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“Listen to me, Glen, you left the decision to me and I’ve made up my mind. Kevin has to go.”

My sister is headstrong and stubborn as a mule, so I was walking on eggshells to come to the aid of my oldest and best friend. Since Brandi moved back in six months ago, I’d been trying to keep the peace between them, but they have a long history of bickering and fighting. The problem was that I had unintentionally backed Brandi into a corner and my sister is not one to back down, so I was doing my best to change her mind about throwing Kevin out of the house.

“Come on, Brandi, I know you don’t like him but you wouldn’t really throw him out, would you? He’d be homeless, with no car, no job and no money.”

“It’s been two years! He hasn’t worked or paid a dime’s rent in all that time. I can tell you that he hasn’t even looked for a job since I’ve been here. He’s a bum and a freeloader. Being homeless is what he deserves.”

I reminded her that we were living rent free in the enormous house we grew up in and stayed when our parents retired to Ireland. Not only that, we were getting rent for three of the six bedrooms in the old barn of a house.

“Yes, and without Kevin we can give his room to someone who will pay for it,” she retorted.

“Couldn’t you just kick his ass? You’ve done it enough times over the years.”

“It’s obvious that kicking his ass didn’t accomplish anything. Kevin needs to experience the consequences for his ill manners.”

“Won’t you at least let me drive him somewhere where he might find a job and a place to stay?” She stopped folding clothes and looked at me.

“When the clock strikes twelve tomorrow, I want to see him walking down the road with only the clothes on his back. Don’t forget, you left this decision up to me.”

“But isn’t it enough that you are throwing him out? Why can’t I at least drive him somewhere?”

She glared at me defiantly. I thought about how fortunate we were. We have wonderful loving parents to spoil us. We have good jobs because of our educations and are blessed with being exceptionally attractive. Like me, Brandi has a strong, athletic body, a beautiful bright smile and piercing green eyes. Life is relatively simple for my sister and I compared to Kevin’s world as a diminutive little guy with no formal education or job skills. Nevertheless, he is clever and always knew how to push her buttons. She tossed her auburn hair to one side and replied.

“No, it isn’t enough! I want my revenge on that little smartass. I want to see him humiliated and I want to be the reason why he feels ashamed of himself!”

Suddenly, I saw my chance. It was a small one, but I had nothing else.

“You know, Sis, if you want to humiliate him, there are probably ways that wouldn’t make you bahçelievler escort out to be such a bitch.” That stopped her cold, but she was adamant.

The next day, I sat on the edge of Kevin’s bed and tried to be optimistic, but Kevin looked like he was going to be sick. He was as white as a ghost and sweating profusely. I could only imagine the thoughts going through his head. Kevin and Brandi have fought since we were in grade school, so this was the ultimate defeat for him.

“Well, I talked to her but she won’t change her mind. I’m sorry, man, but it’s time for you to go. I want to warn you that she’s out on the front porch and she has all of the tenants and her two girlfriends with her.” I gave him a big hug and slipped some cash into the back pocket of his faded Levis. I followed him downstairs and out onto the large front porch of the huge old house.

Any thoughts that Brandi would change her mind were dashed with one look at the triumphant smile on her face. She sat looking regal in a tall wicker chair, her long tanned legs crossed at the knee, her bare toes painted red. She offered Kevin his jacket with one outstretched arm. Kevin took it stiffly, searching her face for some chance of a reprieve, but she just grinned wickedly. Kevin looked as if he wished the boards under his feet would open and swallow him up. Meanwhile, there wasn’t a word spoken from the six spectators on the porch.

I thought for an instant that the floor had indeed opened, but it was Kevin falling to his knees before Brandi. Through sniffles and tears, Kevin pleaded with her not to throw him out. He groveled at her feet as she sat in her chair, grasping her ankle while gazing up at her beseechingly. His words would not come until he was able to control his keening, plaintive sobs.

“Please Brandi, please let me stay! Please don’t make me go. I’ll die in the streets! I don’t know what it’s like but I know that I’m not strong enough to be homeless! Please Brandi! I’m sorry for all of the mean things I’ve ever said or did to you! Please, please, I’ll do whatever you want, just let me stay!”

Brandi looked thoughtful before she spoke. “What was that last thing again? You said something about doing what I want.”

“Yes, yes! I’ll do anything! Just name it and I’ll do it. Please, Brandi, I won’t let you down, I promise!”

“Let me understand, Kevin, are you offering to do my bidding if I allow you to stay?”

“Yes! Kevin said hopefully. “Please, Brandi, I’ll wash your clothes, do your laundry, whatever you want, just let me stay!”

Brandi examined her nails with a look of disapproval. “My nails are a mess. Can you give a manicure, Kevin? Do you know how to paint fingernails?”

“I can learn! Yes, yes, I can balgat escort learn! I’ll give you the best manicure you’ve ever had!”

“You’ll do the dishes AND scrub the pots and pans?”

“I will! I’ll even clean the stove, just please let me stay!”

Brandi placed a finger to her chin in concentration while Kevin looked up hopefully. Finally, she picked up a nail file from the little table and said simply,

“Nope. It’s too late and my mind is made up.” She looked down at Kevin and smiled cruelly. “Time for you to hit the road, loser.”

It was quiet as he slowly walked down the cement path to the road. He stopped and turned back several times, but Brandi’s two wicked friends admonished him to move along. Kevin turned back one last time and the thing that would change our lives dramatically happened. There was a growing dark spot in front of his faded blue jeans!

“Look at him! He wet his pants!” said the dark haired friend.

“No he didn’t, he’s still peeing! Look at him!” And sure enough, the incongruity of the shame he felt and the relief he experienced from urinating was there on his tear streaked face.

“Betsy Wetsy wet her pants! Betsy Wetsy wet her pants!” The two friends chanted merrily. I had to ask Brandi later who they were talking about. It seems that Betsy Wetsy was a doll made in the 1950s that wet its diaper after “feeding” it with a bottle.

I caught Brandi’s arm and whispered harshly into her ear. “All right, enough of this shit. You’re going to let him back in the house, even if I have to pay his rent.”

“Fine, she said. “You can pay for his room but his offer still stands. He will do whatever I say, without exception. Is that clear?” I looked at Kevin standing on the walkway with urine pooling at his feet and told my sister that she had a deal.

She was out of her chair in an instant, striding down the steps and toward my hapless buddy. He was startled when she reached forward and grabbed a firm hold on his left earlobe. He struggled to remain on his feet as she dragged him back up onto the porch. The two girlfriends were becoming increasingly vocal in there taunts and jeers.

Brandi sat back down and without letting go of his ear, ripped open his button-fly and yanked his jeans and underpants down to his ankles. Once Brandi’s intentions were clear, the dark haired friend exclaimed, “Eww! Don’t let him get his pee on you!”

Brandi grabbed Kevin’s jacket and placed it over her bare legs. Another tug and Kevin was lying across her knees with his head and feet touching the wooden boards of the front porch. His ass was poised and ready for the inevitable punishment.

“I’ve been waiting all my life to do this; I’m not going to let a little pee stop me. Hold on, batıkent escort Betsy, I’m gonna spank you until you can’t sit down!”

So, while the tenants, the girlfriends and I looked on, Brandi used her bare hand to administer a sound spanking on his upturned bottom. Kevin cried and squirmed, but she was relentless, catching the bottom of each cheek with an upwards motion that made his flesh jiggle with each swat of her hand.

Kevin’s butt was a vivid crimson when Brandi finally allowed him to get off of her lap. He held his bottom comically, dancing the dance of shame that every naughty schoolboy knows. She ignored him, directing her attention to David and Roger, the two “brothers” who share a room together. It’s a mystery why they haven’t brought their relationship out of the closet, considering that virtually everyone knows that they’re a gay couple.

“Boys, would you please take Betsy upstairs and see that he’s cleaned up? If you don’t mind, see that he removes all of his body hair.” The “brothers” were only too happy to lend a hand or two. I stopped by to watch David and Roger shave his legs. I stayed just long enough to tell Kevin, “Just do as you’re told.” I had no idea at the time that I would never refer to Betsy as Kevin again.

I was sitting in the crowded living room when David and Roger led a naked and hairless Betsy to where Brandi stood with her back against the fireplace. She barely glanced at him as she pointed to the blanket on the floor in front of her and said, “Lay down.”

Once he was in position, Brandi produced an adult sized disposable diaper. She raised his legs, and then held them up with one hand while she scooted the diaper underneath him. She sprinkled a liberal amount of baby powder on his genitals before fastening the sticky tape. Betsy’s little dick was cause for excited banter as Brandi rubbed in the talcum powder. Without pubic hair, his little cock and balls appeared even more miniscule.

Once his diaper was in place, Betsy opened wide for a new pacifier while Brandi spoke to him.

“I’m going to let you stay, Betsy, but I expect you to live up to your promise of complete obedience to me. Your room will be painted and made ready for a new tenant. You will sleep in the basement. You will begin hands on training to be my household maid. You will keep this entire house spotless. You will do the garden work, as well. If you piss me off, you’ll get a spanking at least as severe as the one that you received today. If you REALLY piss me off, I’ll throw you out for good. Are there any questions? Brandi pulled the binky out of his mouth with a loud plop.

“Wil-will I have to wear diapers?” was the plaintive response. Brandi snorted.

“You are wearing a diaper to remind you what happens to little boys who wet themselves or their beds. If you don’t want to wear diapers, don’t pee on yourself. Now, lie down and be quiet while the big people talk.”

And he did, lying on his blanket on the floor and sucking his binky while the big people took care not to step on the sleeping baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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