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This story is for 18+ readers and all characters are 19+ this is third piece to a series… commets please:)


When I rolled over the next morning, it was almost 10 A.M, the sun was bright, and I felt amazing. I smiled as my thoughts traveled back to barely 9 hours ago to a fabulous dinner and incredible sex. I slid out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom trying my best not to wake Jess. As I began washing my hands I heard someone stirring in my bedroom, Jess was awake.

I was alarmed when I heard a slight gasp then a faint whisper. Then I heard her voice and I grew very angry at such an invasion of my privacy. I emerged from the bathroom with a soft scowl on my face wondering what caused this visit; the brunch wasn’t until 11:30.

“Hi mom.” I stated flatly.

“What is going on here honey? I was coming to talk to you about a phone call I got this morning. What is going on between you and your sisters?” She said in a soft tone trying to ease my irritation.

“What phone call? What happened?” I replied slightly worried.

“Leslie crashed her car at Keris and was driving drunk and I think it has something to do with this young lady here?” My mother pointed at Jessica.

I was about to respond until Jessica spoke up. “Mrs. Fillmore if you don’t mind me saying, how about I get dressed, and we discuss this properly. At this point, I believe we all have questions and we would all like answers.” Jessica said to my mother calmly.

“That sounds like a good idea. Oh and Desari your father is here with me, he is down stairs waiting. I will tell him the plan of action.” Her voice faded as she descended the steps.

I asked Jess was she ok, she nodded and proceeded to get dress silently as if she was processing the entire situation. Jess seemed in a trance, maybe she was thinking of leaving or worse how to explain this to my parents.

We both headed down the spiraling staircase and the anticipation was killing me inside. My mom and dad sat waiting on the couch for us to join them. The moment we seated ourselves I was taken by surprise when Jessica began the conversation.

“Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore how are you?” She asked sincerely.

“Good and yourself?” My dad responded for himself and my mom.

“That’s great to hear.” Jessi was so cheery all of a sudden.

An awkward silence passed over us as my mother, father, and I looked at each other. Finally, I decided to speak.

“What’s going on mom? I asked cautiously.

“It seems Leslie has gone on a drinking binge and is spiraling out of control ever since Jessica left her. It is getting bad but it seems no one knows why this is happening. Based on what I’ve seen this morning maybe you might know or she would like to elaborate. I know you explained that you two have formed a new bond of some sort but I would like a full and truthful explanation this time.”

“I can elaborate.” Jessica said quickly before beginning her story.

I wanted to stop her but I could not lie to my parents and I did not want to hide my love for her anymore. I was afraid but I had to face it.


I was beyond nervous but I had to break these lies and reveal the true reasons for my actions. I glanced at my young lover before asking Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore if they wanted the entire truth from me. They nodded in unison and waited for me to begin. I was somewhat afraid to tell the true nature of Leslies ways when it came to our relationship but it was time for me to woman up as I had been doing for the past few weeks.

I inhaled deeply and began. “Though you may have heard many great stories about the time your daughter Leslie and I shared it was all a ruse to keep people out of our business. Leslie is controlling, mean, and hurtful. I tried my best to make it work and to believe her promises of change, but I couldn’t bare the pain anymore. Her attitude was one thing but once she cheated with my college lover, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I’m sorry to have to tell you these horrid things but it’s the truth and that’s all I want people to know at this point. Out of all this there is one truth you should absolutely know and that is that I am in love with Desari.” I held my breath.

When no one said anything I continued. “I’ve loved her since the day I met her which may sound wrong but it’s true. I realized this was not a short time ago but I have embraced it in that time.” I looked at Desari. “At this point Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore I’m only sad that I didn’t meet her first, because all the time that I’ve spent with Desari has been the best moments of my life.”

All was silent for what seemed like forever until Mrs. Fillmore spoke in the softest, sweetest tone I’d ever heard. “Sweetheart we do not think I’ll of you because of all this, we were just confused on how it all came about. This was a surprise to us because we had no clue these things were going on. In spite of Leslies distasteful behavior we tried to believe that she had changed for the better, we even went as far as thinking you were helping that change but casino şirketleri we were wrong. Desari has had a thing for you as well for quite some time but she was only 17 at the time and knew it was highly inappropriate to make advances at her older sisters lover. Phil and I love you just the same.” Her words flowed from her lips as if she had been holding this in for ages.

She smiled and glanced at Mr. Fillmore who was preparing to speak. “Young lady, you have been nothing short of wonderful since we met you, which are more than I can say for most people we have had the misfortune of meeting. Our little princess tells us more than you think she would, actually all of them do, but Leslie has been this way for a long time. You could say it’s my fault that she is the way she is. Once we decided to adopt the girls it was a good idea to everyone including Leslie. Due to medical issues during delivery and pregnancy Leslie was our only child but we knew we wanted more. Leslie changed after we adopted the twins, Jamie and Roxy and when we brought Desari home she turned into the most beautiful devil of a daughter I’d ever come to know.

Keri was easy to handle because we brought her home at the age of 7, so when Leslie was born and had come of age Keri was in her wild teens pretending we were her worst enemy, running away, or spending countless days with friends. Leslie in a sense was a lonely kid due to Keri’s absence during her phasing years. Adopting more kids seemed like the perfect solution but we later realized we were wrong. Margaret and I loved the girls too much to give them back and too cope with it all Leslie got her way in everything. I know you probably think we are crazy but therapy didn’t work, favoritism is not tolerated, and we had done all we could with her to help yet nothing prevailed. I’m sorry you endured it for so long.” Mr. Fillmore’s voice began to crack with emotion.

I sat there in awe at what had just been explained to me by the Fillmore’s. I didn’t know what to say at this point and it seemed that I wasn’t alone in the matter. Desari stared at the clock and back at me with a smirk on her face. “I think it’s time for us to head to brunch, don’t you think so mother?”

After realizing they all had this sinister smile I became nervous and very afraid. I felt as if I was in a horror film and the family just figured out what they were going to do to me and the perfect way to destroy my remains.

“Yes I believe so.” Ms. Fillmore agreed. “Let’s just get this all over with now so we can get all the bickering and competitiveness out of their system.”

“I’m a little confused here, what’s happening?” I asked puzzled.

“We know two of our daughters will blow a gasket and the other two giggle with high school cheer.” Mrs. Fillmore said to me softly before continuing with, “And I want to get this out of the way so I can have my ears for next weeks poker game.”

I hid the shock under a blank stare at the older couple. How often did shit like this happen for them to have down to a science so well that they know it will be solved and bitter by the end of brunch. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this repetitive rivalry between sisters. After getting ready we made the short walk down the block to the Fillmore’s home. Once inside they evaluated their living room seeing that not only were the girls coats, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, and scarves were scattered recklessly across couches and coffee tables so were their company’s belongings.

“We often bring dates or close friends to these little family gatherings.” Desari chuckled. I guess she read the look on my face because it looked as if there had been a frat party in there, “And sometimes siblings from our bio family.” She continued. I nodded and continued to the backyard were they held this bi-weekly ritual. Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore had made it out there far before we had and everyone sounded excited and chipper. Before I could make it through the sliding door Desari grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. She led me through the thick panned glass with a proud and fearless demeanor like she was ready for whatever was waiting for her, for us.

I heard a gasp then a scream shortly after. I looked over at the source of the sound; it was the twins Roxy and Jamie. The scream caused all eyes to fall on Desari and I and if looks could kill I’d be 8 feet below right now. I had been so caught up in the many gazes I hadn’t noticed that the twins were talking to me.

“You guys are so cute. So Jessi is this where you’ve been hiding out all this time?” Roxy asked with a wink.

I laughed before saying, “No I was actually at a friend’s house before I decided to show up at her door.”

“Oh so you pursued her?” Jamie smirked.

“No we pursued each other.” Desari answered all of a sudden.

“Well mutual interest is always good.” Roxy’s remark had a hint of cruelty to it that made me believe she was speaking of Leslie.

“Why do I get the feeling you two knew this was coming.” I said curiously.

They looked at each other and smiled.

After casino firmaları the twins praised our new found relationship I felt more confident about this situation. I gazed at her when a daring thought passed through my mind, we can accomplish whatever we wanted to. My trance was broken when Mrs. Fillmore began screaming and the twins began running passed me in panic and Mr. Fillmore face made him look like a raging bull. My eyes finally settled on what everyone was so worked up about and I got pissed fast. I gazed behind me to find Leslie had attacked Desari from behind.

Though Jamie and Roxy were trying their best to pull the two apart I knew I could end this now, in one swift motion I grabbed Leslie by her arm and swung her against the Fillmore home making the glass shake. I pinned her to it before the shock of it settled in. The one thing that was highly developed about me was my defensive skills, the only safety I had growing up on the streets. I had never thought of putting my hands on Leslie but enough was enough.

Desaris voice was soft in my ear begging me to let her go and that she was ok. I hadn’t realized I had Leslie by the throat and was holding her to where she was on her tip toes. Everyone was staring at me in fear as if I were a predator in the midst of devouring prey. I relaxed and released her from my grip, stepping back to give her space I watched her fall to the ground grabbing her neck and coughing. I glanced around me and no one spoke I don’t think they could. I had never been violent towards Leslie before but everything in me screamed ‘protect her’. I ran into the house and into the kitchen and if my hearing was correct someone called after me and someone was following me. When I stopped at the sink I heard light footsteps behind me.

“Get out of here now.” It was Keri.

“Okay.” Was all I had to say.

I didn’t care anymore I was ready to leave. As I turned Mrs. Fillmore had entered the kitchen with tears in her eyes, great her mother was about to tear into me too. I brushed passed Keri and apologized to Mrs. Fillmore as well as thanked her for inviting me. When I went to move passed the older woman she caught a grip on my shirt.

“You are not going anywhere young lady, running is not the Fillmore way.” She said to me with her gazed fixed on Keri

“Keri asked me to leave so I was on my way out.”

“Keri can order no one out of my home but she will be leaving this kitchen this instant.”

She was going to protest but knew the battle was lost and exited the kitchen. Mr. Fillmore motioned for me to sit down. I obliged her request and took a seat at the table. I wasn’t sure what was coming but I felt a hint of fear, fear only a mother could instill into you, a feeling I’ve never had.


After trying my best to give my mom and Jessica their private moment I couldn’t bare it anymore. I snuck into the glass door and peeked into the kitchen trying to hear what my mom was telling Jessica. Whatever it was it had her smiling and giggling like a schoolgirl. I smiled but then Jessicas face flushed a deep red as if embarrassed and before I could hide she spotted me. My mother laughed long and hard, I could see she had just amused herself. Jessica seemed to be asking her a question which caused her own smile. My mother’s answer caused her to blush even harder then glance back at me. I stood in full view, now I was beyond curious at what was taking place before me. As I approached the duo my mom stood, smiled, and hugged me and whispered in my ear for me to go for it and that Jess was worth it in every way. I pulled my mom into the living room to ask her some questions. Before I could ask she knew.

“I assured her that all was well and no one was upset by her actions. It is obvious that she loves you and wants to protect you and she should express it soon.” Her voice trailed as she left me standing there. I walked after her as quickly as I could, I hugged her back and waited until she was no longer in view to grab Jessis hand and pull her upstairs.

I dragged her to the end of the hall where my old bedroom was. She took me by surprise when she opened the door and pushed me inside pinning me to the nearest wall kissing me forcefully and passionately. That turned me on to no end. I had never seen her behave this way but it was incredibly sexy. She pulled my dress off, unhooked my bra, damn near ripped my panties from my body, and forced me to the bed. Taking me by my hair she kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear. Telling me how bad she wanted me. Bending me over, she slid her finger up and down my slit feeling my reaction to her sudden dominance. She gripped my hair again but tighter and rougher; an involuntary moan escaped my lips.

I had never felt so helpless before and it felt amazing. How she was treating me alone was enough to make me come but the way she spoke to me made it so much better.

“You like this don’t you?” Jess asked me.

I nodded my head.

She gripped my hair tighter, “That’s not an answer.”

“Yes I like it.”

“Youre so wet,” güvenilir casino I felt her finger slip deep inside of me and as fast as it was in it was gone. “And so sweet.”

I moaned in frustration, she was teasing me.

“You want me to taste you?”

“Yes.” I whimpered.

She loosened her grip and told me to beg her. I did. I was on fire at this point and she knew it.

“Come on I know you can do better than that. Beg like the dirty little whore you are.”

I felt my body get hot, I felt my pussy get wet, and I had never been called that before. At that moment I completely submitted to her. She smacked my ass, told me I was a good little whore, spread my lips, and licked up and down my opening. I moaned softly as her tongue entered me I couldn’t help but rock into her. Her tongue felt so good swirling around my center.

“Jessi… that feels so good… punish me….” I moaned softly. I looked at her, those piercing blue eyes staring back at me as she kissed my outer thigh making her way back up. I gasped in shock as her tongue rolled over my most sensitive hole. She rimmed me slow and hard and I felt my orgasm building.

She eased two fingers into me, causing my legs to get weak. I rocked hard into her. I was in such an orgasmic haze I wasn’t sure if what I saw was real or an illusion but it looked as if Shannon had been watching us for quite some time. She was leaning on the railing smiling at me, apparently she was amused. I stood and shut the door but before it closed she winked at me. What the hell did that mean? I wasn’t about to find out now I had other things to worry about. Jessica scared the shit out of me because when I turned around she was standing right behind me.

“You scared me.”

“I’m sorry you got up so suddenly,” She chuckled. “But you seem confused.”

Should I tell her? Of course I should. There should be no debate about that. “Oh um, Shannon was kind of taking in the show.”

“I saw that, she had been there a while actually. I’m not sure what the purpose of her spying was.”

“Why didn’t you say anything nor do anything?”

“She was fixated on you, why is that?”

The look of lust and desire was now gone from my lovers’ eyes. She seemed angry but I wasn’t sure. “I have no clue, I don’t really know her. She is here with Keri.”

“Oh ok. Are you ready to go back downstairs?”

“No, you still have work to do.”

“Are you angry with me?”

“Why would I be angry with you?”

“For not doing anything about Shannon.”

“I was a little upset but I saw that there was a reason behind it. I don’t want you to think I’m seeing her or fucking her. I love you that’s it that’s all. Shannon’s voyeurism is the last thing on my mind though I will investigate her strong interest in me later.”

“No, let me.”

“Are you sure Jessi?”

“Yes, now get your ass over here I want to taste you again.”

I smirked and strode slowly over to my bed. She lay back on the bed I knew what she wanted. Climbing atop the bed I straddled her chest hoping she would assume the position of dominance. She pulled me toward her lips and sucked my clit into her mouth. ‘Mmm this is amazing’ I thought to myself as Jessi sucked harder. She ate my pussy with vigor licking, sucking, and putting her tongue as deep as it would go causing me to roll my hips. Shit I was so close I wanted to scream. Fuck, I was going to scream.

“Jessi… Oh my God… Jessi… Right there… Don’t stop… I’m coming… I’m… Coming…” I exploded.

I eased off her and lay back on the cool sheets but I could see she wasn’t done with me. She kissed me softly as she placed the soft humming between my thighs. I tensed at the strength of the vibration. I moaned in her ear, the one thing I knew drove her crazy, telling her how good it felt. Whispering breathlessly how I was going to come for her must have sent her over the edge. Pushing the toy deep inside me and increasing her speed I screamed.

“Slow down.”


“Youre hurting me.”

“You like pain don’t you?”

I bit my lip in guilt and nodded.

“Show me how much.” Jessi demanded.

Once on all fours Jessi placed it back inside of me with the same force. Taking in a sharp breath I braced myself for pure pain, my pleasure.

“Harder… Mmmm like that… Faster… Fuck… Fuck me Jessi… Pull my hair… Pull it tighter… Oooo yes… Spank me hard… Don’t stop… Yes baby… I’m coming Jessi… Harder… Harder… Fuck… Bite me.”



“No where do you like it most?”

“My thighs and my neck.”

She continued her assault on my sensitive pussy as she knelt down and nibbled at my thighs.

“No… Bite… Me.”

Her teeth sank into my flesh. It was a firm but gentle bite but it wasn’t enough.

“Bite me harder.” I growled.


I had never seen Desari so aggressive but if it was what she liked and what she wanted I didn’t care. I found the courage to bite her harder and with that a low purr escaped her lips. She screamed louder than expected as her orgasm consumed her. She was spent I’d have to wait until later to get more of my sweet lover. As we gathered ourselves and began to dress I couldn’t help but wonder how Mrs. Fillmore knew so much about Desaris sexual nature.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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