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I looked up into her eyes, filled with passion and lust as she rode my cock hard and fast. Her fine mature body taking in every inch of my ten inch member.

She has been my secretary for the last ten years. We had worked many long hours together and until this night we had never made love.

Over the last few years sense my wife passed, she had made it very clear, Rose, wanted to be more than friends and work mates.

So with my fiftieth birthday only two days away. I gave in and we made plans to have a nice dinner together at her home.

After a few dances together we found our way to her bed, making love.

” Oh John…” Moving her hips, ” Your cock is so beautiful.”

Little did poor Rose know, my great hard cock was starting to go soft. This had become a normal thing for it to do as of late. I don’t know it was an age thing or just something in my head because I was turning, fifty years old.

Rose sure could fuck, she had been riding my cock for just under an hour. She had already came seven or eight times. I was still waiting for my first.

She had one of the best pussies I had ever been in. Like most older ladies, her pussy was soft, very hot and wet. It hugged my cock like a fine silk glove as she rode me.

” Oh I’m cummming again,” Rose leaned to kiss me, ” John, hold me…”

Her body raced with excitement as she came again, ” John… yes… fuck me… fuck me…”

The next day my beautiful daughter stopped by my house to say hi. Julie, my little girl was twenty five years old.

She had always been one of the sexiest women I had ever seen. She looked like one of the sexy actresses from the old days of Hollywood.

Julie, weighed about one hundred and forty pounds. She had no fat on her body, I mean none. She was a big solid woman.

She had white/blonde hair to her shoulders. Big sexy blue eyes with a nice round face. Full red lips that looked like she knew how to suck a big cock.

Julie had one of them kind of bodies that would make any man and a few ladies stop for a second look. She had a set of 40 DD breast that could stand by themselves with no help from a bra.

Her waist was firm, anyone could tell she spent many hours working out at her gym. Julie’s best asset was her big full hips and ass.

I guess her hips may have been a size 38. Like I said before she has no fat on her body. It’s all meat and bones. Her ass was also nice and full, when she walked across the room my eyes were always on it.

That day she had some jeans on, I’ll never know how got her ass and hips into them, they looked two sizes to small. But, they sure looked good on her.

We talked about what I wanted to do for my birthday, and about her work. She was a nurse at a big doctors office, she had been for the last five years.

” I think I mite make a appointment this week to get a check up I’m not really feeling myself the last few weeks.” I told her.

I didn’t want to tell her that my cock had been going flat while I was in the middle of a sexy woman.

” Oh Dad, are you…” She laughed, ” Feeling old?”

” I’ll show you old,” as I reached to grab her sexy hips.

Julie just giggled as I tickled her sides and gave her a good firm smack on her beautiful ass. All at once my cock got so hard so fast I almost got dizzy.

As I held her on my lap my cock continued to grow. It felt so good holding this beautiful sexy woman on me. I just held her close to me, my cock pushing into her firm full ass.

My hand gently started caressing her bottom, ” I hope I didn’t smack you to hard?”

With glazed eyes Julie looked up, ” Never”

She set me up to go see the doctor the next day. When I got there a very young sexy girl by the name of Daizie, was my nurse.

She was a knock out, long black hair to the middle of her back. Dark eyes and a nice firm set of 36 C breast. Her ass and hips were just as good.

As she lead the way to the exam room, my eyes were fixed to her little ass as it wiggled under her tight skirt.

Once in the room she told me to strip and put on one of them flimsy gowns. This going to be hard, my cock was at full hardness from watching her ass.

Daizie started by taking my blood pressure, while her firm breast rested against my arm.

The door opened, ” Hi Daddy. Is Daizie taking good care of you?”

I gave her a smile, ” Yes, she is doing fine.”

Julie gave me a sexy smile and said, ” Daddy, you watch her good,” she started to laugh, ” Daizie is a full blown horn dog. She mite try to RAPE you.”

” Julie, I’m going to kick your butt,” Daizie said with a bright red face, ” Now get and let me work on your Daddy.”

Then Julie did laugh, ” Look out Dad, she’s going to work on you.” And she ran out the door.

I looked at Daizie, ” Why did she call you that?”

Still with a red face Daizie replied, ” I made a mistake once and told her I love mature men”

” Well, you just relax and don’t let her bother you.” And I patted her leg.

Each time after that little Miss Daizie really started beylikdüzü escort pushing her breast and rubbing her ass on me every chance she had.

The doctor came in, he was about my age maybe older. We talked as he looked me over. Then he ask if I had any other thing to tell him.

I told him about my problems with keeping up my erections. He told me it was pretty common for men of our age, but, it was no problem. He gave me a prescription for VIAGRA, and he wanted a few more test before I left.

Daizie came back in the exam room a few minutes later holding a urine cup, ” Well, big boy. I need you to… give me some,” She laughed, ” Some PEE-PEE.”

” Should I go to the rest room?” I ask.

” You can do it in here if you like” As her eyes slowly moved down to my cock.

I thought to myself, ” This little thing wants a cock show, she is going to get one.” I pulled my gown over exposing my 10 inch manhood to her.

She just stood leaning against the wall with her mouth open. Her eyes glued to my hardening cock, I was getting so hard having her watch me piss.

When I had finished I took a step towards her, my cock still in her full view, ” HELLO, EARTH TO DAIZIE. Here you go.”

She slowly took the cup from my hand, lightly brushing against my cock.

” Your all done now, you can get dressed and go to the waiting area.” Daizie said, leaving the room.

I got dressed and went down the hall to the waiting area, I still had to piss. I saw a restroom that said, ” Employees Only,” I had to go so, I went in and had a good piss.

Then I heard talking in the hall, it was Daizie, ” Julie… Why didn’t you tell me about your Dad before?”

” Daizie, I told you about him many times.” Julie replied.

Daizie started talking, ” I don’t know how to tell you this..”

Julie cut in ” What? Is something wrong with him?”

” No.. No calm down Julie..” Daizie took a deep breath, ” Julie, I’ve seen lots of men in my life… How do I put this?”

Julie was getting mad now, ” What are you trying to say Daizie?”

Daizie went on, ” Your Dad… has a… a.. foot long penis.”

” What, are you kidding me?” Julie said in shock.

” I’m not kidding you, I almost fell over when I saw it.. and he got so hard…” Daizie said in a sexy voice.

Still in shock Julie said, ” Damn, you never know… Some men got it… some don’t.”

Daizie cut in, ” Your Daddy got a big, big one.”

And I heard them both start to giggle like little girls. Then Daizie ask if Julie would mind if she ask me out.

” I don’t care Daizie, he would love to take out a girl young as you are.” Julie went on, ” I’m taking him out Saturday for his birthday, why don’t you go with us?”

So, it was on. I would have two good looking ladies taking me out. One my daughter, the other a tight piece of ass I would love to fuck her brains out.

Finally Saturday night came, I paced the floor waiting for them to arrive. Then the door bell rang, when I opened the door I almost fell over.

There stood Julie and Daizie wearing matching white floor length dinner gowns. The way the lights in my house shined on the gowns, they became near see through.

Julie’s gown was so tight. Showing off her big breast and I could clearly see her nipples were erect. Looking down to her full hips and ass, the gown looked like it was going to spilt open. It was so tight I could see her hip bones and her pussy mound.

Daizie looked just as sexy, her gown was also very tight showing off her hard little nipples. As my eyes wondered down to her hips I could see the out line of her pussy hair through the gown.

As I stood there letting my eyes take in all of their beauty, I could feel my cock getting hard. It had been a long time sense I had been out with one lady as pretty as this but, there were two of them.

They had hired a limo to drive us to dinner and dancing. Once we sat down in the car both of the beauties snuggled real close to me. I wanted to blow my load right there.

Dinner went very nice, lots of small talk, and lots and lots of drinks for all of us. A few times we started to talk about sex, foreplay and orgasms. I knew Daizie was horny for my big cock and I had a feeling that my daughter was thinking about it to.

After dinner the real fun started, dancing. Julie was first, I held her like a man would his daughter. Then Daizie, she was on fire. Soon as the song started she moved in on me like a vamp. There’s nothing like a sexy horny woman grinding her hips into your cock.

She went crazy humping her hips on my cock. I was at full hardness in only a few minutes. This girl knew how to get a man hard. My hands found her tight ass, pushing her into me even harder.

After the music ended, there stood Julie waiting for the next dance. What was I going to do? My cock was hard as a rock from Daizie.

Julie came into arms, pulling her big sexy hips right on my cock, ” Mmmmmmm, Daddy, did you have a good time dancing with Daizie?”

I didn’t beyoğlu escort know what to do, my daughter was now grinding her hips and sweet pussy into me, ” OH baby, you need to stop doing this. Your killing me.” I said.

Julie looked into my eyes, ” No way big man, this is your night. Anything you want is yours…”

I all but fell on my face. My daughter just told me I could have anything I wanted.

Then my cock really got hard, all the times I had been checking out her sexy ass. Now I had an all clear to take it. My hands moved down, feeling every inch of her hot buns.

” OH Daddy,” Julie moaned, ” I’ve wanted this for so long now.”

With a shocked look I ask, ” How long have you felt this way baby?”

” Let me think,” she scratched her head, ” I’m 25,… for the last ten years.”

I could have fell over again, this sexy thing had been horny for me for ten years and never gave me a hint of any kind. Well, she would let me tickle her hips and ass anytime I wanted.

After a few more dances with each of theses sexy girls, we sat at out table.

” All right,” I looked at them, ” I need to know what you two are doing? You have me so horny I can’t stand it.”

Julie with her sexy eyes looked at me and said, ” Today when Daizie and I were getting ready, we came to a decision that we would let you have both of us to do anything you wanted. ANYTHING!”

When I heard that we got in the car and headed home. On the way Daizie stroked and caressed my hard cock. While I just held Julie In my arms.

Once at home, I grabbed Daizie in my arms kissing her as deep as I could. My hands pulled her tiny gown off her body, leaving her standing for me to see all the fruits of her youth.

I kissed her as my hands roamed her body. Exploring every inch of her. My hand went between her legs, feeling her total wetness.

” Did you already cum baby?” I ask.

With dreamy eyes, she answered, ” No, I’m just so, so hot for you.”

I laid her down on the sofa, spreading her long slim legs. I needed to see this girls pussy. I had never had a woman get so wet for me.

It was the sexiest thing I ever had seen. Her clit and pussy lips must have swollen two times their normal size.

I put my finger on her swollen clit, ” OH, GOD… YES… YES… it feels so good…” Daizie moaned.

Then I moved down to her swollen pussy, I had to have a taste of this. She was sweet, her little clit was one the hardest I had ever seen.

Each flick of my tongue she would scream with pleasure. Up and down the length of Daizie’s hot pussy brought her closer to the edge of cumming.

I moved up on my knees placing my cock at her love opening, I slowly worked my cock inside her, pushing inside her with easy short pushes. Filling her young pussy with the biggest, hardest cock her body had ever known.

” OH JOHN… YES… YES… FUCK ME FUCK…” Daizie was screaming.

I moved my cock in and out of her as fast as I had done to a woman in many years. I felt like a kid again.

As I hammered my cock in Daizie I watched my daughter. Her eyes were filled with lust I had never seen before.

” OH JOHN…” Daizie reached for Julie, pulling her on the sofa, ” FUCK ME HARD JOHN, MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN.”

Daizie and Julie held hands as my cock worked Daizie.

” YOU READY TO CUM?” I yelled.

She held Julie’s hand tight, ” YES, MAKE ME CUM JOHN, MAKE ME CUM…”

I pulled Daizie’s legs up on my shoulders and drove my cock head into her virgin womb, ” OH..OH…OHHHHHHHH JOHN… OHHH YES… YES…”

Daizie’s young pussy came again, I just kept on fucking her faster and faster pushing my cock to her inner most love cavern.

After a few minutes she fell back on the sofa panting for air. And then my eyes saw my Julie.

” Come here little girl,” I called Julie, and sat in my easy chair, ” Daddy needs to talk to you.”

She walked towards me swinging her hips from side to side. She looked so good, her big nipples were about to push through her gown and I could see a wet spot between her legs.

” Well, do you think I made her happy?” Looking at Daizie passed out on the sofa.

” Hell, she mite be dead,” Julie giggled, ” After a good fucking like that.”

I smacked Julie’s ass, ” No, cursing in my house young lady.” I took a deep breath, ” Stand up baby, I’ve been wanting to do something to you for years.”

She stood up, I slid up in my chair , placing her full round ass right in my hands.

As I began to squeeze and caress her, ” Oh Daddy, .. I’ve wanted you to touch me like this for so long.”

Julie’s big sweet ass filled my hands as my mouth found her long sexy neck. I began sucking and biting her as my hands enjoyed her ass.

“YES………. DADDY……… OH.. I’M ON FIRE.” She moaned softly, ” take me to your room and love me.”

I pulled her in my arms and started to my room. Tonight she would be mine. All off her young lovely, full body, soft breast, sexy hips and her wonderful round ass, all mine.

With a look bomonti escort of want on her face Julie ask, ” Daddy, can I suck you?”

I just waived my hand for her to come to me. She fell to her knees with her face against my hard full cock. Slowly Julie began sucking my cock head, her big blues eyes were full of lust and love as she sucked me.

Little by little she sucked more of my cock into her mouth. Enjoying it to the fullest, as she watched my face.

Pausing Julie ask, ” Do you…….. mmmmm ……. like?”

” Oh…… baby…….. your the best.” As I gasp for air.

My baby kept on sucking like I had never known before. Maybe it was just, my daughter sucking me that made it so good. She sucked just like she was loving my cock, she wanted to please it.

Julie stood up and laid across my bed, her head hanging over the side. She pulled me to her, taking my cock deeper into her mouth. Sucking harder, with more lust than before.

Her sexy full body lay before me like a ” ALL YOU COULD EAT BUFFET”. Her legs slightly bent at the knees, spread out just enough for me to see her long fingers ease into her wet pussy.

I watched her fingers move in and out of her beautiful shaved pussy five or six times. Slowly she moved the juice covered fingers to my mouth.

I licked and sucked her until all the flavor was gone. I leaned down, placing my mouth over her hot and sexy womanhood.

My tongue began to flick her clit, ” Oh yes, yes Daddy.” Julie cried out.

My tongue licked her like a puppy drinkin’ milk. Up and down the length of Julie’s fine pussy I explored every inch of her.

” Oh baby,” I looked at her face, “I need to be in you, NOW!”

I grabbed her body turning her around, Julie’s hips on the side of my bed, the long sexy legs of my sweet daughter on my shoulders.

And then something came over me, my cock started getting harder than it had been in twenty years. The VIAGRA, I had taken on the ride home was working on me. My cock was full, hard and had an upwards curve just like when a was a young man.

” She looked up into my eyes and said, ” Daddy, I love you.”

I looked down in her eyes, ” I love you baby.,” and pushed my cock into this sexy woman.

I’m sure she was just like any other woman but, she was so hot and wet. It seemed like my first piece of pussy.

With a deep growl in her voice, ” OH MY GOD……………..” I pushed deeper into my daughter.

Julie’s hips started rocking back and forth, she needed to cum and cum fast. I had been horny all week for her, she was going to have to wait.

I started long full strokes in and out of her body. She must not have been with many men or a lot of men with little dicks. She felt like a virgin.

Picking up the pace of my fucking her made Julie’s young and tender body explode.

” OH SHIT…….. DADDY……. DADDY,” Julie was screaming, ” YES, DO IT…… YOU ……… OH YES.”

I felt her pussy muscles contracting around my cock. My baby was cumming on my cock. It was fantastic, just like being sucked. This girl had one very nice pussy.

She spread her legs wide and pulled them up to her breast, ” Daddy fuck me……. FUCK ME HARD.”

I rammed my cock into her hard and as deep as I could. Then I started to just give her a plain old fashioned hard core fucking.

Faster I took her body, pumping in and out of her like a kid again. My cock was as hard as steel now. No matter how I fucked her, fast, slow she loved it.

I reached to pinch and play with her nipples, then my baby girl started cumming again.

” OH DADDY………. YES……… LOVE ME……… LOVE ME…..” Julie screamed, as my cock continued to take her body.

I just kept on at my fast pace, in and out of her body. My VIAGRA was making my cock like……… SUPERMAN’S cock. Nothing was going to make me cum.

Again and again Julie had orgasm after orgasm, I just kept my same pace on her tender little pussy. It must have been an hour or more before I started to think of cumming.

That’s when Julie started talking, ” Oh Daddy……. This is the best night of my life,” She pulled her legs to her breast, ” I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have you love me…… like this.”

She went on, ” Your hard, long cock moving inside me….” She took a deep breath, ” look at it,” Julie moved her hand down and caressed my cock as I continued to pump her, ” That’s the sexiest thing on earth to see………..”

Her hand held me now, ” A hard cock going in and out of a woman…..” She looked into my eyes, ” And you know what makes this so special??? Hmmmmm?”

” That your my…….. Daddy…… and I’m your daughter,” Her hips started moving in time with mine, ” There’s only one more thing that will makes this the best ever night of my life, do you know what it is DADDY?”

She was on fire now, ” Do you Daddy?………………. I NEED YOUR CUM DADDY……… CUM IN ME………. PLEASE.”

” Cum in me……. Cum in me, now Daddy………… fill me up with your hot cum……,” Her hips were rocking faster.

Then it came, ” OH BABY………. HERE……….. IT…………… COMES……….” I shot my cum in her little hot pussy.

” OH YES……… OH YES………. FILL ME UP……. FILL UP, DADDY.” Julie was screaming.

Shot after shot of cum my cock kept shooting into her. I must have shot ten times Into her body.

I fell on her panting for air. Julie’s were hip still moving until I felt her last orgasm run through her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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