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Hi Daddy,

I miss you already. I was so happy to see you last weekend. I must admit that I am still a little in shock about what happened between us, but if I am completely honest with you, I have to say that I haven’t been able to get you or any of things you did to me out of my mind. Last night I was having the hardest time getting to sleep, I have been so restless since you left. So, I played with the toy you gave me and made myself cum, three times actually, thinking and remembering how wild and rough you were with me. I never knew that I could be this excited or sexual. I still can’t believe that it was with you Daddy.

I had a dream once I finally fell asleep last night. I wanted to tell you about it.

I dreamt that you were coming to pick me up and take me out to dinner. You got to my apartment as I was finishing getting ready. You sat there and watched me, without saying a word. I wore a tight-fitted black dress, black stockings with a garter belt, and black lace panties. I didn’t wear a bra because the back of my dress was too low cut. The front of the dress was a low cut halter that tied around my neck. I pulled my hair half up so that you could see my face. The ribbon that tied around the back of my neck hung down below my long blonde hair, almost touching the dress that gathered at the small of my back.

I put on the beautiful earrings that you gave me, sprayed a little perfume on my neck, and put on my lipstick. I must admit that I felt so nervous with you just sitting there watching my every little move. I brought out two pairs of shoes and asked you which ones you liked better. You chose the high heeled black ones that wrapped a couple times around my ankle. As I came out totally ready, I saw a smile come across your handsome face, and we left for dinner.

We went to an incredible, very nice restaurant and as we walked in you never took your hand away from the small of my back. Daddy, I feel so safe and protected when you touch me that way. I saw you whisper something to the girl working inside the door, then she smiled and took us to the back of the restaurant to a very romantic table that had a half booth kind of seat wrapped around the back of it. I sat down first and admired the two candles burning on top of the beautiful white tablecloth that hung half way or more down to the floor. You moved in to sit so close to me that our legs were touching. For just a moment, I looked out into the room I was facing wondering if anyone knew that you were my father.

My attention quickly went back to you when I heard you say, “Baby, you look gorgeous tonight.” I shyly lowered my head a bit and grabbed onto your arm, putting my head on your shoulder, “Thank you Daddy.” You kissed my forehead and stroked my hair. When the waitress came you ordered a bottle of wine, never taking your hand off of me.

I opened my menu to see what this incredible restaurant had to offer, but before I read the first thing, you took it from my hands and closed it. When the waitress came back with our wine, you ordered for both of us. Daddy, I love how in control and how very strong you are. As we drank the first glass of wine, I felt your hand move to my leg. You were slowly moving your hand up and down my thigh, giving me such a warm feeling throughout my entire body.

Your very strong hand eventually moved down to my knee, and as I felt your fingers start to slowly move back up my leg, I could feel that you were lifting my dress up my thigh beneath your hand. You stopped to trace the lace on the top of my stockings and then moved up to play with the strap on my garter. My heart was racing. Then your big strong hand made it up to the warm skin of my inner thigh. When you touched my panties it made me catch my breath. You smiled at me. Your strong fingers slowly, softly ran up and down my panty covered, wet, bald little pussy. I could no longer hold my body still; I started squirming innovia escort in my seat. You took your finger and pulled my panties to the side and pinched my swollen little clit between your fingers. “Hold still my angel.” It took every ounce of energy I had to obey you, but I knew from the tone of your voice that I had no choice.

“Spread you legs for Daddy,” you whispered to me. I again did as I was instructed. Your very strong finger rubbed circles over my wet swollen clit and then moved down to the tight entrance of my little pussy. When you thrust your finger deep inside of me, I had to close my eyes and once again catch my breath. Your finger pushed in and out of me first slow and then faster. “Daddy, you are going to make me cum.”

“Don’t you dare,” you sternly said into my ear. I sat as still as I possibly could, feeling my body tremble and ache fighting back the urge to explode on your hand. I could feel my face so hot. Then you pushed your finger deep inside me and held it still. I was so grateful that you stopped moving for a second because I don’t know how much longer I could hold back. Then you began wiggling your finger inside me. I wanted to cum so bad, I begged you, pleaded, but you continued to say no.

I looked up and saw the waitress walking to our table with our dinner and squeezed my legs together. “Open them,” was all you said. I started to protest a bit, but your finger never left me and you once again said, “Open them, NOW.” I parted my thighs slightly, feeling my face flush. “Don’t make me tell you again, open them all the way.” I did as you said.

As the waitress put down our plates, I looked up and saw that her eyes were glued to your hand and my exposed little pussy. She looked at you and smiled. I looked at you and saw you give her a wink. I looked out into the room wondering if anyone else was watching us. As she turned to walk away, your finger pulled out of me and moved up the top of my panties. “Lift your little bottom off the seat baby.” As I did what you asked, you quickly pulled my panties down. I could feel you sliding them all the way down my legs and I lifted one foot and then the other as you took them completely off me. You squeezed them into your fist and then brought them up to your face. You took a deep breath with my wet black panties covering your mouth and nose, and then with my big blue eyes glued to your every move, you placed them into your pocket.

Throughout dinner you continued to play with my little cunt, never allowing me to cum. I felt weak from the torture. The food was delicious but I couldn’t eat much with the feelings that were flooding my body. When the waitress came back to see how we were doing, you finally took your finger from inside of me and put it into your mouth. All while she watched you smiling. My body was frozen, I couldn’t move. When she finally walked away, you told me to go to the ladies room and not to come out until I had permission. I didn’t know what you meant, but I didn’t argue, I slid out from behind our table and on shaking legs walked to the ladies room.

When I got in there, there was no one else in the room. I was grateful for that. I sat down at the vanity in front of a large mirror and tried my best to cool down. I was trying to take some slow deep breathes with my eyes closed when I heard the door open. I looked up to see our very pretty waitress smiling down at me. She had big blue eyes just like me, with long very dark strait hair. She told me that she had a talk with you and you told her to come in and handle me. I didn’t know what she meant. I really didn’t know what to do when she started rubbing my shoulders. She told me to relax, but there was no chance of that happening. Your big strong hands on my body was a new experience in itself, but now there was a woman, albeit a very beautiful woman putting her hands where yours had been.

I was so istanbul escort scared that someone would walk in on us at any moment. She moved in front of me and knelt down by my knees. As I stared at her manicured hands slowly lifting the bottom of my dress up my legs, she told me what you had said to her. She said that I was not allowed to come out of this room until I came…for HER. I was so nervous I nearly started crying, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of what she was doing. As the hem of my dress moved above the lace of my stockings, she started pushing my legs apart. I hesitated for a moment, realizing that I was dripping wet and not wearing any panties. She looked up at me, smiled, and placed her body in between my legs moving her head up to my face. Her hands moved from my legs to the back of my head. Then I felt her hold onto me by grabbing two fists full of my hair making my head pull back.

I closed my eyes not wanting her to go on, and yet not wanting her to stop. Her lips pressed against mine. It was such a different feeling than kissing you, she was soft and her mouth was much smaller than yours. I followed her cue and let my lips part. Her warm wet tongue gently pressed into my mouth tasting mine. As her tongue slowly licked and circled mine, I could feel my body go limp in her arms. Her hands held onto my hair so tight, but her kiss was soft and sensual. She began to move her wet tongue deeper and deeper into my open mouth. I tried to mimic her moves. Finally, she pulled her tongue back and sucked mine into her mouth. Her soft lips moved up and down my tongue, which made my little pussy throb.

When she stopped sucking my tongue, I opened my eyes and looked at her beautiful face. She gave me several more gentle pecks on my lips and then took her hands out of my hair. She looked at me and smiled while her hands slid down to the base of my neck. She untied the ribbon that was holding on my halter top, letting the top of my dress fall to my waist. When she took my very hard nipple into her mouth, I wanted to scream. My head fell back and I closed my eyes not believing what was actually happening. She was holding my wrists so tight around the back of the chair. When she moved to my other waiting nipple I looked up and watched her in the mirror. She sucked so hard. I could no longer keep quiet, I couldn’t help moaning, especially when I felt her teeth pinch down against my skin.

I continued to watch her every move in the mirror as her head slowly moved down my body. My little bald pussy was so wet. She never released my wrists, even when I started squirming and trying to pull them free. I watched the back of her head as her shiny long hair moved closer and closer to my hot cunt. When I felt her warm soft wet tongue touch my pussy, I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. She flattened out her tongue and so very slowly, but firmly pressed it against my skin, moving from my tight little hole up to my throbbing clit. The second time, she pressed her tongue to my puckered little asshole, and wiggled her flat tongue slightly side to side all the way back up to my swollen clit. She continued each time going a little faster, still not releasing my arms. I felt my hips involuntarily start humping her face, moving in time with the rhythm of her tongue.

She was driving me insane making my heart race. She stopped for a minute and looked up at my flushed face. That’s when she told me that the only way you would allow me to leave that ladies room was if I came in her mouth. She said that you told her that you wanted proof. I asked her how she was going to prove it to you. She then told me that you surely knew what my cum soaked pussy tasted like. I shook my head yes. She said that she would go back to our table and kiss you the way she had just kissed me. The proof would be when you tasted me in her mouth. She said that was the only way I was leaving that room, and kadıköy escort then lowered her big blue eyes back to my bald wet cunt.

I watched as she kissed and sucked my little clit. She just kept doing that until I finally was begging her not to stop sucking my throbbing hard button. She smiled up at me as her tongue danced circles around it. Then she closed her pretty eyes and sucked it into her mouth. I swear that she sucked me almost as hard as you do Daddy. She sucked so hard, while her tongue continually flicked the tip of my clit. I again felt my hips start fucking her beautiful face. When I told her she was about to make me cum, she moved her mouth even faster shaking her head yes. I couldn’t take it anymore and squealed out that she was making me cum. She moved her tongue to the opening of my pussy and thrust it into my cunt. My whole body shook. She finally had let go of my hands, and as soon as she did, I grabbed the back of her head and pressed it as hard as I could into my pussy.

It felt like I couldn’t stop cumming, and she wouldn’t stop fucking me with her tongue. As my body shook from the major aftershocks of cumming so hard, she started kissing my cunt, and licking me until I was nearly dry. My body was limp and exhausted. She moved back up my torso until our lips were touching. Her fingers pinched and pulled my hard nipples. As I tried to open my mouth to taste her tongue, she pulled her head back away from me. She said, first she was going to put her tongue in your mouth, Daddy. Then she stood up and told me to stay right where I was.

Seconds after she walked out, I was trying to pull myself together, when two women walked in the door. They stood there for a moment watching me pull my halter top back up and tie it around my neck. When I stood up to pull my dress down, they went into the bathroom. I was embarrassed and wanted to run out, but I forced myself to sit back down and wait until you said I could leave the room.

When she returned to you, you looked at her and smiled. She never said a word to you, just sat down next to you and pressed her lips to yours. You opened your mouth to take her tongue as your hands roamed her perfect body. She pushed her tongue deep into your mouth and moaned into you as she felt your big strong hands move between her legs. Her short skirt lifted up out of your way, and you were able to feel her pantiless wet pussy. You rubbed her clit with one hand and shoved two of your big fingers deep inside her with the other. She came so quickly, never stopping to ask you. You didn’t seem to mind. You pulled your mouth from hers telling her what a good little slut she was.

She returned a few minutes later letting me know that my Daddy wanted me back at his table now. Before I got to the door, I paused to kiss her one last time.

I returned to you just as you were paying the bill, signing the credit card receipt. You kissed me as I snuggled up next to you and told me what a good little girl I had been and how pleased you were. I watched as you took my panties from your pocket and placed a hundred dollar bill inside of them before placing them onto the table. You kissed me once more and then told me that it was time to go home. You said the night was young and let me know how I had excited you. You took my hand and placed it on your very hard cock, never moving your eyes from mine.

I was eager to get home with you, and showed you in the car by sucking on your big hard cock the entire drive. Right as you pulled into my apartment, you stopped the car, placed your strong hand on the back of my head, making me moan on your cock as you pushed it into the back of my throat and came deep inside me. Your cock held my little neck wide open letting your cum go strait down the back of my throat. I swallowed every last drop of you.

As you let me out of the car, you told me that our night was just starting.

That’s when I woke up. Needless to say, my tight little pussy was dripping wet. I couldn’t help fucking myself until I came thinking about the dream I had just had. I wonder if my dream will make you cum as well Daddy. I hope so.

I can’t wait to see you Daddy.

All my Love,

Your baby girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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