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I have a bad habit of hooking up with unavailable men. I was not particularly pretty growing up and now it thrills me to be able to steal the attention of men. I’d worked hard for my toned body and while puberty hadn’t been kind to me it did grant me great boobs.

This particular time, I fucked my roommate’s boyfriend. His name was Lucas, tall, athletic, with dark eyes and curly dark hair. In short, he was really fucking hot and he was apparently great in bed too if Haley’s nightly screaming was anything to go by. I wanted him to fuck me like that too and it seemed the feeling was mutual with the way he eyed me everytime he came over. Though, I couldn’t blame him, I usually did what I could to entice him – often wearing a low cut singlet, no bra, and booty shorts.

We didn’t really get our chance until Haley got called into work on a Saturday morning leaving Lucas and me alone in the apartment. I was in the kitchen making lunch. Lucas had stayed over the night before and I wanted him to catch me wearing nothing but an old oversized t-shirt. Everything worked out perfectly too, he came into the kitchen just as I was bent over looking for a pan to cook with.

“Haley might get mad if she sees you flashing your pussy around her boyfriend, you know?” Lucas teased.

I got up and turned to see him standing near the counter with wet hair and a clearly tented towel around his waist. He looked big underneath the towel and I thought about what it might be like to wrap my lips around it.

“Well, I don’t know that she’d be too thrilled to see her boyfriend half naked around her roommate either.”

“I guess it’s a good thing Haley’s not here then.”

“Where’s Haley?” I asked.

“She got called into work this morning.”

“Oh, I see. So we’re alone for the whole day today then?”

Lucas grinned. “I suppose.”

“Well, I mean the flashing shouldn’t matter anyway unless you’re attracted to me,” I said with a shrug.

Lucas moved closer. “Hmm, bahis siteleri that’s true, I mean it’s not like you haven’t been teasing me for weeks.”

“I haven’t really had to do anything, to be honest. You’ve been checking me out since the day we met.”

Lucas was so close to me now and his hand hovered near my thighs. “Is that so? So you don’t want me to fuck you, then?”

I could feel myself getting wetter and the tension was too much. I sprung forwards and pushed my lips against his. His arms wrapped around me instinctively, one hand on my hips, the other cupping my ass. The momentum of my movement carried us towards the counter opposite us. His hard cock pushed against my abdomen as he hungrily attacked my mouth. I had wanted this for weeks and I couldn’t help but melt against his kiss.

Soon I was brought back by his fingertips teasing the entrance of my vagina from the back. I bit his lip to signal that he should hurry along and as pay back he roughly thrust two fingers into me. I let go for a moment to moan and in that moment he leaned down to kiss my neck.

“Fuck you’re so wet,” he mumbled against my neck.

The sound of his voice turned me on. “Add another finger,” I moaned in response.

He obliged and then proceeded to pick up the pace. He was thrusting into me hard enough now that I was being temporarily raised up on my tip toes and all I could do to keep my balance was hold on to his shoulders.

He was bringing out all sorts of moans from me and I couldn’t stop myself from squealing as he finger fucked me through an orgasm.

He pulled his fingers out of me as I came down from my orgasm and my legs gave way so that I was sitting on the floor with his crotch just slightly above my head.

“I guess it’s your turn now,” I said as I looked up with my big eyes and rubbed him over the towel.

I unwrapped the towel like his cock was a present. As I suspected his cock was thick and I longed to have it inside me.

I gently canlı bahis siteleri wrapped my hand around it and ran my tongue along the underside. Then I put my lips on the head of his penis and gently played with it with my tongue. Then I slowly inched my lip forward, taking more of him in little by little. I could feel his anticipation building as I neared the base of his cock but I pulled off him at the last moment.

“I’ve waited weeks for your pretty lips to suck me off, stop teasing me,” Lucas sighed.

I looked up at him, mustering my best doe eyes. “Why don’t you make me? Fuck my pretty lips, Lucas.”

Lucas groaned and with that he placed his hand on the back of my head and gently but firmly forced his way into my throat. He held me at the base for a moment before he placed another hand on the side of my face and pulled all the way out. He then began to thrust into my mouth and his roughness was turning me on again. I looked up at him to see his face contorting with pleasure before he tilted his head back, away from view.

Finally, he began to moan and he frantically pulled out. “Give me a second, I don’t want to come too early.”

“Wow, I didn’t know I could have this effect on you,” I teased with a smirk.

“I really doubt that you don’t know. You’re fucking hot, Daniela.”

“Am I? Well, what do you want to do to me, Lucas?”

“There’s a lot of things I want to do to you but I think right now…probably bend you over this counter and fuck your tight little pussy til you come. And then I’d like to come in you.”

“I’d like that.”


I stood up and took my shirt off revealing my naked body. “Yeah, but I mean why limit ourselves? We have the whole day.”

He pulled me towards him and spun me around and pushed me against the counter. “That’s very true,” he said into my ear before trailing his lips down the back of my neck.

He spread my ass and lined the tip of his cock against my vagina before thrusting the canlı bahis whole length in. We both moaned as it filled me up. His cock seemed to fit perfectly inside me and he groaned, “Fuck, you’re so tight.”

Then, before I could respond, he pushed me further into the counter as he pulled out and then thrust all the way in again. He kept doing this again and again, gradually speeding up and finding his pace. His cock felt amazing inside of me and I could feel every inch as he pounded me into the counter.

“Oh, ah your cock feels so good. Oh god! I’ve wanted you inside me ever since I heard Haley getting fucked by you.”

He groaned in response and continued to fuck me hard, seemingly encouraged by my words. “Sometimes I think of you when I fuck her. Your pussy is so tight.”

“Ah, ah ah use me however you want to, baby.”

He obliged by wrapping his hand around my throat and pulling me towards him. The choking just turned me on even more and I could feel myself start to lose control.

“I’m coming!” I screamed. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, AHHHH!”

I felt my pussy tighten its grip around his dick and he moaned at the sensation but he didn’t stop.

I was so sensitive now and it wasn’t going to take long before I came again.

His other hand grabbed my boob and his fingers toyed with my nipple making me moan. I was an incoherent mess at this point.

“Come for me again,” he whispered into my ear.

Almost as if on command, I felt another wave of pleasure hit me and I came even harder than the last time. He let go of me as I came and I fell forward and collapsed against the counter.

He squeezed my ass and I could feel his thrusts becoming more irregular.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come!” he groaned. “Ugh, fuck.”

Then he thrust one last time and held it deep inside me as he came.

Eventually he pulled out of me, leaving me with cum dripping out of my pussy.

“That was so fucking hot,” I remarked.

He let out a sigh. “Oh, definitely.”

“Hope you didn’t use it all up in one go, because I expect you to fuck me again.”

Lucas grinned. “I’d fuck you right now if I could, but maybe give me like 30 minutes.”

“To be continued, then…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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