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Natasha woke abruptly, trembling from head to toe with a delightfully sexual feeling. At first it puzzled her, because she usually slept alone. As her mind became more alert, it slowly recalled the events that unfolded last night. Her whole face beamed with excitement. Natasha glanced down, and there was Jack between her legs with his face buried in her pussy.

She licked her lips and purred, “Oooooh Jack, you have such a great way of waking me up. Did you sleep well, love?”

Jack glanced up and stopped eating, grinned devilishly and replied, “Yes I did sweety. However for some reason I woke up horny as hell. When I looked over on that side of the bed, there you were sleeping. God, doll, you’re beautiful even then! I lustfully observed you. Most of your body was covered with a short sexy nightie, except for that cute, tempting pussy. It seemed to beckon me to come nearer and taste it. I thought for a moment, then decided to awaken you my way. I hope you liked it?”

She flashed him a sultry look, licked her lips hungrily and cooed, “Oooh you can wake me up this way anytime baby. However, I think I shall do the same thing to you sometime, awaken you, with my lips on your cock.”

Jack’s whole body quivered and he spoke with a shaky voice, “Ooooooh fuck, I can’t wait for that to happen.”

She giggled and suggested, “Well the next time you spend the night, if I wake up first, you my dear are in for a surprise.”

He returned his attention to her pussy and flicked his tongue the length of her drenched slit. Then glanced up, flashed a grin and suggested, “Let me finish breakfast my love, I cannot wait to taste the creamy filling in your pussy pie.”

Natasha quivered, spread her legs wider, flashed Jack a make me cum look and squealed, “Only if I can have my treat afterwards, I’m in the mood for tube steak this morning.”

All she could hear was a muffled, “Uh-huh,” as Jack was too busy eating her.

With every flick of his tongue her body quivered in response. Natasha continued watching him, as she reached down, grabbed a nipple in each hand, and began rolling and pinching them. After a few seconds she brought one to her mouth, licked if, sucked it into her mouth and then held it between her teeth and bit it.

Jack had looked up to watch Natasha’s reaction. When he saw that she was tantalizing her own nipple, he nearly lost his load on the bed.

He ogled in amazement and bellowed, “Oooooh fuck doll, I love watching a woman suckle her own nipples! I better slide my dick inside you before your actions make me cum all over the bed!”

Natasha paused a moment and uttered, “Fuck me darling. I need your hot-hard cock deep inside me.”

Jack moved up, spread her legs wider and guided his throbbing member into her hot hole. Oh God, it felt so good to be able to make love to a woman again. Ever since his wife died, that was what he missed the most.

As he slid his cock in and out, Natasha’s body began to respond. The muscles of her vagina grabbed it like a vise and started milking his member. He gazed into her loving eyes, and brought his lips down on her, and let go of all the passion within him.

Natasha kissed him back hard, opening up and giving of herself to Jack. Her desire was building kaçak iddaa momentum, like a freight-train out of control with an impending climax.

Her love for him surged through Jack’s body like an electrical jolt clear to his soul. He couldn’t hold back any longer, her broke the kiss and asked, “Want me to cum inside you darling?”

Her eyes lit up and she shrieked with a sound that could break crystal. “Yes, shove your cock deep inside me and fill my cunt with your sweet nectar. Oooooh, fuck me sugar-daddy, make your sweet baby cum!”

Now how could Jack resist a delectable temptation like that? He shoved his cock deep, kissed her hard, and exploded his seed against the walls of her pussy.

Natasha felt him cum and responded by shaking violently as she climaxed.

They lay there locked in each other’s embrace for a moment, basking in the afterglow of their love making.

Natasha looked into his eyes and asked, “I hope you don’t mind me calling you sugar-daddy?”

His eyes lit up, he laughed and responded, “No baby, after all I am your sugar-daddy. Now I think I need a shower.” She winked at him and giggled, “Want some company in the shower?

He laughed, “I would love that, and we can wash each other’s backs.”

Jack helped Natasha off the bed and then they headed towards the bathroom. Once there, he turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature as she gathered an extra towel and wash cloth.

She stepped into the shower with him. They stood there, facing each other, letting the water cascade down their bodies. Natasha leaned into Jack. She liked that kind of closeness; that was something she had missed since her breakup.

Jack kissed her softly then reached for the soap and wash cloth. He slowly lathered up her back.

Natasha stood there, feeling Jack’s hands wash her back. That along with the water rushing over her body, felt like a hundred caressing fingers. Her clit and nipples hardened in response.

Jack told her to turn around and began washing her front, paying close attention to each hardened nipple. When he slid the washcloth near her pussy, she gasped.

He leaned into her and whispered, “Does my baby like what her sugar-daddy is doing to her?”

She closed her eyes and purred, “Yesssssss, daddy! Oh God, you make me so fucking hot!”

Jack didn’t reply verbally, he just leaned into her, making sure she felt his hardened member against her thigh.

She reached down and caressed his cock, flashed him a sultry look and said, “I think it’s time I washed daddy’s cock.”

Jack’s eyes lit up with desire and his body quivered all over. He handed Natasha the washcloth and exclaimed, “Wash my dick, honey!”

She knelt down, took his cock in hand and began lathering it up. Natasha wanted to make sure all of it was clean, even his balls.

Natasha moved slowly, until his dick was rock-hard, and then rinsed it. After that she took it in her mouth and eagerly engulfed it, then stopped and said, “Well, did I do a good job daddy?”

Jack helped her to her feet and replied, “Yes you did baby, but what are we going to do now that it’s hard?”

Natasha’s eyes lit up and she handed Jack the washcloth once more. She then turned her ass toward him and kaçak bahis asked, “How about washing my ass, and making it ready for something hard?”

Jack went weak in the knees and replied, “How’d you know I love fucking ass honey?”

She giggled and replied, “I didn’t. Now if you need something to make your cock slippery, there’s baby oil on the shelf near you, right next to the shampoo.”

As Jack washed her ass, he spotted a bottle of baby oil on the shelf. When he finished rinsing her ass, he grabbed the bottle, lubing his cock with it.

He leaned into Natasha and whispered, “Are you ready honey? Let me know if it hurts. Okay?”

She answered him by reaching around, spreading her ass cheeks and squealing, “Rub that dang oil on my ass-hole daddy, then fuck it!”

Slowly jack put just the head of his dick inside her then waited for her to adjust to its size. After that he grabbed her hips and began gradually fucking her.

When he slid just the head inside her, Natasha couldn’t help but tremble all over. Oh God, she wanted to use Jack’s cock, wildly, greedily like a slut who just couldn’t get enough. She loved being pushed to the edge of pleasure, to give and receive like that; Natasha couldn’t remember the last time she felt like this.

Jack grabbed Natasha’s hips and pulled her into his cock, fucking her ass, deep and hard with slow deliberate strokes. He then leaned into her and whispered, “How’s that feel baby? Rub your clit for me, I love watching a woman masturbate.”

Natasha reached for her pulsating clit and cooed, “I love it, daddy! Oh God, you make me so hot, no one has made me feel this good for a very long time. That’s it, deeper, harder! Ooooh fuck, daddy, I’m going to cum again. Fuck my ass!”

As he fucked her ass Natasha’s finger feverishly worked on her clit. Closer and closer they came toward climaxing. All of a sudden Natasha shook violently as her ass grabbed his dick hard. Jack followed by filling her ass with his cum.

They stood there for a moment, letting the warm water cascade across their bodies. Afterwards they took time cleaning each other. Following that, they stepped out of the tub, dried each other off, wrapped the towels around their bodies and headed back to the bedroom.

Once there Jack took Natasha into his arms and asked, “Well how well did this ole man satisfy you?”

She looked up into his questioning eyes, kissed him hard then replied. “Oh my sweet sugar-daddy, I had an awesome, erotic, passionate, memorable day! There are not enough words to describe how fantastic and satisfied I feel.! Jack, you’re wonderful, you gave me all I wanted and needed.”

Jack kissed her deep and hard then asked, “You’re not saying that just so you won’t hurt my feelings, are you?”

Natasha looked seriously for a moment and answered, “I would never do that to anyone. I mean what I say! Jack, I hope I can spend more time with you.”

Jack placed his lips on hers and once again felt the love blossoming between them. He then stroked her long hair and explained, “Natasha, you’re remarkable. You seem to anticipate my every need. No other woman had made me feel like that since Rebecca died. I like being with you and not just in bed. You make me feel comfortable, illegal bahis without any thought about our age difference. No acting or role playing, just the two of us being open and honest about ourselves. I felt so free to be me without the fear of being judged by those who saw us.”

Natasha felt tears forming in the corners of her eyes and with a trembling voice admitted, “Jack, you make me feel like no other man has. You not only treat me as an equal, but with respect. I feel I can talk to you about anything. I love being with you too, and not just in bed, you’re fun to be around.” She lowered her eyes and began to cry.

Jack held her close, then told her to sit down on the bed, for fear she might pass out from all that had happened. He then asked, “What is it love, have I done something wrong or moved too fast?”

With tear stained eyes, Natasha looked up at Jack and assured him, “No, you haven’t done anything wrong. I love the small things you did to make our evening special. I have never experienced anything like that before. I’m just afraid, as I could very easily fall in love with you.”

Jack gently laid Natasha on the bed, climbed up next to her, and said, “Snuggle up close to me honey. There is no hurry to talk about falling in love. For now, let’s just cherish each other and see what happens.”

They fell asleep in each other’s arms and awoke around noon. Jack looked at the clock, then over at his sleeping baby. He kissed her cheek and whispered, “Wake up sleepy head, your sugar-daddy needs to go home.”

Natasha yawned, stretched, then kissed Jack and purred, “I don’t want this day to end.”

Jack held her close and admitted, “I don’t either doll, but I have a few things that need to get done at home. We will be together again, I promise, as I know my sweet-baby cannot go without her sugar-daddy for long.”

Natasha giggled and replied, “Yeah, I will need my sugar-daddy fix a few times a week!”

Jack laughed, “How about me coming over Sunday, we can spend the whole day and night together. I’d like that!”

Natasha’s eyes lit up with anticipation, because now that she has been intimate with Jack she wanted him more. “I’d like that! I will count the hours until we can be together again.”

Jack kissed her cheek, smirked and said, “It will be our official first date!”

She laughed, “Yes, it will be.”

They climbed out of bed and got dressed. Natasha then led Jack to the door. When he put his arms around her to kiss her goodbye, she gave him a kiss that would hold him until Sunday.

Jack felt weak in the knees and wondered how he would go the rest of that week without Natasha. After telling her goodbye, he said that he’d call her a few times because he couldn’t go that long without hearing her voice.

Natasha stood on the porch waving goodbye until his car was out of sight. Then like a love-struck teenager who had a crush on an older boy, she turned and walked excitedly back into the apartment.

She knew that every day and night, she’d be thinking of Jack; wondering what was doing, and if he was thinking of her.

As Jack drove toward home, he pondered over everything that had inspired him. For the first time in four years, his heart was filled with love and happiness.

He chuckled and admitted, “Ole man, you still have it! You caressed, charmed and bedded that sweet young filly. Better watch it, she will steal your heart, and you might just fall in love with her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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