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Part 3 – Rules and Regulations

Mom, Amy and I took a seat at the table, while dad was busy serving. Dad made lasagna, my favourite.

“Would you like anything to drink Amy?” my mom asked.

“Water please.” I asked for some milk and mom was back shortly, opting for a glass of red wine for her and dad. Mom offered a glass to Amy, but she refused saying she was driving. See how responsible she is, another reason I love her, and mom seemed slightly impressed also. Dinner was very nice and talk was light. Once dinner was finished, dad offered apple pie and ice cream for desert.

“Amy why don’t you tell us something about yourself.” asked mom who seemed to be the instigator of tonight’s talking.

“Erm, well how much has Sophie told you?”

“Sophie hasn’t told us much, why don’t you tell us a brief history about yourself. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, but if you’re with Sophie, then your part of the family, I just like to know a little something about yourself.” I could see that mom was making an effort, so Amy told her about where she was born, who her parents were, where she went to school and college.

“So what made you become a teacher?”

“I wanted to help students to learn and to be like a friend to them if needed, something I didn’t have when I was at school.” Now Amy seemed uncomfortable and mom could sense that.

“So what happened for you two to suddenly fall in love with each other, that is to say, by what you’ve told me, this was only discovered tonight, so what changed, because I can only assume you both must have had feelings for each other before tonight?” asked mom. I felt I could handle this part.

“Let me explain. I was revealing to Amy that I am gay and she asked me some questions. She asked whether this was a phase and was I telling her because I fancied her. Eventually it led Amy to tell me something personal, showing a great deal of trust towards me, and it made me realise that there was a bond there, we held each other and then I realised I loved her. Now I am no expert on love but I feel it was always there. Amy has always been a friend to me, trusted me to do my work, and allowed me to help other students on occasion. I think I have always had deep feelings for her, but it wasn’t until tonight we both confessed them to each other. I know Amy will be there for me, but I also know that she needs me now just a much.”

“Why is that?” asked dad.

“I think Amy needs to answer that.” I replied

“It’s ok Sophie, you can tell them, no secrets remember.” said Amy. I took Amy’s hand in mine and looked her in the eyes.

“Amy, you need to talk about this yourself, it is a secret you have buried deep down, that until tonight has held you back. I believe the more you talk about it yourself, the better you will feel.”

“You are so smart, I love you Sophie, and you’re right, I do need to start talking about this. I also should think about seeing a professional. I’ve let my fears affect too much of my life until now, and there maybe hidden issues I need to deal with.” Amy hugged me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek with a whispered ‘Thank You’ in my ear. She held my hand and turned to speak to my parents. She told them what happened to herself while at school and one of the real reasons she wanted to teach. How she kept her sexuality secret and how very lonely she had become.

“Like Sally, you were afraid of what other people would think of you?” Asked mom.

“Who is Sally?” Amy asked.

“Sally was my sister, I have mentioned casino şirketleri her, but not by name.” Amy squeezed my hand.

“I remember that time of your life, you were sad for a month after that.”

“Thank god I had you and my parents because there was nobody else I felt close to. Other students always seem disinterested in matters of the heart, love and death. But because of you all here now, I didn’t need anyone else.”

“I was very glad you could discuss this with me but is also a shame the other students don’t know you like we do, you have such a great heart, so smart and fun to be around with. So what did Sally go through?” Mom answered that one, as she knew more than me.

“Sally was diagnosed with leukaemia about 3 months before she died; she was 21 at the time. It was very advanced and the doctors told us she did not have very long, but it was not until her final hours that she told us she was gay, and that she wished she had been able to tell people and not be ashamed of what she is and so afraid of what other people think. Even though it was too late for Sally, I hope you can come to us and Sophie for support whenever you need it. You seem to me like a loving and caring person and can see why Sophie loves you so much. I think we both still have our reservations Amy, but I believe allowing your relationship will at least allow you both the love and support you are going to need, at least till school finishes for Sophie. But there is still a worry, what is going to happen once you are back at school? Both of you will obviously need to act as just plain teacher and student.” Both Amy and I turned to each other then just shrugged our shoulders.

“We haven’t thought about that yet, but I guess we just have to see what happens on Monday. I have a class with Amy on Monday first thing. I know our love is too important for us, to do anything stupid.” I said.

“I agree.” began Amy, “You both have a valid reason to be worried, because right now all I want to do is hold Sophie, just being apart while she was talking to you earlier was extremely difficult, I wasn’t even able to eat. So I know it isn’t going to be easy. I value any input both of you could offer Sophie and I, neither of us has any experience in this, even if the situation is pretty unique, I hope you can give us some advice?” Amy looked so startled by this, as was I, she was right; it would not be easy to be together and not be together. Just holding her hand was enough but I wanted more. Mom spoke discreetly to dad for a few moments, while I rested against Amy’s shoulder. Amy put her arm around me, in order to comfort me, but I was even more scared now then telling my parents about everything we had said.

“I am sorry Amy, I just did not realise the full implications of what it might mean to be together.”

“You don’t have to apologise Sophie, I want this too, this was always going to be difficult, but love is never easy, especially in our situation. I can’t promise that nobody will ever find out before you leave school or tell you that either of us will cope with the rest of the year to get through. But no matter what, as long as we have each other, it won’t matter. I’ll stick to teaching as normal, you study as hard as you can, maybe even make friends, so we have other things to distract us.”

“But when can we be together, I feel I have lost you already, I need to have some time with you, to explore my feelings for you.” I said tearfully.

“I want that to, but we have to take each day at a time. Although, knowing casino firmaları that when we are apart, you still hold my heart, and knowing it is in the safest place in the world, that is enough at least in part to keep us together in spirit. We will find the time to be together. Weekends maybe, we can chat or talk on the phone. I know we will have limited physical contact, but just believe in us and everything will be fine.”

“I will, I promise, I need you like the flower needs the sun, now that I have found you, I can never let you go.”

“It’s scary I know, I have never felt anything like this for anyone but you Sophie. Even my best friend never made me feel alive like you do, so you can bet I am never going to lose you.” We both held each other and cried, we were so lost in our own world, we forget about my parents, who had been listening to everything we said. After several minutes we were interrupted by a not very subtle cough coming from my dad. We both woke up from our reverie and looked towards my now smiling parents.

“Let’s go back into the living and finish this conversation, we may have a small solution to your problem.” said dad. We both stood and followed them into the room and sat together on the 2 seater couch. Once we were all seated, mom explained the plan of action.

“It was very touching to both of us to see just a much you seem to care for each other, even though we both felt with Sophie wanting to date a teacher, it seemed so wrong to us. But seeing how you interact and how lost you seem to be Amy, we feel that keeping you together secretly is something we want to help you both to do. So we have suggestions that may help. Please listen to what we have to say first before you say anything.” Amy squeezed my hand and we both agreed to the listen.

“First thing I will suggest Sophie, is what Amy mentioned. You need to make friends, not only do you need the distraction at school, but it is wrong for you not to socialise with people your own age, it is a part of growing up.”

“I will try real hard to do that, it won’t be easy but I will try.”

“Good, all we can ask is that you try. I want you to understand we are not going to make demands of either of you, but we want to help and anything we suggest, is just that, a suggestion. Ok, next we feel that neither of you can be seen together outside of school, and that means no dating until Sophie finishes school. I know that seems unfair, but you have to be very discreet.”

“I agree” said Amy.

“But obviously we all need to think of a way that you can at least spend time together. We want to trust you Amy with our daughter, as long as you respect our wishes we will allow you to spend time with Sophie in this house. This is not easy for any of us, but we would feel better that all of your personal time be spent here. Part of that, I would recommend, is that Sophie returns home straight after school, unless she has friends to visit or social events to attend. Amy, I must insist that Sophie does not visit your house at all, even if we did fully trust you; it is too easy if anybody spots a student enter your house to make correct assumptions. Amy feel free to come and go as you please to this house, but never together, if anybody asks who you are, we will say you are our friend, which is not a lie. Now the final part. This was extremely difficult for your father and me to agree upon, but it is something we agree. We feel that if she had met someone her own age and had not told us about it, she could have acted like most young adults, güvenilir casino like myself, and snuck around finding places to be together with you. As it is she has told us about yourselves and if your willing, not to sneak around, then it would be unfair of us to stop you having some alone time, which is a part of growing up and discovering each others, err special places, we want to respect your privacy. You have both told us you are not ready to explore that side of things just yet, but I know personally that it won’t be long before you do, trying to stop that will cause problems. So we have decided to get Sophie a double bed and that if at anytime you wish to stay Amy, you can. It is going to be hard to adjust to all of this, for all of us, so as long as you both follow the rules and be as discrete as possible; we feel this would be the best course of action to take in order for you to have a successful, and hopefully secret relationship until after school has finished and ready to tell people. So what do you think?” I was shocked; I mean how many times can this night get any stranger. They say honesty is the best policy, and they were right. I spoke with Amy who agreed it was the best and only option we had, my parents in a short time had successfully figured a solid plan of action that not only kept our relationship a secret, but also allowed us to explore freely in the privacy of there home. How could I not agree?

“Mom, dad, you have got to be the smartest, greatest, most amazing people and parents in the world. The suggestions you have made not only do the both of us agree, but the trust and love you are showing us is simply amazing. I know this has been a shock to all of us, even to me who started this whole chain of events tonight. But to have you on our sides like this is something neither of us could hope to have. It shows me that coming to you, and being honest with you has been the best choice I have ever made, I also thank my sister for helping us to find a path in life that is right. I believe tonight has brought us all together to form a stronger relationship and a hope for a long and happy future. Thank you both.” I was crying by the end, my parents are so wonderful, so I got up and gave both my parents a great big hug. When I had finished Amy decided to do the same, giving them an extremely teary ‘Thank You’ to both of them.

That night would never be forgotten by any of the four of us. It was a turning point in all our lives. In one night I had told everyone I am gay, helped my teacher, my friend and my love to admit her own secret, and also find love with me. It bought me closer to my parents as well as helping Amy find surrogate parents, to replace the parents that abandoned her 9 years ago. What a night. We spent the rest of the night finalising details and working out any little detail we missed. It was interesting, exciting, new but scary, everything that we had to plan, it seemed wrong but it was the right thing to do. I suppose when you fall in love with your 27 year old teacher and your both female, society would tend to feel a bit negative towards any such behaviour, but at least we had my parents. There support was invaluable, and mom was right, that if I was straight, things would have been so very much easier and would not have had to spend a year trying to find out who I was. But after this night the only important thing was that I had found my true love, Amy Taylor, a smart, wonderful, caring, and amazing (you get the idea), woman. I loved her with all of my heart and soul, and now we had the privacy and time to tell each other that and explore our love. All thanks to a loving sister to guide the way, honesty, the best of friends and the love and support of my parents. I was indeed blessed and very, very, very happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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