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It was Saturday night, 1 am. My parents were gone all weekend. I was standing in front of the door to my little sister’s bedroom, breathing deeply in an attempt to ease my anxiety. I was about to do something very dangerous and stupid, I was well aware of that, but I just couldn’t resist anymore. For too long, I’d wanted to do this. Swallowing my fears, I cautiously opened the door to her room and stepped inside. It was dark inside, the moon casting just enough light through the window that I could make out Jessica’s outline lying on the bed, curled up beneath the blankets.

I moved closer with small, slow steps, walking as quietly as I could. She didn’t react to my entering and her breathing was slow and calm; she must’ve been fast asleep. She was a very deep sleeper, I knew. Many times when we were younger I’d pull pranks on her while she was asleep, and she’d never notice until it was too late. I suppose this was sort of like that too, in a strange way. Wanting to make sure she wouldn’t wake up, I gently sat down on the side of the bed and, when she didn’t respond, carefully stroked my hand through her hair.

She had this beautiful mop of wavy red hair that always cascaded down her shoulders like a mane. In fact, all of her was beautiful. A youthful face with big blue eyes and full pink lips, and a slender figure with a pair of breasts that were impressive to say the least, especially considering she’d only recently turned 18. I’d say those were her best feature. Whenever she was near me, it took a lot of effort to keep my eyes from trailing to the proud swell of those heavy melons inside her shirt. Yeah, I know, she’s my sister, it’s wrong and all. But I can’t help it.

She still didn’t wake even after I touched her, so I knew she was really out of it. This was my chance. What I was about to do was dirty and wrong, but I had to. I’d longed for her for too long. Slowly and carefully, I grabbed the blanket covering her and pulled it down, revealing her upper body. As it turned out, she was topless underneath. It was too dark to make out the texture of her skin or the colour of her nipples, but I could clearly see the outline of her heavy breasts, sagging to the sides as she lay on her back.

I suddenly became aware that my heart was beating like crazy, so loud I feared it might wake her. It didn’t though, and I anxiously reached out to caress her. My hand found her right breast, cupping it and lightly squeezing down on it to feel the consistency. It was warm, soft, squishy… and although I hate to admit it, the first breast I’ve ever touched. My cock was already rock-hard and throbbing inside my pants at this point. Carefully, I stroked my hand across her breast a few times, feeling the shape, the weight, the smooth skin. It felt so nice, it almost made me forget how risky and stupid this was.

Then my şişli üniversiteli escort fingers found her nipple, and I just couldn’t help but stroke it a little. Run my finger around the little nub a few times, before taking it between thumb and index finger and squeezing just a little bit. A soft moan escaped her lips. It scared me so much, I might’ve gotten a heart attack on the spot. I didn’t though, and she remained fast asleep despite it. Emboldened by my little sister’s obliviousness, I brought my other hand to her left breast and squeezed it gently, causing her flesh to bulge out between my fingers ever so slightly, while caressing her right nipple some more, rolling it between my fingers.

She moaned again, and shifted her position a little with a squirming motion. The prospect of her waking up was terrifying, but her reactions were also strangely encouraging. I put both my hands to use squeezing and massaging her nipples, doing what I imagined would feel good to her. Apparently, I did a pretty good job, because her nipples were slowly stiffening under my touch, while she continued letting out occasional moans and making occasional squirming movements.

I couldn’t take it. My plan was to merely fondle her a little and then leave again, but I needed more. Before I had time to question my decision, I found myself leaning forward and taking her right nipple into my mouth. Sloppily covering her entire areola with my open mouth, I started frantically lapping at her nipple with my tongue, trailing circles around it and getting it all wet and slippery with my saliva. I tried to tell myself to be careful, that I might wake her if I do anything too intense, but it felt so good I couldn’t contain myself.

After what might’ve been a few seconds or a few minutes, I really couldn’t tell, I switched to suckling on the other breast, while bringing my hand up to continue squeezing and fondling the right. Somehow, Jessica’s was still asleep, though her breathing had gotten heavier and her moans more frequent. The thought that I might be giving her a wet dream crossed my mind. I kind of hoped she was dreaming of me.

When I finally found the willpower to pull away from her delicious chest, I noticed that she, in addition to panting and softly moaning, was squirming her legs, rubbing her thighs together. You did what you came for, I told myself. Leave before she wakes up. But I couldn’t. I had her at my mercy, moaning and squirming and all. And there was a very important part of her I hadn’t explored yet. I had to know.

Sliding my hand away from her breast, down the gentle curve of her stomach and under the blanket, I felt the fabric of her panties, the only thing still separating me from my target. After a moment of hesitation, I slipped my fingers inside. Immediately, taksim anal yapan escort I was greeted by a patch of soft, fuzzy pubes. I couldn’t see them, but I knew they’d be red, just like her hair. Trailing a little further down, I felt the immense heat coming off her crotch, and noticed how wet and sticky both her crotch and the crotch of her panties were.

By touch alone, I identified the shape of her plump outer lips. I knew the shape of a pussy well enough from porn videos, but I felt clumsy and inept regardless as I squirmed my finger into the entrance between her slightly-parted lips. After the initial resistance, it went in rather easily, and before I knew it, my whole finger had disappeared into Jessica’s body. What an odd and exciting feeling. Pulling it out again, I knew it was covered with her warm, slippery fluid now.

I began slowly sliding my finger in and out, making a soft wet sucking noise every time it came out. I felt little beads of liquid running from my finger down across my hand, as the sweet-sour scent of a wet pussy came wafting up at me from below the blankets. The scent surprised me at first, but once I’d taken a good noseful, it only made me even more eager. Meanwhile, Jessica was squirming and panting in her sleep, even more so than before, and her moans were louder and more frequent. Occasionally, one of her moans even sounded like the was mumbling “yes”.

Fuck it, I decided then. I pulled my hand from her panties, got up off the bed and wrestled out of my pants so hastily that I almost got my legs entangled. My shirt followed, and then my boxers, setting my eager cock free to stand hard and proud. In hindsight, I was pretty much irrational at this point. I didn’t know what I would do once I got my way with her, which would almost certainly wake her up. I just knew that I had to have her.

Now butt naked, I pulled up the blankets and crawled underneath them, positioning myself on top of Jessica, between her spread legs. My cock was already resting upon her mound, with only the cloth of her panties separating them. Determined to do this, I reached below the blankets, clumsily groped around some and, once I got a grip, pulled aside the crotch of her panties, baring her slit to me. I lined up the tip of my cock with her entrance, ready to slide inside.

“Brother?” Jessica’s voice spoke groggily. My heart skipped a beat as I looked up at her face. I could tell her eyes were open, but in the darkness I couldn’t make out her expression. “Wha?…” she mumbled, clearly still as oblivious as any person who just woke up a second ago.

I don’t know why, but instead of trying to haul ass and make an excuse, I leaned forward until my bare chest pressed against her soft breasts, and kissed her. She didn’t resist. In fact, after a few taksim bdsm escort seconds of holding the closed-mouth kiss, she parted her lips. I took that as an invitation. My tongue slithered into her mouth at the same time that I thrust my hips and slid my cock into her tunnel. I couldn’t see myself entering her, but I sure felt it. Warm, wet, tight. Her tunnel wrapped around the whole of my shaft so tightly, it fit like a glove.

I slowly pulled back, and there was a long, wet sucking sound as my cock slid out of its sheath until only the head remained inside. Jessica softly moaned into the kiss as our tongues met inside of her mouth and started lapping and slithering around each other. Her hands came up, sliding across my sides to end up on my back, holding me close. I was using my arms to hold myself up, careful not to crush her, though keeping close enough that I could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples against my chest. I might’ve been surprised at her sudden willingness, if I wasn’t so fully entranced at this point.

As I pushed back in, the way the walls of her tunnel stroked against my sensitive head already had me twitching my legs. I’d never felt anything like this before, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. My course, curly pubes mingled with her soft, silky ones as I went all the way in again, so far that my balls pressed against her butt cheeks. I broke the kiss. I wanted to look her in the eyes while I did this. Her eyes were only barely visible in the dim moonlight, and she was panting. Although I couldn’t quite make it out in the dark, I think she was smiling at me.

Keeping my eyes locked with hers and my face close enough that I could feel her warm breath, I started humping her, thrusting my hips back and forth slowly and deliberately, as not to stimulate myself too much. She let out a soft moan every time I pushed in, and she was constantly squirming her hips, stirring my cock around inside of her. Her breasts gently moved up and down with her heavy breathing, rubbing her hard nipples against my chest.

Despite my efforts, it just felt too good, I couldn’t contain myself. After what must’ve been eight or so thrusts, I involuntarily doubled over, resting my head next to her with my chin upon her shoulder. My cock violently throbbed and jumped inside of her as I came, much much harder than I ever had before. My orgasm was so intense that it almost hurt, as I shot my sticky white seed deep into her womb, far too caught in the moment to worry about pulling out.

When my orgasm finally ended, I felt exhausted. Raising my head, I looked down at her again. Neither of us said anything for what felt like a long time, but I knew from the look in her eyes that it was okay. Eventually, I backed up, pulling my half-erect member from the warm, wet comfort of her slit. Then, by the guidance of her gentle hands, I crawled up to lie down next to her. As I pulled up the blanket to cover us, she curled up her naked body close to me, and I extended my arm around her shoulder to hold her near. Both tired and intoxicated, we drifted off to sleep soon after that. I didn’t know how we would deal with this the next morning, but in this very moment, I was happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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