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I met him at my brothers wedding, it was an instant dislike to the guy, he was rough tough and homophobic. A total jerk to me at the wedding and after party, he called me names and taunted me to see if he could get me to fight him.

He got extremely drunk and disorderly, they had to call the police to come and get him as he tried to start a fight, I can say I was happy to see him go. A night in the drunk tank might straighten him out, the next day they went and bailed him out. He came to my house as we would do the gift opening and a light lunch, he looked as rough as he felt I was sure of it.

He still had on his groomsman suit and white shirt and tie, but he looked like he had been through the mill. He stared at me as he walked in the house, I sneered at him I was not about to take any of his bull shit today.

He kept to himself and was actually being nice to any and all including me, he followed me in to the kitchen. He told me he wanted to talk to me, first he apologized multiple times saying he was not that person who said those terrible things he said to me last night. He hoped I could forgive him and also let him shower and brush his teeth as he felt terribly dirty and his mouth felt like a toilet.

I guided him to my room where he could get in my shower and get cleaned up, I got him a new toothbrush and showed him where the towels and clothes he could wear. He of course apologized yet again for being a total jerk to me.

He pulled me in and hugged me, I felt it right away, the bulge in his dress pants was undeniable, he held me close to him, his cock getting harder and harder as bahis siteleri it went on. He released me and was about to kiss me. I held him back I was not about to kiss him right about now.

“Not till you brush and gargle some mouthwash Mister.”

He smiled then brushed gargled and slowly removed clothes as he did, first the jacket then the vest, his tie then the shirt were all on the bathroom floor. He had a great upper body, thin yet muscular, hairy with perky nipples that begged to be sucked.

He pulled me in and was about to kiss me.

“Breath okay now?”

“Let’s find out.”

I leaned in and kissed him, he pulled me in close his cock pressed in tight to my own, I pulled back he looked at me, wondering what I was doing. I went to the door and locked it, turned and smiled at him, I pulled off my shirt then tore off my trousers, standing there in only a pair of boxer briefs.

Johnny pulled off his pants and, his underwear tented, his cock struggling to make its way out of his underwear. I walked closer to him and pulled my own underwear off, my cock flopped back and forth as I made my way closer to him. He pulled off his own underwear the man had a magnificent cock, long straight with tight foreskin.

The man had a huge bush of hair, with a hairy nut sack, I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me in to kiss me. I pulled back and looked at him in the eyes, I slowly sank down till I was face to cock with him. I held it in my left hand and licked the tip, dam it tasted so good, I took him in slowly till I was in his bush.

I sucked down on his cock, then pulled it canlı bahis siteleri out slowly then back in, I held his hips and made him fuck my face. I knew he was close, his balls retracted his cock exploded in my mouth, I swallowed every single drop the man could produce. The man never made a sounds as his cock shot me full of his seed.

He and I would shower then get dressed and join the party downstairs, our shower was more of a make out session than an actual shower. He got down and took my cock into his mouth, the man was not much a cocksucker, I pulled him to his feet and kissed him.

I grabbed the lube and slicked him up, I sopped up my hole, he slid his cock in, holding it in place till I was ready for him to fuck me. Johnny knew how to fuck that was for sure, he pinned me to the shower wall then slammed it in me.

I held his cock inside me as he pounded it in me, the grip I had on the mans cock did him in, his cock flooded me with his seed. He leaned in on me as his orgasm subsided, he pulled out and turned me around, his lips on my own, we made out.

I washed him down he did the same for me, we got dressed and joined the party, no one even noticed we two were gone. He and I mixed with the people we knew, he on one side of the room myself on mine. As the night wore on more and more people left, a few stayed to help clean up, Johnny helped me clean up and load the dishwasher.

The last guest gone it was him and I left, we sat and had a beer, he really was a nice man when you got to know him.

“Can I stay the night?”

“Of course you can and you can sleep with me in canlı bahis my bed if you want to, or you can choose the spare bedroom.”

“If its my choice then its with you.”

We drank our beers then went to bed, he and I stripped naked and got in bed, first we cuddled then he got on top of me. I pulled back my legs and gave him the idea of what I wanted, I handed him the lube and he quickly slid it in me.

Felt good to be able to see him as he fucked me slowly, then the pace quickened, he grabbed my cock and stroked it I soon shot a massive load then he filled me to the hilt. I lay there cum soaked, with a hot guy laid out on top of me.

I rolled us over and got up to get a damp cloth, I wiped us down then crawled in close to him, he and I snuggled he was soon asleep. I woke up at six he was getting back in bed, he half laid on top of me, his leg over mine his cock once again rock hard.

I rolled the man over and took his cock into my wanting mouth, I sucked that cock like it was the last one on earth. I sucked down till I woke the man up, he moaned and groaned as I sucked his cock, his balls pulled in his cock shot me like a shot gun. I licked I swallowed cum poured out everywhere, I licked till there was no more to be lapped up.

I cuddled back in close and dozed off, I woke once I felt him getting dressed up, getting out of bed, he had on the clothes he came in with.

“Sorry Billy I have to go.”

“What’s the rush? Do you have somewhere to be?”

“Actually Billy there is, my wife and kids are waiting for me at home.”

I was not only shocked but caught off guard.

“Okay Johnny do you need a lift somewhere?”

“No I will cab it home, thanks Billy for everything.”

I walked him to the door and waved him off. I made myself coffee and sat there shocked that the man was married with kids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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