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I meet you in the lobby of our apartment building. You’re sexy with the body of a god. Yum! I am too shy to say anything but you ask if I’d like to hang out and have a drink. We sit in the commons area and go through a few glasses of wine before deciding to turn In for the night.

You walk me to my room and give me a quick kiss. “I enjoyed our talk. I’ll see you later.” you say.

I just kind of giggle nervously. I know what you’re thinking but the thoughts going through my head are anything but childish.

I go in my apartment and get naked for bed. My nipples ache from the excitement of the night. I’ll never fall asleep if I don’t cum to ease the tension you’ve put in my body.

I lay down and lightly brush my tight nipples while thinking of you. It sends tingles all the way down to my pussy. My body tightens with the feeling as I continue stroking.

I wonder what your mouth would feel like on my aching nipples. I begin tracing my clit with my finger tip. That kiss was amazing. If I was a brave girl I would’ve pulled you into my room and had my way with you.

There’s a knock on my door. Who the fuck is it. It’s late so I ignore it. The knock comes again a bit louder. Damn it! I wanted to cum and some idiot is pounding on my door. I throw on a robe & march to see who I’m going to lay into.

As I open the door, you push your way güvenilir bahis in. You close and lock the door before pushing me against the wall. “Yeah, so now it’s later. I forgot something” you pant into my face. “I forgot this.”

With those words you press your body against mine and kiss me like an animal. My mouth and neck are being attacked. I’m shocked to find that I am seriously turned on.

“Please” slips from my mouth as you are devouring me.

You push my robe to the ground and step back. Thank god for the wall or I’d be a heap on the floor.

“Spread your fucking legs!” you demand. I feel my pussy gush as I wait to see what you’ll do. “You smell like sex. I just fucking left. What were you doing?” you ask.

I kind of stutter “touching myself” and glance down embarrassed.

You grab my hands and smell them both until you find the fingers that were just moments ago tracing my clit. “Mmmmmm! You smell delicious. Don’t stop on my account.” With this you sit down.

“Wwwwhat?” I say wondering if I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole. This shit doesn’t happen to me. Then it hits me. I’m dreaming. Fuck it then, let’s do this.

My hands move back to their previous positions. My left hand gently grazing my nipple. My right hand reaching for the moisture between my legs. After finding it, I stroke my clit lightly spreading my juices on güvenilir bahis siteleri it to make it nice and slick.

I put my foot up on the windowsill right beside you. This feels wonderful because I’ve opened myself up so you can see how swollen my needy clit is. My fingers continue to circle. “Fuck this feels so good!” I moan.

I look over to see you watching intently. You watch and listen to see what I’ll do next. I push my stroking finger into my wet pussy and moan. “Fuck yeah. Do you like what you see?” I ask.

You move over to me and kneel with your head at my crotch. Laying your cheek on my pubes you take a deep breath and growl. This of course causes me to grow much wetter.

“Put your leg over my shoulder and hold on to my head.” you tell me. As I follow your directions you bury your face in my dripping pussy and lick me like a melting ice cream cone. Your moans are driving me fucking crazy. Your hot, wet tongue laps up all the juices created by my horny body.

“Damn! Holy fuck! That feels so good.” I shout. “Please don’t stop.”

Your tongue alternates between circling my clit and sweeping into my pussy to gather my juices. My thighs are covered as well. Your tongue is working me into a fit of craziness. I press my pussy into your face harder.

“That’s right baby. Fuck yourself on my tongue just like you need it.” iddaa siteleri I hear from between my legs. With your permission I begin rocking my hips back and forth faster and faster until I’m getting ready to cum harder than I ever have.

You pull away. “No no no no no” I keep repeating.

You unzip your fly and pull out your rigid cock. Holy shit does it look good. Without asking I drop to my knees and gorge myself on you. I take as much as I can. My head bobbing frantically.

You moan your encouragement “Fuck baby. Just like that. Take it all baby.” You grab the back of my head and slide your cock into my throat. I choke a bit gagging around your long, thick dick. You pull my head away so I can get a quick breath before you begin fucking my face.

Suddenly you pull me back up. You kiss me raggedly and pull my leg onto your hip. “Your cock is so close to my dripping pussy. Please god put it in and fuck me.”

You do. Your straining dick pounds into me over and over as you growl sexy dirty talk into my ear. “Is that what you wanted? Uh, huh. Take it all. I’m going to cum in your tight little pussy so hard. Oh fuck yeah.”

With your sexy words ringing in my head, you pinch my nipples and I shatter, screaming “Fuck yeah! Just like that. So gooood! Mother fucker, YEEEEESSSSS!”

“I’m coming baby. That tight pussy is strangling my cock. I can’t hold it any longer.” you say before grunting your release.

Your cum is dripping down my legs. We’re both panting and leaning heavily on the wall. You lay me on the bed. Cover me up and leave me to get some much needed rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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