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Your Hubby said to have a chat with you to see if we can all build a friendship. With the goal of becoming swinging couples, sharing spouses both in, and out, of the bedroom. We are looking to settle down and make some decent friends after moving around far too much following work around.

I would love us all to get together and have a few drinks and get to know one another. I really enjoy massaging. Both our adult daughters come to me to massage their necks and backs. Claire, on the other hand, enjoys my sensual massages.

I would like to talk you through how I would like to massage you!

I prefer to use Grape seed oil, rather than powder for massage for a number of reasons. It gives the skin a great feel. Using an edible oil means I can still use my mouth and tongue to give pleasure without the worry of inedible products. And this oil is good for the skin.

I have warmed the oil up to body temperature so there is no shock of too hot or too cold as I apply it to your skin. Will start with you face down on the massage table, so I can work on your other side first!

Let me know if there are any areas, I should steer clear of, like ticklish or painful areas! By being on the table you have already agreed to a no holds barred massage. Just to be clear, I will be placing some of my body parts, like fingers, thumbs, lips and or tongue in your Mouth, pussy and arsehole! My goal is to give you as much pleasure as possible, trying to give you as many orgasm’s as I can. Hopefully this will include a full body orgasm with You squirting cum from your pussy! Please let me know if you have previously achieved squirting. Likewise, if there are any areas you would like given special attention!

It is essential that we have great communication, so you need to let me know if anything I do makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. Likewise, good feedback is also helpful. Don’t be afraid to say stop, or keep going – or don’t stop!

I will start by covering you with oil. Starting at your neck and shoulders. Working the oil into your skin, using all my fingers and thumbs to gently massage your supple flesh. Working my way down your back, watching the oil pool in the crook of your back. I will use that pool of oil to spread across your magnificent bottom. I will take a bit of time here, massaging your bum cheeks, spreading them apart just enough to sneak a cheeky peek at your puckered arsehole!

Oh wow, I can just make out the entrance to your awesome love canal, which is already starting to ooze a little of your love nectar! What an enticing view! It takes all my effort to resist the urge to focus on your juicy pussy right now!

I carry on spreading oil down over your lovely tanned thighs. I feel your muscles relaxing as the warm oil and my hands send you into a state of relaxation. I am getting incredibly turned on seeing and feeling your magnificent body laid out before me!

From your lovely warm thighs, I move down to your calves. Feeling your strong calf muscles relaxing as you enjoy the warm oil and attention they are getting. After a hard day on your feet they are begging for attention. I soak them in oil and the dry skin on your heels soaks it in. I will work slowly here, working on one foot at a time. I can tell you are bahis şirketleri enjoying the attention and you seem completely relaxed now! Your whole body seems to be collapsing into the massage table as each group of muscles relax! I ask you how you are feeling, and you say “Fantastic”!

I am so happy to hear that! That is exactly what this first part is all about! Getting you to relax and trust me. Using my thumbs, I now work on the inner soles of your feet using just the right amount of pressure. I massage every part of your foot, gently working between every toe. Sounds like you really needed this tonight, after all that hard work all week! Each toe is getting my undivided attention. Not forgetting the top of your foot, rubbing it with all my fingers and re-working the whole foot. Now it is time to move to the other foot! It gets the same attention.

Now it is time to turn around and work my way back I up your body! As I turn, I get a magnificent view of your beautiful body laid out before me! Has anyone told you, you have the cutest arse! Again, I sneak a peek at the lips of your pussy begging for attention. Not just yet awesome pussy, your time will come!

I work my way back up your calves, and onto your thighs. You start to stir, like you are coming back to life! You know exactly where I am headed next! As I work the oil into your thighs, you start to spread them apart. This does two things! Firstly it gives me a much better view of your magnificent pussy! But secondly, and most importantly for both of us, it gives me better access to your juicy pussy and, your now oily, arsehole. I hope your arsehole enjoys attention, as it is going to get some, in a while! Still more of you to attend to yet!

First to oil up both your love holes! They are so close together and yet can deliver totally different pleasure! Working from the outside of your thighs I work my way up and down your thighs, covering them in an even coating of oil, as if I was painting this magnificent masterpiece of a body that lays before me!

I work up and down your thighs and buttocks, moving slowly inwards with each pass. You have spread your legs as much as you can in this position, and as I pass up the inside of your thighs, I brush my fingers over the lips of your glorious love opening, quickly brushing over your arsehole and up the crack of your awesome butt. Then the reverse! Back down the crack, putting a little more pressure on your puckered, oily arsehole. Watching your butt cheeks clench and un-clench as my fingers continue lower and slip them between the juicy lips of your pussy!

Now time for that little arsehole to get the attention I promised earlier. I grab some more warm oil and pour it into the crack of your bum, and with the other hand work it down, over your butt hole and down into your pussy. Slipping 2 fingers deep into your wet honey pot! Back up over your arsehole and back up the crack. Repeating this a few times until the whole area is soaked in oil.

Now I slip just one finger into your arsehole! You lift your arse up to meet the thrust of my finger. Your butt grabs my finger tight as you clamp your butt cheeks together. I slide my finger out and as you relax your butt I replace my finger with a thumb! This makes you squirm under bahis firmaları my hand. As I probe your arsehole with my thumb I can feel your g-spot through the wall of your pussy! As I massage this spot sliding my thumb slowly in and out of your butt I can hear your breathing speeding up. Your butt is lifting right up in the air, thrusting to meet my thumb fucking.

I can feel your climax building! I am wondering if you have ever experienced an anal orgasm before! I am pretty sure this butt hole has hardly ever had a cock in it! This arsehole is way too tight to have been regularly pleased with your Hubby’s awesome thick cock! It is certainly responding very well, to the attention my thumb is giving it!

Your climax is building and you are starting to pant! Struggling to breath now, as wave after wave of ecstasy roles over you! I can see the juices flowing out of your pussy as you clamp down so hard you nearly push my thumb out of your butt!

I figure I need to give you a rest, so I slowly remove my thumb from your butt. Well it’s time for you to take a toilet break and me to wash my hands.

Please meet me back here, on your back, for the rest of your massage! I will be back shortly! My fingers need a break too!

Ok. Hope you are ready! This is my favourite side! I did say head to toe! So here goes!

It is time for a face massage! A lot less oil and a lot less pressure!

Using just my fingertips now, massaging your forehead. Around and around, little circles moving down onto your cheeks, up and down your delicate nose. Around and around on your cheeks! Down onto your chin and down your neck. Continuing down one arm, oiling up the front of your arm and working it around to the back. Your arm has gone all floppy as you relax in my hands again. Working my way down to your lovely delicate hand! Back up to your shoulders and across to your other arm, giving it exactly the same attention.

Now to my second favourite part of a woman! Boobs! Your boobs are magnificent! I grab some warm oil, rub it evenly over both my hands. Standing at your head, I start with a hand over each mound on your chest. They feel amazing under my hands. So firm, and hardly moving at all as I knead them. Noticing your nipples getting hard as they get passing swipes. Now this is one of the reasons why I prefer edible oil to powder! I know move down your left side and place my mouth over your left boob, taking nearly all of it into my mouth. Massaging your boob with my mouth. Slowly drawing circles around your little circles around your nipple. Hmm that’s a surprise! Your nipples are bigger than I expected! Yummy! Just love sucking on your hard nipples. Massaging your boob with both hands while licking and sucking on your nipple. Awesome! There’s another one over there! Swap sides and do exactly the same to your other boob! Not forgetting to draw little circles around that little nipple and getting it nice and hard too!

I just love sucking your awesome boob up into my mouth and massaging it with my mouth!

Ok, now to oil up your flat belly! You must be congratulated on the amazingly good shape you are in! I will give your belly special attention as they are often missed out as most guys head straight for the top prize bellow!

Working up kaçak bahis siteleri and down your belly, right to the outsides, and back into the middle, with an occasional pass over your gorgeous tits, tweaking your nipples and back again. Heading down now! Starting to use the heels of both hands to massage your pelvic mound, making sure not to get near your clit!

I put plenty of pressure on that mound, and then trace around your pussy, right around it, without touching it! Circling it again and again! Yes, I can be a tease! Time to continue, down your legs! Massaging the front of both thighs as I rub my way down to your calves. You have cute knees by the way! Giving the back of your calves another good rub! Now your feet get another go! 2 foot-rubs in one night! Hmm you’re one lucky girl! Just wait! The best is yet to come!

Back up the legs, slowly! Drawing out the tease! You obviously want the next bit as badly as me, as you have now pulled your legs up, with your knees bent and spread wide open! For the first time I get to see your pussy in all it’s glory!

I am put my arms under your legs, lift your butt off the massage table and slide you right to the edge of the table to give me better access. I grab a nearby stool and place it at the end of the table, right between your knees! Quickly I sneak up to the head of the table and place a kiss on each nipple! And then I place my mouth on your mouth and gently kiss you on the lips. Your mouth opens so I slip my tongue in. You clamp it between your lips and draw my tongue deeper into your mouth. While you play with my tongue I reach down and slip 2 fingers into your soaking wet pussy! Wow you are a brilliant kisser.

I give each nipple another suck, then stick my tongue in your belly button! Ok, you weren’t expecting that! Found your ticklish spot! Well I think your pussy has waited long enough! I sit on the stool and take a good long look at your juicy pussy! Wow I hope you are going to enjoy this as much as me!

I start by lifting your legs up so I can see your puckered little arsehole again! Peek-a-boo! Now I lower my face down. I press my nose deep into your pussy and stick my tongue in your arsehole! You nearly jump off the table when the bridge of my nose hits your clit, at the same time as my tongue plunges into your arsehole! I bob my head up and down and you raise your pussy up to meet each stroke. I must be doing something right, as you are groaning a lot!

Grinding your pussy into my face. You are now really wet and I am struggling to breath, so a change of position is called for. I just slide my head up and place my mouth over your clit and pelvic mound and suck the whole lot in and out of my mouth. Each time I suck in you push up against my mouth. Time to make you cum again! We pick up the pace! You are fucking my mouth like your life depends on it! I am sucking in a mouth full of your cum which is delicious by the way!

You are starting to pant. We are building up to one hell of an explosion here! You are pounding up against my face. Then suddenly you stop pounding and your pussy starts pulsing and you squirt a load of cum into my waiting mouth. I give your clit a quick kiss and you nearly launch off the bed! So sensitive after coming like that.

I hope you like the taste of your own cum as you are about to get a kiss and my whiskers are soaked in your deliciousness!

Hope you enjoyed the massage, as I am exhausted! Thank You for Sharing your hot body with me! Please come again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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