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Big Dicks

I’d taken my sister on a fishing outing but instead of hating the idea she quickly found that it was a perfect opportunity to develop our social life. It wasn’t long before she was encouraging me to indulge in some powerful incestuous sexual activity, tempting and teasing me until I gave in.

We fucked deliciously in the privacy of my secret place and when the deed was done, instead of being shocked, contrite or ashamed we could only discuss the pleasures we’d found and look forward to doing it all again.

Sharon had most certainly enjoyed the excitement and now we reclined, reminiscing and daydreaming about our tryst — comparing notes about the pleasures we’d found. As we discussed our activity and as her praise reassured me it stirred and excited me and I began wondering if we could do it all over again, my enthusiasm rising as fast as my cock as I watched her hand beginning to sliding languidly over her pussy.

In an instant my cock was stiff once again but Sharon cooled my ardour.

“No you don’t,” she said as she seemed to read my mind, “In a bit perhaps — I want a break and anyway, I think you’ve got a fish on your line.”


I glanced to my almost forgotten rod and realised the truth. My baited hook had been found by a fish and since the float was bobbing energetically some way from where I’d cast it, the fish must have been hooked for some time. Somehow it hadn’t managed to disengage itself during our love-making or pull my rod into the lake either.

“Damn, yeah, you’re right and it’s still there,” I answered, instantly forgetting sex as I jumped to my feet, “Poor thing — must have been there for ages.”

I almost sprinted the few yards to my rod which I lifted until I felt the tug of the fish, then began to reel it in. Somehow I felt contrite for having left it to wriggle on the hook and now I quickly landed it, unhooked it and released it back into the water. It didn’t feel fair to keep it in my net and anyway, I had more important and exciting things to enjoy! I baited the hook and cast out again, then settled the rod on it’s rests.

I rinsed my hands and dried them on my own towel, a towel that Sharon now grabbed from me.

“Don’t go messing up all the towels; you’ve made my own towel all wet and sticky,” she said as she settled the towel underneath her arse, “Come here Chris, let’s talk for a bit.”

“Why, what?” I asked as I lowered myself to my haunches, “What’s up?”

“Nothing serious,” she said soothingly, “I just want to know a bit more.”

“Like what?” I asked, curious yet wary.

“Oh, like are we going to do this again, I mean, you know, once we get back home?” she asked, “Or is this a one-off?”

“Not if I can help it!” I enthused, feeling my cock rising again, “You were perfect, best fuck I’ve ever had!”

“Don’t be so crude — best lover you mean,” said Sharon with a big wink, “Nah, it was a good fuck, I’ll admit it.”

Her eyes scanned up and down my body slowly.

“Never thought you’d have such a super cock,” she said as she licked her lips, “Seemed to fit me perfectly; not too long or too thick and you were good too.”

She paused with her words as she considered things, her lips moving as she formed her next sentence.

“And I never thought you’d let me, you know, do you,” I answered while she paused.

“I could get used to you, you know,” she said, her eyes smiling and twinkling, “My own live-in boyfriend!”

“I don’t know how we’ll find a quiet corner,” I said, my mind considering the layout back at our home.

“We can always come back here!” said Sharon as she let her eyes wander around our woodland refuge, “I’ll have to take up fishing, won’t I?”

We laughed at the absurdity of the idea before we returned to planning our sex life back home.

“We’ll have to be pretty careful with mum and dad around as well, won’t we?” I added, feeling their firm control pressing down on us.

“Yeah, they’re a pain,” agreed Sharon, “We’ll just have to be quiet.”

“Actually I think they’re both taking sleeping pills at night now,” I said as I ruminated, “That’s what mum told me and if they are then they won’t be coming up to see us once they go to bed, will they?”

“Probably not but — oh well, we’ll find ways,” said Sharon as she started to slide her hand over her pussy, her mind returning to things at hand, “Ohhh Chris, that fuck was just what I needed!”

“You were brilliant too,” I said as I watched her fingers at work, “What’s up though, are you still horny?”

“Of course I am,” said Sharon, “And so long as this isn’t just a one-off I want something else now,” Her mouth moved as if to moisten her lips while I waited to hear her words.

“I want to find out if your tongue’s as good as your cock!” she said suddenly, “Come on, get down here!”

I felt starch stiffen my penis in an instant and heat rush to my cheeks.

“Wow! I’d love to show you,” I said eagerly as I stroked my rigid cock, “So long as I can fuck you again şişli rus escort afterwards!”

“If your tongue’s that good then I’ll expect you to fuck me, so there,” she said, “Leave it alone now, don’t waste it!”

“Wasn’t going to,” I said as I hastily let go of my penis, “When do you want me to do it?”

“Right now,” said Sharon as she leaned backwards, “Let me get comfy first.”

She wriggled around on the towel until she was happy, then she spread her legs, lifting them up so that only her feet were on the ground and beckoned me towards her.

“Come on then,” she said, her eagerness betraying her calm demeanour, “Get busy!”

Her pussy was now raised up and wide open for me as I settled myself between her legs. It still glistened with juices and her vagina still had a bubble of cum in it’s mouth and I was looking forward to tasting our juices. The cocktail would be massively exciting and arousing.

I settled myself with my hands cupping her arse cheeks and my head poised above her pussy while I admired it’s shape, it’s design and it’s loveliness. Her lips weren’t large or long and her little forest of hairs all lay flat and smooth around her pussy itself whereas further away the hairs were longer and more curly. Her widely parted lips looked warm and wet and glowed with a suffusion of blood and they framed a clit that stood some inch or more proud of her little valley. A sheen of something, be it my cum or her lubrication covered the area around her vagina, making everything appear to be extremely slippery — it probably was!

But first I reached out with my tongue and swiped it once over her clit, the contact causing Sharon to gasp and jerk suddenly.

“Bastard!” she breathed, her hands on my head soothingly gentle, “Didn’t expect that!”

“There’s more where that came from!” I said as I swiped her clit again, “Plenty more!”

“Ohhhhh, there’d better be,” said Sharon as she pulled my head against her pussy, “Get on with it!”

I pressed my tongue against her lips, tasting the erotic juices from our love-making, loving the bitter-sweet tastes and the stickiness of our secretions. I swiped my tongue over her lips, gathering more of the essence onto my tongue, then needing more, I slid my mouth down and settled it over her vaginal opening. Immediately I felt the somewhat sticky texture of my cum adhering to my tongue and I pressed my tongue into her opening to gather more.

“Ahhhh!” moaned Sharon, “Ohh Chris, yessss!”

Embolden by her response I applied some suction, immediately being rewarded with a substantial taste of our juices. I swallowed, delighting in the flavours and textures as the mixture slipped down my throat, then once I’d extracted as much of our potion as I desired I slid my mouth upwards over her skin, vacuuming up every trace of the elixir as I went, while Sharon moaned and groaned steadily.

“Is that nice?” I asked and she hummed happily and her hands pressed my mouth back onto her body.

“Course it is,” she hissed, her fingers tightening on my head, “Stop talking, get on with it!”

I moved a little bit further until I felt the firmness of her clit against my lip, then I opened my mouth wide and engulfed the entire thing, Sharon’s hands moving from my head now I was working on her.

“Oh Chris!” Sharon gasped as she jerked her hips at me, “Yesss, stay there, suck me, lick my clit please!”

Delighted to comply I settled now, my rigid cock pressed between my body and the groundsheet, my elbows supporting me over her hips, my hands on her belly.

Her little clit felt so delicious in my mouth as I slid my tongue over and around it and now, my mouth happily at work I remembered my hands. Gently I slid them up her body until I felt the swell of her breasts, an area I hadn’t touched before and yet a place that I longed for — and found her own hands there already. Quickly she guided my hands into place then left me to my own exploration.

“Yessss!” she hissed again as I began stroking and caress her heaving breasts.

Carefully I let my hands slide over her firm flesh, feeling the heavy swell of her breasts, moving slowly until I felt the harder nub of her nipple in each hand and when I finally held her nipples between my thumb and my fingers Sharon’s hands came and settled over mine.

“Ohhhh! Do that,” she moaned, “Twist them, squeeze them, you’ll make me cum!”

Her clit seemed to grow in my mouth and I felt her pussy shivering and moving gently and erotically so I pulled away briefly and slid my tongue down into her slit again. She was deliciously wet once again with fresh juices and I lapped at them until she pulled me back to her clit.

“No, no, stay there! Don’t stop this time!” she moaned as she pressed me to her flesh, “Finish me off, please, please Chris!”

If you’ve ever tried rub your head and pat your tummy at the same time then you know how I felt. Twiddling my fingers around her nipples while playing my tongue over her clit şişli türbanlı escort gave me a mixture of delicious feedbacks that, confusing as they may have been, were enough to make my hips thrust my cock delectably against the groundsheet. I wanted to cum too and my body was encouraging me to let it go, but there was only one place I wanted to unload now and anyway Sharon took away my auto-erotic desires and movements as she gasped loudly.

“Ahhhh, here it comes!” she moaned, her whole body seemingly moving in waves, “Oh Chris — don’t stop, don’t stop now!”

Her whole body seemed to be moving in waves with ripples of muscular contractions and orgasmic spasms spreading everywhere.

Her fingers squashed mine around her nipples as she climaxed while her pussy thrust up at me, grinding herself against my face and somehow I managed to retain my mouth’s grip on her clit as her orgasm took control, as her body writhed and twisted all around me, as she cried out and gasped and panted all at once.

Then suddenly she was silent and her body turned limp. Her hands released mine and all that there was left for a few moments was the steady sound of her breathing until with a deeply drawn breath and a long exhale she pressed her elbows against the ground sheet and partially sat up.

“Bloody hell Chris, that was amazing!” she said, “And just look at you!”

“What’s up?” I asked as I lifted my head up from her pussy and licked my pussy-flavoured lips.

“You’re covered!” she added, “Your face looks as if you’ve just come out of a sauna!”

Now away from her hot, wet, sexy pussy her juices were beginning to cool on my skin while my face itself felt steamy-hot too and I realised what she meant.

“Did you squirt?” I asked but Sharon shook her head.

“I don’t think so,” she said, “I don’t usually but then perhaps you’ve woken something up inside me.”

“Turned the tap on, that’s for certain,” I said, “Let’s have that towel then.”

Sharon lifted her arse, slid the towel from under her and flipped it to me. I shook the folds from it and held over my face.

Immediately the strong scent of our combined juices filled my nose, a scent that spoke of sex and only sex. I felt my cock straining between my body and the groundsheet and knew that my own orgasm was now urgent.

Chucking the towel aside I shook my head then moved to kneel upright between Sharon’s splayed legs. My rampant cock thrust forward above her groin, my foreskin scrunched back, my knob glowing redly.

“My turn,” I said as I began to aim my cock at her vaginal opening but Sharon had other ideas.

“No, not yet, come up here!” she said, “You’ve just done it to me, now I want to do it to you!”

Now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse either — a blow-job from my own sister and despite my eagerness to sink my cock into her hole, this was new and very exciting.

I stood up quickly and stepped to her side, then settled on my knees by her head. Sharon adjusted her own pose and reaching out she wrapped her hand around my swollen penis.

“He’s all hot,” she mouthed, her warm breath whispering over my quivering skin, “I bet he tastes super!”

A moment or two later and she was pulling me forward towards her open mouth. I shuffled closer then closed my eyes in sheer pleasure as her warm soft lips surrounded my knob.

“Ohhhhh yesss!” I heard myself moan, “So good!”

“Don’t take too long cumming,” said Sharon as she pulled my cock from her mouth, “You’re gonna be quite a mouthful for me!”

With that she pulled me closer still and let my penis slide into her mouth through soft yet firm lips. Her tongue began twisting around my knob, poking into my pee slit and following the ridge of my knob, then departing so that my cock could penetrate deeper into her mouth and as I did so I felt the back of her mouth pressing against my knob. I pulled away, only to find Sharon pulling me back, driving her head over my penis until my knob was squashed and my pubes were against her nose. She moved her head back and forward a few times while my cock was still entirely captured, then pushed me away and took a deep breath.

“Phew!” she gasped, as she slid her hand up and down my shaft, “Managed!”

“Took it all!” I answered in awe, “You did it!”

“Wasn’t sure if I could,” she said, “It was nice but I really want to be able to taste you when you cum. I’m not very good at doing that yet though.”

“That’s going to be pretty soon,” I said because her actions had stirred my juices already, “You’d better get sucking again.”

Already I could feel things on the rise; the first tremors of an orgasm weren’t far away but then Sharon slid my penis back into her mouth and began sucking while her hand continued to rub my shaft.

“Ohhh fuck!” I moaned as my excitement level rose and rose, “Keep doing that, yeah, like that!”

“Mmmmmmm!” hummed Sharon, the vibrations of her larynx sending thrilling waves of sexual stimulation şişli ucuz escort through me.

“Bloody hell!” I murmured, now feeling my hips start to thrust my cock into her mouth, “Ohh-h-h-h Sharon, not long now!”

“Do it — let it go!” she said around my cock, “Cum for me!”

“Ahhhh!” I cried as I felt my body seizing up as my orgasm began to take control, “Ahhhh! Oh fuck!”

A sudden and uncontrolled thrust of my hips made Sharon pull her head away and cough lightly but then she was back, her lips tight around my shaft, her hand working hard. A moment or two later and my orgasm was upon me.

“Yeah, yeah!” I grunted, “Here it — ahhhhh — cums!”

I felt the first eruption as it climbed my cock and exited and I saw Sharon’s eyes fly open as the salvo of cum squirted into her mouth.

“Uhhhhh!” I grunted as another volley ejected, a volley that was quickly followed by another and another.

I saw Sharon’s cheeks seem to bulge as I filled her mouth; I saw her swallow and felt her tongue teasing more cum from my slit. I felt her hand stripping my cock of it’s load of spunk and felt her mouth still sucking my cum from me, then I had to hold her still and pull my over-sensitive cock from her mouth.

“No more, no more!” I panted as I slumped back down onto my haunches, “Oh fuck, that was so good!”

I looked at Sharon and watched as she used her fingers to gather an errant streamer of cum from her chin and then deliver it to her mouth, then saw her open her mouth to display to me the glistening sticky, gelid contents of her mouth. She closed her mouth, smiled at me and swallowed, then opened her empty mouth to my gaze.

“Done it!” she said happily, “That was good!”

“Amazing!” I admitted, “Do you know what, that’s my first ever blow job.”

“Really? Best one I’ve ever done!” said Sharon, smiling broadly, “I’ve always loved doing it but somehow no guy I’ve been with has had a really nice dick, not until I found yours.”

Sated now I sat down beside her and let my eyes roam over her delicious body.

“I’m shocked to be honest,” I said, “I never thought you’d ummm, you know…”

“What — be sexy?” asked Sharon, “Like I said, you don’t know me — you only see the me I am at home, not that I let myself go all the way every time when I’m out.”

“You’ve had boyfriends then, haven’t you?” I asked as I wiped myself all over, “You must have done.”

“Some and I’ve jerked off loads of guys,” she admitted, “But I’ve only let two, well, now three boys fuck me — and you’re the best of them all!”

She held out her arms to me and I lay down beside her, our two naked bodies pressing and sliding against each other. I’d certainly never been on a fishing trip like this before!

“I could love you,” she murmured, her mouth close to mine, “You’re just super.”

“I could love you too,” I agreed, as our cheeks rubbed softly together, “Well, I do love you but it’s just a pity that you’re my sister.”

“That doesn’t stop us from fucking though, does it?” said Sharon as she kissed my lips, “Cos now I’ve found your lovely cock I want to use it as often as I can!”

The object that she mentioned immediately perked up and grew, pressing now against her thigh. We wriggled around until our bodies met more exactly, our bellies now warming each other, my chest flattening her tits and my penis now held between her thighs.

“Feels lovely,” said Sharon as she kissed me again, “Are you up for some more?”

She let her lips linger on mine and suddenly we were kissing with wet, slippery and soft lips sliding around, our tongues soon discovering each other. Sharon’s body was moving beside mine, squirming deliciously as we kissed, her thighs caressing my captive cock which had risen quickly again as if to speak for me.

“Do you want me back inside?” I asked, eager to comply and Sharon nodded quickly.

“Yeah, oh yes please Chris, again, that’ll be perfect!” she said, her breath warm against my mouth, “Let me turn over, do it from behind.”

We climbed over each other and lay down until she was spooned into my front, her sweet little arse now rubbing against my rigid cock. I reached over her to find and stroke her breast, then slid my hand downwards over her smooth skin until I found her fluffy pubes. She gasped softly as I touched her clit, then sighed more loudly as I pressed my fingers into her slit.

She was already very wet and slippery and as I pushed my fingers down she lifted one leg to open her pussy to me.

“Put it in, just put it in,” she said softly, “I really need to feel you inside me again.”

It was the work of a moment or two to slip my cock between her legs and to lodge it against her lips. I felt the warmth of her pussy bathing my penis and felt my penis jump with joy as I slid him in her slippery juices.

A few moments later and I was lining my knob up with her opening and pressing my hips forward.

“Ohh yesss!” sighed Sharon as my cock began to slide into her hole once more, “Oh Chris, you feel so good, so hard.”

“Oh I’m hard alright,” I said, as my penis sank inside her, “And you’re so wet too.”

“I know,” said Sharon, her slippery vagina squirming around my penis, “It’s all your fault too!”

“Shut up and fuck!” I said with a small chuckle, “I want to concentrate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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