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June laughed loudly, as she pushed open the door to her apartment. One could be forgiven for thinking that she was drunk. In truth, we had had nothing more than tea and croissants at the Naivas Riruta cafe, but she was in a very cheerful mood.

That afternoon I had arrived at her office to collect the final leases for my new units in the Tsavo developments. Her boss the owner of the lawyers’ firm, had served our family for more than a decade, having handled my father’s estate after his demise. He had overseen the granting of letters of administration to my mother, and later when she wanted to bring the whole process to a conclusion, he had handled the passing on of the properties to each of us as per her wishes.

June had joined the firm some two years earlier and at first had been very businesslike to me when I went to see Oscar Muriu, the lawyer. A dark woman, her beauty was not evident when she was stern and serious, showing none of her very white teeth. But once she had happened to smile at me, and I was struck by how beautiful she really was. Her eyes glowed out of her dark face, bright and shining; her lips had curled up prettily making her whole face radiant.

“My goodness, why have you never shown me those teeth before?” I exclaimed.

“Why?” she asked with a puzzled frown.

“When you smile it shows what a lovely woman you are!” I returned.

The frown vanished in a trice, and the radiant smile came back, if possible at double its power. “Thank you so much!” But she went on to deny that she had put on a forbidding attitude towards me.

Once, when signing a batch of documents, I asked for a thick-pointed pen. She said they did not have one. I ended up using the thickest one she could produce, but she suggested that next time I came in, I could bring a pen I would want to use.

“I would keep it safe for you,” she offered.

“Oh, wow! Would you really do that?”

“Yes, and you can use it every time you need to.”

So I did. She would bring it to me holding it almost reverently, and once I was done signing she would take it back to the drawer in which she kept it.

Once Oscar noted that June and I could work together, he handed many of the tasks relating to my project to her, only needing to speak to me on complex issues. She handled the more routine matters, which I enjoyed doing very much. On these occasions I was careful to bring her a small present.

One afternoon it was a small chocolate. As soon as I handed it to her she closed her eyes and exhaled heavily. She kept her head lowered for a moment more, before looking up at me.

“A chocolate! I love chocolates so much!” she exulted. “Thank you, thank you!”

I wished it was a larger one, or one of those with special flavours. ‘I would have surely brought it instead,’ I thought.

Her warmth towards me increased exponentially after that. We worked even better together. I could call her ahead if needing to come to the office, and sometimes not. Often it was she who phoned me when something needing my attention had come from Tsavo’s lawyers, and sometimes not. I became a little naughty, sometimes popping in when I had no real need to, especially on a Monday when Oscar was not likely to be in the office. But once he found me sitting in the boardroom working furiously on my tablet. He wished me a good morning and we chatted briefly before he went off to his corner office. I wondered why I had bothered to avoid him before, since he had more or less handed me off to June, showing that he had confidence in his assistant, and that he had no qualms about me working closely with her.

As the process moved forward so did our liking for each other grow. There had been kaçak iddaa occasions when we had gone out for coffee after she had left work in the evening, such as the one when she was laughing so cheerfully, almost as if she had imbibed a strong drink. I exulted to think that I had helped bring about that joyful spirit, from the days when she had been all too somber. Now armed with my leases, the process was at an end, causing both of us a slight regret that we would not be seeing as much of each other as we had become used to.

We entered her beautifully furnished abode. The carpet was patterned in black, deep red, grey and vast swathes of white. Facing us was a black leather sofa set against the far wall. A door beside it led off to what I took to be her bedroom, since the only other door was on the right and led to the bathroom. The well-appointed kitchenette was in the left corner marked off with a hip-height wall. The curtains echoed the colors of the carpet, as did various ornaments strategically placed around the room.

“Welcome to my humble house,” said June.

“Thank you. This is a beautiful home,” I replied, turning towards her to give her a hug. She giggled and leaned her body away from me slightly. I insisted, pulling her to me gently which she did not resist too strongly. Our bodies came together and I wrapped my arms around her, to which she responded warmly. I held her a little off me, looking into her face for a moment. Her teeth flashed in a smile, as I lay my palm on her cheek. Then I squeezed her upper arms gently before releasing her.

“Sit anywhere you like,” she invited me as she pushed open the door to her bedroom. She came back dressed in yoga pants and a light green t-shirt. “Would you like a juice?”

“Yeah, but after about five minutes, please. Just let me get my breath back.”

I could see she had no bra under that t-shirt. She poured herself a glass of juice from the Del Monte packet sitting on a tray on the table before taking a seat at right angles to mine. Taking the remote from the glass-topped coffee table she switched on the TV, selecting the NatGeo channel. I enjoyed the jiggling of her tits as she moved.

There was a documentary about a troop of baboons in the forests of Rwanda. The dominant male was having to fight off a challenge from an invading one. He successfully defended both his territory and his females. She poured me a glass of juice.

“Thank you,” I said.

As we watched the male with his harem, we were intrigued that baboons had sex facing each other much like humans, and unlike most other animals. When I made this observation it set her to new rounds of laughter, albeit laced with some embarrassment.

At the end of that episode, I rose to excuse myself. “Every good thing is repeatable,” I said as I folded her in a goodnight hug, then kissed her forehead.

“It had better be soon,” she challenged me.

“Good night,” I said as I descended the stairs towards the parking and my car. As I drove out of the gate I mused how fortunate I was that she lived mere minutes away from me.

Two weeks after this I called her and invited her to dinner at the Villa Rossa Kempinsky, where the previous month the US president had been hosted when he paid a visit to the country.

As we sat down, I said to her, “Do you really think Obama slept here?”

“I also had my doubts. The heavy guard posted around the hotel and the roads leading to it may have been mere decoy. He could have been anywhere else.”

“My sentiments exactly,” I echoed.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner, during which there was a lot more touching than ever before. She was in a better mood than the last time I had seen her, and it rubbed kaçak bahis off on me.

I escorted her home. In the car she laid her hand on my thigh, rubbing me from time to time. “Careful,” I warned her, when she neared my crotch. “You don’t want me crashing us into that gutter on your side of the road.”

“There is another gash I am thinking of drawing you into,” she said with a side-glance at me, throwing us both into fits of naughty laughter.

I drove in through the gate to her apartment block, parking at the far end where I was not likely blocking a resident’s allotted parking. We went up, hands brushing against each other, wanting more than anything to link them. But neither wanted too much of a display of affection in public. This changed suddenly once we were behind her door. We grabbed each other hungrily, all the held-back emotions of the past hour breaking to the surface.

I kissed her hard and energetically, to which I received enthusiastic reply. We fell upon the nearest seat caressing each other all over. She seemed to be as hungry as, if not more than, me. She opened her mouth to me, so that my tongue invaded her mouth greedily. She moaned loudly, her hand doing a wild dance over my shoulder blades. She sucked my tongue so powerfully that I felt as if she might pull it right off my mouth. The two tongues dueled for long moments taking us higher and higher. It was time to take things to the next level.

I pulled away to allow myself to take off my shirt, then make an attack on her top. In my hurry I may have taken one or two buttons off. In seconds I could admire her tits encased in a padded bra. I wondered idly why she needed padded bras for tits that had seemed so firm under her t-shirt. My hunger to see them in their full glory took over. I reached behind her and pulled at the clasps aggressively. They came off with a snap. I took the straps off her shoulders, revealing the tits bit by bit.

I pushed her against the seat so that I could admire them. As dark as her skin was the aureole was yet darker, now puckered together in the coolness of the room. I cupped both in my palms lifting them slightly. My thumbs could reach the nipples, bending them this way and that.

She moaned in lust. I could not have prevented myself, had I even wanted to, from lowering my head to lick a nipple lightly. I felt her hand at the back of my head caressing me softly.

This changed abruptly when I drew both aureole and nipple into my mouth, lashing the tip with my tongue.

“Aaaaah, Joo-ohn! What are you doing to me?” She yelled. I made as if to suck the entire tit into the mouth. The sucking pressure suddenly became too much for her, and she stiffened all over with another loud yell.

I quickly switched to the other tit, first attacking the nipple with the tip of my tongue. The hand went to relieve the mouth on the right breast. My finger slid on the wetness left there. I could feel that nipple still erect while I sucked its partner in crime. Then aureole was lost between my lips as I sucked some more. I tried to match the pressure and rhythm on both tits. I could feel her excitement mounting higher and higher, until I sucked as much titflesh into my mouth as I could. Then keeping a tight clamp on the whole breast I drew off slowly until only the nipple was in my mouth. My fingers were pulling on the other nipple. Then I squeezed the nipple between my teeth and lips letting it slip from my mouth; at the same time my fingers pulled and released the nipple in their grasp.

This time I was rewarded with a roar from the back of her throat as she hit another orgasm, this one far more powerful than the last. It took her some time to recover from. Meanwhile illegal bahis my fingers and mouth were back at their action stations, softly palpitating the boobs.

“Oh, my God! You are far more wicked than you let on.”

“Me, wicked? Don’t let my mother hear you saying that!” I countered, moving my mouth to kissing her. I lifted off. “Not only would she not believe you, most likely you would stop a very fast-moving palm with your delicate cheek!”

With that I stood up to push my trousers down my legs. My boxers followed in short order, leaving me in my glorious birthday suit. “Please stand up,” I commanded in a mock-teacher voice.

She did, but after she let me divest her of her skirt, she did not sit down. She pulled me by the hands towards her bedroom, both of us now nude. “What would Oscar think if he even imagined where we were?”

I let out a soft chuckle. His shock and consternation was just beyond the bounds of my imagination! I grabbed her nakedness into a hug and kissed her full in the mouth. In scant seconds my cock stood to full attention, wedging itself between our bodies.

“Do you want to poke a hole through my navel with that?”

“Come on, that is not the gash you had in mind, is it?” My hand descended to between her legs and I raked my nails through her sparse pubic hair.

“You have found it by yourself,” she observed with a grin, as she guided us onto her bed, neatly made as if hadn’t been slept in for the past week. She sat down demurely with her legs tightly clamped together, as I continued kissing her. Without warning I bent, hooked my hand under her knees and lifted her onto the bed. The movement was so sudden that she had no chance to keep her legs closed. My hand was between them in no time at all, finding her slit and its wetness. As is usual with me the thought that she was that wet for me excited me no end. I slid deeper, rubbing the juices all over her outer lips as well. Then I visited her clit, squeezing it, bending it one way then the other. A loud moan escaped her lips. I contemplated bringing her to her third orgasm by frigging her clit very fast, but she had her fingers wrapped around my stem by this time.

“Give yourself to me, please! Don’t keep me waiting any longer.”

I hooked my hands under both knees, lifting them almost to her chest. This opened her cunt, and much as I wanted to suck its pink folds her plea rang in my ears. I lifted my body over hers and aimed my spear, and with great accuracy hurled it right at her centre. The head sank into her warm wetness followed be some inches of the stem. If I pushed any harder our skins would get stuck and probably injure ourselves because I was not well lubricated. I drew back a little pushed back a bit making sure that the stem was being properly covered with her juices. Eventually I had sank in all the way. I pulled all the way out, causing her to gasp; she probably thought I was going to come out. Her hand was laid tentatively on my bottom, which only added my vigour for the move I had planned. I drove insistently into her all the way to the hilt. She screamed. Again I reversed out and rammed it all the way in, causing another scream to rend the air.

“Like that, my boy!” she said between gasps.

I increased the frequency since the amplitude had already received endorsement from her. Faster and faster I hammered her eager cunt, to grunts of satisfaction issuing from her. Then her arms went around my neck locking me powerfully. Her legs straightened out stiffly, while an ear splitting scream came from her lips. At this point I pushed in as far as I could go, making only shallow strokes deep inside her. She kept on coming, each time as she seemed to subside another mini-orgasm hit her.

Eventually even my back muscles tired, forcing me to slow down, then withdraw gently with a soft ‘plop’. We lay against each other panting like steam engines.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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