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Bouncing Tits

Later that evening, after we’d eaten, we put the kids to bed, then we all took a shower. It was very tempting to suggest that we all showered together, but it would have been impractical with our ‘over-bath’ shower head and would have probably ended up more comical than sensual. The girls went into the bathroom together and once they’d finished, I went for my shower, to be greeted by the steamy room, heavy with the smell of feminine toiletries.

The girls disappeared upstairs to dry their hair and do the things women do after a shower. I could hear lots of chatting and giggling and began to wonder what might be in store.

I wanted to make sure they would be well and truly ‘in the mood’, so I prepared two large gin and tonics with plenty of ice, then added an extra shot of gin to each, for good measure. Wine always made Laura sleepy, but happily, spirits often seemed to have the effect of sweeping away her inhibitions. I went upstairs and knocked, but was told to not come in, so I handed the drinks round the corner of the door, then left them to their mischief. I turned the TV off and put some music on the stereo.

It was a while later when the two re-appeared, both wearing a silky robe and, visible through the thin fabric, lacy panties. Donna’s purple lacy bra was visible in the ‘V’ of the gown. I felt a bit under-dressed in just loose cargo pants and a fresh T-shirt.

‘We’ve decided to play a little game with you,’ Laura announced. She sounded a bit tipsy. She produced a thin, dark-coloured scarf from behind her back.

‘I see, and what might that involve?’ I asked, curious.

‘You are going to be blindfolded. Then we are going to do various things to you, and you have to guess which one of us is doing it!’ she explained.

She went on, ‘You’re not allowed to touch, at least not with your hands. We want to know if you can tell the difference between us! We read about this in a magazine and thought it sounded like fun.’

Donna piped up, ‘Babes, go and get a nice thick duvet and put it on the floor. We want to have room to play – and we don’t want carpet burns!’ she said, laughing.

I fetched the quilt from the bedroom and spread it out in the middle of the room between the sofa and chairs.

‘Now, stand there and take your shirt off,’ instructed Donna. I was happy to comply, then Laura stepped behind me and wrapped the makeshift blindfold round my head. The room was plunged into complete darkness as she knotted it behind my head.

‘Can you see anything?’ she asked.

‘No, nothing at all,’ I truthfully replied.

‘We’re going to say as little as possible now, so you’ll have less idea who’s where,’ said Laura. You just relax.’

I could detect movement and a slight rustling noise, then I felt hands rubbing my cock through the thin cotton of my pants. I could feel my cock starting to swell in response. Then fingers tugging at the knot in the drawstring, allowing the waistband to loosen. I hadn’t bothered with underwear, so when my cargos were pulled down a little, my cock was free. In total darkness, it was quite difficult to keep my balance, so reached out for the back of an armchair to steady myself – which was just as well, because a moment later, I could feel warm breath on my cock, then a tongue running up its length, from my balls to the tip. My cock was twitching in response to the delicate flicks of the tongue, which started to traverse up and down more steadily.

But my mind was trying to figure out which them was administering this delicious treatment. I had no idea; it could be either of them! Then the warm mouth slid over my cock, taking the head in, applying suction, creating the most delightful sensations, which were heightened incredibly by my inability to see. I desperately wanted to grab the back of whoever’s head it was, and shove my cock deep into that willing mouth, but I knew the rules, and had to content myself by just pushing forward a little, to hint at my desire to go deeper.

Then I heard a new noise. It was the buzzing of Donna’s vibrator! The varying tone of the buzz told me it was being worked over – and probably into – one of their pussies – but which one? I guessed whichever one who wasn’t sucking me, which was now becoming a little deeper and more rhythmic. I tried to imagine the scene and imagined one of them reclining on the quilt, toying herself with the vibe, whilst enjoying the sight of my cock sliding in and out of those pursed lips. My gut feeling that it was Donna sucking my cock, with Laura using Donna’s toy. Laura had always been a bit reluctant in the cock-sucking department, but there again, I thought if it was Donna doing the sucking, she might well have taken it all the way in, till she was gagging. So I was still none the wiser!

The buzzing noise stopped abruptly, and I could detect movement, though my attention was entirely focused on the oral attention my cock was receiving. Feeling even more unsteady on my feet, I suddenly felt hands on my buttocks, bahis şirketleri spreading my cheeks, pushing them far apart, my anus obviously exposed. A finger – or was that a thumb? – traced over my hole, which twitched in response. Then warm breath… one of them was taking a close look!

My cheeks were pulled far apart, and I wondered if I was going to suddenly feel the rigid vibe poking me there, but no. Then I felt a face between my bum cheeks and a warm, wet tongue flicking over my opening. The tongue ran up and down, round and round. A hand cupped my balls and the cock sucking became more fervent. I was getting dangerously close to cumming, but this was all far too exciting and erotic to allow it to end so soon! I was breathing heavily, trying to control myself. I focused on trying to work out who was who and arrived at a conclusion.

All of a sudden, the mouth slid off my cock and the face withdrew from my arse. They must have signalled to each other to stop.

‘Ok, you can lay down now, Phil,’ said Laura. I welcomed the opportunity to allow my wobbling knees to relax and lowered myself to the quilt. Hands were pulling at my cargo pants and they slid down, over my feet.

‘Ok, which of us was sucking your dick, Phil?’ asked Donna.

Oh, my word, the moment of reckoning!

‘What happens if I get it right? I asked.

‘Then you’ll get a little reward,’ said Laura.

‘And if I’m wrong?’ I asked, getting quite intrigued by this whole game.

‘Oh, we’ll think of something… maybe we’ll make you wait… we won’t let you cum till we’re happy with your answers!’ she said, giggling.

My mind was reeling a bit… Laura was never really much of a one for sucking my cock. In fact, she didn’t really like oral at all. But there was no way on earth she would stick her tongue up my arse – that had to be Donna. She’d loved anal and anal play.

‘It was you sucking my dick, Laura!’ I announced.

‘Haha, well done, Phil! You’re right!’ said Donna. ‘How did you guess?’, she added.

‘Just a hunch,’ I said, grinning. ‘By the way, Donna, I loved what you were doing back there!’

‘Shall we give him his little reward then, Laura?’ she asked. ‘Phil, you don’t need to guess who’s who for this one!’

I felt hands grabbing my ankles and pushing them over my head, then the weight of a body on top of me, pinning me down, lacy underwear in my face, a wet mouth enveloping my cock. Another mouth, taking my balls into the warm wetness. I knew from the slimmer thighs, it was Laura who had straddled me, who was grinding her lace-covered pussy into my face. Which meant Donna was sucking my balls… wait, her tongue was travelling down again, past my balls and was swirling around my anus.

Laura’s tongue rasped up and down the sensitive area under the head of my cock, Donna’s formed into a firm point and started probing its way into my arse. A million nerve endings fired off to my brain; I was utterly immersed in the experience and wondered if I was having the most exotic and erotic dream.

I tried to return what favour I could, using my nose, teeth and tongue to pull the lacy panty material to one side. Laura helped me by lifting her hips for a moment, pulling the scrap of fabric, to allow me some access. I smothered my face and tongue into her wet gash and then realised – it was hairless! Her bush was gone, her pussy was completely smooth. Between them, they had contrived to remove all her pubic hair during their time in the bathroom.

Now I couldn’t wait to sink my cock in there and savour that lovely, bald pussy. I lashed my tongue along her wet slit, burrowing it into her pussy hole, to draw out more of her slick juice. At the same time, her mouth and tongue were swirling round the head of my cock, whilst Donna’s tongue was pushing its way through my so-sensitive sphincter.

Just when I thought I was at risk of suffocating, not to mention cumming, the girls disengaged, Laura climbed off and allowed my legs to return to horizontal.

‘Now for the next round of ‘who’s who,’ said Donna, giggling.

I felt feet next to me, one either side of my thighs. A hand was holding and stroking my cock, keeping it upright. Then I felt that unmistakable feeling of cock against slippery pussy and a moment later, I was sliding into a velvety, wet chasm. Whichever of them it was, I could tell they were facing away from me, in a reverse cowgirl position, because it was like fucking ‘doggy’, but with me on my back.

Having fucked Laura many times over the years (but not as often as I would have liked), and having fucked Donna so recently, I knew the grip of that pussy. It was Laura’s, without a doubt! She kept rising and falling, sliding up and down on my hard shaft, my end hitting her cervix when she ground down. I was having to use all my will power to keep the right side of the point of no return.

All too soon, she lifted off and my cock slid out of her. Moments later – surely Donna – resumed the same position, feeding bahis firmalar my throbbing cock into her sopping fanny. It felt quite different, less muscly, softer, more enveloping, sucking me into her depths. When she was right down, she started grinding her hips back and forth, with me still buried as deep as I could go, her wet pussy flaps sliding over my groin.

‘That’s it, fucking ride me! Fill your wet cunt up with my cock! You fuckin’ love it, don’t you?’ The obscenities started to pour from my lips as I got more and more turned on – and dangerously close to losing control. I thought about anything – politics, the price of petrol, anything at all to stop me going over the edge. With a groan, she eased up and allowed my engorged prick to slip out from inside her, then unsteadily climbed off me. A hand started to stroke my cock, the sliming of fresh pussy juice lubricating it wonderfully.

‘Well, big boy… moment of truth… who was first and who rode you second?’ asked Laura.

‘Oh my god’, I said. ‘You were both amazing, just different. You wouldn’t believe how different two women – two cunts – can feel. I can’t describe how sexy and erotic that was, to experience the contrast. No doubt about it, Laura, you were first, Donna went second!’

Both of them clapped and laughed. ‘Ok, you’ve passed the test, game over!’ said Laura. I felt hands reaching up to untie the blindfold. Moments later, I was blinking, trying to adjust to normal lighting, after the inky blackness of the blindfold.

She continued, ‘It’s only fair you should get to choose what happens next. So what’s it to be? We’re both as horny as fuck, not to mention a bit tipsy, so you call the tune, Phil.’

This was unbelievable… it was like I was having the horniest dream ever and would suddenly wake up! I thought for a moment. My balls were aching from being aroused for so long and not having had any release. But I wanted to make this the most memorable night of my life. I also needed to think about them both having a fair share of proceedings.

‘Ok, here’s what I’d like you to do right now,’ I started. ‘Laura, lay on top of me, face up. Then Donna, I want you to lick my cock and suck my balls as I fuck Laura. But what I really want, is for you to lick and suck on her clit as my prick goes in and out of her. Then we’ll take it from there.’

Laura squatted down, impaling herself on my cock, then lay back onto my chest. I pulled her now-hairless pussy lips apart with the fingers of my right hand, revelling in their smoothness, and ran my finger over her clit, while I tweaked a swollen nipple with my left. I was rewarded with a trickle of milk, which ran down over my fingers. The position didn’t allow much movement, but I pushed my hips up to sink as much of my cock as I could into her moist pussy. Donna, good as her word, knelt between our four legs and lowered her mouth onto my balls and the lower part of my cock, licking and sucking, no doubt scooping up the wetness which was exuding freely from my wife’s pussy. I grabbed the sides of her head, urging her upward slightly.

As far as I was aware, Laura had never had any kind of bisexual experience before; I desperately wanted her to, though. Like most men, I wanted to watch my wife lick, and be licked by, another woman. With her in the throes of ecstasy, there was never going to be a better time to break the ice.

‘Lick Laura’s clit! Make her cum… make her cum all over my cock!’

Donna obediently moved up a little and started fervently licking Laura’s clit with her tongue, her head bobbing up and down as she played her, pinning her legs to prevent her thrashing about.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah, don’t stop!’ Laura panted.

I was furiously pinching, rolling and tweaking Laura’s rubbery nipples, squirting jets of milk everywhere. She was arching her hips up; I was having to follow suit, just to stay inside her. Any kind of thrusting was impossible – the head of my cock was clamped just inside her little vaginal mouth. I could feel her juices, mixed with Donna’s saliva, running down my cock, onto my balls.

I felt Laura’s body go rigid, her fingernails dug into my legs, then she started shaking, in the throes of an all-consuming orgasm. Donna, bless her, kept thrashing away with her tongue, until Laura pushed her head away.

‘Stop, stop, I can’t cum anymore, I’m so sensitive!’

We lay there for a while, allowing things to subside and to get our breath back. My cock popped out of Laura’s wet pussy and Donna immediately drew it into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and savouring the pussy juice which was lathered all over it.

‘My turn now!’ exclaimed Donna. ‘And it’s about time you did some of the work, you lazy sod! All you’ve done is lay there and get pleasured all night!’

I really couldn’t disagree. I’d been treated like a king all evening, and now it was my turn to make an effort.

‘Donna, get on your hands and knees! Move up, that’s it, I want your pussy right kaçak bahis siteleri over Laura’s face, so she can watch my cock sliding into you,’ I instructed. Donna did as she was told, straddling Laura and stuck her bum up in the air, with her arse and vagina on full display. Eeny, meeny… which hole should I fuck? As tempting as her arse looked, I’d shot my load in that before and wanted to try her pussy for my cum dump.

I rammed my cock straight into her wet snatch, eliciting an involuntary gasp and an ‘Ohh,’ from Laura, who had a worm’s eye view of my stiff dick splitting Donna’s soft peach. I grabbed Donna’s hips and hauled her back onto my shaft, trying to split her in half, not caring if I fucking hurt her. Left, right, up, down, deeper, deeper, my balls banging against her clit. I grabbed her left shoulder and pulled her backwards, in an effort to impale her even more deeply. Putting my right thumb in my mouth, I wetted it with saliva, then forced it right into her anus, which pulled her cunt tight round my cock and made her squeal. The back of my thumb made delicious contact with my pounding cock through the thin wall between her rectum and vagina.

I was in uncontrolled lust, ramming my cock in and out of her soaking gash, drilling my thumb into her tight arsehole, as if I was double-dicking her.

‘This is one of those moments, when I wish I had two cocks… imagine me fucking your arse and your wet cunt at the same time!’ I exclaimed.

‘Fuckin fuck me, you fuckin bastard! Fill my dirty cunt, fuckin fill it!’

The obscenities streamed from Donna’s mouth as she climbed the hill and rode her orgasm down the other side. All too much for me, mine was approaching fast… a whole day’s frustrated arousal welling in my balls, coursing through my genitals and racing up my shaft. I could feel my cock expanding, as it does, just before I’m about to come. Suddenly, my seed was bursting out of my swollen penis, the tip hard against her cervix, dousing it in jet after jet of sticky cum. I kept pulsing for what seemed like minutes, her cunt muscles contracting around my cock, as if trying to squeeze out every drop, before finally relinquishing its grip. Groaning, I slipped out and rolled over sideways, not sure whether to try and get my breath back, or just go straight for the heart attack.

I felt like I’d deposited half a pint of creamy spunk inside her and within a few moments, her contracting pussy was starting to squeeze it out. My gooey white cum started to drip out of her in stringy gobs, right above Laura’s face.

‘That’s it, let her have it! Feed my sperm to her!’ I urged Donna.

Donna positioned her cunt right above Laura’s mouth and parted her pussy lips, then started to squeeze her pelvic muscles, causing a rivulet of spunk and pussy juice to drip over Laura’s face and onto her lips.

‘Make her lick your cunt, make her drink my cum,’ I said, pushing Donna’s hips down onto Laura’s face. Laura had no choice but to submit to this sudden initiation into pussy licking. When Donna ground her sopping cunt down, Laura had no choice but to bury her face in her friend’s cum-covered pussy and swallow everything. I had never seen her behave so wantonly and depraved – she didn’t seem like my demure, inhibited little wife at all, more like some cumslut whore, who couldn’t get enough cock and spunk.

We collapsed into a tangled, sweaty heap of arms, bodies and legs, panting with exertion and gradually coming down from the peak of ecstasy we had all reached. Satiated and exhausted, all three of us were gently caressing various parts of each other’s bodies as we calmed and started to take it all in.

‘That was bloody amazing, never had sex like it,’ murmured Donna.

‘Mind-blowing, that’s all I can say,’ was my contribution.

‘Is this what I’ve been missing out on all my life?’ asked Laura.

Donna didn’t bother going upstairs that night. Instead, we all curled up in our big, king-sized bed, one girl on either side of me. Just as I was dozing off, I felt a hand stroking my cock. I didn’t even try to work out whose hand it was… I really didn’t care!

The night was filled with lucid dreams of sucking swollen nipples, being engulfed my huge vaginas and smothering my face in wanton pussies. I stirred from sleep as the sunlight was breaking through the blind and felt a deliciously warm sensation around my cock and slowly realised that Donna was gently sucking on my cock, urging it to full hardness. I looked around and saw that Laura was still unconscious. I let Donna continue for a while, savouring the sensations she was creating with her lips, tongue and mouth.

‘I want to fuck you up the arse again,’ I whispered, feeling that urge to bury my erect tool again. Donna shuffled up the bed and laid on her side. I spat into my hand and wiped my saliva over my now rock-hard cock, then slid it in between her buttocks. She moved slightly to get the right angle, then the tip of my cock was nudging her tight little ring. A moment of pressure, then the head slid in, making us both gasp under our breath. Allowing a few moments for her arse to get used to the intruder, I pushed a little more, feeling her bum hole suddenly relax to allow me right in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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