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My name is Debbie and I am now 22 years old and a senior at college and single, thank goodness! This is my last year here at college and I sure do hate to leave here. But that is another story!

First, I want to tell you about my initiation into womanhood, if you want to call it that.

My Mom and Dad divorced when I was about 17 years old. After a couple of years, my Mom re-married. We moved into my step-dad’s house. My step-dad was a really nice guy and he had a good-looking son who lived with him. The only problem there was that he really didn’t want anything to do with me (because “I was in the way” and ‘a pain”). Anyway, my step-dad’s house was a two-story one, with a basement. The basement had been finished and Gary had his bedroom and bathroom down there. That was fine with me because that gave me the whole upstairs to myself.

Gary, my step-brother, went to the local tech school and worked part-time to pay for his car. He did have a really cool car, a Camaro, jet black, mag wheels, T-tops, loud mufflers and a good stereo system in it. I really liked the car, but Gary wouldn’t let me run around with him because I was “too young”. Other than that, he and I got along really good.

About a year or so after we moved in there, I was having a problem with some of my homework, and Mom and “Dad” were out, so I went downstairs to see if Gary could help me with my math. As I walked thru the game room to Gary’s bedroom, I could hear his music playing and I figured he was still up and maybe studying too. Well, being the young teen that I was, I just pushed the door open, without knocking, and almost fainted!!! Gary was sitting on his bed with a “girlie” magazine beside him and he was playing with his “Thing”!!!! I almost choked, and he heard me. He jumped up and tried to get his “thing” back in his shorts, but he was fumbling too much.

I guess I scared him and he yelled at me to “Get out”!!! But I couldn’t move, I was just staring at his “thing”.

I had heard other girls talking about what they looked like, but I had never seen one. Gary yelled again for me to get out but I just shook my head “no” still staring! I guess he realized suddenly that he might be in big trouble if I should say anything to my Mom or his Dad about what I caught him doing. I moved my focus to the magazine (he must have forgotten about it being there on the bed) and I walked over and picked it up. The girl in the magazine was really beautiful and naked and had two fingers in her privates!! I, of course, didn’t understand this. I looked up at Gary (who had finally gotten “it” back into his shorts) and just pointed at the girl in the photo and where her hand was. I still had not said a word!

Gary took the magazine and closed it and said “Debbie, I’m sorry, Please don’t tell on me. I’ll be grounded for life! And Dad might take my car keys away from me. Please??”

After looking at the picture and seeing his thing hanging out, I was feeling kinda funny. A feeling I had not had before. But I gathered my senses and got brave and said to him “Gary, I’ve heard the girls talking, especially in the locker room, about boy’s private parts, but I’ve never seen one up close. And I want to see yours! So if you will sit down and let me look at it good, I won’t tell anyone what happened, I promise.”

Gary looked at me for a moment and said “Promise-Hope to die?”

I said “Yes Gary, Hope to die.”

Gary sat down on the bed and pulled it back out of his shorts, but now it wasn’t stiff like it was when he was playing with it.

I asked him, “What happened to it, why is it not stiff anymore?”

He said “Debbie, Can I call you SIS? I’ve always wanted a little sister.”

I agreed he could. “Now tell me about your thing, what happened to it?” I said.

Gary tried as best he could to explain it to me in really nice terms, about how it gets excited and when it gets excited, it gets stiff and hard and grows a little bit.

So I said “Show me how it does it.”

Gary started pulling the skin back and forth on it. And shortly it started getting stiffer! I liked that! It was interesting!

So I şişli üniversiteli escort said, “Gary, can I see if I can get it more excited?” He agreed and I took it in my hand and started pumping on it back and forth. And it got very hard and stiff. “Hmmm I did this!! I got it excited!” I thought.

Gary laid back on the bed and said “Oh Sis, that feels so good!!”

He started moaning, and I stopped immediately and said “Gary, am I doing something to hurt you?”

Gary said, “Oh Sis, you are doing fine. Sit down and wrap your hand around it and jerk it up and down faster.” It was a very curious thing because shortly he was moving his butt up and down and moaning real loud. I slowed down and he said “No Sis, please, don’t stop, it feels so very good, just keep jerking it for me.”

So I did! I was jerking the skin up and down hard and fast like he wanted.

Then he reached over beside him on the bed and handed me a washcloth and said “Cover the top and your hand, honey.”

He had called me “honey”, he had never done that before and I liked that. But I couldn’t see what I was doing so I lifted the cloth and just as I did it squirted some kind of goo all up in the air and on me and on the bed. Gary by then had wrapped his hand around mine and was jerking it up and down fast and moaning really loud! I didn’t count how many times it squirted that stuff out but it was a lot! And what a mess!! Then Gary’s hand fell to his side and he just laid there.

I took the cloth and wiped my hand and my clothes and then handed it to Gary and said “Gary, that wasn’t nice, did you piss on me on purpose?”

Gary raised up and hugged me (he had never done that either) and said “Thanks little sis, you did great and no, that wasn’t piss, it was CUM. It is what happens when you have an orgasm. And an orgasm is what happens at the end of sex. Or in this case, jacking off.”

I said “Oh yea, I’ve heard that term used-the girls say they jack off their boyfriends. But I didn’t know what that was, but I have learned by doing it to you!”

“Yea Sis, you learn fast too, you did really good for me. Now promise me again that no-one will ever hear about this.” He said.

I said “OK big brother, but on one condition..” And I saw it on his face-he was afraid I would want to run around with him in his car. But then I said “I want you to teach me more about sex. I want to learn and I want you to teach me.”

He looked like I had kicked him or something.

I said “Is it a deal or not?”

He smiled and hugged me again and said “Sis, if that is what you really want, we’ll do it. But you can’t use this on your boyfriend yet. You are still too young to be having sex.”

I said ok and he handed me his magazine and said “Read through this and then tell me if you have any questions on what you see and learn, OK? And keep it hidden well!”

I agreed and got up and started back upstairs and then I remembered why I had come downstairs in the first place. So I told him and he helped me and I thanked him and went back upstairs.

When I was back in my room, in bed, and getting ready to go to sleep, I kept thinking about the girl in the magazine and what she was doing to herself and what I had just done with Gary. So I thought I would try what she was doing and see what the big deal was. So I tried to stick two fingers inside my pussy, but it hurt! So I decided to wet them in my mouth and try it again. It was a little easier and I moved them a little, and pretty quickly, it got much easier to move them. I was getting wet down there and so I pushed them in further and worked them around a little and in and out and it started feeling really good!! And then, quite by accident, my thumb hit my clitorus and then I knew why the girl was doing it!! This was an awesome feeling, and I didn’t want to stop doing it-it felt too good!! I kept doing it and the more I did it the better it felt and soon I was wiggling my butt all over the place and then I thought I was going to explode!! I could not stop now if I wanted to and then I wanted to scream and wanted to put my taksim anal yapan escort whole hand inside me. I jerked my pillow around and bit on it to muffle my screams, and then some kind of fluid came rushing out!! “Just like it did from Gary”, I thought. But the bad part was it only lasted for maybe a half a minute and then it was over. But it was the best feeling I had ever had!. And now I was tired, so I just left my hand in my panties and I just like “died” asleep. I felt so good after that orgasm!!!

About three weeks had gone by and I had studied Gary’s magazine from cover to cover. Some of that stuff was pretty weird to me! Then one night as I was getting into bed I felt something under my pillow. Gary had slid another magazine under it for me. Needless to say, I stayed up late looking through it. And again went to sleep with my fingers inside my hot, wet pussy. Man this fingering thing sure made me feel good all over when I would cum. Then on that Saturday night when Gary got home from work, I was waiting for him. Mom and Dad were out with friends again. I was watching TV in the game room (which is right next to Gary’s bedroom) when he came in. I wanted to learn some more! I was only wearing my housecoat and panties when he walked in.

He saw my mostly naked body and said ” Huummm Sis, looking for another lesson?”

I said “Sure am brother dear.”

He said to give him a minute to shower and we would do it. Then he went off to the shower. When he returned, he was wearing only boxers and his housecoat and I could see that his “thing” was already getting ready to play. He came over and sat down on the couch with me and I just reached over and pulled his dick out of his shorts and started to play with it. When I did he opened my housecoat and took both my breasts in his hands and started massaging them. It felt pretty good when I did it, but it sure felt great when he did it for me.

I was pumping on his dick pretty good and then he reached down and cupped my pussy with his hand and asked if I liked the feel of that, I just spread my legs wider in reply. He didn’t hesitate, his hand was inside my panties and one finger was in my pussy. Damn that felt so good!! I was already wet in anticipation of this fun so he had no trouble burying his finger all the way inside me. Then he pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth and sucked it clean. I took this moment to jerk my panties off to give him better access. I loved the feel of his finger in me. And of course I wanted it as long as he would do it.

He smiled and said “Little sis, you taste pretty damned good honey!”

Then he put two fingers into my pussy! Oh shit it felt so good! I was having trouble concentrating on his dick! He had two fingers in my pussy and was pinching my tittie with the other hand and pulling and pinching the nipple. He had me wanting to scream all the time! Then he started humping and jerking and I knew he was getting ready to shoot on me again. I said “want me to grab a washcloth for you?”

He said “No, catch it in your hand, I want to try something.” So when it shot off, I caught all I could in my hand. But I was having trouble sitting still, I was about to cum too.

I cried out “Oh god Gary, It’s here, Oh shit finger it fast , It feels so good make me cum honey, Please, I love you . I love this feeling!! Oh god it’s good!!” And I was like convulsing on his fingers!

Finally I finished and Gary pulled his fingers out of me and said, “Watch this!” His fingers were dripping with my juices and he licked it all from them. So in return, I started licking his cum out of my hand for him. He smiled and I knew he liked that idea. When he first licked his one finger, I thought it was a little gross, but quickly forgot about that. Now I understood that it really did taste good and it was somehow satisfying to see him lick up my juices! He said again how good I tasted and asked about his.

I said “It is a strange taste but I could get used to it real quick!” I wiped some more off his dick and sucked that off my finger.

“Ok, lesson one, we just made each taksim bdsm escort other have an “orgasm”, or “cum” for short. You “jerked me off” or “jacked me off”, either way you want to say it. And I just fingered you off, also sometimes called fingering you! Did you really like what I just did to you? Did it really feel great?” he asked.

“Oh yes Gary it was fantastic, it was just awesome! I never felt so good! I did it to myself the other night but when you did it, it was much, much better! Did I do ok for you too?” I asked.

“Oh yes honey, you are getting really good at that. Listen Sis, have you ever heard of the term ‘incest’?”

I said “Yes, but that is families isn’t it, like blood relatives?”

Gary replied that it was “but lots of people would look at us as being relatives now, although we are not blood relatives, understand?”

“Yes,” I said, “but what has this got to do with us having fun?” I asked.

“Well, Sis, I just want you to understand that lots of people would really frown on what we are doing. So what I want us to do is swear that NO ONE will ever know about this, not your best friend or anyone, understand?”

“Yes I do and I swear that no one will ever know about us but us, Gary”

“You swear that? Hope to die?” Gary asked.

I said “Yes , I swear, hope to die, I will never ever tell anyone what we are doing. Just don’t stop teaching me, Please? I want to learn from you, cause I trust you to do me right.”

“Ok ” he said. “Good enough.” We were still sitting on the couch and Gary said “Sis, baby, you want another one?”

I said “another what?” Just hoping he was thinking the same thing that I was thinking.

He said, “Another orgasm, silly!”

“Oh yes please, that one a few minutes ago was so incredible! Oh yes, please make me have another one, please!”

He said “Ok honey, but this one is just for you. Forget about me, you just enjoy this one by yourself, OK?”

I said “Sure Gary, if that’s what you want.”

He said, “OK get up on your hands and knees and let me show you something else.” I got up like he said and he pushed my housecoat up over my back and rubbed his fingers on my pussy and said “Good little Sis, you’re still wet. And I have to tell you that you have a beautiful little pussy and ass, honey.”

He slowly shoved two fingers all the way in me as deep as they would go. I really let out a groan because it felt so very good! And then he started working them in and out of me pretty fast and hard, then he used his other hand to rub my clit and shit he was driving me crazy!! He would mash on it and then rub it and then pinch it and each time he did something, it was electrifying to my body! I just wanted to scream at him to never, ever, ever, stop doing that!! I was humping back on his hand like I don’t know what, and I couldn’t help it, I just wanted more!

I said “Gary , more honey please I love it, more!!” And then he put three fingers in me and I almost cum just from that! Oh it felt good to be full of fingers! “Oh Gary, I’m getting close, please make me cum, fast and hard Please”.

But Gary pulled his fingers out of me and I looked back to see what was going on. “It’s ok honey, I just wanted a taste” and he shoved two fingers back in my pussy and “OUCH!”, one in my asshole!!

He said “Easy honey, It’ll feel good in just a second” as he continued to work them in and out.

He was right, the pain was gone and Oh god what a fantastic feeling it was! I was going to cum with two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass!! I convulsed hard and started shaking all over and screaming and jerking all over! Damn this was the best yet and it lasted longer too. And I could feel my juices running down my legs. And then I just collapsed on the couch, exhausted completely and fully satisfied!

I could barely breathe, but I said, “Gary, that was the most fantastic orgasm! I know I screamed too loud but it was that good! It was awesome, beyond description!!”

I raised up and grabbed him around the neck and slammed my lips to his and forced my tongue into his mouth. I know I love him, He has made me so happy!

We kissed for a long time and finally we broke it and Gary said “Ok sis, bed time” and smacked me on the ass.

“Ok” I said, “But that little smack felt good.” and smiled at him as I gathered up my panties and headed upstairs. I sure won’t have any trouble falling asleep tonight! I was exhausted!

End of Chapter One

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