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“I’ll just leave the money on the desk. Is that all right?” Mrs. Markway asked as she slid her feet into her spectator pumps and adjusted her bra. “You were extra special today, Mr. Gregory. I’m surprised I can walk at all.” She looked at him stretched out on the bed as she buttoned her blouse. “Your stamina always astounds me. I must thank Mr. Powers for recommending you.” She looked in the full length mirror behind the bedroom door and patted her hair once more and disappeared out of the apartment without a backwards glance.

“My pleasure.” He called back, as the door shut behind her.

Larry, or Mr. Gregory as his customers called him stretched his long body on the king-sized bed. Mrs. Markway was always a very strenuous fuck and he always made sure to leave plenty of time for a nap before his next customer arrived. He stretched again and rolled onto his side, pulling the cool sheet over him. He soon drifted off, thinking about how much he loved his job.

Larry Gregory discovered his talent while still in high school. His first serious girlfriend, Linda Ritter, was the pastor’s daughter and had a little bit of a wild side to her as many “preachers kids” do. She let him feel her up on the first date, she gave him head on the second date and by the third, they were fucking like rabbits in the shed behind her house. They were both pretty inexperienced but Larry found that he had a natural stamina and could go on and on until Linda was screaming out her orgasm. Linda’s mother had caught them. She screamed at Linda and called her all sorts of terrible names, while she slapped at her and chased her into the house. It was lucky that the pastor wasn’t home or maybe Larry’s story would have ended right then and there. But as he was dressing as fast as he could Mrs. Ritter came back outside to the shed.

“Larry, I should call your parents and let them deal with you. But I’m not going to.” She crossed her arms across her chest and tried to look stern.

Larry couldn’t believe his luck. She wasn’t going to tell. He almost cried with relief.

“No.” She continued. “What I think you need is a bit of guidance. I’m not going to tell Linda’s father, I think we should meet in private and with a little counseling and prayer we can correct the path you are choosing to follow.” She began to pace back and forth in front of him as he bent to tie his shoes. “If I told her father, he would only insist that both of you repent in front of the whole congregation. And even try to get you two married off.” She stopped pacing and watched him tuck his shirt into his pants. “No. I don’t think your family should be humiliated by your actions. So Friday after school we’ll meet, until I’m thoroughly satisfied. Uh, satisfied that you understand how serious your actions are.” She turned her back on him. “Now go home Larry. I’ll see you Friday.”

Larry couldn’t have been more relieved. He only marmaris escort had to spend a couple hours nodding and praying with Mrs. Ritter and he would be off the hook.

Friday afternoon arrived quickly. Larry wasn’t too thrilled about having to sit with Mrs. Ritter and have her lecture him for a couple of hours but at least Pastor Ritter didn’t have to be involved. He arrived at the Ritter home at the appointed time.

Mrs. Ritter had him sit at the kitchen table reading a particular passage from the bible while she started to prepare dinner for her family. Larry tried to concentrate on the boring passage but kept finding himself watching Mrs. Ritter out of the corner of his eye. Now that he was forced into her company, he could see where Linda got her good looks. Mrs. Ritter’s hair was medium brown and shoulder length. She was wearing a snug fitting knee length skirt that hugged her hips beautifully. Her white button blouse was starched and spotless.

As Mrs. Ritter cut carrots to put in the stew pot, the tip of her tongue would poke out of her mouth. Larry couldn’t stop staring at that moist pink tip.

“Larry. Is something wrong?” She asked.

He flinched when he realized that she had addressed him. “Ma’m? Uh, no ma’m.” Jeez! He’d been staring hard.

She licked her lips. “I think there is.” Mrs. Ritter moved to stand next to him. “I think there is something very wrong.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “Do you know what’s wrong, Larry?”

Larry swallowed hard. Mrs. Ritter had arched her back and her full breasts were straining the buttons of her crisp white blouse. Her hand moved to the back of his neck and down behind the collar. He neck was hot and he was sure that his face was red.

She leaned in closer so that her length was pressed to his side. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong.” She whispered. “What’s wrong, is that you were touching my little girl.” Her hand was rubbing his neck and pulling on the hair at the back of his head. “You, you were stroking her and . . . and kissing her. Did you use your tongue in her mouth, Larry? Did you?” Her breathing quickened. “Did you rub your hand on her breasts? I bet you did.” Her other hand reached up to the top button of his polo shirt. She pulled open the buttons and began rubbing his chest.

Larry was frozen with fear, fear and a growing lust. He could feel the crotch of his pants getting tighter. What was happening? What this some sort of test. Could Mrs. Ritter really be running her hand inside his shirt?

Mrs. Ritter kept talking. “Did you make her nipples hard? Did you roll them between your fingers and pull at them? I know you licked them. And I know you sucked them. Didn’t you?”

Larry’s head started spinning. The preacher’s wife was talking about licking nipples! Her daughter’s nipples at that!

Larry tried to get up. “Mrs. Ritter, I think I should be going. It’s almost time for my dinner. marmaris escort bayan Um, my . . my mother is expecting me.”

She was surprisingly strong and held him in the chair. “I don’t think so, Larry.” She suddenly straddles his lap and her lips found his. Her breathing was ragged as she punished his lips with her own. Her hands gripped his head. She pulled her lips away. “Put your hands on me, Larry.” She pulled his arms up and placed his hands under her blouse. Her skin was hot and silky under his palms.

Larry tried to find his voice, “Mrs. Ritter, I don’t think. . . “ He croaked out, but she stopped him with her fingers on his mouth.

“No. Don’t think, just touch me.” She ground her crotch into his throbbing penis. His cock felt like it was about to bust the zipper on his pants. Mrs. Ritter looked down between them at the bulge in his pants. She began to fumble with his zipper and the button at his waist. “I have to see it again.” She mumbled to herself. Panting and mumbling she slid to her knees in front of him. “I need to feel it.” Larry was frozen in shock as Mrs. Ritter pulled out his raging hard-on.

She looked closely at it rubbing both hands over the length of it. “Oh, yes.” She breathed. “Yes, yes, yes.” He felt her hot breath brush over the sensitive head and he trembled. “It’s so big, so beautiful. This is what I want.” And in one swift movement she engulfed his cock into her mouth.

Larry clamped his eyes shut, his mind was racing. Oh, my god, I’ve got to get out of here. Oh, my got that feels so good. This is wrong. Yes, just like that. The preacher’s wife! More. His head lolled back as he gave an involuntary thrust in her mouth. He could feel the head press the back of her throat and she gagged a bit. She pulled him out and licked down towards his hanging sack. “Mmmm.” She hummed as she lapped at his balls, licking and sucking as she continued to stroke him.

“Look at me.” She said. Larry’s eyes were still shut tight as he fought between the urge to run and the urge to plunge his cock into her sopping pussy. He slowly opened his eyes. “Larry, I need this in me.” She stroked faster. “I’ve only been with Mr. Ritter’s shriveled pickle, my whole life. I need to feel a real man. I need this, Larry.” She let go of his cock and watched it rock towards his belly. “I need it now.” Her eyes questioned him and he made a small dazed nod of assent.

She stood and reached under her skirt to pull off her underwear. He only got a small glimpse of a light covering of hair over her pussy as she straddled his legs. He felt the head of his cock press at her moist labia. She looked down at him and opened her blouse, unfastened her bra and lifted out her perfect, soft breasts. She fed the nipple to him as she began her slow downward crouch onto his throbbing dick.

A small crease furrowed her brow as his thick cock pushed her cunt apart. This was more than escort marmaris she had hoped for. She felt so full and ripe. Larry sucked on one hardened nipple then the next sending twinges of pleasure all over her body. It was as if her nipples were connected to her clit. As he sucked and rubbed she began rocking on his steely rod. She raised herself up until his mushroom head was barely inside her, then she’d slide down until their pubic hair met and then she would rock herself, trying to push the rock hard member deeper.

A small frown worked on her face and she reached down to rub her clit. She rocked faster and faster, rubbing faster and faster. “I think I’m coming, Larry!” She was panting and rocking very fast now. “I’ve never come before. Oh, my god!” Larry watched in fascination as Mrs. Ritter had her first orgasm. She bucked and twitched and finally fell forward hugging him around the neck. Larry just held her there, stroking her hair.

After a few moments she roused herself. “Oh, Larry. Thank you.” She seemed to forget for a moment that Larry was still deep inside her, just as hard as ever. “I didn’t know. I didn’t think I could . . but then with Mr. Ritter, it was never . . “ She felt Larry move inside her. “Oh, my god Larry I’m sorry. I didn’t think.” But by now Larry was going to take over. He left her impaled on his hardened dick and stood up. He sat her on the kitchen table and she automatically wrapped her legs around him.

“Do you want to come again?” He asked. Mrs. Ritter just stared at him. “Do you?” He asked again.

She smiled, “I do but . . . “ She looked confused.

Larry grinned at her. “Hold on tight.” He lifted her legs higher and began to piston into her throbbing pussy. He was no longer an inactive participant as he thrust into her, faster and faster.

Mrs. Ritter began moaning and bucking as wave after wave of orgasms ran through her body. “God! Oh, God! Yes!” She arched her back and tried to pull him in deeper. “Fuck me, Larry! Fuck Me!”

Larry felt his balls draw up and the cum charged out of his cock, “Ah, fuck!” He held himself deep inside her as his cum shot into her. He slammed her a few more times as the last bit drained out of him. He fell forward onto her chest panting, a sheen of sweat on them both.

A few minutes past before Larry felt Mrs. Ritter’s hand begin to stroke his hair. He faintly heard Mrs. Ritter say. “Praise, Jesus.”

Larry’s “lessons” with Mrs. Ritter lasted through the last couple of months before school ended and during that time they both learned a few things. But mainly, Larry learned that he had a natural talent and stamina for sex.

The year after Larry’s graduation from high school, the town learned that Mrs. Ritter had run away with the youth pastor from the church.

After his catnap, Larry changed the sheets and remade the bed before taking a shower. He dressed carefully in a dark suit. He was checking himself in the mirror one last time, when the bell rang. He checked his watch, “Right on time, as usual.”

“Mrs. Roger’s, don’t you look lovely.” He said as he opened the door to his next client.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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