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It’s kind of funny – the things that you don’t realize until you’re older and in my case things really didn’t click until I was 18. I guess I was a typical teenager who was kind of lost in my own world – for me it was cars, computers and some sports.

Kids usually don’t remember a lot from childhood – maybe fragments of memories or images that pop to mind when you see or hear something and then looking back, you realize you didn’t have the whole picture. I mean, when kids get older they eventually figure out that mom and dad weren’t ‘wrestling’ in the bedroom after they went to bed.

Sarah was two years older than me and when she started college out of town, I’d asked mom and dad about moving into her old room (it was bigger) but was told to wait just in case Sarah’s college didn’t work out and she decided to move back in. Finally, when she was in her second year of college, I’d turned 19 and was in my first year of the local college so they finally said yes. Her old room was right beside theirs – mine had been across the hall and down a bit with the stairs and bathroom on my side so it was a lot smaller and got a lot hotter in the summer. Much to my surprise, a week or so after moving my stuff I realized that not only did mom and dad still have sex but I could easily hear them doing it through the wall. My first thought was ‘Ewwww!” but soon I found myself laying in bed at night jacking off listening to them and anything I couldn’t hear I was certainly able to imagine.

One night I’d made plans to go spend the night at my buddy Tom’s. I told my parents that I was going over to play video games but they knew we’d be having a few drinks however they were comfortable that I queenbet yeni giriş wouldn’t be driving and his parents would be home.

A few hours after getting to Tom’s, his parents got into a huge fight with lots of yelling and screaming so Tom mom was acting pretty much the same as she used to and I was more relaxed knowing I wasn’t going to come home to dishes, a mess and no supper. Every week or two she would slip and forget to do something – I’m not sure if it was accidental or on purpose – and I’d get to enjoy spanking her and then giving her a quick fuck.

Things changed a bit more one night when I’d gone to bed – well ok, I’d gone to my room to jack off to some porn. I was getting close to cumming when mom suddenly opened my bedroom door without knocking and came in. Well, that killed not only my train of thought but also my hardon. I was just going to ask mom what she wanted when she just held her finger up to her lips in the universal ‘silence’ motion and at the same time dropped the robe she was wearing. Seeing that she was naked underneath caused me to start getting hard again and when she came to my bed, pulled the sheet back and stroked me a few times I was totally hard again.

“Sometimes it’s not a spanking I need” was all she said before she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock.

Not another word was said as she rode me until she’d cum a few times with the quiet moans I’d heard the last time and then I finally erupted into her pussy. Still saying nothing, she gave me a quick kiss, grabbed her robe and left. Sometimes she would still get a spanking because of something she did or didn’t do and it was always followed by some really queenbet giriş hot sex but at the same time any time she got too horny she’d slip into my bedroom for a quickie.

Eventually it was almost June, college was done for the year and Sarah moved back home for the summer. She was amazed at how clean it was and how mom was acting. Mom had gone over to her friends for a bit of a pool party and we were having a couple of drinks around a campfire and both of us were nicely buzzed when she suddenly asked me what had snapped mom out of her slump and I said evasively, “well, it took a while but she finally came around.”

“I’ll say, I haven’t seen her this happy since dad was alive and he used to….” and suddenly she stopped and looked at me, “Sean – no, you’re not…. she wouldn’t let you…oh my god you’re spanking her, aren’t you?”

There wasn’t much sense in denying it so I just nodded and told her that she seemed to need a good spanking every so often to bring her around when she started feeling down.

“Sure, but whenever dad used to spank her they’d always end up…. fuck no – you’re not fucking mom too are you?”

I just looked at the ground but the look on my face must have been the only answer she needed because she softly said, “wow….my brother’s spanking and fucking my mom just like dad used to. That’s really fucked up… but it’s hot as hell too!”

At first, I thought she was going to freak but when I heard her say she thought it was hot I figured maybe things would be ok after all. She looked at me for what felt like forever before I broke the silence with, “I know it’s fucked up but it’s working – for both of us. You think it’s hot?”

Now queenbet güvenilirmi was her turn to look at the ground before almost whispering, “I used to hear them and when I finally figured out dad was spanking her, I’d lay there playing with myself. Since then I’ve wondered what it would be like to be spanked but I was always too embarrassed to ask anyone I was dating.”

When she brought her head up and looked at me, I smiled and said, “Well, likely something a brother shouldn’t say to his sister but considering the conversation we just had – if you ever want to find out just let me know!”

With a bit of a smile she said, “I’ll certainly keep that in mind.” Then she got a funny look on her face and said “Other than porn, I’ve never seen anyone get spanked but I’d like to – any chance I can watch you spank mom sometime?”

“Hmmm, well…. our mom said she’d be back by 9 and it’s almost 11:00 – I’d say she deserves a spanking! I’ll tell her you decided to go out for a couple of drinks with Julie and won’t be home until closing time but instead you can hide downstairs. I’ll be downstairs too and when she gets home, I’ll tell her she’s late and you can watch me spank her bent over the couch.”

“Fuck, that sounds hot, would you be fucking her afterwards too?”

“As long as you wouldn’t be grossed out watching then hopefully yes.”

“I think I might be just as kinky as you because I’d love to watch both!”

Plan made! We hung out in the basement until we heard a car pull in, the front door open/shut and the car pulling away again. I dimmed the lights and Sarah quickly hid in the corner where it was dark enough that she couldn’t be seen. When I heard mom upstairs, I called up -“I’m downstairs, can you come down for a minute?”

I could tell by the way she held the railing and swayed a bit on the way over to me that she’d had more than a couple of drinks. “Glad you made it home, I was getting a bit worried.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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