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Whitney stood at the airport baggage claim waiting for Joe. They had been talking for a few months now online, and they had fallen for each other. Joe was a 35 year old single dad, and had 20 years of being a Chef under his belt. Whitney was 18 and a popular tumblr and web model. Joe was stunned by her, and even more stunned when she said she had feelings for him. This girl could have any man she wanted, and time anywhere, and she wanted him. He felt he was the luckiest guy in the world.

As the plane landed they made the announcement, and Whitney bounced where she stood in excitement, causing her massive breasts to bounce up and down. She knew she was getting looks, but she didn’t care. Her wild pink and blonde hair framed her small radiant face perfectly. She was wearing a button down shirt, and a skirt with thigh high fishnet stockings, and knee high heel boots. Joe had seen an out fit on her like this in pictures, and made sure she knew how much he liked it. She wanted to get his cock hard the second he saw her. She loved her daddy, and couldn’t wait to get his cock into her body. It had been too long since she had had a good, cock induced orgasm. She looked down, making sure that her cleavage was bulging out of the top.

She knew Joe was a tit man, and she couldn’t wait till he got his hands and lips on them. Her pussy was already juicing up and ready just thinking of it. She fell for Joe, because he saw past her sexy outer self. She loved him, because he was a good man. He was also a good father, and he took care of her. She smiled with every message he sent. Joe was a true southern sweet heart to her, and she couldn’t help but love him. Joe got off the plane, he had never been to Kentucky before, and his baby girl was here somewhere. He hoped she was anyway. If she were here he would give her the world. He hated to think she wouldn’t be waiting for him.

He made his way to the baggage claim, as he turned the corner to it he saw her. His goddess was standing there, looking around at the crowd. As they saw each other and their eyes met she squeaked with joy, and ran toward him. He opened his arms and welcomed her in. She jumped up and Joe caught her. Their lips met as her legs wrapped around his waist. His hands ran down her back to her ass to give it a squeeze. Whitney’s tits pressed hard against Joe’s chest as they kissed deeply, and passionately. People glanced as they passed by, or stared openly. Some with looks of disdain, some with looks of longing. When Joe finally let Whitney down he looked around, and some of the guys glancing their way nodded to him as if saying, you lucky asshole. Joe couldn’t stop smiling at Whitney as they stared at each other. Her grey eyes amazed Joe; the way they changed colors, he loved them. He leaned forward, and kissed the tip of her nose. She had a cute little button nose.

She just grinned in delight. She hadn’t felt this way before. Joe made her feel wanted and loved, not just the feeling of lust. He wrapped his arm around her as they got to the baggage carousel, and he looked for his bag. He was only here for a 4 day weekend, to see if there where real feelings between them. He already known there were chemistry between them. The way she looked at him, he knew. She spoke to him in her southern accent heavy super sexy voice,

“What one is yours daddy?” He grabbed her ass. “This one.” She looked up at him, she was 5′ 2″ to his 5′ 10″, and smiled. “Always yours daddy.” She snuggled into his chest as he saw his bag come around the corner.

He pointed to it and reached for it. As they walked out of the place into the hot Kentucky air of a July day, Whitney light up a cigarette and blew the smoke out slowly.

“Sorry daddy, my bad habit.” Joe just smiled and shook his head. “Its okay my love, we all have bad habits.”

They walked hand in hand toward Whitney’s car. As soon as Joe put his bag in the trunk he was sitting shotgun next to her. She turned toward him and leaned in to kiss him. Her hand dropped into his lap to squeeze his hard cock through his pants as their tongues met in a deep kiss. She unzipped his pants and let his 7 and a half inch, 3 inch around cock into the open. She wrapped her hand around the shaft near the base and leaned down to lick his cock head. She gave his cock a french kiss. She then took the head trabzon escort into her mouth, sucking him hard. She pulled off his now hard as steel cock and winked at Joe before putting it back into his pants and zipping him up.

“Just had to have a taste of you daddy. Are you going to punish me for teasing you?” Joe reached out and pinched her nipple, twisting it hard and making her moan in pleasure and pain. Then he pulled her head back by her hair and bit her neck gently but forcefully.

“Mine” He growled. “Yes daddy, mark me, claim me” she moaned. She started up the engine and drove hard to get home.

Joe had his hand on her knee, up her thigh, and every once in a while rubbing over her pussy. Whitney was having trouble keeping her mind on the road as Joe played with her. She knew she was in for a long, and amazing night. As they pulled into the driveway Whitney looked at Joe and said

“I want you daddy. I want you bad, and I want you now.” The door couldn’t close fast enough behind them as she jumped back into Joes arms. Their tongues found each other’s as their lips parted in a hot deep kiss.

“Where…..Is….your….bed….room….baby girl?” Joe got out between kisses.

Whitney directed him, and he carried her to the room. As they walked thru the door she kicked the door closed and he dropped her on the bed. “Strip baby. Slowly.” He said in his deep commanding tone.

She stood as he laid back on the bed, taking his shirt and pants off. Leaving his boxer briefs on as he watched her. She danced slowly, taking her top off first, leaving her bra on. Then she turned and bent over, pulling her skirt up and showing her ass to Joe.

“Leave on the boots and fishnets baby. They look so sexy on you. I love you by the way.” Joe said.

She looked over her shoulder at him as she pulled her panties down her legs and winked at him. “I love you too daddy.” She said as she threw her panties at him. Joe took them and brought them to his nose to sniff them, taking in her sweet scent.

The scent of her pussy made him even harder, and his cock strained to get out of his shorts. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she pulled off her skirt and then crawled over the bed to him, getting in his lap. She straddled him and put her bra-covered tits right in his face. He reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her forward. She reached around and undid her bra, letting it fall off her tits. Joes hands snaked from her ass, up her stomach to take one tit in each hand. He squeezed them as he leaned in to lick and suck her nipples, his teeth gently scrapping them and getting them so hard. Her tits where amazing. A Large and full 42 DD, her nipples so hard sticking out from her large areolas. Joe loved feeling them wrapped around his face. He looked up at her and pushed her to the bed to get on top of her. She spread her legs offering her pussy to him.

“When i get done with you, you will know exactly who you belong to Whitney.” Joe grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so he could whisper in her ear. “Your mine now baby girl” “Oh daddy yes…god yes. All yours! Fuck me, cum on me, cum in me, so what ever you want to me. I’m yours daddy. Fuck my face, my ass, and my pussy and fill all my holes daddy.” She groaned as Joes hands roamed her body, touching her everywhere.

Joe pulled his shorts off and kneeled next to Whitney’s head. He looked down to her and she looked up at him.

“Turn your head and open your mouth slut.”

Whitney did as she was told, and Joe slid his cock into her mouth till her lips where around the base of his cock. he reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as he pulled his cock back, then pushing it back in. Soon he was face fucking her hard, making her gag and drool on his cock. She moaned as she reached for her needy pussy, but Joe slapped her hand away.

“I didn’t say you could play with my pussy baby girl.” He said growling. “You will play when I say you can. Moan on daddy’s cock if you understand. Your not taking that cock out of your mouth until I cum down your slutty throat, so get to sucking daddy’s cock”

Whitney moaned deep around Joes cock. Joe got into a 69 and pushed his tongue into her soaking wet pussy, licking her all over. He sucked her clit into his mouth gently, using slight pressure trabzon escort bayan and sliding a finger into her tight wet hole up to the second knuckle. Whitney groaned around her daddy’s cock down her throat as she had a small orgasm.

The first of many she would soon discover. Joes cock was getting harder and thicker. Whitney knew she was going to be swallowing a big load soon. She sucked and worshipped his cock as he brought her toward a bigger orgasm. He was going to make her squirt hard, and she moaned on his cock. She started to squirt just as the first rope of his thick cum shot from his cock and down her throat. She swallowed in gulps as his seed filled her mouth, and her cum drenched Joe’s lips. He licked up her cum moaning into her pussy.

“You taste so good baby.” I love the way your pussy tastes.” Joe pulled his slick cock from her mouth and grinned down at her. “How was that baby?” She attacked his cock with her mouth, trying to keep him hard. “Good baby girl.” He said.

His cock revived quickly and he lifted her legs, rubbing his cock head over her pussy lips. She was so wet, and his cock slid over her clit and around her pussy lips. “Put daddy where you want him baby.” She reached down and took his cock by the base and guided him to her hungry and needy hole. He slid his cock head into her and she lifted her self to meet him.

“More daddy, deeper please.”

“Do you need daddy’s cock in you?”

“Yes daddy, please.”

“Want me to cum in you baby girl? Want me to claim your pussy?”

“Yes daddy, god yes. Claim me, make me yours.”

Joe pushed his cock into her until she took all of him into her small, tight pussy. She was so wet that he slid in easy, but she was gripping his cock.

She lifted her hips to meet him, and wrapped her legs around him. Joe pounded her pussy hard, licking, sucking and biting her nipples. He slapped her tits as he pounded her, and squeezed them so hard that he left finger marks on her. He looked into her eyes as he fucked her deeper and harder then she ever thought possible. He looked into her eyes as they fucked.

“I love you baby girl, my sweet Whitney.”

“I love you my daddy, my Joe”

“Are you mine yet?”

“Yes” she said quietly, staring at him. He slapped her face lightly.

“What was that?”

“Yes daddy” She said louder.

He slapped her harder and pulled her hair.

“What baby girl?”


Joe smiled at her and leaned in and kissed her as she came hard on his cock. He rolled over, taking her with him.

“Ride me baby, take daddy’s cock.”

She bounced up and down on Joes cock, and looked down at him as she did.

“Push your tits in my face baby.”

She moved down until he was smothered in her tits. He licked and sucked them until she threw her head back and came again on his cock.

“Cum for me daddy?”

“Where do you want it baby?”

“In me daddy, please, In me. Fully claim that pussy with your cum”

“You on birth control love?” Joe asked, trying hard not to cum yet.

“Does it matter daddy? Claim me…. breed me…. give me a baby. Then I am yours forever. “

With those words Joe pushed up into her as she pushed down and he exploded inside her. Her pussy taking all of his cum deep inside it. She rolled over off him, laying with her head on his chest and cuddling for a minute. Joe just laid there in heaven.

His perfect baby girl at his side, and his balls slightly drained for now. She rolled over to get a cigarette and looked back at him.

“I love you daddy. I’m all yours. You claimed me.”

“Not all of you, not yet.” He said with a grin and reached down to grab her ass. “Ill get this soon baby.”

She grinned as she exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. “Whenever your ready daddy. Take it, its yours.”

She leaned down and kissed him deeply.

“Give me about 30 minutes baby girl. Maybe we can play some nude Zelda and just relax together for a little bit.”

“Whatever you want daddy.” She cuddled him and whispered “Mine.”

“All yours baby girl. You claimed daddy too you know.” She looked up at him and nodded. About an hour later they where playing some first person shooter, still nude.

Joes cum escort trabzon leaked a little from Whitney’s pussy and she just let it dry on her. She loved the feel of him on and in her. She was beating him bad in the game, and gloating about it.

“Ha, I got you again daddy.” She laughed at him in a teasing way.

He grinned at her and put his controller down. His cock was getting hard again seeing her doing a little victory dance that made her jiggle. Joe pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply. She always felt love in his kisses, and safe in his arms. He pulled her across his lap and she grinned at him.

“What are you doing daddy?”

He pushed her until she was ass up in his lap, and he rubbed his hands across her ass cheeks.

“Have to teach my baby girl to be a better sports man. Gloating is bad.”

He smiled sweetly at her, but a fire in his eyes told her she was in for a treat and her pussy juiced up a little. He raised his hand and let it come down on her right ass cheek hard. Leaving it red for a moment. She moaned, and whimpered just a little. He raised his hand again, and back down on her left ass cheek hard.

“Will you learn after just 2 smacks this time love? You know daddy hates to punish you.”

He leaned down to kiss her ass cheeks. She could feel how hard his cock was, as it pressed against her stomach.

“I don’t think it will stick daddy, I may need a couple more on each cheek, then ill learn.” She whimpered back.

He grinned at that, and raised his hand again. He brought it down on her right and left two more times each, rubbing and kissing the cheek after each time.

Her ass was really red, and she was moaning. Her pussy juice was dripping down onto Joe’s leg, so he knew she was loving it.

“I’m sorry daddy. I love you, and I’m sorry.” She moaned out softly as he smacked her the final time.

He got her on the bed on her hands and knees, as she looked back at him. His hard cock leading the way.

“Where is your lube baby girl?” He asked, and she pointed to a drawer on her dresser.

He went and got it out, and joined her on the bed. He licked over her ass hole, and she tasted sweet, like sweat and pussy juice mixed with honey. He loved it, so he licked more, working his tongue into her ass as much as he could. She moaned and pushed back as he kissed up to the small of her back before straitening up with the bottle of lube in his hands. He squeezed some over her ass and rubbed it into her ass hole, then he lubed up his hard cock.

He brought the head of his cock to her hole, and pushed gently, but firmly until her ass opened for his cock.

“Do you want more baby?” He asked, holding his cock just inside her.

She pushed back with her hips and took another inch into her ass.

“Yes daddy, claim my ass. Make me fully yours. Oh I’m cumming.”

Whitney came as Joe fed his cock into her ass. He pushed it in deeply, and pulled out slowly, then back in. Going slow until her ass fully opened to his strokes. The he grabbed her hips and started to pound away at her tight ass relentlessly.

He pulled her hair back and reached around to grab her throat as they fucked. He squeezed just enough to let her know he was in charge. She lost her breath for just a moment. He was rough and gentle at the same time. He was her perfect daddy, and she knew it. He pushed one last thrust into her, as he shot her bowels full of his hot daddy cum, and her pussy gushed hot cum down the insides of her thighs. Joe finished cumming and letting his softening cock fall from her well-fucked ass. He rolled her over to lick and suck the juices from her pussy and thighs, causing her to have another, small orgasm.

“Oh daddy, oh god daddy. I’m all yours, forever as long as you keep doing this to me. I love it. I love you.” She looked at him, a very serious look in her eyes. “I hope you know that your not leaving…your mine…I’m not bringing you to the airport in 3 days, so…get used to being here and fucking your baby girl.” Joe grinned at her. “What makes you think I want to leave love?”

He kissed her passionately as they cuddled. Joe fell asleep, and Whitney covered him with her blanket as she got another cigarette from her pack. She smoked it as she watched him sleep. He was snoring from his sleep apneia, but she didn’t mind. He was hers…and she loved him. She ran her hands over his sleeping form, and whispered “I love you daddy.” She crushed out her smoke, and layed down next to him. Her ass leaking his cum as she cuddled him and fell into a better sleep than she had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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