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Big Tits

Preface: This story is a work of fiction. It is based on an actual man that I know, is a fantasy of his, and we have discussed this. He knows I wrote this, loved it, and encouraged me to post it.

My name is Aaron. I’m a 45 year old married stud! I don’t mean to sound cocky, it’s just the truth. I work out faithfully, and I’ve built my body into a true alpha male form. My chest is 48″, 17.5″ biceps, my waist 36″, 27″ thighs, 18″ calves, and a big alpha cock. My cock hangs 5-6″ flaccid, and I’m an impressive 8.5-9″ when erect with a nice upward curve.

I am a professional and I work at an executive level in an IT company. I’m married to my wonderful wife, and we have an amazing sex life, but my drive is a quite a bit higher than hers, so I’ve been given the green light for “extracurricular” fun.

I recently had to go out of town for a work conference for IT executives. My wife has work herself, so she couldn’t go along.

While at the conference there were many different breakout sessions, several of which could be snooze fest, as you can imagine. It was on a break from one of those sessions that I met Elena. She’s a knockout. 5’8″, Brunette, beautiful face, great tits, and a really nice body from what I could see in her business attire; she wore a nicely tailored and form fitting dress… again she was stunning.

We met while standing in line for a coffee. She said hi and we exchanged introductions, where we worked, etc. She was sitting in the same row as me during our current breakout session, and we commiserated with how boring the speaker was. We decided to grab our things, drink our coffees and discuss day to day work life and trade some different thoughts and ideas for each other to try within our respective companies.

We ended up chatting for an hour while the session finished. We both had to move on to our next breakout session, but she told me she’s staying in the same hotel as the conference, as am I, and she said she’d be at the bar later this evening if I wanted to get a drink. My dick twitched, and I said sure. I wasn’t sure If she was wanting more than just a drink… but I was going to find out!!

The day ends, and I head to my room to grab a quick shower… just in case she wants more than a drink! I throw on a pair of briefs, khakis, and a polo shirt and head downstairs. I get to the bar around 5, order a drink and get sucked into the ESPN show on the tv above the bar. About 10 minutes later, I hear someone say “Hey Aaron, there you are! I was hoping you’d come down for a drink. Meet my husband, Mark.” In my head I thought, “Well, shit… I guess it is just going to be a drink,” as I extend my hand and introduce myself to her husband. He’s an average looking dude, he certainly married up, and his handshake is not a man’s handshake- more like a dead fish.

Elena and Mark order their drinks, and a table opens up in the restaurant bar, so they ask if I want to go sit and chat, maybe have some dinner with them. I said, “Sure… it beats room service.” We head over to the table, begin talking and order some appetizers, and another round of drinks.

We make small talk; we tell Mark about how similar our jobs are. Elena says that Mark is a CEO for the hospital where they live. He’s been in that role for about 10 years now. I think to myself, “I can’t believe this guy shakes hands daily and that’s his handshake.” The appetizers come, and we snack and talk some more.

About 10 minutes later, Elena slides into the casino siteleri seat next to me, and dropped a bomb on me as our third round of drinks shows up. She leans over and quietly whispers into my ear, “Mark and I have an unusual relationship. We enjoy a Cuckold experience. Do you know what that is?” As she slides her hand on my thigh, my cock starts to grow in my pants, and I swallow my drink. “Yeah, I know what that entails,” as I smile coyly. Cuckold porn is one of my go-to genres. Mark smiles and says quietly, “I love seeing my wife pleased. Would you be interested in exploring this with us?” My mouth is a bit dry, so I take a final swig of my drink and say, “Yeah, I’m interested.” So we head to their room.

Once we get to their suite and we’re able to talk more openly, they tell me they’ve done this twice before, and they have enjoyed it thus far. They have some rules which include, no pics or videos since we are all high-level professionals. He will sit in the chair across the room and watch. Elena asks if I’m into this, and I grab my cock through my pants and say, “Definitely!”

Elena and I start to kiss, make out and have some heavy petting. She’s moaning already as she feels my massive arms and pecs through my polo. Elena looks at Mark and says “Jesus, he’s a true alpha! Look at these muscles! Why don’t you strip down and pleasure yourself Cuck? You’re going to watch a REAL man pleasure me!”

We resume our make out, and I fondle her beautiful breasts through her low-cut dress. As I play with them, I notice she’s not wearing a bra, so I slide the zipper down the back of her dress and allow it to fall to her feet. Now she’s standing before me in just her red thong. She’s got an amazing rack, and a nice tight abdomen and waist. I massage her nipples between my fingers making them erect, and suck gently on the left as I use my right hand to stimulate the right. She moans in excitement with this.

Elena tells me to take off my shirt, she wants to see my muscles. I acquiesce, and remove my shirt revealing my pecs, bulging biceps, and abs. She lets out a groan as her hands roam my body. She looks over at Mark, who had taken his clothes off and says “This is a REAL man! Look at this definition!” He’s playing with himself, and it doesn’t look like he’s got much going on in the shorts. I continue my exploration of her mouth, breasts, and body. I let my hand roam down and touch her pussy, and I can feel she is already soaking wet, and on fire… She is turned the fuck on! She does the same and feels my massive cock through my khakis. It’s straining against my briefs, and I groan when she does this. She asks if she can take it out, I say, “By all means.” She unbuckles my khakis and pulls them down. She can see my massive bulge in my briefs now and groans as she grabs a hold. I feel my cock twitch in her hand and smirk.

Elena leads me over to the bed and backs me up to it, though I remain standing. She grabs a pillow, drops it on the floor at my feet, and she kneels on the pillow in front of me putting my cock at face level. She looks up at me and smiles an evil smile as she massages my big cock through my briefs. I place a hand on her cheek and say, “Enough teasing… take it out.” She smiles, and grabs a hold of my briefs, pulling them down with a “thwack” my cock bounces back up and hits my abs, and then pulses and twitches. I smirk at her – her eyes big as she says, “Holy fuck!”

I see Mark out of the corner of my güvenilir casino eye playing with his tiny cock and just think to myself, “Oh yes, she’s going to cum hard tonight.” She grabs a hold of my cock and slowly strokes it. I tell her, “Lick it, taste it, explore it,” and she does. She begins to give me a pretty great blow job, but I can tell she’s not sucked one this big for any period of time. She asks me to lie back on the bed, legs over the side, and I do. She crawls between my legs and continues to work at sucking my cock. Her hands are exploring my body all over, massaging my massive thighs, calves and she is loving my abs and pecs too.

Finally, I sit up, and tell her to stand. It’s her turn now. I reach up and cup her and feel how hot and wet she is. I remove her thong and lay her on the edge of the bed. I take in this stunning specimen of a woman naked in front of me, and I’m turned the fuck on! I know she’s going to enjoy this. I begin to explore her sex with my fingers, feeling her heat and wetness. I don’t think we’ll need any lube. I lean forward to suck on her clit as she gasps and runs her fingers into my hair. I work my magic with my fingers and tongue, and she’s cumming within 2-3 minutes. I smirk knowingly, and see her cuck is still watching, still playing with himself.

I say to him, “Have you ever made her cum that quick?” He shakes his head ‘no’ as she responds too, saying, “Hell no he hasn’t! No one has… fuck!” As she comes down from the high of her first orgasm, I reach for my pocket and pull out the condom I brought with me… she sees it’s a Magnum, and comments, “Oh I do love when they require the gold pack!” She sits up as I stand and wants to help me roll it on, so I say sure. We get my cock sheathed and I reach down to her sex, collecting some of her fluids to lube the rubber.

She looks at Mark and says, “Ya know, you’re great as a husband, and I love you, but you can’t FUCK ME like this guy can. Look at him! He’s fucking BUILT. He’s strong as hell and has a huge dick too!” This makes me smirk and I give her a kiss.

She requests to start in a cowgirl position, because she wants to lower herself onto me. I lay down on my back, grip the base of my cock and point it up as she climbs on the bed above me. She kneels over me, and together we guide me into her warm, wet pussy. She slowly and deliberately controls her descent. She groans as she lowers herself until she is sitting on me fully. She throws her head back and says, “FUCK, that’s a big dick!” Mark is obviously impressed. He replies but directed at me, “Fuck that’s a BIG DICK. You’re absolutely RUINING my wife’s pussy. She’s definitely never gonna be satisfied with my cock ever again.”

This makes my cock twitch, to which she chuckles. Slowly, she begins to raise and lower herself on me. She begins to pick up pace, but I can tell her thigh muscles are on fire, as her movements are more jerky. I sit up with my cock in her still, I lift her and move her into my lap, so we’re sitting face to face with my feet on the floor in a “face off” position. I begin fucking her by moving her up and down on my cock. I massage her breast and suck on her nipple, and this is too much for her, sending her into another huge orgasm. Elena is in the throes of ecstasy… moaning and whimpering in pleasure. She starts telling Mark how fucking GREAT it feels to be absolutely STUFFED with a HUGE FUCKING DICK. Mark gets into it: and says, “Wow, I mean, yeah, fuck!! canlı casino I wouldn’t even mind raising his alpha sons as my own. Imagine babe, if he got you pregnant and we have huge strapping sons that were bred by this huge fucker!”

I slow my strokes a bit as she recovers, my mind kind of reeling at what he just said.

We stand to change position into Doggy Style (her request), and she says something along the lines of, “Yeah, it’d be nice to have a son, you know your swimmers don’t do it.” I listen to this and my cock twitches. They both are seeming to get into the idea of having a son from my Alpha load; They can have this absolute STUD for a son! Mark says, “Yeah, do it! Fuck her deep and blow that Alpha load! I hope she gets pregnant. Fuck, it’d be an honor to raise an alpha stud son from you.” She looks back at me, I look at her, look at him, and they both say, “We’re game if you are”. This made my cock twitch again. She reaches back and starts to take the condom off of my cock. I stop her briefly and say to both, “Are you sure this is what you want? I cum hard, and a LOT… the chances are good that if you’re anywhere near your ovulation window, you WILL get pregnant.” She groans, and he shakes his head yes, and she empathically says “YES!” As she pulls the condom off of my cock.

My mind was reeling for a moment, but once she started stroking me, and pulling me toward her, I just started thinking with my cock. I slid into that hot, wet pussy and pounded the hell out of her. She loves doggy style, and I do too. I’ve got some good-sized balls, so between my cock stroking her pussy, and my balls slamming into her clit, she came again. I knew I wasn’t going to last a whole lot longer, so I wanted to switch it up. If I was going to breed this beautiful woman with my Alpha load, I wanted to see her beautiful face and kiss her as I did it.

I flipped her into Missionary Position, and eased my thick, throbbing cock into her. She groaned as I bottomed out in her, as she grabbed ahold of my huge arms, and I leaned down and began kissing her and making sure she was enjoying the hell out of herself. As I said before, my cock is long, thick, and has a nice upward curve… its’ perfect for stroking a woman’s G-spot from the inside, so she didn’t need much clit stimulation at all.

After about 5 minutes of me pounding her in this position and playing with one of her nipples, I felt the pressure building and I knew I was going to blow my load soon. I wanted confirmation once again, that this is what they both wanted so I asked: “I’m going to cum soon, are you sure you want me to breed you with this Alpha cum?” They both looked at each other, looked at me and said, “YES, DO IT!” I picked up the pace and was plowing her pussy… as I was reaching my climax, so did Elena, and together we had this MIND BLOWING orgasm as I buried myself in her. I felt her tight, wet, pussy milking my cock dry. I had to have shot at least 10 ropes of cum right onto her cervix.

We lay there together, both coming down from that amazing orgasm, in bliss, catching our breath…

Elena looked over at Mark and said, “I love that we do this. This is so hot. I love you and I love being pleasured by a TRUE STUD of a man!” Mark had cum into his hand at some point, but I don’t know when. We laid like that for a few more minutes, shared another kiss, and I got up and went into the restroom. 
When I came out, I got dressed, as Elena was in her robe, and Mark was getting dressed as well. I thanked them for an amazing time and left to go back to my room. I told Elena maybe I’d see her at the conference the next day and bid Mark well.

I got back to my room, and my cock was already hard thinking about that whole scenario all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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