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I had a bizarre experience over ten years ago. Oh, I’m exaggerating excessively. Not a bit bizarre! Very hot and muggy. First of all: I am open-minded and adventurous.

When I think about it today, my blissful land pulsates and I get very wet.

It was a terribly boring party at my friend Erika’s house. She had married richly and lived in a villa. So house is an understatement.

It was an uncomfortably humid July day. The evening and the night before there had been violent thunderstorms, which released themselves with heavy rain and gusts.

I was lying restless and awake in my bed. Not out of fear of this natural force, but because I finally wanted to be screwed again. The lust built up powerfully in me.

I just had no boyfriend at the time, so no twitching penis could satisfy my lascivious pussy. I took off my underpants and thought that the woman could be her own man if I couldn’t find anyone to fuck, at least at the moment.

I massaged my pearl and at the same time I put three fingers in my love tunnel. Secretion stuck to my phalanges as I powerfully pushed it open and my fingers inside of me. I was slippery wet. The double work paid off. I came powerfully and moaning. I then licked my salty tasting fingers with relish.

What I dreamt of was fisted one day in my cunt and ass. That’s what happened, but that’s another story …

Although all the windows in the villa were open, as well as the porch and balcony doors, the air was unpleasant.

I was wearing a light linen dress, a lace bra, and cotton panties. The clothes stuck to my body.

I was tired and drank too much juice. Exactly, juice! I don’t touch alcohol because I like to soberly watch how others make a fool of themselves drunk.

The “heavy drinking” took its toll. I had to pee badly. I knew the building and where the three bathrooms were.

The one on the ground floor was locked from the inside. Damn! I swore and hurried to the first floor. There was no further floor.

I swung open the door to the bathroom and froze on the spot. Two attractive guys, about my age, known to me only briefly as friends of Erika’s husband, were having fun together.

Their abdomen were bare and one was kneeling in front of the other. He devotedly sucked the other one’s cock as he clawed into the buttocks of the standing man and fingered the inside of his behind with an indefinable number of digits of his right hand.

The penis slipped out of the mouth of the trabzon escort licking man in surprise and he looked at me flabbergasted and in horror with wide eyes.

Likewise, the standing person who actually stood in two ways. I put my hand over my mouth, giggled awkwardly, and tried to turn away to go. In no way did I want to be the disruptive factor of a date.

I was already closing the door, but the kneeling man stood up and called something:

“Wait!” he said insistently.

Oh yes, the request for discretion and confidentiality probably came now. But how I was wrong.

“My name is Peter and this is Raphael!” he introduced the unfortunate man, who was no longer stiff.

“We are both bisexual and if you want to join a hot threesome?” Peter asked bluntly. Raphael grinned suggestively and licked his sensual lips ambiguously. I cannot describe them in more detail so that nobody will recognize them. They have a few special, individual features that you can still identify them with today.

I was dumbfounded and don’t know which lecherous, two-tailed Devil was riding me there, but I entered and locked the door behind me.

They smiled at each other hungrily and then at me.

“Excuse me! I have to pee first!” I announced and wanted to go to the toilet bowl in the far corner.

“Delicious pee! Take off your underpants and piss in my mouth!” whispered Peter.

I looked at him in astonishment, but daring, experimentation and maybe a pinch of madness drove me on.

Without a comment, I lifted the dress and, as the joke is said, got rid of the pussy tuxedo. My bladder was filled to the brim.

Peter lay down. The bathroom was really big enough for any kind of action. He opened his mouth wide.

I actually thought it was an abnormal practice, but now it turned me on and I followed my instinct for what to do.

I crouched over his mouth at the level of it and lowered my abdomen so far that Peter’s tongue could have touched my clit. I started letting the sparkling wine run in a small stream so nothing went wrong.

An unreal experience. He detected himself on my urine, swallowed steadily, looked blissful after all. I usually empty myself faster, but I just didn’t want to pollute anything.

When I and he was done, I wanted to get up when he grabbed me and pushed me on the back to the ground. A little scream escaped me and I got scared. Where did I end up here? He pulled the dress and bra from my trabzon escort bayan breast.

However, he didn’t want to do violence to me. He pushed my dress up and sank between my legs, sinking his nose, lips and tongue into and on my nookie. It was indescribable. He did not aimlessly lick me with saliva, but was a tongue-tied acrobat.

His quick tongue stroke, which worked on my clit, caused it to swell sensitively. My labia were encased and my hole widened. I opened like a flower. His tongue pierced my vagina and eagerly licked my juices, which were now beginning to flow.

The men’s tails were still bared and both were now stiff and hard-erected pussy knights, ready to conquer.

Fortunately, there was everything necessary for sex in this room: condoms, lubricants, vibrators … Erika’s supplies actually.

Raphael brought two Parisians and lubricant. Both of them hastily slip on the condoms. What was coming now? I was extremely excited, wet, already widened and the pounding and pulling was painful and longing.

Smacking Peter entered me. Up to the root. My wet craving made it easy for him. But I’m proud to be nice and tight. We both groaned and moaned as he fiercely poked, thrusted and rubbed me.

And now came the special surprise for me. Lingering inside me, Peter pulled me towards him so that I lay on my side. A small, sharp cry escaped me when I felt a finger, full of lubricant that entered through my back door. Then two, then three. Raphael prepared me to take up his big prick, much bigger than Peter’s.

Even though it felt like a hectolitre of lubricant in me, I held my breath as his magnificent sword tip pushed through my anus. When that was done, he was soon completely inside me. In the beginning it hurt, but and I’m not exaggerating, ecstasies of pleasure flooded me ..

Both men turned me into the middle of a sandwich. They found a common rhythm and how they fucked me hard. That happened to me! I would never have thought that possible. It was paradise on earth for me because I have a strong preference for being dunked, but in my wildest dreams I didn’t expect to be served from the front and back at the same time.

Peter sucked on my nipples until they hardened and Raphael worked my excited bliss button from behind with his hand. Man, I was wet and literally hovered.

First Peter came with a deep rumble and groan, then I experienced a ransacking orgasm when my pussy and anus contracted escort trabzon almost simultaneously. Both had well-built daggers and they knew how to handle them. I whimpered lustily. Raphael came last.

Too bad that for hygienic reasons they couldn’t both squirt in me, because I would have loved if their sperm had run out of my two holes.

Both of them withdrew. I lay comfortably exhausted on the floor. They peeled the condoms off and wrapped them in toilet paper to then dispose of them in a small trash can with a lid.

Incredible, but Raphael’s spanker was getting stiff and hard again. He grinned at me.

“I’m banging Peter now! I don’t use a condom because we’re a couple! You can watch if you like!”

Peter braced himself against the wall, his back to Raphael. I could see everything. Raphael had the lubricant ready.

He smeared his sharp knife and Peter’s love opening. Then he pushed centimeter by centimeter into Peter’s butt, which greedily sucked in Raphael’s lance. Wow! The sight made me horny. Raphael started thrusting Peter with force and slid up and down. Peter groaned with pleasure. He supported himself with his arms and there was still space between the wall and his body in front of him.

I had a daring idea. I wanted to participate. I love fellatio and the taste of semen.

I crawled into the free space on all fours. Both men only noticed it marginally, as immersed as they were. I gripped his hips and with my lips eagerly took Peter’s erect stick in my warm, wet mouth. I licked off the lust drops and sucked, sucked like a woman possessed.

It pulsed in me and it wasn’t long before my eagerness made him twitch and it unloaded into my oral cavity. Fortunately, the taste was pleasant when I swallowed. Sweet and salty at the same time. Raphael shot his seed in Peter’s arse. Fascinating! Because by now I was crawling back to my observation post and could see Peter’s anus twitching violently and sucking out Raphael’s penis. Raphael pulled out his limp warrior. Peter was still panting heavily, but so was Raphael.

Peter’s asshole was still gaping open and the cream was slowly running out. To be honest, I was a little jealous.

Both smiled at me and dressed themselves. I straightened my bra, my dress, put my panties back on. The three of us washed our hands one after the other, looked at each other knowingly and returned to the party.

Erika smiled at me cryptically for the rest of the evening. Had we been heard? What the Hell? It was worth the “intoxication”.

I had no idea what I was going to experience five years later, but that’s another adventure!

By the way: The Earl of Sandwich would never had thought, which quite naughty meaning is name would become also!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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