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Big Dicks

Carrying on the subject of “firsts” – this is a good one!

I was having a fling with a guy I worked with – It had been going on for about 6 months and we were fucking in offices And store cupboards and all sorts – we even snuck into an Empty house that he still had the key for a fucked there!

When I moved into my own flat it became easier – we would Sneak off after work and spend hours fucking each other!

No-one knew about the two of us as he had a girlfriend (ok Don’t judge me!!) On his last day of work we all sat around In the bar getting very drunk and saying goodbye to him. Our boss had given us the keys and said for us to lock up When we were done but to make sure that we were out by Midnight!

So we all got very drunk and then suggested that we went Back to mine for some late night drinking – we were all in The living room and my friend and another guy we worked With were snuggled on one sofa – me and my “friend” were Sat together on another and there were 5 or 6 people on the Floor.

We were all drinking and Becky started to Go down on Wayne in front of all of us! Everyone was Laughing and giggling about it and Wayne sat there with his Eyes closed enjoying the experience.

With this going on right in front güvenilir bahis of us it was making me And my friend very hot and he was fingering me under the Duvet we had over us. Eventually I couldn’t stand it anymore And I announced that I was going to bed – with a quick Squeeze of his cock which I knew he would interpret as an Invite I left the room. I hadn’t even got all my clothes off Before he was there hands down my pants and pulling my bra Off of me and letting my 36G boobs out.

I undid his trousers and pulled out his huge cock! He was a Black man and his cock was so thick and juicy!

I pushed him back onto my bed and climbed on top of him – I Was so wet from the performance that we had just received in The living room I was already wanting him to fuck me – we Were kissing each other passionately as I slipped his Enormous cock into my soaking pussy. I sat up on top of him And rode his hard cock feeling it push in and out of me – The bed was banging against the wall and I was moaning Loudly as I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me – We knew that we had a house full of people that weren’t Supposed to know about us but that didn’t matter we were Going for it.

Just as I could sense him getting ready to cum I pulled off güvenilir bahis siteleri of him and shuffled up so he could eat my pussy. We swapped Positions on the bed as I like it when I am underneath and Sucking cock in 69 positions. I came really hard while his tongue was in my cunt and I Was ready for him to fuck me again so I could feel his hot Cum inside of me.

I hooked my legs over his shoulders and could feel him Pushing against my hard clit.

“Down a bit…….”

He asked me what I meant

“Down a bit – I want you to fuck my ass – I wanna feel you Cum inside my tight ass hole” I don’t think he could believe His ears – we had never discussed this – it wasn’t even Something I’d said I wanted to do but at that point in time I was so turned on I wanted nothing more than to feel him Rip into me.

He positioned the head of his cock over the entrance to my Ass and pushed gently – I rocked my hips up to ease him in And took a deep breath – he went slow at first but once his Pre cum started flowing we were rocking together hard and Fast – I put my arms up and held onto the headboard as he Pulled on my hips and pushed into me hard and rough.

“You like this = you like me fucking your ass – god you are So tight!” iddaa siteleri

“Yeah that’s good – yeah do it – harder – fuck me harder – I Love your cock in me!”

The sensation was amazing – it felt dirty and naughty but Unbelievable at the same time, when his thumb found my clit I felt the orgasm rock through my body and he grunted Loudly and shuddered as he filled my ass with his cum!

When we had finished we were all too aware of the sound of The TV from the living room but the absence of voices – we Both fell back onto the bed and led there together for ages Not saying anything – I was sore but still so horny – after About twenty minutes I climbed on top of him again and moved My hips back and forth – feeling his cock getting harder With every movement -when he was fully erect I slipped him Into me and rode him slowly he massaged my boobs as I rode Him and rubbed my clit – I could hear the voices now right Outside my door and the fact that people could hear us was Really getting us off and we got louder and louder – Eventually he flipped me over and was fucking me doggy Style with my hands up against the headboard – the whole Bed was rocking back and forth and smashing against the Wall – I screamed out as he made me cum and he pulled me up So my back was pressed against his body as he squirted his Cum into my pussy.

It was about 6am before I put him in a taxi home and from That night on it was quite difficult to deny our Relationship to the rest of my colleagues!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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