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Chapter 12: A Welcome Home

I got a pleasant surprise this morning. My friend, Cammy, sent me a text saying that he was home from Iraq on leave and asked me if we fancied meeting up for “coffee or something”.

Cammy is a little older than me, 19, and is one of my oldest friends. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for him and I know he has pretty much the same sort of feelings for me. I suspect if things had been different and we weren’t both the people we are, we might even have been an ‘item’ but, instead, we are just very good friends. I could almost go as far as saying that Cammy is quite possibly the best boyfriend I never had. That’s not strictly accurate though as we have had each other on a number of occasions.

Anyway, enough of that. I replied saying that coffee would be great and that ‘something’ might be even better and that since I was at home, all on my own as my mum would be at work all day, why didn’t he come round to mine so that we could elaborate on just what sort of ‘something’ he had in mind.

About three quarters of an hour later, the doorbell rang and, surprise surprise, it was Cammy. I welcomed him in, shut the door and, with no more than a, “Hi Julie. You’re looking great,” he took me into his arms and gave me a huge hug. I melted into his arms and felt his body strong against mine.

At 6’3″, Cammy towers over me and I had to stand on tip-toes and pull his face towards mine to kiss him. The kiss quickly became passionate and, with all thoughts of coffee temporarily forgotten on my part, I removed my lips from his and led him towards my bedroom.

Once on my bed, our lips were pressed firmly together and it wasn’t long before we were tugging at each other’s clothes. There was an urgency to our actions that I hadn’t anticipated but was fully caught up in.

I moaned as Cammy’s mouth found my breasts and began to lick and kiss them all over. My hands were in his lap, gently stroking his cock and squeezing his balls. His cock was thick and hard and I knew that I wouldn’t have to wait very long before I had it in me.

Almost as soon as that thought crossed my mind, I pushed him away briefly. “Don’t worry,” I said, noticing the briefest flicker of apprehension cross his face. I turned to my bedside cabinet and rummaged around in the drawer for some condoms. Finding them, I tossed one to him, saying, “Here, get this on you,” as I struggled out of the remainder of my clothes.

I lay back on my bed, parted my legs and held out my arms to him. Cammy was above me almost instantly, the head of his cock pressing against my moist opening as he leant forward to kiss me.

Slowly he pressed forward and I let trabzon escort out a low moan of pleasure as his cock began to fill me. I pulled my legs back to let him slide in deeper and then we were fucking.

It had been more than a year since I had last had Cammy’s cock inside me. His isn’t the biggest I’ve ever had, maybe a touch over 6½” but it is quite thick and he definitely knows how to use it. I was in heaven as it slid in and out, pounding my wet pussy with powerful strokes. As he fucked me, he kept telling me how good my pussy felt as it engulfed his cock. I replied in kind, letting him know how much I was enjoying having him stretch and fill me.

The harder he thrust, the more I enjoyed it. I was digging my fingernails into his buttocks, urging him on, demanding that he fuck me harder and harder (I dread to think what would have happened if my mum had chosen to come home at that point). Cammy was nibbling my neck and driving me wild as his cock hammered me. I was getting close but, unfortunately, Cammy was even closer.

I knew my own orgasm would have to wait but Cammy’s was now imminent; he was straining to hold on. I told him to pull out and he did, sitting back on my bed, I quickly turned round, pulled off the condom and wrapped my lips around his shaft. Sucking hard, my lips slip up and down his length twice before his cock started to twitch violently in my mouth. I gave his balls a gentle squeeze and he cried out, “Julie!! Oh sweet fucking God, Julie!!!” as he erupted.

Jet after jet of thick, rich cum flooded my mouth and I swallowed hard, determined not to miss a single drop. Cammy’s hips thrust, forcing his cock deep into my mouth as he let loose a seemingly never ending load of cum. When, at last, his climax subsided, I sucked the last drops from him, licked my lips then moved up to snuggle against him.

It felt good being wrapped in his big strong arms. He was still breathing hard and his heart was pounding. “You certainly haven’t lost your touch,” he told me as we lay there. I assured him that neither had he but that, since I hadn’t cum yet, once he’d got his breath back, he was going to have a little more work to do. Funnily enough, he didn’t seem too put out by that, remarking that, “He was sure that I still had the best tasting pussy that he’d ever had!” (Doesn’t he have such a way with words?)

A few minutes later, any need for words were pretty much forgotten as I found myself on my back, my legs spread wide and Cammy’s face pressed firmly between my thighs. I said pretty much forgotten as I still found myself occasionally saying things like, “Ooooohhhh,” and, “Mmmmmmm,” and, “Oh fuck, that’s trabzon escort bayan good!” and other such banalities as his tongue explored my pussy.

Force me to make a choice, and I’ll say that George is a much better pussy-eater than Cammy but, right then, that didn’t matter. Maybe it was because I had been so close before or maybe it was the novelty of having Cammy’s tongue on my clit for the first time in more than a year, maybe it was a combination of both factors but I was soon cumming hard.

My body shook violently as my climax tore through me. As he licked, Cammy had two fingers in my pussy, twisting them around and pumping them in and out. It was rough and it was hard but it was just what I needed. I suspect my neighbours must have been out or they would have been hammering at the door complaining about the noise I was making.

Cammy gave me no respite and I came again and again, each time harder and more powerfully than the one before. I was playing with my tits as he licked my clit and finger-fucked my pussy; the sensations I was experiencing were almost too much to endure.

Finally, I had to beg him, weakly, to stop. My strength had been sapped and my body had reached the point where I couldn’t take any more. Cammy moved up beside me and held me in his arms. I kissed him and savoured the taste of my juices on his lips.

I was content just to be held for almost half an hour but then, being the insatiable little slut that I am, I decided I wanted some more and, since I had this man conveniently naked on my bed, I decided to have some. I slid off the bed and knelt in front of him. I took his cock in my hand and began to run my tongue all over it. As I licked and stroked, it stiffened. Cammy was making appreciative noises as I flicked the tip of my tongue over the eye of his knob.

I licked my lips then took him into my mouth, sucking hard as I slid my lips slowly down to the base of his cock. Cammy groaned as I swallowed, my throat tightening around his knob. As I worked my lips up and down, Cammy thrust, stabbing his cock into my mouth, occasionally making me cough and splutter in a most unladylike fashion.

When my mouth began to ache, I decided it was time to let my pussy take over. I rolled a condom over his now fully erect cock then moved up to straddle him. Cammy leaned forward and began to feast on my tits as I reached back between my legs and guided him into me. I impaled myself slowly on his cock, letting every inch stretch me as it slid into my warm, wet centre. I pushed my hips back and began riding his cock, lifting myself up and down. Cammy crushed my tits together and flicked his tongue escort trabzon over my nipples, making them as wet as my pussy.

We moved together, him thrusting beneath me, me rocking my hips back and forth, grinding my pussy against him. Cammy used his thumb to tease my clit and I soon began to feel a familiar warmth spread through me.

We rolled over and I brought my legs back, resting my ankles on his shoulders, opening myself up wide as he powered into me. I squeezed my nipples and began to moan as he rode me harder and harder. I felt his balls slap against me with every stroke. All the time, Cammy kept moaning my name softly, telling me how much he was enjoying being inside me. His words combined with his actions to push me over the edge and soon I was cumming hard. I gripped his cock with the walls of my cunt, savouring how full he made me feel.

As my climax subsided, it was replaced by a warm, dreamy lassitude. Relaxation spread through my body despite the pounding my pussy was taking. Sweat dripped from Cammy’s forehead and I raised a hand to wipe it away from his eyes.

Cammy slowed down until he was barely moving, matching my languor with a gentle tenderness. In a heartbeat we’d gone from fucking to making love and it felt wonderful having him move slowly inside me, his lips kissing all over my face and neck. I moved with him, wrapping my arms around his neck, entwining my legs with his and moving my hips to meet his. The pressure increased against my clit and its throbbing began to build in intensity.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, we increased the pace of our movements. The strokes of Cammy’s cock became longer, more forceful. The walls of my pussy gripped him even more tightly. I felt myself cum again. It wasn’t particularly powerful, nor was it overly intense but it was deeply satisfying and, by the time it had passed, Cammy was breathing hard, his body was rigid and his cock throbbed inside me.

As so often happens, for a few moments I regretted the condom; I would have loved to feel his cum fill my pussy as he came. It always seems such a shame to let the cum go to waste.

Cammy fell on to me, his hips still thrusting, his breathing rough. I held him tight, just enjoying the moment; revelling in the satisfied feeling of closeness that followed.

Afterwards, as Cammy showered, I got up and made him the coffee I’d promised. We drank and chatted and caught up about a lot of things that happened since we’d last seen each other. There were, however, a lot of things that he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) talk about. I had sensed the difference in him earlier. He was still, essentially, the same Cammy that I had known before he went to Iraq but some of the things he’d seen and encountered had, to someone who knows him well, clearly had an effect on him. He’s going back in just over a week but, hopefully we’ll get time to see each other before he goes. I can’t help but worry about him though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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