking each other off sounds hot.”

He reluctantly agree and acted like he didn’t want to watch at first, but once the video was playing he was rock hard. I started jerking his cock while we watched it.

“I’d love to see get jerked off by one of your friends babe,” I said huskily as I work my hand up and down his shaft.

His eyes were glued to the screen and he was grunting with pleasure. I jerked his cock faster and squeezed his shaft tighter.

“Would you jerk one of your friends off while he jerked your hard cock baby?” I asked breathlessly.

He closed his eyes and moaned. I thought I saw him nod his head a bit, but I wasn’t sure. So I tried another tactic. I let my other hand move down to his balls, I slowly traced them with my fingertips and gently squeezed them.

“You guys could jerk each other off over my tits,” I said, “You could both cover my big tits in your hot cum.”

His eyes were closed now and he was constantly moaning, and looked like he was in heaven. I’d never felt his cock so hard. I repositioned myself, getting on my knees in front of him and continued stroking his cock aimed at my face.

“Would you do it for me Papi?” I asked with a moan, “Would you jerk off a friend for me?”

“Yessssssss” he hissed between clenched teeth.

Then I felt his cock swell in my hands and exploded all over my face, neck, and chest. We fucked like rabbits the rest of the night!

I knew my boyfriend was off work a few days later and had his best friend coming over to hang out. I would be going into work late and I came up with a plan to tease the hell out of them then leave them alone, to see if anything happens.

Finally the day came and my boyfriend’s best friend Pete showed up late in the afternoon while I was still asleep. They got comfortable isveçbahis and started playing video games. My Boyfriend told him I was home but asleep so they stayed pretty quiet. When I woke up I heard their faint conversation from our living room.

I was super nervous about my plan but I got up the nerve and walked out of my room in one of my boyfriend’s t-shirts and my favorite pink panties.

I acted surprised to see them and a bit shy at first but said hi and talked to them for a bit. Pete was being a complete gentleman and doing his best not to stare at me. I asked them if they were hungry or wanted anything to drink and Pete said yes and asked for a drink. My boyfriend told me later that as I walked to the kitchen Pete’s eyes were glued to my ass peeking out from under the shirt as I moved.

“Damn man, you are lucky as hell,” Pete whispered to my Boyfriend.

“I know,” My boyfriend replied with a grin.

I came back with drinks for both of them and some chips. I made it obvious I wanted them to look by needlessly bending over our coffee table and giving them both a good look at my ass. I walked around the living room a bit pretending to be straightening up here and there. I was talking to them both the whole time and eventually sat between them on the sofa for a bit. My legs on display and the crotch of my panties just visible.

I watched them play for a bit and noticed they were both playing badly as if they were distracted. I saw their drinks were getting low and asked if they wanted anything stronger to drink. My bf said definitely and asked me to make them drinks. As I got up I kissed my bf and shamelessly pointed my ass in Pete’s direction. I swear I could feel his breath on my ass.

“You know I can see your girlfriend’s panties right?” Pete asked my boyfriend, “Do you want to let her know?”

“I can see them too,” My boyfriend said, “I’m not sure if she realizes how short that shirt is, let’s just enjoy the show.”

I moved back and forth between the kitchen and the boys. I could see that Pete was staring and that his cock was tenting in his shorts. I sat down with them on the sofa again and I could tell the whole situation had my boyfriend hard as hell too. I with them a bit longer and my bf kept rubbing my thighs making my shirt ride up giving Pete a view of my panties.

I felt Pete’s hand brush my outer thigh a few times “accidentally” and I would occasionally fidget in my seat or lean forward to get chips or have a sip of my drink. I knew they were getting great peeks at my ass. Every time I leaned forward Pete would look at my boyfriend nervously before staring at my ass almost like he was making sure it was ok.

Eventually it was time for me to get ready for work and as I got up I placed a hand on both of their thighs to lift myself up. As I did I squeezed my boyfriend’s cock and let my hand brush isveçbahis giriş Pete’s gently. While I was in the bathroom Pete had noticed I hadn’t closed the door all the way and they could see me in the gap undressing and stepping into the shower. He didn’t mention it to my boyfriend.

At this point Pete was barely playing the game any more just watching me lather up my body through the frosted glass of the shower doors.

“Damn your girlfriend is so sexy!” Pete said, “Do you think she realizes how much she is teasing us?”

“Oh I think she knows,” My boyfriend laughed, “She loves to be a tease.”

When I stepped out of the shower Pete had a perfect view of my wet naked body. He bit his lip and grunted a bit then looked over at my boyfriend suddenly afraid he was caught. Pete kept adjusting himself trying to hide the fact he was hard.

I bent over to search under the sink for my blow dryer giving him a nice view of my tight shaved pussy. Pete moaned when he saw it. My boyfriend looked at him and Pete looked at the TV pretending he didn’t see anything. I finished up, put on my robe, and walked out. I watched them both as I walked to the bedroom and blushed when I got to my room. I knew I gave Pete a good show. I was so incredibly excited.

When I came back out they were still playing and I walked over to my bf kissed him deep and squeezed his cock openly so Pete would be sure to see. When I left Pete was so distracted he was playing like shit so my boyfriend asked him what was up.

“Did you notice your girlfriend left the bathroom door open?” Pete asked.

“I thought he saw the door opened but I couldn’t see anything, plus I was focused on the game.” My boyfriend said.

Pete told him what he saw and apologized.

“Don’t worry about it,” my boyfriend said, “What did you think?”

“I got a great peek at her shaved little pussy,” Pete told him, “It looks so perfect!”

“It really is, and she’s so tight too” My boyfriend said.

Pete bit his lip at that.

“Do you want to see some more?” My boyfriend asked, “I mean since you got a peek anyway.”

Pete just nodded. My boyfriend linked his phone to our TV and pulled up a few pics of me he had and showed them off. Pete was drooling over my tits and ass, but he reached down and squeezed his cock.

“It looks so smooth” Pete gasped when he saw the pictures of my shaved wet pussy.

“Mmmhmm” Was all my boyfriend could say.

“Do you want to see a video clip I have of her playing with her pussy and moaning my name?”

“Fuck yeah!” Pete responded eagerly.

My boyfriend pulled up the short 30 second clip and they watched, when it was over Pete stood up and his cock was standing straight out under his basketball shorts.

“I really need to jerk my dick!” Pete said desperately, “I’m so fucking hard it hurts!”

“I need to jerk isveçbahis yeni giriş off too ” My boyfriend told him, “I have some more videos I can put on if you want to watch them too.”

Pete sat back down reluctantly but said yeah. That’s when they both pulled out their cocks and my boyfriend put on a minute long video of me using my Hitachi and a dildo.

My boyfriend has a pretty big cock, about 8 inches and really thick. Pete’s cock is about the same size as my boyfriend but maybe a bit longer. They both started jerking their own cocks and barely made it to the end of the video.

When they both came some of Pete’s cum landed on my boyfriend’s leg. Pete apologized and my boyfriend laughed and reached out with his own cum covered hand planning to wipe it on his leg in return but he decided to reach for his cock and see what happened.

Soon as my boyfriend’s hand bumped Pete’s cock he gripped it. Pete jumped but didn’t pull away and my bf took that as a sign and slowly started sliding his hand up and down his shaft. Pete bit his lip and my bf kept stroking him using their cum as lube. He after a few minutes Pete reached over, grabbed my boyfriend’s cock, and started stroking him too.

My pictures were on the TV in slide show mode and they stroked each other while looking at my naked body. They had both just cum so they weren’t trying to make each other cum just stroking each other and looking at me enjoying the feeling.

My boyfriend felt Pete’s cock starting to throb as his own cock was starting to react as well, they were both close. They were stroking faster and moaning both matching the others speed till they both came almost simultaneously and all over each other’s cocks. There was an awkward pause then they both sighed and cleaned up.

They went back to playing Playstation in silence.

“That felt really good,” Pete said, “Fuck I’m still really horny.”

“It felt great!” My boyfriend agreed, “I’m still horny too.”

With that they turned off the game and my pulled up another video of me and they stroked each other again side by side. They were both going back and forth from watching the video to each other’s cocks and moaning and telling each other how good it felt.

My boyfriend told Pete his hand felt great and Pete said he was stroking him perfectly. Pete stopped to play with my boyfriend’s balls and my boyfriend did the same to Pete.

“I’m gonna cum!” Pete moaned out suddenly, “That feels so good!”

“Cum for me,” My boyfriend responded, “Cum while I jerk your big cock and you watch my slut gf cum”

My boyfriend’s words sent him over the edge and Pete moaned loud and came all over my boyfriend’s hand.

“You like me cumming in your hand while your slut gf fucks herself on TV?” Pete said, “You like me stroking your cock while we watch her?”

“Fuck yes!!” My boyfriend moaned loud as he came all over Pete’s hand.

They sat there slowly stroking each other’s cock, and catching thier breath before they cleaned each other up. Before Pete left he said they had to do it again some time. My boyfriend agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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