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After I dropped Bethany off, I drove home lost in my thoughts. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined the events of the last 24 hours would have happened. I now had the guilt to deal with and the already building obsession to not only have Bethany again but to have more time with her to do things with her that she had probably only ever seen in porn if even that!

“Hi Honey, I’m home,” I bellowed as I came through the door.

Karen shouted from the kitchen, “In here.” And dumping my bag in the hallway I headed in to face my wife and see if my face would betray me.

“Hey, you,” Karen said with a big smile and gave me a big hug and a sloppy wet kiss, our tongues casually touching.

“Hey, it’s good to be home,” I said and as always it was. I really did hate work trips despite sometimes getting incredibly lucky on them!

“Good trip?” Karen asked as she turned her attention back to her cooking, she was an excellent cook and I always looked forward to when she cooked instead of my cooking!

Grabbing a cold beer, I sort of shrugged, “You know how these things are, important meeting went well other than that it was a bit meh.” As she travelled with work as well sometimes, she knew where I was coming from.

“Probably my turn next to hate a trip but at least mine is the quarterly off-site.”

I must admit I had forgotten she had this trip and from memory it was in the next couple of weeks. “That’s pretty, soon right?”

“Yeah 2 weeks really I need to travel on the Monday as it’s an early start Tuesday and then back on the Wednesday.”

I nodded, “Yep I remember.” My heart was hammering, I could feel my cock starting to swell could I get Bethany for almost 48 hours to myself, would it be possible? And should I even be thinking about this? This would be a real line for me, and I’d already stepped over a few but to actually plan infidelity, in my own house, in my own bed! Fuck I wasn’t sure I could do that.

And yet my cock firmly in command told me we’d be doing something! God I truly was obsessed.

As I unpacked and took off the day/travel clothes I heard my phone ping and picking it up was not surprised to see a message from Bethany.

“Thanks for last night, can we err you know again? I hope so cause I’m not sure boys my age will know half of what you do”.

I smiled and typed back, “I’d love that, let me see when I am free.”

She sent back a happy dance gif and I smiled and headed back downstairs to my wife.

As the night passed watching TV and having a few beers, I was reflecting on what I was starting to consider as being the best few hours of sex of my life when I felt my wife’s hand start to burrow under my top.

Welcome back sex was also a bit of a tradition in our house! As Karen’s hand slowly started to stroke the skin of my belly, I made a quick decision that I was gonna take her as urgently as I had taken Bethany. Married sex can often be slow and familiar but after a night of teenage lust I needed to feel that urgency with Karen.

Quick as a flash I turned on Karen, grabbed the back of her head, slung and arm round her shoulder and pulled her towards me.

“Ooooft,” she muttered as I crushed her to me and kissed her passionately. Instantly I could feel her react, her arms went around my shoulders pulling us closer and she slung her leg over me as I urgently manoeuvred as much of my body on top of her on the sofas as I could. I could feel the passion building between us and as we kissed, I moved her down of the sofa getting firmly between her legs as we frantically started to grind our bodies together. I could hear Karen’s breathing getting deeper as my hands pushed her top up between us allowing me to get access to her tits. I could hear Karen almost growling as my hand started to attack her tit, pulling the cup down and twisting and pinching the nipple, she moved under me wrapping both legs around me so that my erect cock was grinding firmly against her pussy. I was so hard I felt that I could push forward and penetrate her through all our layers of clothing.

I broke our kiss, “God you’ve got great tits babe.”

Karen looked up at me with eyes heavy with passion, “Get them in your mouth then,” she gasped as she also pulled my top up and off throwing it somewhere behind her as I dropped down and engulfed her tits with my lips and hands.

“OH GAWD,” she screamed as I nipped one nipple between my teeth and twisted the other between my fingers while palming as much of the underside of her boob as possible.

She may not have had Bethany style big and bouncy breasts but I fuckin loved them! I was totally in the zone in molesting these beauties when I heard her gasp, gasp again and then throw her head back in a mini orgasm. This only seemed to up the tension and as she came down, she started to frantically push my joggy bottoms down to free my cock.

“Fuck, I need you in me, fuck me babe, fuck me now.”

This was exactly what I wanted, as she pushed them down freeing my bonus veren siteler cock, I moved to one side and grabbed her PJ bottoms pushing them down revealing her gorgeous engorged and obviously ready to be fucked shaved pussy. I pushed my hand between her legs and ran a finger through her lips, fuck this was deffo working for her she was wet as well.

“FUCK ME.” She stated in no uncertain terms. It was a demand not a request and I was absolutely in the mood to oblige. Putting my hands either side of her shoulders I lined our bodies up and as she wrapped her legs around me urging me into her body, I slammed our bodies together entering her in a single stroke.

“OH Yeeeessssssssss,” she hissed as I started to ride her cunt. In the back of my head, I know full well I was mentally comparing her pussy to Bethany’s but in the main I was lost in the moment and just wanted to cum into this gorgeous woman.

She was urging me on with her legs wrapped tight around me, her heels on my arse urging me into her with every stroke.

“OH gawd, harder, oh god pound me harder.”

Remembering the previous time when I had fucked her like a whore, I started to slam into her with a bit more force, not quite as much as that time but it seemed to do the trick.

“Yes fuck, yes. That’s it, oh, oh, oh, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She wailed as her orgasm started to build.

I slammed into her a few more times and watched as she threw her head back and her body stiffened as her orgasm shot right through her.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She screamed. I could feel her pussy clamping round my dick and as she came, I felt my own orgasm building, needing to dump my load into her I sped up and rode through her waves of orgasm towards my own climax.

“Cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg.” I groaned as I felt my balls rise and my cock start to throb. My orgasm hit me hard as wave after wave of cum shot into her cunt. Our bodies were wreathed in sweat, as I slowly slide out of her pussy.

“Wow, now that was welcome home sex.”

I smiled indeed it was, but it was also inspired by playing away from home sex!

“God you were amazing I said, totally fuckin amazing.” As we both re-arranged and looked for our various items of clothing, she looked at me quizzically.

“Are we getting dressed or having round 2 in the en-suite shower?”

“Who needs clothes? Race you to the shower.” If there’s one thing I’ve never had a problem with it’s getting it up again quickly.

The one thing I knew about my wife was that when she said let’s do it in the shower that there was a good chance, I was going to get to fuck her arse. Not always but this tended to be her shower kink. As Karen stepped in and turned on the water, she loved sex with the water cascading down her body and I have to say I was a big fan of having her under the shower there is something erotic and primal about water and sex and I loved feeling her skin slick with moisture against me and sucking water from her tits. We came together under the water, our bodies wet and slick against each other as we kissed. I loved this feeling and as I pressed Karen hard against the shower wall she moaned deeply into my mouth.

“You know what I want big boy.” Karen panted as we surfaced for air.

I certainly did, “turn around then.” I said, even I could tell that my voice was heavy with anticipation and I knew Karen could hear my anticipation.

She turned put her head under the water and as water ran down her body I grabbed the lube that I had picked up on my way through the bedroom. Putting a good amount on my finger I pushed between her arse cheeks and spread it around her anus and gently pushed my finger and lube inside her. I heard her gasp at the entry into her ass. I greased up my pole and lined it up with her ass, I grabbed her waist with one hand and her tit in the other as I slowly entered her ass.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck,” She moaned as I slowly entered her. We’d been together long enough that I knew that anything other than a slow entry would not work for her, she liked anal, but she very much liked the initial entry to be slow and delicious feeling my cock stretch and fill her.

As I finished my entry and god, we didn’t do this often, so I was always surprised at how tight she felt. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Want me to pound your ass like I did your pussy?” She turned her head towards me gave me a passionate sloppy kiss and simply nodded. Oh yes here we go I thought to myself. Suddenly I had a flash of taking Bethany’s anal virginity. It almost pushed me straight over the edge.

I managed to control myself but couldn’t stop myself from starting to thrust hard in Karen the way Bethany had asked me to pound her, hard and fast.

“Umph.” I heard Karen groan and as she didn’t turn around or otherwise tell me to stop, I could only assume she was enjoying this more forceful arse fucking.

As the water cascaded down bedava bahis upon us as I slammed myself into her arse harder than I ever had before.

“OH FUCK.” I heard Karen gasp.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and for the first time ever was taking hard and full long strokes into her arse.

“You’re gonna make me cum, you’ve never made me cum just from this before,” She panted.

I grunted into her ear, “Good, you like it, hard don’t you?”

She merely whimpered in reply as I continued to pound her arse frantically.

“Take it, take it hard you bitch.” I panted into her ear as with one final shudder she turned her head and almost spat at me.

“Fuck my arse harder you cunt, pound me until I cum. Oh god I’m almost there.”

I started to pull her hips back towards me with each stroke into her tight arse.

“Aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww, fuck yeesssssssss.” Karen screamed as she came.

This tipped me over the edge and while not as powerful as my previous orgasm I roared into the air slammed myself fully into her arse and felt my balls explode deep into my wife.

I have to say that was pretty much the best shower sex we had ever had. We pretty much stared at each other as the water continued to cascade down our now sated bodies.

Afterwards as we cuddled in bed, I couldn’t help but think that my adventure with Bethany had been good for our sex life or maybe that was my guilt trying to justify what I was planning to do with Bethany.

As things do a middle-aged perverts thoughts turn to teenage pussy and how hard to nail it. Over the next few days as Karen firmed up her travel plans, and Bethany teased me via my phone. I started to seriously put in place my plans for Bethany.

But first I messaged her,

“So like Karen is away for a couple of days with work, if you want to come over and spend a couple of days with me, I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Her response was instant. “God yes, when? give me details, I’ll need to plan how to get away.”

I gave her the dates and messaged, “If you can do it, I’ll take the days off work, so we spend all the time together.”

She messaged me a thumbs up and I didn’t hear anything for a while.

Our first encounter had been great, but I had really wanted her to ride me cowgirl, to watch her slide down my cock and see those magnificent breasts above me and take them in my mouth as she rotated her hips and rode me. OH god the very thought.

I had taken her from behind, but I really wanted her on her hands and knees, at the edge of the bed with me standing behind her and absolutely pounding her pussy.

Apart from that I knew I really wanted to cum on her face and tits after she had sucked me dry.

Ahhhh so many plans so many perverse things I wanted to do to my teenage obsession, so much to teach her where to start?

Over the next few days, I was super busy at work and Karen was distracted by her prep for the company offsite. I knew she always enjoyed these as they were basically an excuse to pretend to work during the day while partying at night. She always took to opportunity to be pampered ahead of these big events. Hey, I’m a guy but even I knew she was going to be getting waxed from the neck down to look and feel her absolute best.

Yeah, I suspected she had seen some action at some of these events but what happens on the road stays on the road. On the other hand, I was preparing to play away at home. I had a sudden flash of Karen being fucked from behind while I was doing the exact same to Bethany.

It was over the weekend that Bethany confirmed she was all in and started to turn up the tease factor to 100, she was messaging me pictures but of course Karen was still around so it was always hard for me to reply. Hell, it got so bad on Saturday night with up skirt photos, and pictures of her tits that I was sitting on the sofa with a massive hard-on and had to put my phone on silent so that Karen didn’t get any ideas?

On Sunday with Karen firmly distracted with getting ready for her trip I was able to make some plans with Bethany and was already looking forward to finishing work and getting home. We agreed I’d text her on my way home so she could arrive shortly after I got in. I had to make sure that the neighbours didn’t get a chance to notice a teen hanging around outside the house.

“So, are you packing for a work do or a party?” I said walking in and seeing smart work clothes and a couple of very sexy dresses lying out on the bed.

“Bit of both being honest,” she replied with a teasing grin.

“Go on then show me the lingerie you’ve packed then?”

She shrugged and pulled out what I have to say were good quality but hardly sexy lingerie sets. Very definitely professional not sexy.

“Very professional,” I said.

She looked at me quizzically, “Should I pack some sexy lingerie then?”

OK so right I guess we had both always accepted that what happens on the road stays on the road, but we deliberately never deneme bonus talked about it. The concept was very much an unspoken understanding. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be the one that made it something we had to discuss. Especially with what I had planned.

“Hey entirely up to you darling,” I replied quickly. “I know that professional is what you need to be, but I also know you get a confidence surge from some sexy little things under that professional facade.”

OK that was safe enough I reckoned.

She sorted of shrugged and replied, “Yeah that’s true, not sure I will need the boost but what about your favourite little set?”

Ahhhh barely there gorgeous little bra that you can see her nipples through clearly. The panties sat nicely on her hips and curved nicely around her arse cheeks they always got me extremely hard and did not stay on for very long.

“You know I like you in them for sure,” I said with a massive smile. She simply nodded and continued packing. “Are you almost done?” I asked her wondering if there was time for going away sex!

“Yeah, almost done.”

I lay down on the bed and smiled at her, “Got time for a little fun then?”

Karen nodded, quickly finished packing and joined me on the bed.

“My favourite part of going away,” she said.

I smiled and pulled her to me. I think with both of us really focussed elsewhere this was nice, vanilla sex but nothing to write home about. Both of us preparing for other things.

Monday morning was a blur with both of us getting up and out early, Karen so she could get to the event location and still do some work. Me so I could be in work bright and early and get away sharpish to meet Bethany.

“OK then I’ll see you in a few days,” Karen said as we hugged and had a final kiss.

“Have fun,” I replied. “See you in a couple of days.”

I had barely arrived at work when Bethany started bugging me with excited messages. I could tell she was looking forward to us being together again.

The day seemed to drag, and I’ll be honest regular messages from Bethany really did not help as they interrupted anything I was doing and made the day just seem to drag. Finally, the day was over.

“Right see you in a couple of days,” I said as I left, Yes, I had taken time off, so I got to maximise my time with Bethany.

Getting into my car I sent the message we had both been looking forward to.

“Leaving now should be at the house in 20 minutes.”

“Squeeeeeeee, yes.” Is the response I receive I think she might be excited!

I was almost home when Bethany messaged me, I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

It was at this point that I suddenly thought to myself to think what Bethany had told her parents about being away for a few days. Damn I had just assumed she was staying, and to be fair she had not indicated otherwise, but now I was wondering if she was OK or getting a ton of heat from her parents.

I’m supposed to be the grown up I should have checked, should have asked was too involved in my own stuff and quite frankly in my own lust. Anyway, she was on her way and I could figure that out later.

As I pulled into my driveway, I could already feel myself getting hard in anticipation. I had hopefully timed my arrival to allow me to get into the house before Bethany arrived. I knew I hadn’t been in since the other half took herself away to her off-site.

I dumped my bag in the study which was next to the front door really and quickly checked that the kitchen and lounge were all good. With a growing erection I went to the master bedroom and checked everything was looking good. I had flashes of how Bethany would look spread eagle on my bed.

I changed out of my work clothes and into something a bit more relaxed Jeans and a t-shirt really. Around Bethany I was always trying to make sure I didn’t dress like an old guy!

I heard a knock at the door and with a spring in my step and a throbbing erection I hoped it was Bethany ready for her further education.

I opened the door and there she stood with a massive smile on her face. “Hi.”

I gestured for her to come in as I said, “Hi yourself.” I think she realised I wanted to get her inside without much chance for nosey neighbours to see.

I finally could take in what she was wearing and something inside me just snapped. She was wearing a tight baby blue top that had a scoop neckline and was showing a ton of cleavage. A floaty print skirt barely covered her arse and showed off her legs. In her hand she held an overnight bag that simply fell to the ground as I moved towards her and kissed her passionately.

“Ooooooft,” she exclaimed as our bodies came together.

“Fuck you look good,” I whispered in her ear as I kissed her neck and inhaled her scent. “I don’t think I can wait,” I said picking her up and putting her ass down on the dining table.

Kissing her passionately I reached under her skirt, found her panties and simply ripped them off. I had to have her right away. All thoughts of nice wines, and slow seductions replaced with primal animal need.

Her eyes flashed at me as she caught my desire, she reached for the waistband of my jeans, unbuttoned them, pushed them and my boxers down and simply said, “Fuck Me.”

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