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“A year ago, I wrote ‘My Birthday Surprise’ totally on a whim. Despite it not being planned out, and even taking forever to finish the very last part, I feel like it’s my most appreciated piece. I thank everyone who’s read, favorited and positively commented on that story. Here I am a year later, with what I truly hope is a suitable sequel. Happy Holidays!”


A quiet flurry of snowflakes danced across my window seat as I stared out into the winter darkness. My eyes made out the faded outlines of tall trees and highway signs all covered in a thin blanket of fresh, powdery snow. The road itself was fairly clear of ice, so I felt safe and relaxed inside my parent’s spacious SUV.

We had been driving for nearly two hours non-stop since filling up on gas halfway, and still had another hour to go. Personally, I didn’t mind, not having seen my family much over my first few months away at college. The trip had been full of laughs and catching up until half the occupants fell asleep.

My mom had her hands firmly on the wheel, her eyes concentrated on the seemingly endless highway before us. Dad had fallen asleep in the front passenger seat moments ago. To my amusement, I could hear his unique snoring/breathing combo from the opposite side of the back.

It wasn’t just him that was lulled by the smooth, comfortable ride either. In the back with me was Brynn, my dorm roommate and new best friend. She’d been catching some zzz’s since my folks traded off the wheel at our previous stop. Brynn laid on the right side of her body cozy against the window, still dressed in a red/black, long-sleeve flannel and grey winter vest to keep her warm. A pair of black Steve Madden combat boots were discarded on the floor of the vehicle, her long legs dressed in casual sweatpants planted on the middle seat between us. The closest part of Brynn’s young body to me were her feet in cheerful red Christmas socks.

I was honestly quite surprised my dad was asleep considering a cute girl sat behind him with her narrow feet outstretched far enough that he’d be able to see. It seriously didn’t seem like six months ago that I had caught him at the foot of my bed, robustly smelling my just-turned 18 year old feet. Not much had honestly happened since that fateful day. Being aware of it after that incident, I came to notice the little things my dad did to suggest he was into feet; massaging my mom’s feet whenever asked (and mine too), taking interest in movie/tv actress’s feet, and so on. We’d agreed not to mention this to mom whatsoever, and I was cool with that.

“Six months huh?” I thought, still trying to wrap my brain around that.

A lot has changed over the course of those short months in other ways. Sure I was technically only 18 and a half now, but frankly I felt older, more mature. My body had developed slightly since summer; bigger bra size, stronger legs, and overall a more womanly figure. Evidently, I’m a bit of a late bloomer.

As I stared outside again, another green sign confirmed that we were still an hour away from home. College for Brynn and I was six hours away from where I had grown up my entire life. Making it back was hard, and thus I had only made it for Thanksgiving and now for Christmas break. My parents came up to visit me once in September, taking me to a football game and out for a nice dinner. It was also when they got to meet Brynn for the first time. Boy, did they absolutely love her.

I took a second look over at my roommate, amused at just how adorable she looked sleeping like that. In all seriousness, I couldn’t help but feel blessed she’d been assigned to me off all the freshman girls on campus. Fun to be around, Brynn also had the similar music and fashion tastes. Cleanliness was sometimes an issue between (me being the clean freak and her being a bit of a slob), however, I’m pleased to say we dealt with it like adults. Unfortunately, we couldn’t always engage in stereotypical, girly clothes sharing. Though we were both rather skinny, Brynn was taller than me. It was impossible for us to share cute shoes, since I wore a size 6.5 (a 7 was a bit of stretch) and she wore a big-ass size 10. I constantly teased her about being “bigfoot”, knowing well that I simply had dainty little feet. Still, I felt more shoes stores carried my sizes compared to hers, and that certainly proved to be a plus.

A natural brunette with blonde highlights, Brynn’s hair and face were obscured by her black stocking cap. Only her button nose and rosey-red lips could be seen. She breathed lightly, her sleep apparently peaceful. I somewhat envied her ability to pass out anytime she wanted, regardless of how much coursework she needed to complete.

“Abbie? Are you still awake dear?” I heard my mother call softly from the front.

“Yeah mom, can’t sleep,” I answered back, shifting my gaze towards her.

“I swear your father could have slept through this even if it were a blizzard,” she joked about the weather. “Seems like Brynn has the same idea.”

I smiled. “Sure you haven’t been ankara yeni escort lying to me all these years about not having a sister?”

“Unless he’s messing around behind my back,” she nudged dad softly, “yes, I’m quite sure you don’t have any siblings out there. Sorry.”

“It’s all good,” I replied, having long accepted the role of an only child.

Mom chuckled. “Brynn would have fit right in with this family,” she admitted.

“Very true,” I thought to myself. Though we were friends, Brynn didn’t necessarily talk about her family too much. I knew she had an older brother, as I’d jokingly asked once if he was cute and single (both were no’s), and unfortunately her parents were divorced. Perhaps for that reason, she’d begged to come back home with me for the holidays. With a little convincing from both our folks, Brynn was allowed to spend all of break with me. Of course, we jumped around our dorm room in delight when her mom finally caved. Brynn also knocked over a lamp during our happy little celebration, oopsie.

When we finally arrived home an hour later, I was the first to yell out “Home Sweet Home!” much to the chagrin of my still-tired father. I helped Brynn get her stuff up to my bedroom, where she’d be staying for the next two weeks or so. It was nearly midnight by then, so we quickly set up an inflatable mattress my parents provided for her to sleep on. It was as we changed into our pj’s that I took a subtle glance while Brynn removed her Christmas socks. As mentioned, she had bigger, longer feet than I do, yet still very pretty and feminine. Her toes were painted firetruck red, a snowflake design on the big toes. Mine were unpainted at that time, though I had every intention of having Brynn paint them. I felt she did a better job overall than I ever could.

“Here I go again, thinking about feet,” I caught myself.

This had happened when I saw my dad earlier in the semester. Maybe I was worried he’d be attracted to Brynn’s feet? She’d been wearing Sperry’s that day, so he never got a chance to see them.

“Worried, or embarrassed?” I wondered to myself.

Sure, I had enjoyed our very unusual daddy-daughter bonding time, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t without my questions and concerns. Not talking about it at all since then left me very unsure about everything, including what exactly he looked for in terms of women’s feet.

“Hopefully not your daughter’s college roommate,” I worried, still keeping to myself.

“Abbie, something interesting about my foot?”

I snapped out of my thoughts, realizing I’d been staring at Brynn’s bare feet the entire time I’d be inside of my own head.

“Sorry, just tired and dozing off,” I attempted to sound as such. “Want to use the bathroom first, since you’re my welcomed guest?”

Brynn laughed, her low, pleasant voice echoing throughout my small room. “I’d be honored. Which way?”

“Two doors down to the left, can’t miss it Your Highness,” I teased.

Brynn curtsied for me before slipping her round ass out the door to brush her teeth. I shook my previous thoughts away, instead deciding what we’d be doing tomorrow. Hit up the local mall? See a movie? Introduce her to Grandma Jody and her famous Christmas cookies? All sounded so tempting, which made me glad we had all of break to do all those things and more. For now, the bed I’ve missed all these months was beckoning me. I was asleep before Brynn returned from the bathroom..

Christmas Eve came before I was truly prepared for it. I still hadn’t bought a gift for dad, the hardest person to buy for on my list. Brynn and I went out last-minute Christmas shopping for him, determined to find “the perfect dad gift” as Brynn put it.

“What did you get him last year?” she asked, as we walked through a busy mall.

“A gift card to Olive Garden,” I said meekly.

Brynn chuckled. “A gift card huh? No wonder you’re worried.”

“I’m not worried!” I whined. “I just want to get him something more…substantial this time.”

“Uh huh,” Brynn continued mocking me. “What about your mom? Did she have any ideas?”

“A new pair of boots or a shaving kit,” I repeated word-for-word what my mom had told me.

“Boots are a great idea!” Brynn insisted. “I mean, you always choose cute shoes anytime we go out shopping.”

“I doubt my dad’s looking for ‘cute’ boots,” I laughed this time. “Besides, I want to think of something on my own. Something my mom hasn’t thought of.”

My best friend smiled mischievously. “I don’t know about that, but I know one present your mom can give him that you can’t.”

I felt my ears burn. “Brynn, that’s gross!” I scolded her. “Why would you even say something like that?!”

“Because you’re dad’s kinda hot,” Brynn giggled, her face turning red.

A pit started to form in my stomach. “You’re checking out my dad?!”

Brynn tried to contained a sudden fit of giggles to no avail. “I’m just saying your mom has a lot to look at, that’s all,” she managed to say yenimahalle escort between giggles. “But yes, kinda.”

“Oh my god Brynn!” I shoved her playfully. “Stop being such a slut!”

“But he’s so handsome!” Brynn swooned. “Is it ok if I call him daddy too?!”

“Ewww! Just stop!” I shoved her a bit harder this time. I knew it was all fun and games, but it was making me feel very uncomfortable.

Of course, she didn’t stop either. “He looks younger really. Does he work out? He’s rich right? If not my daddy, maybe a sugar daddy?!”

“ENOUGH BRYNN!” I shot at her.

That managed to not only shut her up, but also get the attention of everyone walking around us. I personally didn’t care about what they thought, rather I instantly regretted my outburst when Brynn’s playful smirk transformed into a frightened look.

“Brynn, I’m sorry,” I apologized promptly. “I don’t know what got into me.”

“No, it’s ok Abbie,” Brynn insisted, though fear was clearly written on her face. “I guess it’s just a bit awkward to hear someone talk about your dad like that.”

I felt so embarrassed with myself. We just walked for awhile in silence, neither of us making eye contact. I’d never shouted at Brynn like this before. Even when she talked on the phone all night ahead of a big test or took my shampoo without asking, I didn’t get so frazzled that I’d explode on her.

“And it’s Christmas Eve,” I thought somberly.

Walking around the mall suddenly became less fun and seemed to drag on without us talking. Fortunately, it didn’t last long; I saw the perfect gift in a men’s clothing store.

“Cologne!” I nearly yelled again, restraining myself this time.

“Oh my god, yes! That’s brilliant!” Brynn chimed in. “That’s a perfect gift for your dad!”

As if what happened just moments ago magically never occurred, we cheered for ourselves and ran like excited schoolchildren inside the store.

No more than an hour later we left the mall, the biggest grins on our faces one can possible imagine. Indeed, I had bought what I hoped was the appropriate cologne for my daddy. It’d been a bit pricey, yet I didn’t regret this purchase as much as that one time I bought a goldfish that perished the very next day. RIP Truman the Goldfish.

Best of all, Brynn seemed to have fully dismissed my outburst at her from earlier. We simply picked up from earlier, minus her telling me dad’s a DILF. Unfortunately, the thought of my dad also brought back the memories of my unexpected birthday present.

“Why can’t I get it out of my head?!” I thought to myself.

This wasn’t the first time since getting back home that I’d thought about it. Considering the kind of reaction I felt it would get from Brynn, I had no one to talk to. That in itself was the hardest part. I finally made a decision

“We need to talk,” I decided.

As I pulled my mom’s car into the driveway, my mind was already made up. Brynn quickly dashed inside, en route for the nearest bathroom. Mom appeared to still be out, perhaps also last-minute shopping. That all suited me just fine, since I wanted so alone time with dad anyway.

Dad was in the living room reading a book in the recliner, his personal throne that none may sit upon. I approached him tentatively at first, until her noticed me. He gave me one of signature warm, inviting smiles.

“Hi honey, how was the mall with Brynn?” he asked, putting his book down.

“It was great,” I answered. “Found everything we were looking for.”

“Well good,” he smiled. “Brynn’s gifts from her family arrived in the mail yesterday. Your mother is out getting wrapping paper for them, so they can be placed under the tree.”

A giant Christmas tree dominated our living room this time of year, and having an extra person around would only made the stack of gifts under its branches look even larger.

But I stayed on task. “Daddy, there’s something we need to talk about.”

Sensing something serious was about to be discussed, daddy sat up a bit and gave me his full attention. He was a terrific listener, and only asked questions if he truly needed to. However, I got the feeling he wasn’t expecting what I was about to talk about.

“It’s about what happened in June, on my birthday,” I started.

Sure enough, his face turned slightly red. Considering he’s a well-trained lawyer, that was quite uncommon to behold.

“I know I said I wouldn’t talk to anyone about it, but I need to talk about it with you,” I continued.

“What do you want to talk about?” he asked hesitantly.

That, sadly, was where I found myself unclear about. “I don’t know honestly, but I feel uneasy about having it all bottled up for so long. Since I’ve been home, I can’t stop thinking about, or worrying about it.”

Daddy sighed. “Yes, that’s a bit unfair of you to keep that to yourself. That’s why I feel it might be best if I told your mother about it, after the holidays are over.”

My eyes widened to the size of yozgat escort grapefruits. “No daddy, you can’t do that! That’s totally not what I meant.”

“No, but it’s the right thing to do,” he explained. “Don’t worry honey, she won’t blame you for any of this.”

“Any of what?”

Brynn suddenly appeared in the living room, fresh of the bathroom. Judging from her clueless expression, she’d missed most of the conversation.

My dad came to the rescue. “Well, we went in together on a big present for her mother this year,” he lied. “I’m just not sure anymore if she’ll like it.”

Thankfully, Brynn bought it completely. “Awww! You two are so sweet to her! This is why you’re my favorite family ever!” she beamed.

“”Oh hush, we just want to make this year special for mom,” I nudged Brynn. “I’ve been away for a few months, and it’s taken a toll on her.”

“Still, that’s so nice,” Brynn insisted, before heading upstairs. “I need to call my mom, so would it be a bother-“

“I’ll leave you alone for awhile,” I cut her off.

“Thanks!” she said, galloping up to my bedroom. Seizing the opportunity again for some privacy, daddy and I resumed.

“Abbie, I know you’re nervous about this, but what would you have me do? Keep this from your mother forever?” he spoke seriously, no longer flustered.

He had a point, I had to admit. “But all at once?” I said. “Maybe you should just start with the fact you’re into feet first, then work your way into what happened with me.”

“True, but what would she think about having all that info fed to her in pieces after it’s all said and done?” daddy further pointed out to me. “Abbie, I honestly thought you’d be on board with this from the start. Why are you against this?”

Why indeed. I didn’t know the answer necessarily. Was I really afraid of what could result? No that wasn’t it.

“I think,” I said softly, “that I want us to do that again.”

With those little words, my daddy’s composure was lost once again. “Absolutely not young lady!” he yelled, anger and fear permeating his voice. “That was a one time thing, and I should have never let it happen!”

Scary outburst were becoming a frequent occurrence today. First me to Brynn, and now daddy to me. I got the true sense of just how Brynn must have felt.

My dad took a huge breathe and massaged his temples. “Abbie, this is all my fault. I’ve placed you an awkward position these last several months, and I’m sorry.” He looked up at me, sad eyes on the verge of tears. “You shouldn’t feel the need to satisfy my needs in this sort of way. I’m your father, and I need to take that seriously.”

I felt like arguing. I wanted to tell him this was on my own free will. Yet, the words never came out. Instead, I ran upstairs to my room. I shut the door and collapsed on my bed, ignoring the fact Brynn was right there on her mattress. No tears came. All I did was beat my arms against my poor pillow, over and over. It’s wasn’t sadness, it was anger. Even as Brynn came to console me, my frustration blocked out the comforting words, my best friend resting her arms on my shoulders. I just laid there for awhile, a confused, bitter mess. One word floated angrily inside of my mind:


Christmas Eve dinner was to begin at 6:00 p.m. While many families went out to eat on this night, my family made it a tradition to stay in for a home-cooked meal of my Grandma Jody’s phenomenal ravioli. Mom volunteered to help prepare the meal, leaving Brynn and myself off the hook.

Instead, we took our sweet time to get all dolled up for the occasion. As roommates, we loved the chance to play with each other’s hair and makeup, like we did seemingly whenever we went out on weekends.

I’d elected to have my hair styled with my long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, curling the ends and wrapping them into a bun. The front of my do felt a bit loose, but I was pleased seeing end result in my bedroom mirror.

Initially, I was going to a gray cowlneck tunic top with some leggings and ballet flats, but upon seeing Brynn I felt totally undressed. She’d brought a one piece maroon dress with a thick, bowed belt around her thin waist. Plenty of her long, bare legs showed under the short dress, and I could only wish my mom and grandma didn’t have a cow upon seeing them. I’d somehow managed to curl and style her beautiful locks over the left shoulder, partly covering her left eye.

“You look like a blonde Jessica Rabbit!” I complimented.

Brynn gave me a baffled look. “Who’s Jessica Rabbit?”

“A cartoon character that’s really pretty,” I said, picking around delicately at her hair.

“So I look goofy and animated?” she inquired.

I couldn’t help but giggle. “No, no, never mind!” I gave up.

“So how about you?” she asked, thankfully changing the subject. “What are you wearing tonight pretty lady?!”

“As sexy as you look, I might as well wear a trash bag,” I sneered.

“Stop it!” Brynn laughed. “You’re just as much of a hottie as I am, sugar tits! Now, let’s pick out the best outfit for you!”

Now I know nearly everyone makes jokes about how long it takes for a woman to choose her outfit. Fortunately, this wasn’t one of those times. Brynn find the outfit first, frankly because I’d never dream of wearing THAT to a family dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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