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A few minutes later, I heard the toilet flushing and Donna came into the kitchen. Wearing just a white T-shirt and some silky pyjama shorts, her big dark nipples were clearly visible under the thin fabric, reminding me of the night before.

‘Good morning,’ I said, smiling at her. ‘How are you feeling?’ I asked. She was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

‘Like I’ve had the best sex in my life… I feel like a woman again!’

‘Mmmm, so do I!’ I said, playing on the words whilst squeezing my hardening cock through my dressing gown. ‘I feel satisfied, but so turned on as well. I feel horny again!’

‘Cool it, tiger!’ she said. ‘I’d love a Round Two as well, but we need to behave today. From what Laura was saying, you’re in for a busy night tonight! She was really turned on when I told her all about what we got up to!’

Unwilling to take ‘no’ for an answer, I turned her round so that she was facing the sink and gently pushed her forward, so she was bent over slightly, taking her weight on her hands. I eased my hand down the back of her shorts and worked my middle finger between her pussy lips, finding her still slick with juice. She moaned softly as I easily slid two fingers into her pussy, rotating them to press my fingertips against her G-spot.

‘Aww, you’re going to get me going again, if you don’t stop that!’ she said under her breath, which was now becoming more ragged. I slipped my fingers out, but put my other hand between her shoulder blades, to prevent her standing back up.

Raising my hand to my mouth, I wetted my thumb with saliva, then returned my hand inside her shorts, drilling my middle finger into her pussy and at the same time, applied firm pressure to her anus with my thumb. She wriggled slightly and, in a moment, it slid in, past her ring of muscle and was then completely embedded in her tight little arse.

Accepting the welcome intruder, she bent over further to give me better access. I began a rhythmic motion, pumping my thumb and finger, squeezing them together, delighting in feeling the thin wall between her pussy and arse. I moved my other hand round to rub her clit through her shorts. Donna was squirming, impaled as she was on my digits, thrusting her arse back to drive them deep. I kept up the pressure on her clit and a few moments later, could feel her start to tense up.

‘I’m cu – cu – cumming,’ she panted.

Once her spasms had subsided, I withdrew my finger and thumb from her orifices and gave her tits a lovely squeeze, rolling the nipples between my fingers and thumbs. I was rewarded by feeling a big wet patch of milk soaking the cotton of her shirt.

‘Now look what you’ve gone and done!’ she giggled, looking down at the two circular wet areas, making the T-shirt completely transparent, her nipples sticking out like pencil erasers.

‘I’m going to have to feed his nibs now, to get rid of this lot!’ she said, weighing her breasts in her hands.

I gave her bottom a friendly slap and said, ‘We’ll finish this off later!’, smiling, knowing she must be feeling thoroughly used and abused – in the nicest possible way.

It turned into one of those rare, perfect English summer’s days, so a few hours later, we were sitting out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine. The kids had had a busy morning playing and were now down for their afternoon nap. Donna had changed into a rather fetching short white denim skirt and clingy turquoise top and was wearing fashionable sunglasses. She was naturally quite dark-skinned and tanned easily, so the clothes looked well on her.

Looking at her stretched out on the sun lounger, reading a magazine, she looked pretty damn sexy. I was trying to read a book but was feeling very distracted and found I kept reading the same paragraphs over and again. I had to use all my will power to resist the temptation to fuck her again, right there on the sunbed.

Some time later, Laura came into the garden, wearing just a T-shirt and panties, trabzon escort clutching a mug of tea. She still looked groggy, having just woken from her unnatural day’s sleep.

‘Did you sleep well?’ I asked. ‘Mmm, I was tired. It was a busy night last night.’ I was beginning to wonder if she had forgotten what had taken place only hours earlier, until she added, ‘But not as busy as your night, by all accounts!’ with a grin and a wink at me.

‘Are you going to tell Laura what we did earlier?’ chimed in Donna. Laura looked a bit startled.

‘Don’t tell me you two have been at it again already, surely?’

‘Not exactly,’ Donna replied. ‘Better still, Phil can show you… I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance!’

‘You two are insatiable, sex-crazed, honestly! Like I didn’t already know that!’ said Laura, shaking her head.

We were lucky that our garden was very secluded, not overlooked by any other houses.

‘Anyone mind if I take my top off?’ asked Donna. ‘I’d like to get some sun on my boobs.’

‘Fine by me,’ said Laura. ‘In fact, I think I’ll join you. I’m sure mister horny bloke here won’t mind!’

The two girls pulled their tops over their heads and replaced their sunglasses, then stretched out on the parallel loungers, Donna with just her short skirt and Laura in simple cotton panties.

I was sitting opposite them both, enjoying the scene. When Laura parted her legs slightly, some of her blonde pubes peeked out round the side. I made a mental note to try and give her the same treatment as Donna. The thought of enjoying the pair of them with bald, smooth pussies was quite delightful and soon had my pulse quickening.

In spite of the warm sunshine, there was a gentle cool breeze. Blowing over the girls’ chests, it was causing their nipples to react, crinkling up the areolae and making the nipples erect.

‘What a lovely sight you two make!’ I commented, genuinely appreciating what I was looking at. In response, Donna raised her knees and parted her legs slightly. From where I was sitting, she gave me a lovely view of her freshly shaved pussy and a tiny white thong which had all but disappeared between her pussy lips.

‘Do you think we should have some sun lotion on? We don’t want our boobs getting burnt!’ she said, rather seductively.

‘Will you fetch it please, Phil? asked Laura.

I headed indoors and rummaged through the bathroom cabinet. The first bottle I found was just an instant spray… not quite what I had in mind. Then I found a bottle of proper sun oil… that would do nicely! Back out in the garden, I knelt beside Donna’s lounger and offered to apply it for her. ‘Mmm, yes please’ was the somnolent response. Laura shifted her position and laid on her side to watch what I was about to do.

I squirted a quantity of the oil into my hand and rubbed it between my palms to warm it. Then starting at her shoulders, proceeded to rub it sensuously over her upper chest, then massaged it in all around her breasts, making sure I rolled and tweaked her nipples in the process. Donna sighed, clearly enjoying this attention. Within a few moments, her milk-laden teats were starting to leak, a little trickle running down over her now-oily skin.

‘Oh my god, you young mums are so sexy!’ I said, slightly hoarsely.

‘You mind you don’t get that oil on my skirt – you’ll ruin it!’ said Donna. ‘In fact, I’m going to take it off, if neither of you mind.’

Without waiting for an answer, she unbuttoned it, lifted her hips and slid it off her legs, leaving her wearing only her tiny thong, sandals and sunglasses. Fuck, what a sight! In spite of my exertions the previous night, I was getting very aroused.

‘I think it’s my turn now!’ said Laura, snapping me out of my trance and turning onto her back for the same attention. I moved round to the other lounger and poured more oil onto my hands. I repeated the treatment on her, paying particular attention to her erect nipples, trabzon escort bayan teasing and squeezing gently behind the nipples, again causing trickles of warm milk to dribble down the side of her body onto the towel.

Donna watched with interest as I applied more oil to my hands and started smoothing into Laura’s slim legs, gradually working my way up her thighs, making sure I caressed her inner thighs, tantalisingly close to her pussy. As she parted her legs a little, I could make out a dark, damp patch on the gusset of her panties. Teasingly, I drew my finger along the line of her pussy lips, causing her to gasp slightly.

I then returned to Donna’s side and, pouring more oil onto my hands, sensuously massaged it into her legs, starting at the calves and working my way up to her thighs, stopping just short of where I knew she’d want me to go. Returning to the end of her lounger, I lowered my mouth and drew her big toe into my mouth, gently sucking on it, swirling my tongue round and round it.

‘Oh my god, that’s so lovely!’ Donna murmured, involuntarily gyrating her hips. Encouraged, I released her big toe and drew the other four toes into my mouth, licking and sucking on them, enjoying the way the shockwaves seemed to be travelling up her legs. Switching to the other foot, I started on her big toe, sucking it in and out of my pursed lips, like a woman would suck on a tiny cock. Having had this done to me once, I had a fair idea of the effect it would be having on her.

‘Oh my, why can’t Pete do things like that for me? God, Laura, you’re so lucky having a bloke like him!’, Donna sighed.

I thought I’d better stop before Laura did start to get jealous – it was only my intention to get them aroused, and I didn’t want to push my luck and risk derailing everything that was going on right now. So I let her toe slide out of my mouth and just gave her foot a friendly rub to wind things down.

‘We should both go and check on the kids’, Donna announced. They returned a few minutes later, carrying cold drinks.

‘I hope they wake up soon, because we’re both getting very full of milk, after you teasing us like that,’ said Laura. True enough, their breasts looked quite hard and swollen. They had both been successfully breastfeeding all along and were obviously producing plenty!

‘Though I suppose you could have some warm milk, instead of cold orange,’ giggled Donna. ‘I think it’s time we gave Phil a bit of a pampering, don’t you, Laura? Phil, lay down on a towel and let’s have a bit of fun!’

Curious to see what they’d do, I complied and laid down on my back on the towel on the grass. I was just wearing shorts and was intrigued to see what would happen next. They took up positions, one either side of me.

‘Close your eyes and relax,’ said Donna. I was happy to go along.

I felt tiny, gentle, cool sprays of liquid hitting my chest. Then a hand, massaging the liquid over my chest. More jets of liquid, lubricating my chest, fingers pinching and teasing my nipples. I knew what they must me doing – squirting their own breast milk all over me. I opened my mouth to speak, only to have a jet of warm milk hit my tongue.

I couldn’t help but open my eyes to take in the scene… what I had expected to see, was each of them expelling their own milk over me. What I actually saw looked so incredibly erotic… Donna was leaning over me, her breasts hanging pendulously, but it was Laura who was rhythmically squeezing and pumping Donna’s teats, causing a fan of tiny jets of her white liquid to squirt all over me. Laura moved nearer and offered a nipple to my mouth, which I greedily sucked on and was rewarded with another tiny blast of warm mother’s milk hitting the back of my throat. I brought my hand up to her other tit and used my fingers to squeeze more out of her.

I closed my eyes again and revelled in the whole experience, all the while getting more aroused, my shorts tented by my growing escort trabzon erection. I felt hands all over me, then a mouth on each nipple. I was squirming slightly and tried shifting my hips to get my bulge less constrained.

‘Looks like someone’s getting a bit uncomfortable down there!’ exclaimed Donna. A moment later, I felt hands undoing my belt buckle and my shorts being opened. My cock, relieved of the constraint of my shorts, sprang out into the fresh air. Hands tugged at my shorts; I lifted my hips to assist their removal. Next, I felt tiny squirts of warm liquid hitting my cock and balls. Soft hands, moving all over them, lubricated by the liquid. More jets of milk, the movement of the hands intensifying.

‘I want to watch you fuck him, Donna. It’s been a fantasy of mine for ages,’ said Laura. Suddenly I felt a different sensation. One of them must have got a handful of sun oil and a hand was firmly working it into my cock, with a steady wanking movement. I groaned.

‘Think he’s ready, don’t you, Donna?’ said Laura, chuckling.

I raised my head and opened my eyes just in time to see Donna climbing over me, a knee on either side, facing me. She was still wearing her white thong, but grasping my oily cock, she pulled her thong to one side and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. Laura had her hand behind Donna and took hold of my cock, keeping it pointing vertically upward. Donna leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest. Easing her hips down, I slid straight into her tight, warm tunnel. She gasped, then sat back, so my full length was buried deep inside her.

As someone once said, ‘There are few things quite as erotic, as being guided into the woman you currently fancy, by the woman you love’.

As Donna leaned back, she lasciviously pushed three of her fingers into – her vacant pussy!! Then with a thrill, it dawned on me that Laura had actually targeted my cock straight up Donna’s arsehole! Oh, my fuck, that felt good as she started to rise and fall on my slippery tool. The oil made it slide in and out so easily.

She would pull up until it almost popped out, then drove back down again, burying me deep inside, all the while, urgently driving her fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. The fact that it was hairless made everything so much more visible and sensual. As she rose up on her knees, it caused her muscles to contract, gripping my shaft in the most delightful way, then they relaxed as she dropped back down, welcoming me deep into her body.

I needed one more thing to make this ecstatic scene complete.

‘Laura, come and sit on my face!’ I pleaded. ‘Face Donna, so you can watch what she’s doing!’

Laura immediately complied, pausing only to pull her panties off with a swift motion. Then she knelt over me, positioning her sweet-smelling pussy right above my face. I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down onto my mouth, exploring my tongue into her wet hole and slavering over her clit. She immediately started to grind against me, in a high state of arousal. Watching her husband’s cock sliding in and out of her best friend’s tight little bum hole, was clearly getting her very turned on. She worked her hips backwards and forwards, forcing my tongue and lips to pressure the places she wanted.

Suddenly, an all too familiar sound stopped all of us. One of the kids was awake and crying.

‘We’d better go and see to them’ said Laura reluctantly, although her words were somewhat muffled by her thighs which were clamped round my head.

Laura climbed off my face, trembling somewhat. Donna eased up and my cock popped out of her little hole.

‘Sorry, babes, we’ll have to finish this later,’ she said.

The girls pulled their clothes back on and disappeared indoors, leaving me to put my shorts back on and relax on the lounger… time to recount and contemplate what had just taken place. In a way, I was pleased not to have shot my load just yet. I don’t think either of the girls had climaxed either. It would make it all the better later on. And there was the whole evening to look forward to!

My exertions and the warm sunshine made me feel sleepy. With a big grin on my face, I felt myself dozing off…


To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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