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He is hot and drunk and horny. His cock is jutting up in his shorts. His hand cannot keep away from his hardness. He wants to do something dirty. He drinks from his beer and stares at the television. His hand ambles over the bulge in his shorts. She comes into the room, wearing only a pair of old cut off jeans and a flimsy, nearly see-through tank top. He doesn’t take his hand away from his shorts.

She smiles at him idly. He is wonderful to look at. With his boy next door good looks, and a firm physical laborer’s body, he is perfectly imperfect. He is tanned from days in the sun, and has a glow from the heat. He wants her to watch him, and he rubs at his crotch to make his point. She nods and settles back on the couch to enjoy the view.

They play like this on occasion. After all, they cannot really do anything together since they are both married. But when their spouses are both still at work, or when they may find themselves alone together, when these moments happen, the two of them will take advantage and find ways to amuse themselves. They are great neighbors.

He swigs from his beer bottle and asks her what she wants to see him do. His wife is unaware of the kind of things he likes to do. But, Sara, sitting there, passes no judgement. He likes this about her, and he tells her as much. He has done all kinds of things for her. Sara just shrugs at Steve telling him to do whatever he would like to do. He looks like he has something in mind anyway, and he does the most interesting things most of the time. She tells him she knows what he wants to do – she can read it in his face. So just do it she tells to him.

He stands and begins to pull his shorts down. His cock is released and like a wild animal is bared and ready to go. He stokes it for a while summoning stiffness that is already raging. Sara’s kaçak iddaa eyes focus sharply, and her smile is encouraging. He smiles back at her and begins to slide his hand up and down his hard on. He keeps drinking from his beer bottle until it is empty. He places it with the other three bottles sitting on the table in front of him. His left hand caresses around his balls, while his right continues to stoke. Sara licks her lips, as she watched him so closely, so intensely. He is muscular, but not overly so, and she loves to see his entire body tighten as he grows more and more aroused. Steve is a map of curves and crevices that are smooth and now, slick with perspiration as he works deftly at pleasing himself.

He reaches over and takes one of the beer bottles from the table. He drains it and he puts the long bottle in his mouth, mimicking a blow job. He winks at Sara, who is languishing in both the heat of the air and the performance before her. Steve then leans over the beer bottle onto a chair behind him, and slowly lowers himself over it, still pumping slowly at his curving cock. The long bottle neck slides into his ass, he cannot get it further, but this must be good enough, because Sara can see the pleasure rising on his face. He rides the beer bottle carefully. Up and down, up and down, his one hand steadying it, while the other jerks at his rock-like member. The veins are pulsing, and his balls have tensed into tiny nuggets. His legs are taut with tension as he squats over the chair, his legs working him up and down.

He moans quietly, and his eyes close as he works up a rhythm of riding the bottle and hand movement that will bring about his climax. Sara runs her hands over her arms and rubs at her shoulder, she can feel the arousal being summoned inside of her. Leaning forward as she sits, Sara is getting kaçak bahis moist between her thighs, wetter where she is already damp with heat. She slides her hands along her body and down her thighs to her slender ankles before running them back up the inside of her legs to her aching pussy. Her fingers move over the shaved smooth mound, pausing to play at her clitoris. Steve watches her linger over her self as she watches him, but he cannot stand it any longer.

He picks up another beer bottle. Standing up now and letting the bottle he has been riding fall to the floor, he wraps one hand firmly around his cock, and with the other brings the other bottle to meet the head of his dick. He pumps and pumps and starts coming. He catches all the cum he can inside of the beer bottle. And, he has shot quite a load. He glances over at Sara, as if to ask for approval. But, from the way she is working herself, pulling at her own nipples, while fingertips deftly dance around her pussy, he knows she is still finding this enjoyable.

Steve raises the bottle and gives it a swill. He then raises the beer bottle of cum and dregs to his lips and drinks. He licks his lips, and he licks the rim of the bottle.

Sara is bucking gently now, and he can see the moisture shiny and slippery on her fingers as they move in and out of her. He wants to touch her desperately, his cock already stiffening again. But he will not. But, he will reach over and grab the last beer bottle from the table and offer it to her. He grins and holds it toward Sara. She grins and takes the bottle, but she holds it up to him first, indicating she wants him to put it in his mouth first so that it is wet and slippery with his saliva. Steve again takes a beer bottle in his mouth and wraps his lips around it – sucking and licking making sure it is amply moist. illegal bahis He hands it back to her.

Sara takes the slick bottleneck and glides it into her hungry hole. Moving it back and forth slowly, while rubbing her hard little clit, she manages to slip a little further with each stroke. Steve is now fully erect again, so he takes his cock in his hand and strokes again as he watches as though hypnotized as the beer bottle appear and disappear from inside of her with each motion. Sara is moaning softly, and working that bottle as Steve wishes she could work on his cock. With a swirling motion that grows more rapid, she fingers her clit, round and round. Her face grows rapt and her mouth opens wide, although she is holding her breath. She begins to shake, her entire body shuddering and he can actually see the muscles of her pussy clenching round the bottleneck. It slips out with a little pop and Sara begins to breathe again with deep sobbing, panting sighs. And, suddenly Steve is shooting again. Cum spilling all over his hand, as he slouches forward to relax his body that is suddenly tense and sore from standing so rigidly. He sighs. They sit for a minute to bask in some kind of afterglow. Steve tells Sara how much he enjoys these moments, and the fact that she does not think he is sick, that she is accepting of his “strange” urges. She smiles and tells him ‘anytime’.

Both of them sit back, thinking about what they have just done and what they would really like to do. But, no, they will not do any more than this. This is bad enough isn’t it? Good, bad, all in perspective perhaps. But, Sara wonders out loud to Steve, what if we are not the only ones up to this? With that thought she gathers herself together, pulling up her shorts and walks away in the direction of the bathroom. Steve is left sitting on the couch, a dumbfounded expression on his face. His mind is suddenly numbly, stupidly filled with images of Sara’s husband and his wife.

They would never; he calls out after her. But, we did didn’t we?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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