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I was still in shock as to what just happened. 1 hour ago I was sliding my cock in and out of this sexy young 18 year olds asshole! I swallowed hard and looked down to see my member beginning twitch and I new what that ment (MORE ASS)!

I heard the shower running upstairs and my cock began to climb the stairs dragging the rest of my body with it. I entered the bathroom and me still being naked jumped right in behind her. She began to rub soap all over me until she noticed my little friend straining for some attention! She lowered to her knees and took me in her hot mouth. She began massaging my balls and sucking really hard on my now aching cock. I pulled her head towards me and she immediately knew what to do, and took me into her throat. I got really wound up in the pleasure and started to hold the back of her head and fuck her with long strokes going in all the way and only giving her a small gasp of air every 5 or 6 strokes. (Of course I didn’t last long doing this).

“I’m Gona cum baby…Ohhhh Yerrrrrrr…”

I rested the fethiye escort tip of my cock on her lower lip and squirted load after load into her open mouth, forming a little pool in her mouth. She moved her tongue around and squished it together making a foam before swallowing it all. She washed my cock off then I moved around behind her and sat on the shower floor, (luckily we had a Bath/Shower). I sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy.


She was cuming instantly! My cock was stirring again so I knelt up behind her and parked my V8 right in her garage. I fucked her with long hard strokes while my hands played with her clit and her tits. I was starting to get annoyed with the water in my eyes and face, so I asked her if we could get out. I turned the shower off and we got out. Still wet I asked her, “Bend over that bench for me baby”. Their was something I wanted to try with her that I had read in a Penthouse mag when I was about 18.

I got a glass and filled it with warm water.

“I want you to spread your escort fethiye cheeks real far for me”. I spat on my thumb and inserted it into her ass. I then pulled downwards with it which formed a little whole just above my thumb. Once again I could see inside her tiny ass. I took several mouthful’s of the warm water and held my mouth up to her asshole and let the water run into her ass. She loved it! I removed my thumb after a while of this and replaced it with my hard cock. I slipped in all the way with ease.

“I can feel the water moving round inside me!”

“I can feel it on my cock too baby!”

I noticed a bit too much of the water leaking out the sides of my cock so I pulled her to the ground and asked her to stick her ass up high.

I entered her from above/behind, this was better. Then I would take long slow strokes and pull out every time and I noticed a little splash of the liquid come out each time but I was past caring now. I pulled completely out of her and pulled her up and led her to my old bedroom next door. She fethiye escort bayan lay on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and said, “Fuck my ass like this”. What more could I say. I knelt in front of her and guided her legs up to her shoulders and head where she held them. I Plunged into her pussy then pulled out and into her ass. I did this for about 3 minutes giving her 2 orgasms. In her ass again I decided to go for gold and fucked her with fast long strokes. I couldn’t take it seeing her lovely wet pussy and my cock pistoning in and out of her ass below it. I took my cock out and stroked it a couple of times before blowing my load all over her asshole and pussy. She reached down and rubbed my cock all over her holes I grabbed it and shoved it back in her now wide open asshole a few times. She got up and turned to take my cock in her mouth again. I noticed her moaning a little and saw she was poking her wide ass with some fingers.

“You can’t get enough of it up your ass can you”.

(I never thought I would ever hear a girl say this), “I think I love it more in my ass than my pussy”.

She thanked me for the great new experiences and fell back and drifted into a deep sleep within seconds (with her three fingers still buried deep in her ass).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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