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One of the anonymous feedbacks I got requested another chapter – so here it is! If you haven’t read the first 2 chapters then you might want to do that first.


Unfortunately, it was a while before our schedules worked out again – Denise had several out of town conferences to go to and the weekends without our kids didn’t coincide. The one weekend we did have free turned out to be the wrong time of the month for sex so while we were still able to get together for a great supper, a movie and some hot necking on the couch, both of us knew that was about all we were going to get. Things looked even worse for the next few weeks because she was out of town or had meetings on all my free nights and then had a couple of weekend training courses that she was helping to run.

Even without time for sex, we were definitely starting to really enjoy each other’s company more and more and would regularly exchange hot emails when we couldn’t see each other. We’d gotten together for a quick burger and beer supper one Thursday before I had to go out when she mentioned that she’d be leaving the next night for a 2 day course in Toronto, and to make matters worse the woman that was supposed to be instructing with her suddenly had family problems and wouldn’t be going so she’d have to do all the sessions herself – no big deal as she’d done them many times before but it still wouldn’t give her a break. I didn’t think much of it at the time but the next morning it clicked that she’d have the hotel room all to herself.

That day I made a few calls to her company’s head office and found out where the training sessions were and from there it was only a few more calls to find out what hotel she was staying at. I packed up my clothes and a few other things to take with me, left around noon on the Saturday morning and made it to the hotel well before her last afternoon session would be finished. I told the desk manager that I was her fiancé and wanted to surprise her so a bit of quick talking and a $20 bill got me a second access card to her room. I’d brought several candles with me which I lit throughout the room and having planned ahead I put a big piece of tape over the smoke detector just to make sure it didn’t go off! I’d put a bottle of wine on ice and just had time to finish filling the whirlpool tub when I heard the door click as she slid her card into reader beside it.

The first things she saw when she came into the room were the candles and I could tell that for a second she thought she was in the wrong room. As her eyes adjusted to the dimmer lighting she noticed the vase of roses on her dresser fethiye escort and then finally noticed me standing just off to the side. The look on her face when she realized what was happening was worth many times more than the cost and time of arranging it all. The slightly tired, worn out look was instantly replaced with a huge smile and I swear even her eyes lit up. “I thought you might like some comp…” was all I got out before her arms were around me and we’d tumbled back onto the bed.

The weeks of not being able to get together quickly faded into the past as we held and kissed each other. I hadn’t been 100% sure how she’d react to my being in her hotel room, but there was nothing in her kisses that made me think she minded in the least. As our tongues continued to tease each other, our hands were also busy, touching and caressing each other. I knew if I didn’t stop very soon we’d end up naked and making love on the bed. That certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I had other plans first. I could see a look of disappointment on her face as I gently pushed her away from me and got up off the bed. Her look changed from confusion to delight when I whispered to her that the tub was ready and I wanted to undress her.

Even though I’d seen her naked several times, there was something very erotic and sensual about undoing the buttons, zippers and snaps and slowly removing her clothes. We had all night so I took my time touching and teasing her as the clothes formed an ever growing pile at her feet. As soon as she was naked she started undressing me in the same slow, erotic way and it wasn’t long before we were enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies pressed together with our arms around the other.

Reluctantly, I pulled away again, turned the jets on and opened the wine. Glass of wine in hand, I settled into the hot, swirling water and guided her down in front of me so that her back was toward me. As she sipped her wine, I started rubbing her shoulders and neck, gently working out the tensions of the day. As my hands worked further down her naked back, I also worked further around her sides until I was caressing the gently curved sides of her breasts. With a soft sigh, she leaned back against me, giving me full access to her body. Now I could easily touch and tease her nipples, tracing random patterns around them and down her stomach through the bubbles, getting close to but never quite touching her smoothly shaven sex.

I’m not sure how long we were in the tub but our glasses had been emptied and refilled several times before Denise was the one to pull away, take my hand and get out of the tub leading me with her. We dried escort fethiye each other off, moved to the bed and quickly melted together, pressing our naked bodies as close together as we could while we kissed and touched each other. Soon she was on top of me, grinding her crotch against my hard on. Again as much as I wanted to take her right then and there, I had other plans so I rolled us over and began to touch, kiss and lick my way from her mouth and down her neck. Of course I spent a lot of time teasing, nibbling and sucking her delicious nipples before I continued down her belly, followed the crease of her thigh to her crotch and continued teasing her by bypassing her pussy to work my way down the inside of one leg before moving over and going back up the other. By the time my tongue first touched her smoothly shaved slit she was literally wet – I could see little trails of her juices where they’d run down toward her asscheeks.

As she’d found out the first time we were together I thoroughly enjoy going down on a woman and tonight was no exception. As my tongue traced patterns around and over her hard exposed clit, my fingers were also busy teasing the opening to her wetness. It didn’t take long before I could feel her quiver with several ‘mini’ orgasms so I knew the real thing wasn’t far off. As I applied more pressure with my tongue on her clit, I brought the small vibrating egg that I’d hidden under the covers up to her hot slit. Even though I’d been holding it to make sure it was warm, she still jumped a bit when I first pressed it to her opening. I started easing it in and out; going a little bit deeper each time until finally it slid all the way inside.

Just as she was getting used to the feeling of having something inside her, I started sucking on her clit and turned the egg on to low speed. The effect was immediate as she arched her clit against my mouth and came with a loud moan. Remembering how her juices flowed the first time she came when I went down on her, I moved my fingers to her clit and did my best to suck the juices out of her pussy and I wasn’t disappointed! The more I played with her clit and sucked on her pussy, the harder she came until she finally rolled away because she was just too sensitive.

We spooned together and cuddled like that for a bit until she’d calmed down enough to roll over and push me onto my back. Just as I did earlier, she started kissing me and then nibbled and licked her way down until I felt her hot breath on my cock. The feeling of her warm, wet mouth sliding down over me was incredible and we both knew that I wasn’t going to last long. I’d like to think I did a pretty fethiye escort bayan good job of holding off but when she wet her finger and started teasing my asshole with it, there wasn’t any hope at all of holding back any longer. I could feel each contraction as spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth. When my orgasm ended, I looked down at her just in time to see her tongue sweeping the little bit of escaped cum back into her mouth as she swallowed it all.

That sight alone was all it took to keep me hard as she moved up over my body and lowered herself onto my cock at the same time her tongue slid past my lips. We made love for well over an hour, shifting positions every so often until she was on her knees with her head on the pillow and I was sliding in and out of her pussy with long, steady strokes. I knew I wasn’t far from cumming and from her moaning and breathing I didn’t think she was either.

I reached around under her with the vibrating egg and ran it all around where I was sliding in and out of her, occasionally running it up a bit higher to tease her clit. When I was sure she was getting close to cumming, I took the well lubed egg and gently applied it to her crinkled asshole. Surprised, she pulled away at first but when she realized what I was doing, she slowly pushed back against my cock and the egg, forcing both into her. I held still and let her set the pace until finally the egg popped all the way into her ass. As soon as it did, I could feel the vibrations against my cock and increased the speed of my thrusts. I knew she was stroking her clit because every so often her fingers would come up to where we were joined to get a little bit more of her juices on them. She came first but when I felt the muscles in her pussy spasming on my cock, I started cumming too. Even though it was the second time that night for me, I could feel spurt after spurt shooting into her.

As our orgasms ended, I pulled the egg out of her ass which sent a couple more aftershocks through her. We stayed together like that for a minute or so before collapsing together onto the bed and then rolled onto our sides so we could hold each other tightly knowing how good the other felt. As we lay there just enjoying having the other there, Denise whispered to me, “did you bring any other toys with you?”

“I might have, but I think I’m going to let you think about the possibilities while you have your sessions tomorrow and I’ll be waiting here when you’re done” I answered, “right now, how about we get cleaned up and have some food sent up – I think we’re going to need the energy!”

By the time we’d cleaned up and had supper it was getting pretty late so we decided to call it a night – but not before we made love one more time. From a neighbour, to a friend, to a lover – and unless she had other ideas I think we were going to become much more than just lovers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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