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I lead you across into the bedroom and sit you on the bed. Kneeling before you I firmly take your left foot in my hand and remove your shoe. I look up at you and smile. You smile back but I can tell you are nervous. Something in the way I touch you tells you that I have something very special planned tonight.

Your mind begins to replay the past events that came from beginnings like this. Some very sweet and sincere, some very sensual and erotic. The anticipation is building and I haven’t even taken your socks off yet. That thought brings you back to reality. You look down at me and reach out to run your fingers through my hair. Short brown strands fall through your fingers. You can never remember a man’s hair being so soft. You love playing in it. You laugh at yourself because of how I seem to make the simplest things a turn on. It has always been that way though. You have never needed anything fancy or extravagant. Just my touch and my smile. They seem to tell you how much I want you, hunger for you, care about you, need you. They are sweet and innocent and incredibly erotic at the same time. You wonder how I pull this off and then as usual decide you would rather not know because it might ruin the image.

I am standing before you know. My palms flat on your shoulders run down your arms and to your hands. I take your fingertips in mine and lift them about your head. This is something strange. Never have I been so gentle and commanding at the same time. Never have you felt my body this tense, my touch this alive. My hands slide down your side tracing out the curves of your breasts. Your nipples harden in anticipation even though I do not come near touching them. My fingers slip underneath the fabric of your shirt and slide back up your body. The bottom of your shirt is caught and bunches against my knuckles dragging up your body with my hands. My touch leave a trail of fire and my normally comforting voice is not present to quench it. In silence I pull your shirt over your head.

I lean in close to reach around behind you. My hands sliding across your back make you want me to lay you down and massage you. The smell of my cologne makes you want to kiss my neck. Something tells you not to move though.

“Just let it happen.” you tell yourself.

With a move like I am snapping my fingers your bra comes undone. I run my hands up your back and slide it down off your shoulders. Your breast now hang free. I stop and stare for just a second. For the first time since our first time you feel uncomfortable in my gaze. I quickly notice this and begin moving again. Now it is my hand reaching out to you. It is soft and warm and firm as it cups your right breast. Both hands now take a shoulder, I turn you and lay you across my bed.

My hands skip down to your waist and slide across your stomach to güvenilir bahis your belt buckle. Suddenly my touch grows a little stronger as I undo it and the buttons of your jeans. My hands slide along the inside of your jeans and to your hips. Your body automatically rises off my bed as I pull them down over your butt and across your hips. Down your thighs and calves and your legs are free. Your jeans are pushed off the bed and fall to the floor. You don’t even notice until I stand up that your little flowered panties have gone with them.

I stand over you staring. My eyes sweep across your body and in their intensity you can almost feel a real touch from them. Reaching for a shelf in the night stand I bring out some rope. You smile for a second and almost start to laugh. Something in my face shows no play, I am serious and you are almost scared. You trust me though. You have trust that I have never hurt you and I never will. My only wish has always been to bring you happiness and pleasure. You know I trust you and that I trust you to give yourself to me so that I may accomplish all of that. It is not a question of control. More a question of the strength it takes to give yourself like that.

I lift your right arm back above your head and loosely wrap a few loops of rope around it. I pull out the knife I always carry cut the rope and then tie it to my headboard. While I am doing the same to your left hand you realize that this isn’t the way it should happen. You could easily get free of the strands holding you to my bed and I know that. Again reaching underneath the night stand I take out a roll of duct tape. The hollow ripping noise echoes in your ears as I pull and cut small squares from it. As I cut it off I put each piece somewhere on your body. I wrap a piece around your earlobe and another is placed on your neck behind your jaw. A large, long piece on your across your shoulder blade and a small one where your neck disappears into your chest. Two more small squares over your nipples and one on your rib cage. A length of about an inch covers where your hipbone come to the surface right above your thigh while a smaller one falls on the inside of your thigh. Last of all a gently place one over your clit, careful not to actually touch it myself.

You search my face for an answer but I turn and walk out the bedroom door. The sticky light switch to the bathroom clicks and light falls out across the hallway. Water running, you can my hand splash in it then it run free again for a moment. A cabinet door opens and shuts and then my hands in the water again. I come back in carrying a washcloth. I drape it over your eyes and across your mouth. For a split second you start to panic and take a deep breath to yell at me and tell me to stop. My touch is there though reassuring you. My fingers running through güvenilir bahis siteleri your hair, strong and comforting. You relax and let yourself sink back into the mattress. With your sight and sense of smell gone your hearing and nerve endings come alive. The washcloth is hot and because it is the only direct stimuli your body knows, your entire body goes flush with it. Your ears strain for every sound. Your skin is alive and tingling with phantom touches.

“I left your feet untied for a reason” I say. You are startled that I am finally talking to you but still don’t dare say a word.

“It is so you may move to however is comfortable and then when we begin you can squirm as much as you like.”

“When we begin?” you think. “What possibly more could there be?”

“Whatever you do they, don’t let the washcloth fall off.” You can tell by my tone I am serious.

“If it does we have to start over.” I pause. “From the beginning”

You can sense me lean over your body and hear my breathing draw closer. You can feel my hot breath roll over the edge of the tape and spill over your body. You are becoming so aware of so many wonderful things you have never noticed before. You can hear my tongue slide between my lips and feel the tape move. I am licking and sucking on your earlobe just like I normally would, the same as I always have before. Something clicks in your mind and you realize my intentions. I am torturing you, making you want me worse than even the first time we were together. I told you someday that I would make you cum without ever touching you. Today is the day I am going to do it.

My lips pass just about your skin to the spot right behind your jaw. I kiss it so tenderly that you can barely feel it through the tape. Your mind searches deep into our past trying to find memories of what it felt like to have me do that. I sink my teeth into your shoulder, very careful not to touch anything but the tape. The memories aren’t enough. Not enough to satisfy you. I pull away and slide down your body. A kiss on the piece right at the bottom of your neck and then it is gone. You feel me hovering over your breasts. Can see me admiring them like I always do. As they stand up you can feel the tape being pulled away from your skin because they are so hard. I start to suck on them but it is only the adhesive on the tape you feel. You need my touch but it isn’t there.

Your mind looks for the sensations it expects to be but cannot find them. You start to drift off into some part of your mind that you rarely use anymore. Every emotion I have given you has always been so real that you didn’t need to fantasize. Now you needed something. You needed more than I was giving you. The way I am teasing you is pushing you past the point of what you can control. You don’t dare give in though, iddaa siteleri you could not let it end here. From your deepest desires, wildest fantasies and fondest memories, something starts to grow. Somehow the slight bit of sensation you feel me giving you starts to grow. Somewhere in between the fantasy of your mind and the reality of your body they meet. Something inside you explodes. Ever wish you have ever had of how to be touched and made love to seems to be happening all at once. You realize this is what it means to be alive. That thought seems to be choked away as you feel the coming of your first orgasm. All your thoughts seem to drown in the rush of emotions and sensations. I am still on your breasts and you are about to cum.

“NOT YET!” your mind screams. It screams loud enough to be heard over the flood and your mind begins to focus. You want to enjoy this for as long as possible. You want to savor all of this. My lips are no longer against the tape on your breast. Your body searches itself hoping to find me pressed against itself somewhere. You catch up with me sliding further down and leaning to your side. You can somehow sense me lean in towards the tape over your ribs. You can feel me lick it and you giggle and start to squirm. It tickles just the same as if the tape wasn’t there even though you don’t actually feel the touch. The washcloth starts to slide to one side and you freeze. Your tongue slips from between your lips and moves the washcloth back to its original position.

Your attention having been distracted I bring you back to my world by my lips pressing against your hip. The part of your hip right above the leg where bone comes to the surface. With my touch your legs unconsciously spread and you bring your ass up off my bed. My mouth hovers just above your skin and slides down your hip and your legs. The warmth of my breath suddenly vanishes as it falls on the tape there on your inner thigh. I kiss and I suck on it and I can smell your scent as you grow even wetter. I can tell be the way your muscles tense that you are fighting the urge to move so that you end up in my face. I move to the piece of tape covering your clit and you moan. It is the first real sound you have let escape from your mouth and it turns me on so much to know that I am finally getting to you.

My tongue laps at the tape just the same as I would if it wasn’t there. Your lips and everything it is attached to move in one uniform motion. No distinct sensation but enough to drive you wild. Your continue to grow hotter and wetter and know that there is no way that tape can stay on much longer. You think of yourself being so wet that it can’t stay on and me working to lick up every last drop of you. That and the memories of the orgasms my tongue has always brought you finally sets you on fire. Your entire body aches as the orgasm takes over your senses. The tape is soaked and falls off. I pull every piece of tape off of you as I slide back up your body. I lift the washcloth from your face and look into your widened eyes.

“Are you ready to begin?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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