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My pussy is dripping. Who are you? Why do you do this? I want my fingers inside of myself so bad. Shit. I want your fingers inside of me. I want you to touch me. I want you to lick me. I want you to rub my pussy and make my clit hard for you. Fuck.

Why aren’t you touching me? Can’t you see how wet I am? Can’t you see that my body is all yours? Shit.

My nipples are hard, my pussy is dripping and you’re nowhere around. So, do you know you’re doing this to me?

Probably not.

Don’t you know that every time I think of you I wonder what you would feel like inside of me? Do you know that every time I think of you I’m like, “Is this the time?” The time where I’m all his. Just this once. The time where I can break free and just let him do whatever he wants. I belong to him. I belong in his hands and my pussy belongs to him.

Does he even know that I’m still wet? Does he even know that I’m getting wetter? Does he even know that I would do whatever the fuck he says to do? I would get down on my knees and suck his dick as many times and how ever long he wants me to. Oh my goodness. What would he taste like? Does he drip when he’s hard. Does he throb when he comes. Shit, will I be able to handle all that he releases when it’s time? I have no idea but I sure would fucking try.

I’m throbbing right now and he doesn’t even know. I just want him in my mouth just once please. I want him to put his hands in my hair and pull me close to him. I want to smell him. I want him to make me taste and feel all of him. Feel every vein, every ripple, every part of him. Oh my. What does he smell like? It’s not like I can say, “Hey, drop your pants and let me smell you.” Because if I could I surely would. I want to lay him down and be over him with his dick in my mouth. My hair hanging down looking up occasionally to see the ecstasy in his eyes. To know that I am the reason he is going to be satisfied. I know because I would do anything to make sure he is.

I want to just lick him and lick him and lick him just because. I want to rub my tongue along his slit and taste him. I want to stick my tongue in and know that I will taste him soon. All this time though, I am wanting to feel his hands on me. Please, please, please. My nipples are so hard. My pussy is throbbing. I’m so wet that I am dripping. Please take me. I’m all yours. Promise.

Oh yes, I feel your hands in my hair pushing yourself deeper into my mouth and pulling me close enough to smell you. Smell you hot and ready. Smell you. Smell you like I want to. To get so close that I’ll remember it forever.

Wow, your eyes are closed in pure ecstasy and I’m doing it. I’m letting you know that I am yours for the taking. I’m letting you know that whatever you want to do next I would do it willingly.

My pussy is dripping and you reach down to pull me up. You pull me over you and you just slide in me just a little. You know, just enough to stick the head in and of course leave me wanting for more. This is bullshit. I’ve wanted to feel you this long and you tease me? Motherfucker.

The look on your face, that smirk, those eyes say you knew damn well what you were doing and enjoying it. What the fuck? So of course you have to do it again. Really?!?!?

Finally, fethiye escort you bring me close to your face and I can feel your breath on my pussy. I can feel you so close yet so far away. I’m trying to put my pussy in, on, around, near your mouth but of course you want to kiss my thighs. Well thanks for nothing. But I can’t stop panting or throbbing or dripping because this is a moment that I have been waiting for. Yeah, you know this and of course you want to torture me. Of course.

Finally, your tongue touches my clit and sends a shock to me like I’ve never known. “Damn, I should’ve done this earlier. I didn’t know with just that one touch I would be his. I mean yeah, I said it but whew, I feel it.”

I can feel his tongue lightly rubbing up and down my folds prolonging my pleasure. I mean I was just down there taking care of him. Um, why can’t he just get to it and take care of me? Why does he want to leave me in this overwhelming state of longing. Why? Why? No, for real why? Because he knew that I wanted him and that he was in control. He knew that I would stay as long as it took to know what he felt like. Bastard.

Ok, I know, I know I’m using bad words. Yes, I know but how else do you describe the man that you’ve wanted so long playing with your pussy? How would you describe him? Exactly!

Ahh, finally I feel him sticking his tongue inside of me. Yes, yes, yes. A feeling of ecstasy. Ok, yes, I’m using the word ecstasy a lot, but no other words come to mind. No other words seem…adequate. The man that I’ve wanted to touch me has his tongue in my pussy. Nope, no other words fit. And if there were other words that fit, I damn sure couldn’t think of them now. You know, not while my eyes are rolling back into my head. Words certainly escape me.

Oh yes, the tongue in my pussy. Let’s just enjoy this moment. The moment that I have been dreaming of. You know, is his tongue rough or soft? When he puts his tongue inside of me how far will it go in? Can I feel him touching my clit as he gets closer? Damn, I may never know.

Apparently I’m bucking and moving and trying to face fuck him so much that he finally turns me over and laughs in my face. You know, while he’s got me dripping off of his. Yeah of course. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed making me squirm. He enjoyed making me call his name. Oh snap, did I forget to mention that while I was trying to find words, I kept screaming one. His name. Yes, I could not keep his name off of my tongue just like he wouldn’t take his tongue off of my pussy. Thanks for leveling the playing field. Your name on my tongue. My pussy on yours. Certainly even.

Yes! You’re heading down where you started. Wait, you stopped on the way. My nipples demand your attention. I know I’m here to do whatever you want me to do, but sometimes a girl, well her nipples, has to ask you to make a quick stop. Well, no. The stop wasn’t quick at all. No, you licked and flicked and sucked those nipples until you once again had me calling your name. I added something new this time. Your head in my hands. Pushing you closer and closer to my nipples. Demanding you suck harder and do whatever your heart desires. Because once again I belong to you.

Ahh, yep, here you go again. On your escort fethiye way down to keep licking me, you pause. You straighten up and look at me with this smirk on your face. Crap, I know what’s coming and of course you only put in the head of your dick, not once or twice, but three times going deeper each time.

Ok, ok. I won’t call him a bastard again but, um, what word comes to your mind. Yep, that’s what I thought.

Before he takes himself out the third time, he leans down to play with my clit. Really? Really? Really?!?! I already said I was yours. Now you want me to beg? Well ok, please, please, please, just keep touching me. Please, please, please, please just keep me in your hands and under your control. And yes. His name is on my tongue but in all fairness my pussy is on his. Yes! A win for me!!

While he is down there enjoying the fact that he’s got my pussy throbbing and that he has me squirming he decides to add fingers to the mix. I already was saying your name, what more do you want? Well, apparently he wants me to scream it. Ok, fine, I’ll oblige this one time, ok another time, ok just one more time. Yeah, you know that’s not true. I yelled that man’s name so loud I’m sure I could be heard everywhere and the people that heard it were thinking, “Well, sounds like a good night” and kept walking.

Back to the task at hand. Literally, he had gradually increased from one finger, to two fingers, to three fingers and now I remember why I was screaming his name. He had four fingers in me and did some “magic” that I’d never felt before. He moved his fingers in and out each time taking care to rub my clit. He moved his fingers around in such a way that he made me wetter. I’m sure I didn’t know that was possible.

He had me bucking off of the bed so bad that he had to use his other hand to hold me down. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT! I am exploding around his fingers. I can’t stop moving. I can’t stay still, I can’t see anything but stars and rainbows, well not really rainbows but close enough.

I’m clinching so hard and dripping so much that I’m wondering how his hand is staying in there. Not that I really care right now. That’s a question for another day.

He eases his hand out of me dripping wet and rubs his hand on his dick making it nice and moist. I’m thinking you probably don’t need to do that because I’m dripping wet, but who cares. I’m ready for the main course. Ok, I’m ready to find out if he feels like I thought he would, like I need him to, like I want him to. Like I’ve been dreaming about. Please. Please.

Ah, the anticipation. Ok, the torture, but that’s just semantics. He slowly rubs his dick up and down my pussy lips. Here he goes with that sticking the tip in thing. So, I show him how much I don’t like that by digging my nails into his back. Well, he takes that as a sign of encouragement. What word comes to mind when he does this? Yes, the word I won’t say but am most definitely thinking. Ugh.

He’s holding my legs open pushing in slowly. He’s determined to show me that this is what I get for saying that I’m his and that he can use me any way he wants. Yeah, I forgot that part but that doesn’t mean you get to make me suffer. No, not at all. Nope.

Wait, fethiye escort bayan what? You are finally entering me. Finally. That is enough to get my attention.

To make me know why I wanted you in the first place. To make me know that this was all worth it. Thank you. Yes, thank you. You are filling me up with each push. You are just, oh my, you’re just getting thicker and thicker and thicker as you get deeper. You are indescribable. Ha, I found a new word.

I can’t imagine feeling so much pain and so much pleasure. Oh yes, larger, wider, longer, deeper than I ever could imagine. You slowly move. You slowly start pushing in and pulling out. You do exactly what I want. Yes, all I think about is you inside of me. All of the other chatter has gone away. All of the other frenzied thoughts are quieted. All of the noise is replaced by the feeling of you in me.

I feel all of you. I feel all of you. Every vein, every curve, every pulse as the you try to control yourself because as we are going along, I find out that you want this too. You want to be inside of me as much as I need you to be inside of me. You stroke and stoke and stroke enjoying the moment. Building up momentum. Bringing me close to calling your name. But nope you stop. What the fuck?

You stop and just lay there inside of me. Lay there looking at me. Lay there. Then you start to move. Thank you. Start to pull out slowly. As slow as you were filling me, you were even slower leaving me. You pulled almost all of the way out and slowly went back in. You pulled out slowly and slowly went back in. This time you pull out slowly, reach down and start playing with my clit.

Then you pull back out slowly and just keep your head in me. Again. But it didn’t matter so much this time as you were in me and fingering me. You keep doing this and I can’t control myself. I can’t make myself stay still. You know you have me dripping. My clit is needing your touch, my pussy is starting to contract around you. My eyes are closed and instead of me screaming your name all I can do is say your name when I moan. All I can do is say, “Yes, this was worth it. Definitely worth it.”

You keep your finger on my clit while you pick up the pace. Your strokes start to feel longer and deeper. You touch places that I didn’t know I had. You make me feel like I can’t get enough of you. You speed up. You speed up again. There are no words. Just that look. The look of, “Please, let me release.” That eye to eye look that says, “I’m on the edge and I want to take you with me.” The pace becomes more and more frenzied. Faster, deeper, closer, stronger.

Controlled chaos. Me pushing up and him pushing down. Me rising up to meet each and every stroke. His hands on the bed around me trying to keep himself stable to try to hold out. My fingers are on my clit knowing that we have to cum together and we have to cum together soon. My fingers get faster and his moves get faster and I’m thinking, “I’m pretty sure I can’t hold out much longer.” Nope, I was thinking, “I need to cum and I need to cum now!” I’m thinking, “Please, please let me feel you throb inside of me.”

Aaahhh, I’m almost there. I’m almost there. I’m almost there. DAMN!! That was just…just…just. I’ve run out of words. That was the only word I knew. Just.

Then my mind goes back to, do you know that your voice makes me wet? Do you know that I want your fingers in my pussy? Do you know that I want you to touch me?

Probably not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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