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This story is comprised of incest and interracial sex. If you are not of legal age to be reading this I suggest you go elsewhere for kicks.

My friends call me stud because I am always hitting on the girls instead of my books. I’m nineteen and about to graduate from high school. My parents started me a year later than most families. I have two sisters. One married and one in college. Cheryl comes home every weekend and generally with a hot looking white chick. Cheryl is a junior. All I hear from her since she is bringing white chicks home is, “If you don’t behave around my friends I will tell dad. You know what that means.”

My dad has always threatened to send me to live with his mean sister. My cousins spend a lot of time at our place and fill me in. I wanted no part of living at their place.

So when sis began to bring white chicks home in her freshman year, I fixed up a hidden camera so I could watch my sister and her friends. Needless to say I cannot re-call the times that I masturbated while looking at the computer monitor, looking at the white chicks and having all sorts of imaginations going through my brain.

Charles, my cousin and same the age would sit and jack as the girls undressed to get ready for bed. Charles is in college now so his time being at the house is now limited. But in high school we spent many Friday and Saturday nights looking at white meat.

Sis, a junior, is bringing home a girl named Erin a lot this year. I think she is doing that because they both get it on before dropping off to sleep. Man, my cock is raw every weekend watching the action in sis’s bedroom.

Many times when I was alone in the house and especially on a Monday morning, I would go to my sister’s room and gather the pillow Erin had her head on, take it to my room, take a towel and cover my pillow, and hump my pillow while inhaling the aroma coming from Erin’s pillow. My cock would always be so hard smelling the white chick’s pillow. I would have loved it if she would have left her panties behind. I sure would have put something in them.

Near the end of the school year, sis was home alone with no friend for the weekend. Dad and mom were out shopping. Sis and I fixed ourselves a sandwich for lunch and just had casual conversation. I noticed she kept looking at me differently though. When we had finished and was cleaning up so mom would not get mad, sis said, “Stud, Erin wants you to fuck her.”

My cock woke up, my jaw dropped and my mouth said, “When, where, how soon?”

“Look stud, the folks will be gone next weekend. My plans are to have her over then. In case you get to rambunctious I can step in and make sure you behave.”

“Wow sis, you have had so many friends over. I have wanted to stick them all. Now I get a chance. I’m not going to blow it. She is the hottest one you have brought home so far.”

“One other thing stud, she says that if you treat her nice and make her have some orgasms before unloading your stuff, she wants at a later time for you to be rough with her, like tying her up and doing nasty stuff, making her scream for your black cock to fuck her, initiate her ass to a cock and all that stuff you guys like to do to hot white chicks.”

By now my cock was straining hard against the inside of my pant leg. Sis saw it and said, “Go upstairs and take care of that then we can talk more about it or maybe you would like for me to do it for you.”

I looked at her in disbelief as to what I had heard.

I then heard, “Look you have been spying on me and my friends for several years. I was not born yesterday, stupid. We could hear yours and Charles’s moans when he was here getting off watching us on your computer monitor.”

“You are about to join the college crowd. Let me get a taste of what the coeds will be experiencing.”

Sis walked over to me, took my hand and pulled me to go with her upstairs. My cock was deflating. My sister was in charge.

When we got to her room she said, “Okay stud strip and let’s get it on.” My cock woke up again seeing my sister getting naked with a nice pair of 36D’s staring back at me.

I heard, “Take off your clothes. Do it now!”

Cheryl walked over to me, pressing those jugs into my chest and lightly placed her lips on mine. She traced my lips with the point of her tongue. She then brought her hands up to hold my face, pulling it tight to her lips. This caused her boobs to press harder into my chest. She was running her hands through my hair as she started to insert her tongue into my mouth. I was already short of breath. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard. My cock was harder than it had ever been.

Soon we were into a tongue duel. My mind was spinning. This was my sister. She is going to rape me. This is wrong. I never had sexual thoughts about her. My cock was thinking differently with her tits pressing into my chest, her warm hands swimming through my hair and her long tongue searching every nook and cranny of my mouth.

Cheryl’s tongue action woke şişli üniversiteli escort up every hormone in my body and shut my brain down that she was my sister. It was directing my cock to her pussy. The cock was twitching every time the heart pumped. It wanted to fill with more blood but instead my balls were beginning to kill me.

Cheryl knew what I needed. She pulled her hands off the back of my head, slid them down my chest, over my stomach and I tensed knowing she was within a hair thickness of touching my pride and joy.

Cheryl’s hand slipped off to the side and continued past the ready to erupt pole. She continued tonguing me. I had my hands on her nice butt cheeks, so firm and yet jiggley, pulling her tight to me wanting those hard nipples of hers to pierce my chest. I felt the back of her hand sliding down the inside of my thigh. I assumed see was going to go for my balls. I was right; she cupped them, I loaded and fired my nut juice onto our stomachs.

We broke the kissing for air and then sis was saying, “Mmmmmm nice for starters. Now maybe you will last a little longer in my hot box.”

My cock never deflated. She kept her hand on the sack, squeezing softly as it delivered my stuff between us. The aroma of the spunk was drifting up to our nostrils turning us on more if it were possible. It was animalistic sex now. We were both in heat.

My eyes focused on my sister’s breasts as she walked towards me. They were of perfect form with huge areolas. I saw them many times on the monitor but this was real. They seemed to have hypnotic powers. I reached for them. Sis placed her hands on top of mine and guided me to them while staring me in the eyes. The nipples were so hard pressing into my palms and the boobs were so warm and pliable.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the pleasure of feeling my sister’s breasts. My eyes shot open when her hand engulfed my hard cock.

Cheryl could wait no longer. Sis said, “Let me ride you and control the action. Knowing you I will not get off.”

She took her hands and pushed me back to the bed.

I crawled on it and positioned myself in the middle of it. Sis stood and straddled me with her legs. I was looking at her wet snatch, lips so swollen and dark pink. Precum was leaking from my cock. She reached down with her hands and spread her lips apart. That trigger of hers was so visible. I heard, “If you behave I will let you use your mouth on me. I want to be your first coed.”

Cheryl then knelt, looked into my eyes as reached for my cock and fed my tool into her wet hot snatch. I closed my eyes as more blood rushed there to expand it and make it harder. She then sat on it, resting on her haunches. My cock was buried deep in my sister.

Now the thought of it being my sister was making it more exciting.

Sis began to play with her clit. Her muscles were gripping and releasing my cock. She was building me to a cum with out even moving her hips. I wanted to hump but when I would start sis would say, “No.”

Sis looked me in the eyes and said, “When I am close, I will start to ride you. That will be your sign to fuck me good. If we are lucky we will cum together. I want to feel my brother’s juice spraying my insides and putting my fire out.”

Smiling, Sis continued with her tightening and releasing of her pussy muscles to grip my cock.

Cheryl was starting to moan as her cum was building.

Sis removed her hand from her mound, lowered herself, offering her mouth to me. We started kissing, pressing ours tongues into each other’s mouth.

Sis began to hump me. I took that as a sign to fuck her.

Sis lifted and placed her right breasts at my mouth. I quickly took her right nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and gently sucking it. “Ohoooooooo,” came from her mouth and then a moan.

I then heard, “Now Stud, now! Cum, cum, Ohoooooooooo god, I’mmmm.”

It happened as she desired. I sprayed her insides with my seed as she lowered herself and went into violent shaking as her orgasm charged through her body.

We both were panting from spilling of our juices.

Sis and I had our first incest act.

I then heard, “I hope you do the same for Erin next weekend, Rob.”


I had a boner all week thinking of getting my black meat into a white college girl, who for almost a year I thought had the hottest ass on the planet and masturbated hundreds of times with her in my mind.

Erin is a 20 year old sophomore in college.

Erin is very petite, having small breasts which are almost non-noticeable in loose fitting clothes. At five foot five inches, 105 pounds, 30B-24-32 frame made her shapely legs awesome to look at. Her areolas are about the size of a quarter, tan in color with nipples slightly larger than one would expect.

Erin’s hair is very long, rich looking, thick, shiny, black and straight. It cascades all the way down to the center of her back. A patch of black pubic taksim anal yapan escort hair gracious her mound. It is in the form of a landing strip. She keeps it neatly trimmed and close cropped.

Erin’s clit was not ordinary. Her little bud often stood out while she or sis stimulated it.

The week end arrived. The folks were gone and my cock was semi-hard waiting for Erin to show. When she finally arrived at the house, my cock became a boner instantly.

I rushed into my bedroom to release the pressure. I then went downstairs after sis called for me. I was grinning at Erin as she approached and said, “Thanks for agreeing to give me a taste of your manhood.” She then proceeded to kiss me on the cheek.

She was dressed in some hot red shorts and a red halter top to match. My bone was up even though it had just unloaded a charge a few minutes earlier.

Sis said, “Well why don’t you two get it over with. I will order pizza and by the time it gets here you two should be ready for a break.”

I heard, “Use my room Rob. Erin knows where stuff is if she needs anything.”

When we arrived at sis’s room, she walked up to me and said, “It has taken me six months to get the courage up to ask your sister to ask you to treat me to your cock. I want to blow you so that you will last longer when your cock is buried deep in me. I want to feel your love juice spraying and coating my insides. Why don’t you get out of those clothes?”

I heard, “Sit on the edge of the bed,” as she was lifting her halter top off of her body.

I rushed to get naked and sat on the edge of the bed.

My cock was at attention and leaking.

Erin unsnapped her shorts, walked over to me, took my head into her hands and leaned down to kiss me. She was hot. The aroma of her hot sex was already permeating around us.

We broke the kiss. Erin knelt and engulfed the black boner in one swallow.

Erin was sucking my cock like it was a sucker. My cock was so hard with some precum showing before she started the blow job.

She had to have tasted it and then wanted more. She was not revolting from it.

I was in a stage of euphoria now that my sister’s best friend was blowing me.

I let out with a deep breath, writhed in pleasure from the feelings of her hot mouth on my man piece.

I wondered if she knew how good she was at sucking cock.

I had never felt anything before generating such incredible pleasure.

It was better than my girlfriend’s ass.

I lowered myself backwards on the bed looking at the ceiling. Erin’s nose was resting on my pubic bone.

She had deep throated me. I was stunned from the feeling as I lay there, helpless. I just wanted the feeling of the warmth and tightness engulfing my cock to continue forever. I a girl had never done that before for me. God was I sailing.

I was hoping this was not going to be the first and last time that I would feel her throat muscles working to swallow my boner.

Erin started sliding her hot mouth with soft lips up and down my cock, each time burying her nose in my pubic hair. I was having problems to not let myself build too fast. I wanted the moment to last forever.

Increasingly, as my sister’s best friend seemed to get more comfortable with blowing me, she became more excited and tried to take more and more of my baby maker tool. I moaned as I felt the cock go further down her throat. I flexed my cock at the sensation, lifted my hips to get more in, if that was even possible, causing Erin to gag and pull off.

Erin then returned to the cock, slowly increased the mouth fucking, wrapping her fingers around my dick, and went with a free hand to my balls which she massaged ever so gently by rolling them around in her warm, soft hands with the slightest of pressure.

I inhaled air, digging my fingers into her soft, smooth hair, trying to get more cock into her hot mouth by pulling her head forward. Her fingers wrapped around my cock at the base prevented that from happening. Erin’s sexy hot mouth made sucking and slurping noises as she continued the attack on my piece of meat.

“Oh, my god Erin, it’s even better than I had fantasized.”

I began to moan and at the same time released the grip that I had on her silky hair so she was free to use her mouth more easily. Her shampoo fragrance and perfume were getting to me as I was taking deeper breaths. The pressure was building in my balls to load my shooter.

I heard and felt Erin go, “Mmmmmm,” on my bone as she continued the mouth attack.

I opened my eyes, lifted my head and followed her white spinal column to the top of her red shorts. I pictured how her ass might look kneeling there, sending out invitations to be fucked. I was hoping she would let me do just that later. I also wondered how tight her pussy might be.

Erin moaned more and increased the pace of her blow job. She was sucking harder and louder with lots of slurping. The sounds of her inhaling air taksim bdsm escort through her nose as she was working my cock added to the scene that was happening. Erin was into it and was going to make sure I would never forget it.

I felt Erin make muffled sounds on my ready to blow cock. She knew I was getting close. Was this turning her on? Did she enjoy getting guys off this way?

Erin reached between our legs and opened her shorts. She suddenly stiffened and had an orgasm. She shuddered and moaned on my cock.

She bucked her hips onto her finger that had to be at her clit.

She opened her mouth for more air cooling my cock from the cold air rush around it.

The aroma of her hot juices filled my nostrils. More blood rushed to fill my cock more if it were even possible. My cock was the hardest it had ever been.

She resumed blowing me but with urgency.

She’s was really turned on. This triggered my balls to lift and load my shooter. I placed my hands on the side of her face wanting to grip her tight if she made a move to back off as I was firing. I wanted my hot nut juices to shoot down her hot throat so she would never forget me. Erin removed her hand resulting in her nose in my pubic bone again.

I unloaded my precious love potent deep in her throat and I uttered, “UUUggghhhh, UUUggghhhh, UUUggghhhh, UUUggghhhh,” while making the delivery to my sister’s girlfriend. My body convulsed on the bed.

Erin went, “Mmmmmm,” as my baby making juice left me like a bullet to make its journey to her stomach.

The flexing of my cock as I was making the delivery was out of this world. Never had I experienced such a hard cum in my life. It would not stop. Erin kept swallowing and with every swallow the cock would fire more of the baby making juice, coaxing every last drop from my balls.

“Stop, oh god stop Erin, it can’t take any more.”

I was exhausted and satisfied like never before in my life.

Erin then proceeded to clean my cock with her tongue, making slurping sounds as she sucked the juices into her mouth.

Erin then stood, turned her back to me and lowered her red shorts and red soaked panties. She purposely bent over to pick them up, exposing her glistening wet holes to my eyes focused on the area. My cock did a reversal and began to inflate again upon seeing the treasures between her legs. It was expanding as she turned to me, crawled on top of me and lowered her soft cum coated lips to kiss.

After kissing she said, “Now you do me.”

I said, “Feed me a tit, Erin. I have wanted to suck on those boobs of your since the first time I laid my eyes on them.” She lowered a tit to my mouth and my right hand went for the other one. I kept alternating between them. Her breathing was becoming ragged and shallow.

“God Rob, I need your cock. Please do me now”

“Okay babe, do you want to ride me or lay on your back?”

“I want to be on my back looking into those beautiful brown eyes of yours. I want to feel like your slut.”

Erin rolled off of me and onto her back. I lifted her awesome legs by placing my arms under her knees, knelt so I could place my now hard bone at the entrance to the pink, steaming hole, craving for a piece of black meat. I leaned forward as my bone slid into the hot honey pot. I saw her eyes open wide as her walls were being stretched as never before along with, “Ohooo god.” My eyes opened wider in surprise as it was the tightest pussy my cock had felt in years.

When my balls rested on her thighs I asked, “Are you happy now?”

I heard, “I will be happy when you spray that baby making stuff deep into me so I leak for days, smelling you and thinking of you.”

I started with slow hip movements. Erin asked, “Can I lock my legs around your waist?”

“Sure babe.”

I released her legs so she could lock her long legs around my waist and locking her ankles together, pulling me deeper into her.

The heat and tightness of her love tunnel were getting to me. My pace of thrusting was picking up. Erin grabbed her breasts to maul them as she was thrusting her hips up to meet my in push. She began to toss her head and was moaning, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh god yes.”

That triggered me to pound her hot box faster and faster. Each in thrust elicited the same sound from her.

She took her hands off of her breasts, wrapped them around my neck, stiffened and shuddered, letting out with, “I’mmmmmmmm, Oh god.”

That action caused me to load up and fire. As I stiffened, I hit her cervix. That elicited, “This fuck is soooooooooooo good,” in babbled tones.

We both broke out in a sweat. The sounds of our stomachs smacking together as I wanted to drive further into her and she desiring it deeper added to the pleasure consuming both of us.

I fell forward after making my delivery deep as she wanted. Her legs dropped from my back. We both were panting as a result of the hot action.

We heard, “That was awesome to watch you two. Pizza’s here. Rob you can do me like that anytime you want.”

I lifted slightly and kissed Erin. I then lifted my head and stared at her, and said, “That was fucking incredible.”

I noticed how erect her nipples were. Erin was still turned on. They looked hard as steel.

Soon our tongues were dueling. My cock was waking up. I heard, “Give me a quickie Rob.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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