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This is the fifth in a series of chapters of how my grandmother and her friend/ friends instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING older, oversexed ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 62 year old lady with 42DD breasts) 5′ 3″, always horny with a hairy pussy and arm pits. (Love those “hairy areas” on her and her friends).

Grandson Larry (Dee call him Herman – get it her “man”), age 21 (for the time of this chapter is 1983) 5′ 11″ in tall and 195 pound. Penis = 10 ¾” long {8 ½”hanging when soft} and 6 ¾” in circumference.

Sally, age 54 slim build with pleasant sized breasts, 5′ 5″ tall an “ALL OVER” tan and unshaven.

Judy (Sally’s daughter) age 33, 38F-34-36. (She was back in the states recovering from a miscarriage and staying with Sally for the next six months.)

Aunt Mary, age 42, (she is my mother’s older sister by three years), and she has an average build with a modest figure of 36 D-24-34 but is only 5′ tall so all look bugger on her small frame. Again she is in to the NUDIST scene and has that wonderful “all over tan” and a neatly trimmed “bush.” She has never been married and would still like to have a child if she could find the “right” man to father one. (No strings to be attached if you know what I mean) She lives about an hour’s drive southwest of Grandmother Dee and northwest of Phoenix.

As a reminder, Granny and her friends are “casual” NUDISTS and when they are in each other’s house, they run around naked and “letting it all hang down” as the wording goes about sexy old ladies and their pendulous breasts. Being in this WARM area of the country (Arizona) they could get away this romping around NUDE and not get their “older” bodies cold. (I do like to see them “CHILLED” as their nipples stand out so nice hard and looked so suck able)

Chapter Five

We were all taking a “breather” from our last sex session when the phone rang.

Judy got up from her lounge chair to answer the phone.

Judy called out after answering the phone, “it is Aunt Mary and she wants to know when you are going to stop down to see her new “toy” she bought yesterday?”

Dee said to tell her she would be down sometime early next week and would bring her new TOY with her for their sexual pleasure.

Judy came back out to the pool area and was about to sit down when I reached out and grabber her left breast and genteelly pulled her towards my chair.

She smiled and leaned over and gave me a kiss and noticed that my penis was getting hard again just from seeing her walk back out the door.

She reached out and placed her hand around my shaft and squeezed gently and suggested we go back into the house as the two older ladies had fallen asleep and we did not want to wake them and interrupt our fun alone.

Judy and I went into the house and before I could get though the door she bent over bracing herself on the kitchen counter. She spread her legs and reaching between her them, motioning with her fingers that I should slide my cock between her legs and do her from the rear.

She stroked her pussy with her fingers and as I got near her she took hold of my cock and guided it into her moist love tunnel.

I pushed deep into her and as I withdrew she pushed backwards and said I should just push in harder and let it “soak” for a minute or two.

While I “soaked,” I reached around her and gently squeezed her right breast and felt the milk flow over my fingers and drip onto the floor.

I looked up to the counter and spotted a glass. I reached out and grabbed it and handed it to Judy and told her I would “milk her” and get something to drink at the same time.

Judy took the glass and held it under her right breast as I pumped milk from it and then switched to the left breast to empty it.

Al the time I was “milking her” she was flexing her “love tunnel” muscles around my penis and working it up to a point of explosion without even moving in and out. Her breasted emptied I emptied a load into her that we both could feel running down our legs.

We stood up and as she turned around I kissed her and pulled her towards me pressing her zeytinburnu escort breasts into my chest. We must have stayed that way for a couple of minutes because all of a sudden Dee said for us to move as this was a VIDEO not a still photo shoot.

We turned and saw Dee and Sally standing there taking a VHS video of us.

Dee said she had gotten the “whole act” and we could watch it later.

Judy reached out and pulled off a couple pieces of paper towel for us to dry our legs with. Sally reached her hand between Judy’s legs and got her finger soaked with our love juices and put those to her mouth to lick clean. Not to be out done, Dee got on her knees and started to lick my flaccid cock. I started to grow with each lick and soon she had my “love cycle” totally in her mouth, licking it clean. Sally just looked at us and kept rubbing Judy’s pussy and licking her fingers.

Buy this time it was time for dinner and I suggested that we all go take a shower and go down to the steak house for dinner.

During dinner we got to talking about when we were going to visit Aunt Mary.

Dee said we could go down on Monday, which would give her and me a chance to recover on Sunday from today’s “fun times.”

Sally said she could not go with and Judy also declined because of doctor’s appointment she had on Monday.

After dinner those two headed home and Grandma Dee and I went back to her house.

When we got there Dee took my hand and led me straight to the bedroom.

She pointed to the bed and ordered me to strip and lie down, face up.

She then went into the bathroom and a minute later came out NAKED with those monster breasts swaying back and forth.

She walked over to the VCR and pushed in a tape and hit play.

Before it could start she was sitting next to me on the bed holding my semi hard cock and blowing in my ear.

When the tape started it was Judy and I in the kitchen fucking away.

Dee said she always wanted me to do her that way, but bent over the bed not standing in the kitchen.

I looked at her and said with her bent over a bed I could fuck her that way, BUT would not be able to fondle her lovely breasts, as they would be smashed against the bed.

She looked at me and said she would not be pressed onto the bed, just her arms and her breasts would be “hanging” for my “playing pleasure.”

With that thought, my penis was rock hard and I was standing behind her waiting for her to get into position.

She got off the bed, turned off the tape and turned around and bent over with just her forearms on the bed.

Her breasts hung down alongside the bed, and as I reached over her to “grab a hand full” my cock slid between her legs and she guided the shaft into between her lips so gently.

I gently pushed forward and she pushed backwards at the same time causing me to go nearly all the way in on the first thrust. She moaned and just keep pushing backwards till I was all the way buried I her pussy.

She moved her hips forward a little to start the piston movement that would last for a good ten minutes before she screamed and collapsed onto the bed with a mighty orgasm. I keep my cock in her and with a couple of muscle squeezes from her and strokes by me I filled her to over flowing with my love juice. Between her and mine the floor and edge of the bed got soaking wet.

As I stepped back I slipped in our juices and pushed my cock back into her “love tunnel” and she said, “Already, you want more?”

I agreed and keep pumping till she exploded once more with me pumping her pussy and pinching her inch long nipples.

We got up and took another shower and lay down soaking wet together.

The next thing we knew, it was Sunday about 1:30 PM and we needed to get something to eat.

We started the day with another shower together.

Before the shower Dee had asked me to “trim” her bush a little as it was “wild” as she termed it and she wanted it neat for our visit to her daughters place.

Once I had trimmed her she made me lay on the bed and she trimmed me so my penis was not so “buried in the bush” as she termed it.

Once done with our clean up I fixed her breakfast of French toast, bacon and scrambled eggs with juice.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly aksaray escort with a trip to the store to get some items we needed around the house and some type of a gift to take to Mary’s house tomorrow. (Grandmother always had to bring a gift for a visit)

Monday morning I was elected to drive grandmothers 1967 GTO for the trip. (OH did I forget to tell you grandmother was a “muscle car junkie from way back)

She still had her 1959 Chevy Impala convertible w/ a 327 four barrel in the garage alongside her 1964 ½ Mustang. All these were in mint condition and well keep.

We got to Aunt Mary’s before noon on Monday. And after all the hugs and kisses and I swear Mary rubbed her hand up and down my penis that was hanging down my left shorts leg.

Soon as we could pull ourselves apart, she wanted to go to lunch at the country club to show off grandmother’s car (right), but I think it was me she wanted to show me off, as grandmother had been telling her about how I had “grown up” and all.

All her “girl friends” from the club were there for cards on Monday and of course I had to be introduced to all of them separately. All the gals had to hug and kiss me and say how nice it was to see me now that I was all grown up and all since they had last seen me two summers ago when I caddied for Aunt Mary at the clubs women’s golf outing.

We were finally seated at a table off to the side of the room and ordered drinks and our lunch.

As we waited for the drinks to be delivered one of Mary’s friend Amy walked over to the table and sat down next to me. She was about 44 (I would guess) and a little bit drunk at this point. Mary told Amy that it was too early in the day to be drunk and Amy looked her at her and smiled.

With that she took my hand and asked if I would walk her to the ladies room as she was a “little wobbly”. I stood up and took her arm and led her off. Once at the ladies room door she grabbed my arm and pulled in through the door and quickly locked it.

She turned around and pulled off her tee shirt exposing her large tits, they nipples and areola were dark brown. She ordered me to start sucking on her nipples and told me that she just loved to have her pussy played with while I sucked on her nipples.

I reached under her skirt and found no panties, just a moist fury pussy.

I dragged my middle finger over her pussy lips and on the rearward stroke slid my finger deep into her. She let out a low scream and said to keep stroking her lips. After about five minutes of playing she squeezed her legs together and juiced all over my hand with her love fluids.

She then got down on her knees and kissed the head of my cock, then she swirled her pink tongue around it. Soon she engulfed my cock into her mouth and started moving her head back and forth along my shaft. Just then there was a knock at the door and Amy released my cock and said, “Just a minute I am almost done here.”

I told her that we should get back and she said not till she tasted my cum down her throat. She took hold of my cock and between sucking and stroking it and cupping my balls; I unloaded down her throat in less than a minute’s time.

We both stood by the sink and washed up. When she opened the door the gal outside looked at us as we walked out arm in arm with big smiles.

We got back to the table and granny asked if all was OK? and Amy said that is sure was now.

Aunt Mary smiled at us both, knowing what had just happened and reached over to me and rubbed my leg. She whispered to me, “wait till I get you home, mother and me are going to keep you busy and hard all night.”

Amy left just as lunch was being served.

We eat lunch and then walked around the club house talking to some of the other gals and about three in the afternoon we took off back to Mary’s house. Grandmother and Mary talked about things in general while I drove.

Mary asked me to stop at the food store so she could get something for dinner. I pulled into the lot and parked. Her and Dee got out and went into the store as I relaxed after a “hard” lunch.

When they came out they had me unload the art and I was told to get them home fast as they were so horny they might do something in the car that would get us arrested if caught.

I got back to Mary’s and pulled in ataköy escort the garage to find Mary was naked down to her waist as she got out of the backseat of the car with Dee.

Dee was playing with Mary’s breasts and tearing off her skirt as I watch. They told me to get the food in the house and then come met them by the pool.

As I unloaded the car Mary ripped her mother’s blouse off and pulled at her bra till the strap broke exposing one of her large pendulous breasts.

Dee just laughed and said it had been a little while since they had been together and Mary get a little “frisky” at times.

I got the bag of food and took them into the kitchen.

Putting the food that needed to be keep cold in the Refrigerator and as I turned around they came in the door holding each other hands.

Mary took both our hands and said we had to come see her NEW SEX TOY.

She led us into a room that looked like it was all sound proofed. I mentioned that and Dee answered, “it is so the neighbors do not hear us /her scream with JOY when we/she climaxes.”

Sitting in the far corner of the room was a brand new SYBIAN with a large “fake” penis sticking out the top.

Mary took her mother’s hand and walked her over to it and started to explain how it “pleasured” a woman.

Dee looked at it and then towards me and spoke,” I think I like his penis better than one that is run by a machine.”

Mary said, “I guess I would have to try him out to see which is better.”

Dee just walked over to me and pulled on my waist band of my shorts and to the floor they went.

My semi hard penis was filling with blood and it not even fully hard was larger than the one on the machine in both length and girth.

Mary looked at me and with a single stride was at my side holding my now erect penis in one hand and her breast in another, and suggested that I play with it.

I took hold of her of her breast and pinched the nipple, and the breast a gentle squeeze. Dee said, “Now can the machine do that for you.”

Mary just slid her hand along the fully hard penis and licked her lips with a sigh and said, “NO!”

Dee walked over to the two of us and with me holding both of Mary’s tits and her my cock, Dee started to play with Mary’s “lower” lips and kissing her at the same time.

Mary just sort of excepted with the treatment she was getting from the both of us and slowly edged herself back to the edge of the bed which we all three fell upon.

With me on the right and Dee on the left, Mary just spread her legs and sighed with pleasure.

Grandmother looked over at me and side, “she is so wet, and I think you should fill her full before she explodes without you.”

I got up on all fours and with my penis pointing straight at that “love tunnel” I leaned forward. Dee stopped me for a minute and placed her mouth on my cock and licked it a couple of time to get it slick with her juices and then guided my cock towards Mary’s twitching pussy.

Dee told me to stop just with the head at the entrance as a tease.

I did that and Mary almost screamed for the total length to be trust into her.

Dee slapped my ass and said to go for it.

I pushed my cock into that “OH so wet tunnel” and held it at its max. as my cock bottomed out.

Mary screamed with pleasure and started to swirl her hips as I stroked in and out. Dee reached out and grabbed my balls and I explode into Mary so fast and hard she came instantly also.

Mary and I collapse together and Dee hugged us for the next hour or so as we all fell asleep.

I woke first and wiggled out to go take a piss while they both sleep.

As I was pissing I heard the door open and grandmother walked in and took hold of my cock and assisted in my aim.

She then sat down and emptied herself.

Mary was right behind us and then we all three got into the largest shower I had ever seen. It had two shower heads and a steam control.

We washed each other and then sat on the ledge to soak in the stream. After about a half hour we rinsed off and dried each other and went out to fix the food we purchased on the way home for supper.

We sat around the pool after dinner talking about where I was going to continue college and both agreed that there were a couple if fine schools near Phoenix that I could attend and live with either of them to save costs. (I knew what they both want for rent)

About 11:00 PM Dee suggested that we all get a good night sleep as they had something special plan for the next day.

MORE excitement in the next chapter to explain what was in store for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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