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I slept a fitful sleep that evening. I had started out the night by browsing for videos at the local porno shop. I was wearing women’s underwear, and a pair of large black men noticed my bra straps. These men subsequently took me to a house and raped my virgin ass and mouth. Afterward the men dumped me in an alley in my underwear, keeping my things including my wallet and male clothes.

They made me promise to visit them the next night for more humiliation and sex. I woke the next morning, feeling humiliated and very sore where the had abused me. At about eleven am I received a phone call. The caller was Malik, one of my captors, and he reminded me that they knew where I lived, and that I better show up at the house tonight. He told me they would come find me, and post photos that they had taken the night before, on the Internet. He was very clear that if I ran, I would incur a severe punishment from them…

I felt as though I had no choice. Be raped voluntarily by these men or run away and incur many possible consequences. I decided that it would be easier on me if I went along with their evil plan. At six PM I drew a hot bath, gingerly stepping into it. I shaved all the hair off my body since the men had asked me to be as womanly as possible. Afterward I opened the trunk of clothes that I never before had dared to wear out of the house. I chose a sexy pink bra and panties, along with black seamed stockings.

The men were very clear that I was to dress as a whore, so I chose my black vinyl mini skirt and a red silk tank top as well. I got out a pair of black patent heels and started to comb out my long black wig. I applied foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and rouge to complete the effort. I put some lube on my ass and found a medium buttplug. I thought it would be better to have my butt pre-stretched for the night ahead. The plug hurt like hell going in due to the large cocks I experienced the night before. I stepped into the night and locked the door behind me. I was very afraid, as I had never been out while dressed as a girl. Several times on the way over I almost turned away. ankara olgun escort

But I kept thinking of the consequences. I pulled up at the house, and saw Malik and Al, my new masters, sitting on the porch. They were both wearing evil grins as I walked up. As I climbed the stair Malik said, “I see you are ready tonight. Get on your knees and beg us to fuck you. Do it right here on the porch, where everyone can see.”

As I slipped to my knees I noticed that Al was fiddling with a small video camera. “Now smile pretty” he said, “and beg right into the camera. Tell us how much you want our big black cocks, and maybe we will go easy on you tonight.” I was totally shocked, I realized that I could never claim rape to the police if I said this on tape. Malik came over and stood menacingly to one side and said, “make your choice whore, hard or easy, I feel a whipping coming on.” I swallowed and looked right into the camera. I smiled as I told the camera how much I wanted some big black cock. I begged them to use me as their fuck-toy, and do whatever they wished with me.

As Al put the camera down, Malik came over and gently placed a dog collar and leash around my neck. Malik tugged the leash and said, “well Al she begged for it, lets go make this bitches wish come true. He tugged on the leash, and made me crawl into the house. They led me to a different room tonight. At the door Malik said, “you will act like you love anything we do tonight, or we will leave you naked in the men’s room of the downtown rough sex bar later tonight.

So smile or else…” They led me into the room, which contained a bed and some other furniture. I noticed that there were two eyehooks in the ceiling with chains dangling from them. Malik led me over to the chains and told me to stand. The men fastened my arms to the chains and spread my legs. They then attached my legs to two eyebolts in the floor. Malik came up behind me and I could feel his erect cock rubbing on my skirt. My world went black as Malik slipped a leather blind fold over my eyes.

I felt a ankara ucuz escort slap, and as I opened my mouth to cry out, they slipped a large gag that felt like a penis into my mouth and secured it tightly. I felt hands on my skirt as one of the men began to fondle my ass. Malik laughed as he found the buttplug I was wearing. He said, “look Al, this whore has a plug in already!” He played with the plug, and then slipped it out of my ass. Suddenly I felt something very large forcing its way up my ass.

“Breath out and relax,” said Malik as he forced a much larger plug up my ass. I went to my tiptoes trying to avoid the pain, but eventually they succeeded in getting the monster into my ass. The men laughed as they left the room, telling me that they would return soon. In a few minutes I could hear the men return, there were noises in the room that I couldn’t identify. As they removed the blindfold I almost fainted when I saw two new men lying naked on the bed. Lights were set up in the room as if a movie were being shot. I was to be the star in their twisted home porno!

Malik said to the men, “here is the bitch that wanted to pull the train tonight boys.” The men came off the bed like uncoiling snakes. In less than ten seconds I was on my knees with both cocks in my hands. Al snapped his fingers telling me to look into the camera and smile. I smiled as the guys told me what they were planning. They told me they were going to use me as their whore, and told me to beg them to use me. I knelt there stroking the cocks of the two new men as Al and Malik stripped their clothes off. I told them I was a dirty whore, and that I needed their cocks in me.

I begged them to fill me with cock and shoot cum all over me. The first man grabbed me by the hair and pushed his cock past my lips. Malik said, “she loves to deep throat, don’t you slut?” I could only moan as the man pushed his cock deep into my throat. The men took turns slapping my face with their cocks and making me suck until Malik said, “get on the bed slut.” I crawled over to the bed and got up onto ankara yabancı escort my knees. One of the new men got in front of me and forced my head down onto his cock. I felt hands on my ass when the other man slipped my dress up over my back.

The man remarked,” look at this slut, she has a huge buttplug up her ass.” The man started to slap my ass with his hand, and as I tried to twist away, the other mans cock was pushed deeper in my throat. The second man told me to reach around and slip my panties down to my thighs. I reached around and slid my panties down, realizing that my little pecker was hard as a post! I was actually looking forward to this…

The man behind me started twisting and pulling on the buttplug in my ass. It was so big that I thought it was stuck forever, but as he twisted and pulled, my ass relaxed and he slid the plug out. I didn’t have long to relax as the man replaced the buttplug with his cock.

As the man behind me eased his cock in, the first man started slapping my face with his cock saying “tell me you love it slut.” I realized that I did want it, I was these men’s personal whore, and this turned me on! I told the men to call me a whore and give it to me. The men started to fuck me from both ends, with the man at the front grabbing my hair. Malik and Al were exchanging looks from behind the camera.

“We knew you loved this”, said Al as he stroked his cock from behind the camera. I smiled for the camera, as I was in no pain. The buttplug had stretched me out so much that it didn’t hurt to be fucked. The first man started to stiffen up and his cock surged in size.

The man pulled away and shot his come all over my face. He slapped me and said, “bitch you made me come too soon, when I get hard again I am gonna hurt that ass!” Meanwhile the second man rolled me over and pushed my knees back, he climbed on top and really started hammering my ass.

It felt like he was further up me than anything had ever been. I couldn’t get away, I could only moan “fuck me” as he used my ass. The man started to grunt faster as he got closer, suddenly he slammed into me and I felt his cock shoot deep into my ass. Malik and Al started to usher the men out, but the first man was angry because he didn’t get to fuck me. Al said, “come back anytime this bitch ain’t goin anywhere.”

I was horrified, as I realized that my degradation was to continue!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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